Attorney Gov Hutchinson of California Association of REALTORS Lectures at “YHSGR” Advanced RBID Master Class

Los Angeles’s leading real estate office “Your Home Sold Guaranteed” recently held at “3-Day Advanced RBID Master Class”. In an exciting development Attorney Gov Hutchinson was a special guest speaker, deliver wildly valuable knowledge to attendees.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 / — In most things in life one sure way to improve is to study under a master. Real estate, especially in the dynamic city of Los Angeles, California, is no exception. The good news is Los Angeles-based leaders in the area “Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty”, founder and led by the ultra-driven and motivated Rudy Lira Kusuma, is doing everything to make his realtor team the best-of-the-best. In that spirit, Kusuma recently held for his co-workers a special “3-Day Advanced RBID Master Class”, with a very special guest speaker Attorney Gov Hutchinson of the California Association of Realtors.

“Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself”. “These investments are the ones that will stay with you for life and always have a massive ‘return’ for those who make the effort. Rudy Kusuma and Your Home Sold Guaranteed know this.

The office is one of the top real estate efforts in the extended Los Angeles area. They buy and sell both residential and commercial properties.

Gov Hutchinson is the Assistant General Counsel of the California Association of REALTORS. Gov has been with C.A.R. since 1985 and manages C.A.R.'s Member Legal Services Program in Los Angeles. Giving realtors advice in all aspects of real estate law. He shared this wisdom and more at the recent conference.

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L.A.’s Leading YHSGR Delivers “3-day Advanced RBID Master Class” Allowing Agents to Invest in Themselves

Your Home Sold Guaranteed are known for providing clients with the best in homes and their team with the best in opportunities. This was recently made even more clear with their “3-Day Advanced RBID Master Class” held successfully.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 / — There’s many real estate agents and companies active, especially in a place like Los Angeles, California, where there is both opportunity and competition. Helping work hard to give his team every advantage possible is Rudy Lira Kusuma Kusuma, founder of “Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty” who are known for being masters of the ins and outs of buying and selling local real estate, while always remaining positive and ethical. In exciting news, in an effort to keep all of the team caught up with the latest skills, Your Home Sold Guaranteed recently held a “ Certified Three-Day Advanced RBID Master Class”. The office is the exclusive managing broker for RBID properties so this certainly opens a big door that would otherwise be closed.

“We invest in our people even more than we do in our company and this philosophy has never let me down,” remarked Rudy who is always exploding with energy. “I think passing this class will help many of our team take things to levels they only dreamed of before.”

RBID HOMES Properties Include Foreclosures, Bank Owned Properties, Builder Closeouts, Corporate Owned Homes, Divorce Sales, Property Exchanges, Distress Sales and other highly motivated sellers.

RBID HOMES have been certified by industry experts to be the best deals and the best homes available on the market today.

Some RBID HOMESs come with a Warranty against defects! Some Buyers receive a FREE 12 month Home Owners Warranty protecting them against mechanical defects.

Hassle Free Bid Process! Buying an RBID HOMES home is easy and hassle free. Through a unique and hassle free bid process, the home buyer has ample time to preview the property, make any inspections, initiate any and all proper due diligence and secure the property under contract for a smooth on time closing.

All interested buyers submit a bid, prior to the bid deadline. All bids received prior to that time will be reviewed by the Seller and responded to according to the offer, terms and deadlines. All bids submitted must be on a Realtor Board Approved Purchase and Sale Agreement. All amendments and exhibits must also be submitted with the bid on Realtor Board Approved forms.

If the "RBID HOMES" property is being listed as active in the local MLS as well as advertised as available on this web site, then the property is available for bids. Please be aware that multiple offers may be submitted. Total number of bids as well as any offer terms will not be disclosed.

Make your bid on this website before the bid deadline to the listed agent. If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt of your offer from the agent, please contact them directly by phone or email.

If you would like to receive a seller’s property disclosure or you have any questions about an "RBID HOMES" property, please fill contact the real estate agent representing the property. You will find contact information for the agent on each property page. Your request is sent to the agent directly. Pricing and terms of any bid/offer to purchase are subject to Seller’s approval.

RBID Homes have been certified by industry experts to be the best deals and the best homes available on the market today. Properties Include Foreclosures, Bank Owned Properties, Builder Closeouts, Corporate Owned Homes, Divorce Sales, Property Exchanges, Distress Sales and other highly motivated sellers.

Free list of RBID Homes with maps and pics that match your home buying criteria – CALL 626-789-0159.

RBID Homes online tour —

Your Home Sold Guaranteed cover the extended Los Angeles-area and buy and sell both residential and commercial properties. Details of Rudy’s highly developed system that puts customers first and ensures win-win deals can be found on the company’s information-packed website.

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Ravi C. Mallela: Supercar Salesman Extraordinaire

Ravi C. Mallela

Ravi Mallela

Ravi C. Mallela

MANHATTAN, NY, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 / — Ravi C. Mallela isn’t your typical car salesman, by any means! Ravi was raised within a family of physicians, and was studying to be one as well. Ravi Mallela then got into the car business by chance just to make some extra money, but ended up taking a liking to the process of selling high-end automobiles – particularly Mercedes-Benz.

Early in Ravi Mallela’s career, he plotted out over a thousand physician practices in the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. Ravi then presented lease programs to those physicians, effectively taking the pharmaceutical sales model and applying it to the car business. In time, Ravi’s sales business took off as a result of his unique networking ability and thinking outside the box.

Ravi C. Mallela worked for elite high-volume Mercedes-Benz dealers in New Jersey before receiving an offer from the corporately owned flagship of the United States, Mercedes-Benz Manhattan – which is the only dealership in the nation that is owned exclusively by Mercedes-Benz USA, and is thought of as the pinnacle of the Mercedes-Benz sales world. Ravi Mallela has attained the highest level of certification from MBUSA, and is Master Certified. Ravi was also an AMG Product Specialist, and “put his money where his mouth is” and has owned four AMG models to date – most recently a Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG.

After over 12 years selling Mercedes-Benz, Ravi Mallela was offered a position with Manhattan Motorcars in New York City as a Sales Executive and was given the scope to sell all vehicles within their ultra-exclusive portfolio. Manhattan Motorcars is one of the most prestigious dealers in the United States – catering to captains of industry, politicians, movie stars, sports athletes, and musicians. Brands that Ravi sells within the Manhattan Motorcars factory authorized portfolio are: Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, Koenigsegg, Lotus, Rimac, Glickenhaus, SSC, and BAC.

Ravi C. Mallela has also built up an extensive Instagram following – he features unique perspectives of exotic supercars and hypercars along with ultra-luxury vehicles. Each picture on Ravi Mallela’s Instagram was taken by him personally – with absolutely no screen shots.

Ravi Mallela attributes his success to God alone. Ravi says: “God is my Provider” and that “I am extremely blessed by God to be in a business that I love, as many people don’t have that benefit.” Ravi Mallela has always loved all things automotive related while growing up, and has always been a car enthusiast. So, it’s only natural that selling high-end automobiles be Ravi’s profession. Ravi C. Mallela has very big plans, one of them being the world’s preeminent ultra-luxury/supercar/hypercar sales professional. We will certainly keep our eye on this rising star in the years to come.

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Ravi C. Mallela from Manhattan Motorcars Discussing the 2020 Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

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Braydich Dental Announces Recipient of Smiles for Charity 2020 Campaign

Hubbard dentistry will raise and donate teeth whitening proceeds to Northeast Ohio Adoption Services (NOAS).

HUBBARD, OH, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 / — Braydich Dental, a leading provider of dental health services across Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania, announced Northeast Ohio Adoption Services (NOAS) would be the recipient of its Smiles for Charity 2020 fundraising campaign. The drive will run March 1 – June 30, with 100 percent of the teeth whitening proceeds benefiting the local nonprofit organization helping children and young adults find adoptive families.

Started in 2004, Smiles for Charity is an annual fundraiser organized by Braydich Dental, providing aid to local nonprofit organizations and charities. To date, more than $300,000 has been raised and donated to various agencies and service groups, including Animal Charities, Neighborhood Ministries, Heart Reach Ministries and Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley. In the past, the Braydich Dental team would handpick its recipient, but this year, the community got involved in the selection process.

“We identify and interview different organizations whose purpose is to improve the quality and comfort of everyday life,” said Rudy Braydich, co-owner of Braydich Dental. “There are so many phenomenal charities fostering real change across Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania that picking one is always a tough decision. We didn’t want to make this choice alone and felt the community should have a say in which organization they would like to support.”

A vote was held across Braydich Dental’s social media networks, with NOAS receiving the most votes, making it this year’s Smiles for Charity beneficiary. During the course of the campaign, participants will donate $100 in exchange for an all-in-one teeth whitening kit from Braydich Dental. The kit includes custom-fitted whitening trays for upper and lower teeth and whitening gel that can lighten teeth five to seven shades.

All of the teeth whitening proceeds will be donated directly to NOAS. The organization, located in Warren, Ohio, provides adoption and foster care services to children and young adults with special needs in the child welfare system through recruitment, preparation and supporting specialized families. To learn more about NOAS, visit their website, or their Facebook, Braydich Dental hopes to raise $20,000 for NOAS.

“We [NOAS] are beyond thankful to have been chosen by Braydich Dental and the community for that matter as the 2020 recipient for the Smiles for Charity campaign,” stated Cheryl Tarantino, executive director for Northeast Ohio Adoption Services. “With less funding available to our organization from the state for adoption and foster care services, we have to be mindful of how to best maximize funds to help children and teens find loving homes. Donations and community support are critical to our operation, and so when NOAS was awarded as the beneficiary of Smiles for Charity, we couldn’t have been more appreciative.”

About Braydich Dental:
Founded in 1977 in Hubbard, Ohio, Braydich Dental is a multi-dentist practice offering an array of dental health services from general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, implant dentistry, orthodontics and periodontal care to full-mouth reconstructions. Braydich Dental has recently expanded beyond routine dental care to providing solutions and support for individuals suffering from sleep apnea along with chronic headaches and migraines by becoming a licensed TruDenta practitioner. For more information, please visit.

Smiles for Charity runs March 1 – June 30, 2020, and is open to all participants. To learn more about the campaign, please contact:

Danielle Arnold
Braydich Dental
+1 330-534-5408
email us here

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Authors Learn the Mindset of Publishing at Avondale, AZ Conference

Learn the new "mindset" rules to connecting with readers and selling more books.

Some authors are somewhat terrified of connecting with readers, but publishing a book now requires authors and illustrators to be in a relationship with readers”

— Sean Buvala

AVONDALE, AZ, USA, February 17, 2020 / — A one-day “spring training” conference for book authors and illustrators, “Author Mindset: Reach Out and Connect,” will be offered in Avondale, Arizona, on Saturday, March 21, 2020. Both local and national speakers will be presenting. Registration includes resources and meals. The workshop will be held at the new Residence Inn, 11465 W Hilton Way in Avondale, on Saturday, March 21, 2020. Registration (which includes materials, lunch, and snacks) is required. Learn more at

The days when an author of a book could write a book and vanish into their walled garden of solitude while their books “just sold” are long gone. At the “Author’s Mindset Workshop,” the Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group presents a series of speakers and trainers that help the published or want-to-be published authors with the mindset and the tools they need for speaking in public with eager readers and fans. With speakers from a variety of U.S. locations, this one-day event features interactive learning that will provide take-action steps to be more successful as an author.

The focus at this comfortable, casual retreat is on learning and there is no “selling from the platform” at this event. Leading the gathering is Avondale-based Sean Buvala, who is an author, storyteller, and publisher. Speakers also include author and corporate coach Laura Packer from Minnesota and Lee Wind from California, author, and director of marketing for the Independent Book Publishers Association.

“Some authors are somewhat terrified of connecting with readers, but publishing a book now requires authors and illustrators to be in a relationship with readers. We’re looking to create an annual event that deals less with the ‘how’ to publish a book and more with the mindset, or way of thinking, that authors and illustrators need to have to be successful and satisfied with their books. Publishing is a tough business, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed or disillusioned.” says Sean Buvala, the publisher at The Small-Tooth-Dog Publishing Group. “Helping authors reach out with confidence and skill to their readers is the goal of this first conference. Frankly, connected authors sell more books. We’re about teaching and not selling at this event, so we hope people come ready to be active participants.”

Sean Buvala
The Small Tooth Dog Publishing Group LLC
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3 Things For Better Public Speaking

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David Tutera Launches Every Day is a Party Necklace…Exclusively on

David Tutera creates “Everyday Celebrations”, a stunning collection of jewelry featuring Swarovski crystals and crystal pearls.

I believe every day is a party and worthy of celebration!”

— David Tutera

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 17, 2020 / — DAVID TUTERA is pleased to announce the launch of his highly-anticipated Everyday Celebrations fine silver plated jewelry collection featuring Swarovski crystal and crystal pearl elements as a key luxe design component through a licensing agreement with manufacturer LA Rocks. The collection is available now exclusively at Macy' and will premier in Macy's Herald Square flagship store on April 15, in advance of Mother's Day.

David’s hero design is the modern classic Every Day Is A Party Y-silhouette necklace. The design expresses David's belief that "every day is a party" and emphasizes Swarovski's mission to add sparkle to everyday life. "Our goal at Swarovski is to inspire and to spread light into the world through our sparkling crystals. We are excited to be able to partner with LA Rocks to create a collection of jewelry with David Tutera that will empower women to celebrate the many facets of themselves everyday", says Andrea Nondorf, Managing Director of Swarovski Professional, North America.

As a leader in bringing of-the-moment designer collections to market, Macy's is the exclusive Everyday Celebrations launch partner through their robust online retail platform. will feature the first three color ways of the David Tutera Everyday is a Party necklace in silver, gold and rose gold with Swarovski crystal and crystal pearls in colors creamrose, lavender and rose gold. More color ways are planned for release throughout 2020 to offer the consumer meaningful, personal, sparkling options.

David's enthusiasm for life’s important moments, enjoying each day to the fullest, and his unparalleled aesthetic is embodied in the Everyday Celebration jewelry collection to celebrate yourself and the ones you love. Each piece is meant to be a gifting inspiration any day, or on special days like birthdays, Mother's Day, anniversaries and wedding days for the bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaids.

“I believe every day is a party and worthy of celebration” explained David Tutera, “And I can think of no better way to show off that spirit than a sparkling piece of jewelry. Everybody needs a little sparkle in their life.”

David Tutera is an award-winning wedding planner, fashion designer, lifestyle designer, entertaining expert, author, professional speaker and television star. Tutera is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents and outstanding reputation have made him a tremendous success in the lifestyle arena. Honored by Life & Style Magazine as "Best Celebrity Wedding Planner," David's impressive client list includes celebrities, royalty, politicians and socialites. Tutera has hosted several hit television series, is a media go-to expert on weddings and celebrations, and is a regular expert on various talk shows, and a contributor to numerous magazines.

Swarovski delivers a diverse portfolio of unmatched quality, craftsmanship, and creativity. Founded in 1895 in Austria, the company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality crystals, genuine gemstones and created stones as well as finished products such as jewelry, accessories and lighting. Having celebrated its 120th anniversary last year, and now run by the fifth generation of family members, Swarovski Crystal Business has a global reach with approximately 2,680 stores in around 170 countries, more than 26,000 employees, and revenue of about 2.6 billion euros in 2015. Together with its sister companies Swarovski Optik (optical devices) and Tyrolit (abrasives), Swarovski Crystal Business forms the Swarovski Group. In 2015, the Group generated revenue of about 3.37 billion euros and employed more than 30,000 people. A responsible relationship with people and the planet is an integral part of Swarovski’s heritage. The global Swarovski Waterschool education program has reached 257,000 children on the world’s greatest rivers, and the Swarovski Foundation, set up in 2013, works to support culture and creativity, promote wellbeing, and conserve natural resources to achieve positive social impact.

Macy's, the largest retail brand of Macy's, Inc., delivers fashion and affordable luxury to customers at more than 800 locations in 45 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam. Macy's stores and offer distinctive assortments including the most desired family of exclusive and fashion brands for him, her and home. Macy's is known for such epic events as Macy's 4th of July Fireworks(R) and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade(R), as well as spectacular fashion shows, culinary events, flower shows and celebrity appearances. Building on a 150-year tradition, Macy's helps strengthen communities by supporting local and national charities that make a difference in the lives of our customers.

LA Rocks was born in the sunshine of Downtown Los Angeles’ Jewelry District in 2002. We design & manufacture inspiring, fashionable jewelry for America’s leading national retailers. Not concerned with chasing fads or scooping our competition when it comes to price or iterative designs, we’re focused on delivering meaningful, quality products at the best value season after season. Facing the changing demands of retail and sophisticated Millennial and Gen Z consumers, the LA Rocks global team continues to thrive by delighting shoppers, innovating with materials and technique, and expanding our brand and licensed intellectual property portfolio.

The Brand Liaison is a boutique licensing agency focused on creating new revenue streams for our clients through licensing, strategic partnerships and other brand extension programs. For licensors, our goal is to commercialize opportunities that will extend our clients' brands into cohesive product categories to maximize their licensing potential. For manufacturers, we assist in acquiring brands and developing strong licensing programs in order to create long term retail success. In each case, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our brand extension activities compliment the strategic goals and objectives of each client and brand that we represent.

Media Contact:
Lisa Newberry
Director of Communications
Dada Media, Inc.
The David Tutera Brand

Denise Teti
VP of Account & Brand Management
LA Rocks

Laurie Smith
Strategic Consultant
The Brand Liaison

Lisa Newberry
Dada Media, Inc.
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Implementation of new 50% Excise Duty on Sugary Beverages in 2020 will hamper the growth of the UAE Functional Beverages

UAE Nutritional Supplements Market

UAE Nutritional Supplements Market

UAE Nutritional Supplements Industry

UAE Nutritional Supplements Industry

Effect of 100% Excise Duty on Energy Drinks, Sugary Beverages and Sweeteners in 2020 will hamper the growth of the UAE Functional Beverages Market.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ( UAE ), February 17, 2020 / — • The urban population is increasing in UAE and is expected to reach to about 8.8 Million in 2023 from 8.0 Million in 2018. The increase in urban population will boost the nutritional supplements market as these people will have a higher awareness about the health and wellness products and better accessibility to the products.

• The consumer expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages (at current prices) in UAE is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.2% during 2018-2023 and reach to a value of AED 97 Billion. The increase in consumption of the functional food and beverages will be a key driver in the growth of the consumer expenditure.

• Probiotics consumption helps in prevention of ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, gestational diabetes, allergies and obesity. Moreover, increasing awareness among the consumers for the products have helped in establishing brands such as Activia Laban, Actimel, Yakult, Pro Bio, Probulin Probiotics and others in the UAE region.

Global Events such as Dubai Expo will help in generating demand: Dubai is going to host Dubai Expo 2020 in which numerous visitors and business delegates will visit from different part of the globe. The Dubai government has organized a campaign called “Welcome to Future” for the event. More than 25 million people will be visiting the country during April 2020 to October 2020 as per the government estimations 70% of these visitors will be from different European nations. This inflow of people will help in stable the market for functional beverages in the country which has been declined little after the implementation of Excise Duty on the energy drinks.

Key initiatives undertaken by the government: The government of UAE is proactively participating in the development of health and wellness awareness in the region. Healthcare is one of the key focus for government in the Vision 2021. It has also formed National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031 focusing on improving the health and wellness scenario in the region. In addition, to this the government has also added excise duty on certain product categories which the government deems to be not good for the consumption. As the health awareness will increase among the masses they will start consuming vitamins and dietary supplement products in order to prevent ailments and diseases.

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link:

New emerging channel of retail and distribution in the UAE: The retail scenario in the UAE is changing with new channels coming in the picture. There is increase in the number of chained convenience stores in the region which has helped in increasing the customer convenience and the cases of impulse purchase. Further, the growth of the online channels has been another major development. Internet retailing is popular for different nutritional supplements especially the vitamins and dietary supplements. This channel is popular due to wide variety of product choices offered at a discounted price.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “UAE Nutritional Supplements Market Outlook to 2023 – by Vitamins & Dietary Supplements (Protein Supplements, Non-Herbal Dietary Supplements Composites, Fish Oils/Omega Fatty Acids, Glucosamine, Co-Enzyme Q 10, Herbal Dietary Supplements Composites, Yeast, Garlic, Ginko Biloba), Functional Foods (Dairy, Baby Food, Breakfast Cereals, Cooking Oil Confectionary, Sweet Biscuits, Snack Bars and Fruit Snacks) and Functional Beverages (Energy Drink, FF Concentrates, Sports Drink, and Bottled Water)”observed that nutritional supplement in the UAE is in its late growth stage and it can be further expanded through rising government initiatives, introduction of new product offerings which are innovative and have scientifically-proven benefits, uses natural ingredients, market promotions, practicing compliant marketing The market is expected to register a positive CAGR of 2.7% in terms of revenue during the forecast period 2018-2023E.

Key Segments Covered

• Vitamins and Dietary Supplements:

 By Standard and herbal/Traditional Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
 By Age Group (Infants, Teenage, Adult, Seniors)
 By Single Vitamins and Multivitamins
 By Type of Dietary Supplements (Standard/Non-Herbal and Herbal/Traditional)
 By Type of Non- Herbal/ Traditional Dietary Supplements (Protein Supplements, Combination of Non-Herbal Dietary Supplements, Fish Oils/Omega Fatty Acids, Glucosamine, Co-Enzyme Q 10 and Others)
 By Type of Herbal/Traditional Dietary Supplements (Combination Herbal Dietary Supplements, Yeast, Garlic, Ginko Biloba and Others)
 By Positioning of Dietary Supplements (Beauty, Digestive, Bone, Heart Health, Memory Health, Joint, General Health and Others)
 By Distribution Channel (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Pharmacies/Chemists, Department Stores, Drugstores/Para pharmacies, Internet Retailing and Direct Selling, 2013-2018

• Functional Foods:

 By Type of Functional Foods (Dairy, Baby Food, Breakfast Cereals, Cooking Oil Confectionary, Sweet Biscuits, Snack Bars and Fruit Snacks)
 By Type of Dairy Products (Dairy Based Yoghurt, Milk, Powdered Milk)
 By Type of Dairy Based Yoghurt (Standard Fats and Reduced Fat)
 By Distribution Channel (Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Independent Small Grocers), 2013-2018

• Functional Beverages:

 By Product Category (FF Soft Drinks and FF Hot Drinks)
 By Type of Soft Drinks (Energy Drink, FF Concentrates, Sports Drink, and Bottled Water)
 By Distribution Channel (Hypermarkets, Independent Small Grocers, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Forecourt Retailers, Vending and Other Grocery Retailers), 2013- 2018

Key Target Audience

• Nutritional Supplements Manufacturers
• Nutritional Supplements Distributors
• Nutraceuticals Distributors
• Government Agencies
• Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Companies
• Functional Foods Companies
• Functional Beverages Companies
• Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
• Drug Stores and Pharmacies Chain
• Online Sales and Retailing Agencies

Time Period Captured in the Report:

• Historical Period: 2013- 2018
• Forecast Period: 2019E – 2023E

Companies Covered:

Vitamins and Dietary Supplements:
 Pfizer Inc
 Bayer AG
 Vitabiotics Ltd
 Sanofi
 The Nature’s Bounty Company
 Now Foods Inc
 Otsuka Holdings Co Ltd

Functional Foods:
 Nestle SA
 Danone Groupe
 Kellogg Company
 Al Rawabi Dairy Company
 IFFCCO Group
 Abbott Laboratories Inc
 Mars Inc
 Marmum Dairy Farm LLC

Functional Beverages:
 Redbull GmbH
 Sapporo Holdings Ltd
 Otsuka Holding Company Ltd
 MondelezInc
 S Spitz GmbH
 Monster Beverage Corp

Key Topics Covered in the Report

UAE Nutritional Supplement Market Overview and Genesis
• UAE Nutritional Supplement Market Size
• UAE Nutritional Supplement Market Segmentation
• UAE Vitamins & Dietary Supplements Market
• UAE Functional Foods Market
• UAE Functional Beverages Market
• Trends and Developments in UAE Nutritional Supplement Market
• Regulations in UAE Nutritional Supplement Market
• Issues and Challenges in UAE Nutritional Supplement Market
• SWOT Analysis of UAE Nutritional Supplement Market
• Entry Barriers of UAE Nutritional Supplement Market
• UAE Nutritional Supplement Market Future Projections, 2018-2023E
• Analyst Recommendations

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link:

Related Reports:

Contact Us:
Ken Research
Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications

Ankur Gupta
Ken Research Private limited
+91 90153 78249
email us here
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Lisa Wimberger of the NeuroSculpting Institute to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 / — If we can understand how thoughts affect our body, even the most insidious beliefs can be rewritten.

NeuroSculpting® is the fusion of brain science and mindfulness: a five-step meditation process that can strategically help an individual release the grip of old patterns and train their brain to create new and more supportive patterns, habits and behaviors.

“NeuroSculpting is Life Powered By Intention,” says Lisa Wimberger, the founder of the NeuroSculpting Institute, a physical and virtual institute with students all over the world. “

NeuroSculpting is a process of mental entrainment and meditation to regulate an individual’s nervous system. Its application ranges from helping people calm themselves to helping people move out of their patterns.

Prior to creating NeuroSculpting, Lisa had suffered from a seizure condition since she was a teenager, the result of being struck by lightning on her 15th birthday.

Unlike with epileptics, Lisa’s seizures were generated from her brainstem, so there was no medication for that. With her Vagus nerve extremely hypervigilant, her seizures became life threatening. The doctors told her it was, in part, a stress condition. Paradoxically, Lisa had followed a meditation practice since age 12, which made a stress condition quite ironic.

By her 30s, Lisa had flatlined in a doctor's office, and awoke in the ER on a few occasions post seizure.

And so she began to study neuroscience, and what she learned about neuroplasticity implied that her stress-induced seizures were something she could recondition herself to prevent.

“I was searching for a process to get underneath my automatic response to fear and stress. What if I could condition my nervous system to fight through the onset of a seizure?” says Lisa. “I stripped apart my meditation practice and reverse engineered it to include what neuroscience was teaching me about how process, procedure and very specific thought content could stimulate a reconditioning effect.”

Similar to hypnosis, NeuroSculpting has a structured induction. The process is designed with a neuroplasticity in mind: sculpting new neural pathways.

“I created a five-step structure to create a safe meditation container in which I could rehearse a new response to a seizure onset. I rehearsed the opposite of seize…I practiced mental visuals of kicking, punching, biting, screaming. It was as though I was creating a new playbook for the play "seizure.” I was hoping that with enough practice it would become automatic. After months of practice in meditation, I had a vasovagal seizure halo, and instead of seizing, my body started punching, kicking, screaming, automatically acting out the script I had rehearsed for eight months.”

Lisa did not have a seizure that day or any other day since.

“I created this modality out of necessity and love for my daughter and husband,” says Lisa. “My last seizure was when I was 38, almost 13 years ago. But it was not until this process that I found the hidden content of my spiritual pain and actually healed my body.”

Close Up Radio will feature Lisa Wimberger in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 19th at 2pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information, visit

Lou Ceparano
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Mary T. Vidas of Blank Rome Law Firm to be Featured on Close Up Radio

HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 / — Mary T. Vidas has only practiced at one firm her entire law career: the esteemed Blank Rome Law Firm. Vidas has devoted over 36 years to representing clients in domestic relations and family law, offering in-depth experience in matters of divorce negotiation and litigation, complex equitable distribution and child custody, alimony and pre-nuptial agreements.

“When I meet with a client, I say, ‘Pretend I'm your fairy godmother. What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve as a result of this divorce?” says Vidas. “I develop a relationship with my clients. I strategize with them. At the end of the day when their case is over, I hope they will feel that their voice was heard, that they had a fair shot. We will put your best case forward and I have no problem arguing in any court.”

Since Vidas began working at Blank Rome in 1981, the firm has since expanded with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Wilmington, Chicago, Miami, Washington, Cleveland and Florida. Eight years ago, Vidas became the lead matrimonial lawyer in Philadelphia. Today, she handles all of the firm’s matrimonial work in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, along with one other attorney.

“I've had lawyers say to me, what do you mean the case should be settled? We could drag this out for another year or two,” recalls Vidas. “I'm not putting my client's life or your client's life on hold while they go through court. There may be children involved and in the middle. Don't get me wrong. There are cases where you can't resolve it. There's a place for that. Why do we want them fighting? Let's resolve it. I like to go from “A” to “B” as quickly as possible.

Many young attorneys believe their family life is the necessary cost of a successful practice. According to Vidas, even the most successful attorneys can have a balance between their work and their family.

“As a litigator and as a mother and a wife, you have to have a balance,” says Vidas. “I work in a big firm. I'll do whatever it takes for my clients, so of course there were times when I did not make a teacher conference, but they were few and far between. One of the things I tell young associates, that women can have it all. They can have a career, they can have a family, they can raise children and be successful and advance in their careers.”

Vidas is active in the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and the American Bar Association, where she is a past president of family law.

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Dr. Wendy Arnold of Dr. Wave to be Featured on Close Up Radio

VISTA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 / — Medicine is a team sport. It doesn't matter if you're in the ambulance, the emergency room, or the clinic, a lot of people are needed to coordinate patient care. Communicating effectively as a leader is always to the patient’s benefit.

Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of physicians who truly lead. Of course, many physicians possess qualities that would make them great leaders, but there's no time to devote to developing those soft skills. They make their money seeing patients, and that's what the hospital wants.

Dr. Wendy Arnold believes leaders make better clinicians. Dr. Wendy is the founder of Dr. Wave, where she is dedicated to developing physician leaders to their full potential through coaching, workshops and speaking engagements. Dr. Wendy helps clients develop the leadership skills to thrive in challenging environments while increasing team productivity.

“Physicians are not educated on leadership as part of their clinical training,” says Dr. Wendy. “Once they get to the hospital, they become the subject matter expert, and are not empowered to do anything beyond their clinical work. That’s why a lot of physicians feel frustrated and burned out: they are not empowered to be leaders. That's the barrier that has to break down.”

Dr. Wendy is board-certified in family medicine and integrative medicine with 25 years of experience as a Marine and Naval officer.

“Physician leadership is about stepping up for that one patient,” says Dr. Wendy. “This problem is a lot bigger in the civilian world. My experience, including work as a physician in the civilian healthcare network, has helped me see that I can help, and I would like to make a difference.”

For leaders to optimize creative solutions and team dynamics, they need to maximize their own health and vitality. Dr. Wendy employs a “whole person” concept of leadership. Dr. Wendy’s Achieve Vitality Experience coaches clients through leadership challenges and optimal performance while helping them maximize their health and quality of life. Because you take better care of others when you are able to optimize yourself too.

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