Registered Nurse, Brandy Zwicker’s Top Five Ways to Manage Stress

Brandy Zwicker

BISMARK, ND, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / — As a medical professional, Brandy Zwicker as seen the toll stress can have on the body. Here are some of her favorite ways to combat stress and find some inner peace.

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes, overwhelming. For many Americans, the stress of working full time, managing a household, and other personal factors can play a significant role in stress levels, which hinders health, energy, brain function, physical performance and more.

“At one point or another, we will feel the impact of stress on our body,” said Brandy Zwicker, a 10-year registered nurse. “What matters most is to realize these stress levels in the moment, and then actively manage our response as quickly as possible.”

Here are Brandy’s top five ways of combating stress.

“My number one suggestion in lowering stress is to get off of stimulants, or at least, lessen them,” said Brandy. “Stimulants such as caffeine can actually contribute to an increase in anxiety, and worse yet, give you an exhausting crash later, which will only add to your frustration and stress.”

As her second suggestion, Brandy recommends getting more sleep.

“Laying off the caffeine will help, but if you have trouble sleeping, focus on making time for a relaxed evening,” said Brandy. “This means no late-night work emails. Make time to read, watch an episode of your favorite show, put together a puzzle, color with your kids. If this all sounds a little boring to you, good! The goal is to turn your attention from those daily stressors to something completely distracting.”

Brandy continued, “Next, take some things off your plate. In modern society, we are always doing more. More activities to take the kids to, more work to take home, more appointments. Either practice saying no or ask for help. You are not alone and being stressed 100% of the time is not the same as living a successful, fulfilling life. Less is more”

“That leads me to my next strategy, mindfulness,” said Brandy Zwicker. “Mindfulness, meditation, taking a moment to be alone without the noise is not new-age hocus pocus. It is essential to becoming more equipped to handle stressful moments, to lowering cortisol levels and increasing dopamine. I highly recommend learning more about this practice and integrating it into your daily life in a way that suits you best.”

As her final suggestion, Brandy recommends getting some exercise.

“Stress induces a fight or flight response, which in either case, tells our brain to get moving!” said Brandy. “Exercise is a great way to shake out those excess stress hormones, and in turn, increase endorphins and dopamine for a more relaxed, happy state. Any type of physical activity will help–a walk, bike ride, crunches, push-ups. Bonus points if you can get outside and be around some nature.”

Want to read more health tips? Click here for Brandy Zwicker’s blog.

About Brandy Zwicker

Brandy Zwicker is a Bachelor of Science (BSN) Registered Nurse with ten years of nursing experience. Brandy has five children and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoor fitness opportunities. She enjoys running, spin cycle, yoga, weight training, basketball, and indoor rock climbing.

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What Darcy Bergen Wants Young People Need to Know About Saving for Retirement

Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen

PEORIA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / — Darcy Bergen is the owner of Bergen Financial Group and has over 20 years of experience helping clients plan for retirement and other financial solutions. Although most of Darcy Bergen’s clients are those who are getting close to retirement age, he wishes more people in their 20s and 30s sought the help of a financial advisor.

In fact, research shows only 25 percent of working young professionals take advantage of retirement savings plans offered by their employers. Also, only 39% of adults started saving for retirement in their 20s. According to Darcy Bergen, there are a few steps young adults can take to contribute to their retirement at an early age.

Make Retirement Contribution a Priority
Darcy Bergen believes one of the reasons why young people don’t start saving for retirement early on is because they don’t think it’s a priority. After all, they believe, paying off their student loans or credit card debt seems more important than saving for retirement. They also believe they must start with a large contribution towards their retirement account. Darcy Bergen believes all young adults should account saving for retirement as part of their monthly expenses. Even putting away $25-per-month can make a big difference in the future.

Take Advantage of a 401(k) Plans
Although a lot of employers offer 401(k) plans, not many young adults take advantage of them, according to Darcy Bergen. Taking advantage of 401(k) plans is a great way for people in their 20s to start saving for retirement. First of all, 401(k) contributions get taken out of their paychecks before taxes, which means they won’t have to pay taxes on this income in that given year. Also, many employers match the contributions of their employees. For example, if they contribute $100 a month towards their retirement plan, their employers will contribute an additional $50. In a year, employees could save an additional $600 a year.

Consider Retirement Benefits Before Taking a Job
Many young people don’t consider retirement benefits when they accept a job offer, according to Darcy Bergen. As they get older and move up in the corporate world, young professionals should consider retirement benefits when accepting a job offer. The earlier they start contributing, even if the contribution is small, the better off they will be. Darcy Bergen advises young professionals from taking jobs that don’t offer a comprehensive retirement plan.

For more information and tips on saving for retirement and other financial benefits, check out

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Stuart Hankin of Hankin Homes Improves The Homebuilding Process To Produce Affordable Houses In 2019

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / — Stuart Hankin is the owner of the real estate company, Hankin Homes, located in Florida. Although Palm Beach, FL, is where he calls home, Hankin did not grow up in the Sunshine State.

Stuart grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and moved to New York to attend Cornell University. Stuart Hankin graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Operations and Information Engineering.

In 2016, Hankin began buying both residential and commercial land for construction purposes. He wanted to build new properties and affordable homes.

Hankin Homes buys real estate and land from all over the United States. Stuart wants every American to experience being a homeowner and community living.

Stuart Hankin builds floor plans for multi-generational families. Hankin Homes aims is to create environments where people can work, play, and literally feel at home.

Stuart has built communities in Florida and Pennsylvania, along with other states. His latest acquisition is in the Midwest.

Throughout his various purchases and construction projects, Hankin improved the home building process. He offers renters and buyers the ability to live in beautiful residences that do not break the bank.

Stuart Hankin uses cost-effective construction materials to lower maintenance costs for future owners.

Hankin makes practical, efficient, and modern construction plans. He builds houses that people want to call home.

Stuart Hankin creates high-quality residential living spaces. Over the years, Hankin Homes build luxury apartment communities with impeccable amenities. Hankin also develops stunning five-bedroom house floor plans.

Stuart Hankin Homes is a company that is enhancing the real estate market by making affordable homes accessible to everyone.

Stuart Hankin recognizes the struggle buyers go through when deciding on a new home. At first, most feel intimidated or discouraged by the price tag of a larger home.

"Believe it or not," Hankin says, "It's easier to find a buyer for, say, a five-bedroom home than it is for a two-bedroom apartment. With the growing number of families in urban communities, spacious living is in high demand. You won't have to look too far when searching for a buyer."

Hankin urges potential buyers to consider purchasing a home as a one-time investment. It will generate a fantastic Return On Investment (ROI) for them, their kids, their children's kids, and so on.

"Sure, resale value is anybody's guess. When buying a home, though, consider the future," says Stuart.

He adds, "I know so many people with little clue about how quickly homes depreciate, and before long, they have a dead investment on their hands."

Stuart Hankin Homes does not want this for its clients.

If selling a house is not in the plans, consider passing it down to the next generation.

Homeowners have a lot of options, which includes making their next house their forever home.

Visit Stuart Hankin’s website to learn more about affordable homes in Florida:
Hankin Homes Website:

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LeadsCouncil Elects New President of the Board at Annual Meeting

LeadsCouncil Logo

LeadsCouncil announced that Erik Josowitz, Sr. Vice President, Technology and Strategy of All Web Leads, has been voted as President of its Board of Directors.

LeadsCouncil has made tremendous progress over the past two years from the leadership that Joey Liner has brought to the organization”

— Erik Josowitz

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 11, 2019 / — Washington, D.C. – LeadsCouncil, an independent association of performance marketing professionals, announced that Erik Josowitz, Sr. Vice President, Technology and Strategy of All Web Leads, has been voted as President of its Board of Directors.

Josowitz succeeds the previous President, Joey Liner, Chief Revenue Officer of Digital Media Solutions. Liner will assume the position of President Emeritus while continuing to serve on the Board through 2021. The Council also voted Marty Collins, SVP Corporate Development, Legal & Compliance with QuinStreet as Vice President and Eric Kozak, Sr. Director, Marketing at American Standard as Secretary.

“LeadsCouncil has made tremendous progress over the past two years from the leadership that Joey (Liner) has brought to the organization”, Josowitz stated. “I’m very excited to take the baton and run with it, continuing his progress while improving the practices and results of performance marketing.”

About LeadsCouncil
LeadsCouncil is an independent association comprised of performance marketing publishers, advertisers and technology providers. For an updated Board Member List, please visit the LeadsCouncil website. For more information visit

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John Zimmel Helps Brands Earn More Revenue Through Creative Product Placement Strategies

John Zimmel Greenwich CT

John Zimmel, a young entrepreneur from Greenwich, CT helps businesses and influencers sell more products through product placement

GREENWICH, CT, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / — Product placement has been used successfully on TV shows and in movies, and its effectiveness has proven to thrive in the realm of social media through the use of influencers and celebrities. John Zimmel, a media entrepreneur in his early twenties in Greenwich, CT, helps his clients capitalize on the social influencer wave so they can rake in more revenue and brand awareness.

“Product placement is a very effective marketing tool,” said John Zimmel. “A famous example is Reeses Pieces in ET, Ray-Bans in Risky Business, and FedEx in Castaway. Only now with social media, companies do not necessarily need to spend millions of dollars to gain more customers and revenue. They simply have to find the right person, with the right content and right amount of followers.”

“Social media product placement is for any budget,” said John.

Even major brands like Coca-Cola are replacing some of their traditional advertising with social campaigns, whereas smaller companies can quickly rise in the ranks by creating demand for products on Instagram and YouTube through product placement and reviews.

“For product placement on Instagram, influencers simply have to tag the company, creating more visibility to the brand. Depending on the contract, the product can be the predominant focus or used as a background prop. Regardless of what a company decides, the key is to utilize the user-generated content to create an authentic buzz,” said John Zimmel.

In terms of using YouTube, John Zimmel continued, “Vlogging is a huge revenue generator for both the influencer and the company. Vlogger, like influencers, connects directly with their demographic because they themselves are a representation. If a vlogger can create a personal brand that is relatable, accessible, and trustworthy, it creates a positive connotation with other companies he or she partners with.”

The most common product placement types on Youtube include simple product placements, which include casually placing the product in the shot, quickly picking up or using the product, or mentioning the product in the video briefly, without interruption to the main topic. Alternatively, the vlogger can go into a brief or in-depth review of the product, in which the review may be in conjunction with other product reviews. If the company wants to be exclusively featured, it will need to sponsor the video in its entirety, which usually entails using up a large chunk of the marketing budget.

“Product placement is popping up everything across social,” said John. “From live videos, stories, and photos, companies can take advantage of the many entertainment options. Just remember to take into account the relationships influencers build and the quality of content. The more authentic the influencer is, the better the impact on your brand.”

About John Zimmel

John Zimmel is a young, vibrant entrepreneur from Greenwich, CT who’s eager to take his clients’ brand recognition to the next level through social media strategies and high-quality digital content. John Zimmel owns and operates four businesses including his modern-day communications parent company, Labyrinth35X; audio production company, Grass Fed Audio; digital content creation agency, West 35 Media; and his video production company, Nameless Productions. John Zimmel is also a performer himself of magic.

Labyrinth35X –
Grass Fed Audio –
West 35 Media –
Nameless Productions –

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Prince Dematra Leads Declaration of Nusantara Peace Day with Kings and Sultans in Pura Hulundanu, Songan, Bali.

Prince Damien Dematra at the Declaration Giving Peace Sign

Prince Damien Dematra with King of Klungkung and Jro Penyarikan

People who attended the Nusantara Peace Day Declaration

SONGAN, BALI, INDONESIA, November 11, 2019 / — Prince Dr. Damien Dematra, founder and director of the International Festival Group for Peace, Culture, and Humanity declared the Nusantara Peace Day in Pura Hulundanu, Songan, Kintamani, Bali recently.

This is the second declaration of Nusantara Peace Day.The declaration was attended by thousands of people from all over Indonesia. With Kings and Queens and Sultans of Indonesia attended and declared the peace at the event.

Prince Damien Dematra explained, to declare the Nusantara Peace Day in Bali, which is famous for its traditional yet tolerant value, is an amazing experience in which I hope could inspire more people to unite and believe in living in peace and harmony.

Before this, the declaration had took place on September 3rd in Jogjakarta, worked together with MATRA, the council of Nusantara Culture, with a mission to achieve peace mission in the Nusantara. This declaration is expected to be the beginning of a mission to bring peace in the Nusantara region. Nusantara Peace Day will begin to celebrated next year and beyond.

Regarding the reason for September 3rd to be determined as Nusantara Peace Day, he answered, the reason for this that it has to be related with the World Peace Day which was declared by the United Nations, so that the Nusantara Peace Day Celebration and World Peace Day can be carried out in synergy.

Pura Hulundanu is closely affiliated with the Goddess of Danu which is the Goddess of water and fertility. She is one of two supreme deities in the Balinese tradition. The Dewi Danu statue, which was built near temple where the declaration was held at Lake Batur, Songan Village, Kintamani District, Bangli, was designated as the largest and highest Dewi Danu Statue in Indonesia by the Indonesian World Record Museum.

According to the committee Jro Penyarikan Khrisna, the event was attended by prominent names from regions all over Bali; Mrs. Putri Koster; the wife of The governor of Bali, King of Klungkung Ida Dalem Smara Putra, King of Singaraja Anak Agung Ugrasena, Sultan Segayoh, Raden Haniz; secretary general of FSKN, Prince Herry from the kingdom of Kutai, the committee chairman Gede Darmawa, Elly Yuniarti from Department of Interior Affairs and many more kings and sultan from Nusantara.

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P2Sample Included on Deloitte's 2019 Technology Fast 500 (TM) For Fourth Year in a Row

P2Sample - A Cint Group Company

Leading market research sample company is ranked 422 in the annual list ranking the Fastest Growing Companies in North America

P2Sample's growth is evidence that a programmatic, technology-enabled approach is the right path”

— Richard Thornton, COO, Cint

ATLANTA, GA, USA, November 11, 2019 / — P2Sample today announced it has been included on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500(TM) for the fourth year in a row. The list is a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America. Coming onto this year's list at number 422, P2Sample grew more than 215 percent during the period examined by the ranking program.

"In today's market research industry, technology is increasingly helping companies transform and accelerate collecting data, processing it, and turning it into insights for businesses and users," said Richard Thornton, COO of Cint, which acquired P2Sample in August of 2019. "Receiving consistent ranking on a national program like this is proof of this fact. P2Sample’s growth is evidence that a programmatic, technology-enabled approach is the right path and, after our acquisition of the company a few months ago, Cint expects to continue this growth and innovation on a path to automation."

This is P2Sample's fourth consecutive year of inclusion as a Technology Fast 500™ award winner, for which they were ranked #314 in 2016, #253 in 2017 and #272 in 2018. Overall, 2019 Technology Fast 500™ companies achieved revenue growth ranging from 166 percent to 37,458 percent from 2015 to 2018, with median growth of 439 percent.

"What's exciting about celebrating 25 years of the Tech Fast 500 is we now have a quarter century of innovation stories to draw and reflect upon. These are the companies that push boundaries, help organizations become more efficient and productive, and ultimately enable businesses to drive growth and revenue. We congratulate all the well-deserving winners," said Mohana Dissanayake, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and industry leader for technology, media and telecommunications, within Deloitte's audit and assurance practice.

Now in its 25th year, the 2019 Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 selects award winners based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth from 2015 to 2018. In order to be eligible for Technology Fast 500 recognition, companies must own proprietary intellectual property or technology that is sold to customers in products that contribute to a majority of the company’s operating revenues. Companies must have base-year operating revenues of at least $50,000, and current-year operating revenues of at least $5 million. Additionally, companies must be in business for a minimum of four years and be headquartered within North America.

About P2Sample
P2Sample operates the market research industry’s most sophisticated sample and panel platform for clients seeking targeted respondents for consumer insights. P2Sample’s fully-automated platform programmatically integrates with hundreds of sample suppliers and allows efficient management of proprietary panels. This includes the industry’s largest panel companies, exchanges and marketplaces. In addition, the platform provides access to 60+ million deeply profiled and engaged consumers across 150+ countries. Featuring the industry’s only AI-driven fraud detection and respondent engagement systems, P2Sample’s technology works with a wide variety of methodologies, including traditional surveys; the latest in neuroscience and behavioral approaches; and online qualitative and video studies. In August 2019, P2Sample was acquired by Cint, and will be brought together under the Cint Group umbrella by 2020. For more information visit @P2Sample

About Deloitte
Deloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee (“DTTL”), its network of member firms, and their related entities. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. DTTL (also referred to as “Deloitte Global”) does not provide services to clients. In the United States, Deloitte refers to one or more of the US member firms of DTTL, their related entities that operate using the “Deloitte” name in the United States and their respective affiliates. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. Please see to learn more about our global network of member firms.

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NaVOBA Names 2019 Veteran’s Business Enterprises® of the Year

NaVOBA’s Veteran’s Business Enterprise of the Year logo

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / — The National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) announced today the 2019 Veteran’s Business Enterprises® of the Year (VBEOY). The Veteran’s Business Enterprise of the Year award is a prestigious honor bestowed annually outstanding U.S. military veteran business owners. The VBEOY awardees demonstrate the finest attributes crucial in leading a flourishing business; sustained business growth and success; and a strong drive to cultivate veteran entrepreneurship. Additional veteran-owned businesses in the following categories are honored at special ceremonies held at corresponding events. Those honorees include the Women’s, Minority, LGBT, Hispanic and Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises of the Year™.

2019 Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprise® of the Year
Brandon Rumbaugh
BR Solutions

Brandon Rumbaugh founded BRS with his Marine Corps core values in mind, honor, courage and commitment. Brandon served his country honorably both stateside and abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the last eight years he has dedicated his life to helping others, learning and building his business. After spending a lifetime tearing things down and blowing things up in the Marine Corps, Brandon now has a passion for building things, starting at the very beginning alongside his hardworking, dedicated team at BR Solutions.

2019 Veteran’s Business Enterprise® of the Year
Margot Adam Langstaff

As a proud military veteran and nurse, Margot has pursued the goal of making LifeHealth a top quality company that is recognized for providing quality clinical staffing and wellness services to government and civilian organizations around the country. Margot and her business partner, Elisa Hamill, were SBA Colorado Small Business Persons of the Year 2018.

2019 Veteran’s Business Enterprise® of the Year
Chris Knott
INT Technologies

Over the span of 40 years, Chris Knott’s consistent focus on exceptional client relationships coupled with a commitment to integrity reinforced as a United States Marine, has allowed him tremendous success in all his business endeavors. In 2000, Chris decided to utilize his business acumen, expertise and lifelong entrepreneurial spirit to launch INT Technologies, a full spectrum Information Technologies staff augmentation firm. Today, INT Technologies is very proud to be the largest Veteran-owned staffing business in the United States.

NaVOBA’s 2019 Corporate Veterans Champion
Tabatha Watson
Supplier Diversity Manager at Lowe’s Companies Inc.
Tabatha has been a long-time champion of all diverse businesses and has a special commitment to veteran-owned businesses. We’ve had countless stories from our veteran’s business enterprises over the years about how much they admire her passion, professionalism, honesty and dedication to helping them find opportunities at Lowe’s Companies Inc. With a mission to help build a supplier base that is representative of Lowe's employees, retail customers and consumers that can add sustainable value to Lowe’s supply chain, while supporting growth in local communities, she utilizes her supplier diversity role to collaborate with and develop diverse businesses, so they can be a successful and strategic Lowe’s vendor-partner.

2019 Veteran’s Business Advocate of the Year Award
Scott Denniston
President and CEO of the Scott Group of Virginia
Scott directed Office of Small Business Programs and the Center for Veterans Enterprise at the Department of Veterans Affairs. During his tenure VA was a leader in awards to all categories of small businesses consistently spending over $3 billion with small business. He is also active in the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), the National Defense Industry Association (NDIA), and is past chair of the Small Business Committee of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA).
In 1998 he was appointed to the Congressional Commission on Service Members and Veterans Transition Assistance, where he developed recommendations for enhancing and expanding support for veteran business owners. Many of those recommendations were incorporated into Public Law 106-50, the Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Act of 1999, and Public Law 108-183, the Veterans Benefits Act of 2003. He established the Center for Veterans Enterprise, a VA organization dedicated to providing support to veterans interested in entrepreneurship.
In March 2005, Mr Denniston received the prestigious “Federal 100 Award” from Federal Computer Week for developing the VETBIZ website and the Vendor Information Pages data base of veteran owned small businesses. In June 2008, he received the “Leadership Award” from the Association for Federal Information Resources Management (AFFIRM), for his work on the GSA “VETS GWAC”. In October 2008, Scott received the “Leadership Award” from the Parren J. Mitchell Foundation for his years of support to the minority small business community. In October 2008, he also received the “Patriot Award” from the American Freedom Foundation for his efforts on behalf of veterans.

To learn more about NaVOBA’s Corporate Allies visit
About The National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA)
NaVOBA provides a direct link for contracting between corporate America and Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (VBE) and Certified Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises™ (SDVBE). NaVOBA’s mission is to create corporate contracting opportunities for America’s Veteran’s and Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises (VBEs/SDVBEs) through certification, advocacy, outreach, recognition and education. For more information visit us on the web at or follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @navoba.
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Australia Medical Devices Market size likely to be USD 4.56 bn by 2025 growing at 10% CAGR

Portability and cost reduction achieved by implementing technologies such as AI and VR have increased the demand for medical devices in Australian marketplace.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / — The newly released Australia Medical Devices Market report from Goldstein Research, a leading market intelligence & consulting firm, indicates that this market will continue to expand and be worth more than $4.56 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 10% due to consistent demand for a full range of medical devices, particularly those intended to treat and manage age-related diseases. The study was conducted using an objective combination of primary and secondary information including inputs from key participants in the industry.

According to Goldstein research, the portability of the devices coupled with the technology as the smaller size of the advanced medical devices also brings down costs by eliminating concerns with storage, portability, and weight is increasing the demand for medical devices in Australian marketplace. Australia medical device market segmentation has been done on the basis of product type, the area of use, and end-user. In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) equipment dominated the Australian medical device market and accounted for the market share of 35% in 2017 owing to a large number of aging residents with multiple chronic health issues.

The report authors notes that medical devices market in Australia witnessed total healthcare spending in 2016 over USD 137 billion and healthcare expenditures was 9.4% of total GDP which is distributed among government sector (67%) and private sector (33%). Australia's healthcare industry is sophisticated and receptive to the new product. Moreover, due to growing adoption of smart medical devices, there is an increase in research and development projects specific to the implementation of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc. Such developments have a significant impact on the propelling market growth

Get market report sample @

This latest report by Goldstein Research contains a detailed overview of the Australia Medical device market. It encompasses the industry growth drivers, market challenges, risk analysis, market attractiveness, BPS (Base Point Scale) analysis, Porter’s five force model and SWOT analysis. This market report also includes competitive outlook of some of the major players profiling of companies such as Johnston & Johnson, Philips Healthcare, Medtronic Inc., GE Healthcare, Siemens AG, Novartis AG, Stryker Corp., 3M Company, Abbott Laboratories, Toshiba Corp., Becton, Dickinson and Co., Baxter International Inc., Cardinal Health Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., Allergan Inc., Zimmer Biomet, Danaher Corp., DentsplySirona, Essilor International S.A.,Covidien plc., etc.

The company profiles include business strategy, geographical revenue distribution, major information of the companies which encompasses business outlook, products, services, and industries catered, financial analysis of the company and recent developments.

Overall, the report represents the Australian medical device market trends along with a market forecast that will help industry consultants, technology providers, existing players searching for expansion opportunities, new players searching possibilities and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies according to the ongoing and expected trends in the future.

For any enquiry about the report and for specific requests, contact us @

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Renee King-Sonnen, Founder of Rancher Advocacy Program, and the Barretts

Renee King-Sonnen, Founder of Rancher Advocacy Program, and the Barretts

The Schacherl Family of Starlove Ranch

The Schacherl Family of Starlove Ranch

Renee King-Sonnen, Founder of Rancher Advocacy Program, and the Traylors

Renee King-Sonnen, Founder of Rancher Advocacy Program, and the Traylors

Rancher Advocacy Program, a Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. initiative

Rancher Advocacy Program, a Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. initiative

Farmers and ranchers are in crisis due to climate change and economic chaos. The Rancher Advocacy Program of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary leads with the answers.

WAELDER, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2019 / — The Rancher Advocacy Program (RAP), a five-year initiative of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, Inc. is the first and only enterprise providing the knowledge of their Rancher Advisory Council working together with industry experts to transition cattle ranches and animal farms away from animal agriculture into viable veganic, compassionate businesses. The Rancher Advisory Council is comprised of business experts in their fields who are also former ranchers or members of former ranching families. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary announces the dates of its first annual RAP Summit, slated for September 18-20, 2020 in Austin, Texas. The RAP Summit is the first of its kind to bring cattle ranchers, animal farmers, plant-based industry experts, manufacturers, activists, and environmentalists together to debate and determine solutions to the imminent concerns around global food production, the economy, animal protection and our climate.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, which has been featured nationally on CBS Evening News, Animal Planet, ABC’s More in Common and other nationally syndicated shows, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and vegan farm animal sanctuary in the heart of Texas. As Rowdy Girl Sanctuary moves into the new year, their evolution from farm animal rescue and sanctuary to a state-of-the-art, animal care facility, a plant based/environmental resource education center and endowment for ranchers and farmers transitioning begins. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary inspires other ranchers to experience a paradigm shift, and, through the Rancher Advocacy Program, provides them the expertise and tools to evolve away from the cruelty of factory farming to a financially stable business. Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was founded by Renee King-Sonnen and Tommy Sonnen in 2014.

Kip Andersen, Save Movement, Jane Unchained News, Miyoko’s, VegFund, Egg-Truth, Womxn Funders in Animal Rights, Vegan Investors, Effect Partners,, It’s Jerky Y’all, Free From Harm, Cowspiracy, Waking Justice and Agriculture Fairness Alliance joins Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in support of the Ranchers Advocacy Program and in launching this trailblazing conference.

For more information on Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, go to
For more information on the Rancher Advocacy Program, go to
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary as featured on CBS Evening News with Steve Hartman, On the Road,

Renee King-Sonnen
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Rancher Advocacy Program – Press Release

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