The Story Behind Inter Miami’s Freediver

Coral Tomascik poses for Underwater Photographer Caymanjason for the release of the new Inter Miami

Coral Tomascik poses 60 feet below the surface for photographer Jason Washington

Jason Washington and model Coral Tomascik shoting the new Adidas Prime Blue Jersey for Inter Miami by Jordan Charles

GEORGE TOWN, GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS, June 20, 2021 / — The pictures of a young lady standing at the bottom of the sea wearing a fútbol kit instead of scuba equipment are so breath-taking that many struggles to believe they could be real. The photos are, however, real and are a result of Inter Miami having shot out of the box to create unique and distinct images to support an equally extraordinary product. The final masterpieces are so captivating that the photographer responsible for them, Jason Washington, has created video footage showing how they were made.

The theme that joins the images to the product is the underwater world. As part of their strategy to support ocean conservation, Inter Miami’s new kit supplied by Adidas is from the Primeblue collection which is made with Parley Ocean Plastic. When it got to the stage of letting the world know about their desire for a cleaner future, the fútbol team’s SVP of Brand & Marketing Mike Ridley saw an opportunity to embark upon a creative partnership with a man whose work he had been admiring for some time. Ridley says, “From the first time I saw his photography I knew I wanted to do something with Jason, but it was a question of seizing the right opportunity”

Over recent years, Washington has become an Instagram hit and a focal point of underwater photography by pursuing one of its most challenging disciplines – freediving. Both he and model Coral Tomascik have created catalogs of exhilarating images almost exclusively underwater by holding their breaths for minutes at a time. The majority of their work is against the backdrop of the shockingly clear blue waters of Grand Cayman. Tomascik is a master of making the inconceivable look easy. Her adventures with Washington to date have found her deeper than 100 feet below the surface to get their shots. Regarding such feats, she says with a smile, “I love the silence and stillness of being there, it's one of the best feelings in the world”

The images that Washington & Tomascik create are so awe-inspiring that many find it hard to believe they aren’t manufactured on a computer. Washington comments, “Well I see it as a compliment that people regard our work as almost impossible and that is why when the opportunity to partner with Inter Miami arose, I knew I needed to create behind-the-scenes footage to show the world how we do what we do.”

Cayman Jason is an underwater photographer who is driven by the preservation of the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean. He is based in Grand Cayman where in addition to his photography work, he tirelessly promotes ocean conservation and runs a scuba dive operation called Ambassador Divers.

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Inter Miami’s recycled ocean plastics soccer jersey

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Pamela Jackson Comes in Hot with Game-Changing Single, “We Are America”

We Are America Available Now on All Major Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2021 / — “We Are America” adds a project based on love and hope to Pamela Jackson’s portfolio. The Christian music single was produced by Quinton Fashion and Jawuan Ford; rapped by Latarra Nicole and bass accompaniment is by renowned bassist Andrew Gouche.

“We Are America”, her latest single is sure to be radical throughout the music industry. It is full of energy, soul, hip hop, and inspiration with a powerful message of hope and resiliency.

“We Are America” was written to convey the current reality for African Americans. Pamela says, “this Juneteenth single is an encouragement to remind America that we [African Americans] too have a great part in the building of this nation. Our talents, ingenuity, ideas, and resiliency have helped to shape our country. I Am America, You Are America, We are America.”

When it comes to music, Pamela is influenced by Aretha Franklin's gospel and Marvin Gaye's prolific messages of social justice and reform. With her soft yet confident steps towards victory, Pamela is sure to make her mark in the music industry.

“We Are America” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major platforms. Follow Pamela Jackson on Facebook for more information.

About Pamela Jackson

Bringing a fresh new wave of “music for the soul”, Pamela Jackson started as a church musician at the young age of 10. Perfecting her music style, Pamela has crossed the horizon to find the sound that suits her best. She has been a music writer since 2000, writing for international artists like Carolyn Traylor and Melba Moore. Pamela has earned a staunch and reputed name in the industry, with her unique music style and perfect understanding of sound and rhythm, which flows smoothly in the songs she creates. Her music is best described as Christian with subtle jazz, hip-hop, and soul feel.

Team AMW
AMW Group
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Short Story Collection Depicts Everyday People During Pandemic

Covid '19 True Fictions: Stories Before; During and After--- When Mostly Good Things Happened

Covid ’19 True Fictions: Stories Before; During and After— When Mostly Good Things Happened

James Andrew Freeman

James Andrew Freeman

James Freeman Presents "Covid ’19 True Fictions: Stories Before; During and After— When Mostly Good Things Happened"

This is a book of human connections and will-power and love set against the backdrop of a pandemic.”

— James Freeman

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating, affecting countless lives, upending daily routines and disrupting economies worldwide. With his short story collection, author James Freeman focuses on the individual and community levels to depict how this global crisis affected everyday people and how they persevered despite incredible adversity. With "Covid ’19 True Fictions: Stories Before; During and After— When Mostly Good Things Happened" readers will be treated to interconnected fictional narratives of ordinary people during extraordinary times, and how this brought out the love, compassion and empathy needed to endure.

With his collection, Freeman depicts the individual-level ramifications of sweeping global events, with short stories following car detailers, carpet cleaners, hospice volunteers, soldiers, teachers, fishermen and more. These narratives put human faces on realities otherwise conveyed in the news as statistics. According to a McKinsey study, up to one third of US jobs may be vulnerable and 80% of these are held by low-income workers. Freeman's realistic stories, mostly set in Bucks County and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a couple set in northern California, show what average people have to go through. But it is not all bleak and grim, as Freeman shows that even during dark times people's innate nature to be kind, to show empathy, can shine a light in these moments. While the characters are fictional, Freeman's writing brings them to life in a realistic fashion, showing their everyday interactions and moments of compassion and caring. These are what Freeman calls: “elemental truths about joy, life and death in the all-too-real time of a pandemic.”

"This is a book of human connections and will-power and love set against the backdrop of a pandemic." Freeman explains, adding that these were also drawn from his own experiences during the pandemic. “I wanted to share our common humanity in everyday scenarios during a pandemic. ”

With "Covid ’19 True Fictions" Freeman aims to raise funds for the new Bucks County Community College Dr. Keri Barber Memorial Student Scholarship. He would also like to thank the BCCC Cultural Affairs Committee for the Cultural Incentive Grant assisting in the publication of this book.

About the Author
James Freeman is a graduate of Shasta College, Reed College and Humboldt University. For forty years he has taught creative writing and has authored 21 books. He is a proud father and currently lives in Langhorne, Pennsylvania with his family.

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Covid ’19 True Fictions: Stories Before; During and After by James Andrew Freeman

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Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group Presents the Prize to the Winner of the "Picture Yourself Down The Jersey Shore"

Nancy Kowalik presenting Ted Adams with his trip to the shore certificate

Nancy Kowalik presents Ted Adams with his trip to the shore certificate

Tune in to the live drawing on Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group's Facebook Page June 10 at 2pm

Tune in to the live drawing on Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group’s Facebook Page June 10 at 2pm

Congratulations to Ted Adams of West Deptford, NJ, for having the winning Beach Ball Number that has won him a trip to the Jersey Shore!

MULLICA HILL, NJ, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group had a contest on Saturday, June 5, 2021 with the theme "Picture Yourself Down The Shore." Guests stopped by at 46 N Main Street Mullica Hill between 4 and 8pm on Saturday to get their pictures taken in the outdoor photo booth and signed up for a numbered beach ball to enter to win a week at the Shore in 2022! There was no purchase necessary to enter to win.

The contest winner was announced via a live drawing on Facebook this Thursday, June 10, at 2pm, where Nancy Kowalik announced the winning beach ball number. The winner, Ted Adams, from West Deptford, NJ, collected his prize on Thursday June 17. Adams received a week in a beach block penthouse condo in Brigantine for the week of his choice during the Summer of 2022.

Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group is an award-winning boutique real estate brokerage specializing in all facets of Southern New Jersey’s robust residential real estate market. Founded in 2016, the firm has quickly become one of the state’s leading independent brokerages, known for its home sale guarantee. Based on a pre-determined, agreed-upon price and timeframe, founder and president Nancy Kowalik guarantees the sale of her client’s home with the promise that the firm will purchase the property if it is not sold. Kowalik’s office culture focuses on teamwork and philanthropy. With 12 full-time agents working as a team, the firm promises 5-star service. Under Kowalik’s lead the group has given over $80,000 to a local non-profit since 2017 and has been an ongoing supporter of local High School and intramural sports programs. For more information go to

Annie Byers
Nancy Kowalik Real Estate Group
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International Awards Associate Unveils the Monumental iLuxury Awards

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette - Queen Maia, Lady of Perfection

2021 iLuxury Awards Statuette – Queen Maia, Lady of Perfection

2021 iLuxury Awards - Celebrating the Best Luxury Brands, Products & Services Worldwide

2021 iLuxury Awards – Celebrating the Best Luxury Brands, Products & Services Worldwide

iLuxury Awards is a prestigious awards program that focuses on celebrating, recognizing, and promoting the best luxury goods and services all around the globe.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — The International Awards Associate (IAA) announces the iLuxury Awards (International Luxury Awards), a brand-new awards program under their belt. “Luxurious amenities have been around since the dawn of time,” Kenjo Ong, the CEO of IAA, exclaimed. “We had always been captivated by luxurious concepts. So, delving deeper into the heart of luxury only made sense.”

Luxurious products and services have historically been a vital part amongst the lives of nobility, as well as commonalty. With that in mind, IAA intends for iLuxury Awards to celebrate, honor, and recognize both established and aspiring luxurious brands, whom transcend the barriers of segregation. The competition will be accepting monthly entries, starting from June 18, 2021, with results to be announced on the 15th of every month. The first results will be published on August 17, via iLuxury Awards official website.

Similar to the other awards under the IAA umbrella, accessibility will be a core principle for iLuxury Award’s operations. With a simple online nomination process, and no entry fees, the award intends to cater to international brands of all statures, regardless of the brands having prior esteemed reputation, or not.

Luxurious brands, products, services, or relevant advocates worldwide are welcomed to nominate themselves or the brands that they would like to credit. With iLuxury’s theme being “Bring Forth Everlasting Opulence” for 2021, entrants would need to bring their best and show that their works can stand the test of time, creating brand values, heritage, and legacies along the way. Luxury awards categories available for entry include – Luxury Brands, Luxury Design, Luxury Real Estate & Property, Luxury Fashion & Products, Luxury Transportation, Luxury Travel, Luxury Accommodation, Luxury F&B, and Luxury Services.

Other than promotional pieces, winners will be eligible to receive a 2021 iLuxury statuettes, featuring four captivating designs, based on the awards’ concept. The statuettes are designed to personify a sense of enchantment that accustomed luxurious products and services imbue. They are presented in an elegant manner, with underlying nuances based on the representation of different statuettes, symbolizing class, elegance, and luxury.

IAA intends to continue its practice of honoring distinguished, and promising, brands for their products and services, via iLuxury Awards. “This award poses a completely new challenge for us, however it still wouldn’t alter our underlying principles,” Kenjo remarked. “I am elated to be a part of this journey and am looking forward to gaze upon the awe-inspiring luxurious products and services that flood the streets of modern society.”

About International Awards Associate (IAA)
IAA, established in 2015, is the organizer of MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, NYX Marcom Awards, NYX Game Awards, NYX Video Awards, TITAN Property Awards, TITAN Business Awards, LIT Talent Awards, MUSE Photography Awards, and MUSE Hotel Awards. Our mission is to honor, promote and encourage professional excellence, from industry to industry, internationally and domestically, through award platforms that are industry appropriate. IAA assembled iLuxury Awards to promote the best luxury brands, products and services all around the globe.

For competition rules and nomination forms, visit:

Hugo T.
International Awards Associate Inc
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Ignite2Lead Announces Innovative Marketing-Solutions To Support Smaller Companies


LONG BEACH, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Ignite2Lead has announced the launch of their next marketing solutions-based scheme which aims to provide innovative and customised solutions to the prolific number of companies within the U.S. that were stiffly affected by the direct and indirect aftermath of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Ignite2Lead, the marketerial strategies that worked for corporations before the COVID-19 pandemic are no longer applicable; brand image and strategy have been irrevocably changed within the landscape of marketing and that is not going to change any time soon.

The prominent marketing agency specialises in the commercial management of corporation’s: Growth Market Solutions, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, and relative digital strategy related issues for both large and small business owners. By adopting a holistic approach which accounts for the current prevalence of social media in our digital era, they provide tailored solutions to each individual company.

The company has also acknowledged the distinct difficulties that smaller companies face in the industry, as well as the relative measures they are taking to address such difficulties. Ultimately, minute marketing budgets don’t traditionally allow for a lot of room for measurable results; operating on thin profit margins- or even on losses, often leads small companies to a place where they are not comfortable with allocating a significant amount of funds into their marketing. Ignite2Lead has introduced a relatively novel approach in this area, alleviating a plethora of the economic and structural burdens that small businesses commonly face.

Ignite2Lead has funded market research in this area, examining a pool of small, medium and significantly large corporations- and particularly their prospective overviews and budget in relation to the sphere of marketing. The company concluded that even though a significant amount of even the most small-scale companies were indefinitely interested in the type of services that Ignite2Lead offered, their relatively tight profit margins and strict monetary budget did not permit them to allocate any sizable funds in this area.

‘’Many businesses out there can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on marketing…it’s an infeasible challenge for them financially’’- Kevin Thomas, Founder and CEO of Ignite2Lead.

Ignite2Lead’s Support Small Business marketing package has been rolled out with the sole purpose of addressing the issues laid out above and consequently tackling a demographic in the industry that is not regularly represented. The aforementioned package includes specialised social media ad campaigns which are handled, developed and expanded solely by Ignite2Lead’s in-house team of marketing specialists and SEO analysts. Consequently, the respective owners of these relatively small businesses can continue to focus the vast majority of their day-to-day effort and time on the actual management and structure of their business models- with any marketing or advertising enquiries being automatically taken care of.

‘’We hope that these efforts will ensure that even the most primitive business models will be allowed to proliferate their exposure- bringing in rallies of revenues…. We want to see these companies triumph in the second half of 2021 and in early 2022, even if this is done by merely educating them on the significance and long-term implications of an effective digital marketing strategy’’- Kevin Thomas, Founder and CEO of Ignite2Lead

Ultimately ,without an efficacious marketing strategy, companies will likely struggle to make a robust comeback following the long and tedious repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic; a fact that can bring a significant amount of internal tension, anxiety and pressure.

About Ignite2Lead
Ignite2lead is a passionate Digital Marketing Agency which aims to allow their many clients to achieve a consistent, robust track record of success and consequently satisfy their long term goals. A principle belief of the company is that the fastest way to succeed professionally is by allowing others to succeed first- a testament to their commercial ethos and corporate structure.

Since day one of Ignite2Lead’s busy history, (formed in early 2020), the company has unequivocally earned a robust reputation of excellence for their tailor-made services, specialist in-house team, and unrivalled customer satisfaction rates and have consequently been crowned as one of the most eminent marketing agencies in the industry

Kevin Thomas
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Business Scalability Expert, T. Reneé Smith Releases a New Book to Help Debunk Surviving Business & Finding Life Harmony

T. Reneé Smith

The CEO Life: A Holistic Blueprint to Scale Your Business and Life, is generating great interest among small business owners looking for all-around success.

ATLANTA, GA, June 18, 2021 / — Already well-known as the #1 Trusted Business Playbook for ambitious CEOs, the lifesaving book for entrepreneurs is released to a marketplace of business people ready to adopt successful business strategies.

Written to up the ante on brand strategy, while also offering advice about living happy lives for small business owners, strategist extraordinaire, T. Reneé Smith changes the ground rules. In The CEO Life: A Holistic Blueprint to Scale Your Business and Life, she takes her twenty-five years of experience and confidently shows her readers how scalability is ripe for the picking, both in their business and personal lives. In other words, entrepreneurs can have it all!

T. Reneé Smith uses the CEO Life® B.U.I.L.D. Framework in her book to prove how it can be done. Her excellent advice comes in steps that help overworked entrepreneurs become prosperous business owners and, wait for it, contented family members. How so? This is achieved with what she calls the unfiltered, nitty-gritty truth about work/life and harmony/integration. Is anyone ready to ditch the mere survival process and ready to give thriving in business and family life a bearhug?

Being an immersed CEO nearly cost T. Reneé Smith her marriage. The author says, “As entrepreneurs, we have more than just the ‘or’ option in life. We are often trained to think that we can either have success in our business or success in our personal lives, but not both. But both are achievable when we use a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, the right business team, and an effective strategy. I believe there’s no either/or option. I want readers to stop working in their businesses and start working on them. There’s a big difference there. That difference will grow your business and keep your family together at the same time.”

The book’s CEO Life® B.U.I.L.D. Framework gives readers a jumping-off point. Its key components are Business Strategy, Unique Branding, Integrated Marketing and Sales, Leveraged Systems, and Decisive Leadership.

In the first chapter, the author takes a deep dive into the CEO struggle, the need for intentional living, and the resolve to execute, despite the fear which often holds business startup owners back. In chapters two through seven, she’s off and running with points like achieving an accelerated growth strategy, the psychology of sales, negotiation, diversified marketing, and self-leadership. Additionally, you get to learn more about creative diversity and inclusion, and numerous other dynamic business topics.

Packed full of strategies, the book also teaches entrepreneurs the following:

• Maintaining the clarity of purpose held at the launch throughout every phase of the business
• Streamlining strategy and scalability to ensure sustainable success
• Leveraging social media by learning the seven ‘P’s of Marketing
• Avoiding the five most common branding mistakes
• Learning the tried-and-tested sales psychology strategies that help close deals and win bids
• Avoiding burnout by making the right hires and knowing when to delegate
• Learning all the powerful leadership technique
• Encouraging employee productivity

Find more information about the book at:

About T. Reneé Smith:
T. Renee Smith is a respected entrepreneur known for her support of small business owners and high-level management. Her proven strategies are showcased in her business training courses, ensuring business growth success for hundreds of small businesses. Smith is President and CEO of iSuccess Consulting Inc. and has 25-years of experience in corporate strategy, supplier, and leadership development.

Known as the “Business Scalability Expert,” T. Reneé Smith started her first business at the age of nineteen. At the time, she had no business plan, no experience, and no credit, meaning that her initial effort faced a rather steep uphill climb. It was a hard lesson, but she is a fast learner.

Today, the serial entrepreneur’s boutique business consulting firm has assisted numerous small businesses to obtain more than $30 million in traditional and non-traditional funding capital. These are in a wide range of industries, including consulting, construction, marketing, entertainment, and technology.

Having found her work/life harmony, T. Reneé Smith runs her successful business, is a wife and mother of three children.

T. Renee' Smith
iSuccess Consulting, Inc.
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The CEO Life Book Trailer

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On Juneteenth, Everyday Health Commemorates Yr 2 of Black Health Facts, Focusing on Mental Health in the Black Community

Everyday Health’s Black Health Facts: Highlighting the Issues and Influencing Change

Dr. Patrice A. Harris

Patrice A. Harris, MD,MA,FAPA Everyday Health’s Medical Editor in Chief at Large

Dr. Arefa Cassoobhoy

Arefa Cassoobhoy, MD, MPH, VP, Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Editor for Everyday Health

Patrice Harris, MD, medical editor in chief at large and Arefa Cassoobhoy, MD, chief medical editor/ VP of medical affairs, co-oversee the initiative.

J2 Global (NASDAQ:JCom)

Our call-to-action is the social sharing of these facts — plain and simple, yet starkly powerful. We ask that you find a Black health fact that resonates with you, and then share it.”

— Nan-Kirsten Forte, EVP and GM of Everyday Health Group Consumer.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Since the launch of their Black Health Facts resource center on June 19, 2020, Everyday Health has made it their mission to raise awareness of inequities in health and healthcare among Black Americans. This year, the focus is on mental health in the Black community. A video series featuring Dr. Harris, Black Health Facts: Highlighting the Issues and Influencing Change, looks at how stigma associated with mental health issues, mistrust in the healthcare system, the concept of the strong Black woman, and more have impacted Black Americans’ physical and mental health and compromised their well-being.

The video series includes:
Episode 1: How Does Stigma Associated With Mental Health Impact Black Americans?

Episode 2: Why Is Trust Critical to Improve Black Americans’ Health?

Episode 3: How Can I Find a Mental Health Professional Who Is a Good Fit for Me?

Episode 4: How Can Self-Care Improve Our Overall Health?

Episode 5: How Can the Pressure to Be a Strong Black Woman Harm Health?

Episode 6: How Is the Healthcare System Failing Black Women?

The series culminates with a final video featuring both Dr. Harris and Dr. Cassoobhoy discussing how “knowledge gives us the power to raise awareness of inequities Black Americans face and to contribute to change that leads to healthier lives.”

Everyday Health is committed to building on this first year of work with more features and opportunities to inform and engage directly with our readers, the Black community, and allies. Black Health Facts is a knowledge movement. It’s not just a moment.

“Our call-to-action is the social sharing of these facts — plain and simple, yet starkly powerful,” says Nan-Kirsten Forte, executive vice president and general manager of Everyday Health Group Consumer. “We ask that you find a Black health fact that resonates with you, and then share it.”

For more information, visit


About the Everyday Health Group
The Everyday Health Group (EHG) is a recognized leader in patient and provider education attracting an engaged audience of over 56 million U.S. health consumers and over 830,000 U.S. practicing physicians and clinicians to its premier health and wellness digital properties. EHG combines social listening data and analytics expertise to deliver highly personalized healthcare consumer content and effective patient engagement solutions. EHG's vision is to drive better clinical and health outcomes through decision-making informed by highly relevant data and analytics. Healthcare professionals and consumers are empowered with trusted content and services through the Everyday Health Group's flagship brands including Everyday Health®, What to Expect®, BabyCenter®, MedPage Today®, Health eCareers®, PRIME® Education, Castle Connolly Top Doctors®, and our exclusive partnership with Mayo Clinic® and The Mayo Clinic® Diet. The Everyday Health Group is a division of J2 Global Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM) and is headquartered in New York City. For more information, go to

Janice Dehn
Everyday Health Group
+1 203-858-0343
email us here
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Everyday Health’s Black Health Facts: Highlighting the Issues and Influencing Change

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Wordswell & Avelar Team Up w/ Jordano Baby on New Single + Video for "Relief"

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Bicoastal Hip-Hop act Landon Wordswell & The Don Avelar have released the first music video single from their soon-to-be-announced new studio album. The new single, titled “Relief”, sees the boisterous duo teaming up with Memphis-based Latin artist Jordano Baby, who takes turns spitting bars alongside Wordswell on the track. “Relief” follows in the footsteps of the group’s last single, “Royalty Pt. 1”, with lyrical content that focuses heavily on the ethos of perseverance in the midst of adversity felt by many in the current social, economic and political climate.

The new music video, which was produced by the duo’s longtime collaborator Lad Fury, sees the trio of Wordswell, Avelar & Jordano fluctuate between cooking up fresh flavors in the kitchen and revving fast luxury cars in the driveway.

Fans can watch the music video for “Relief” here. The track is available on major digital/streaming platforms as well.

Speaking about “Relief” and the music video, the duo shares:
“Jordano has worked a few tracks with Avelar in the past, so we brought him on for this one and just had a great experience flowing together. As soon as we felt the energy on this song, we knew immediately that it deserved something visual. Originally we had only rented out the kitchen you see in the video, but the owner got wise to what we were up to and was gracious enough to lend us the entire mansion for filming! Just goes to show how quickly something little can take off in a big way.”

Follow Landon Wordswell
Follow The Don Avelar

David McDonald
AMW Group
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New Album Helping the Healing Process for Vietnam Veterans

Warrior Songs – Album Cover

Scheduled for release in August this year is the third album of the Warrior Song Inc. effort, “The Last Thing We Ever Do: Warrior Songs Vol.3.”

USA, June 18, 2021 / — One of the greatest challenges for war veterans is their reintegration into civilian life. This is where the non-profit Warrior Songs Inc. steps in to help them heal from their war trauma through the creative arts.

“The Last Thing We Ever Do: Warrior Songs Vol.3” is a CD featuring 14 songs. These songs are based on the first-hand experiences and testimonies of veterans from the Vietnam War. Professional songwriters created the music and lyrics based on their touching stories, and the heartfelt songs are performed by professional studio musicians.

Copies of the CDs are made available free of charge to veterans and veteran non-profits, aiming to help them with their healing process. Besides the physical trauma seen in many veterans as a testimony to their years of serving their country, mental trauma is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks to their ability to function normally once more.

“This project was completed thanks to a huge participation from several people,” says Jason Moon, founder of War Songs. The testimonies of nineteen Vietnam veterans were transformed into songs by 21 songwriters. Remarkably, the CD was recorded by 81 studio musicians in 14 different studios scattered across five states in two countries – the USA and Vietnam. This joint project was completed thanks to the participation of a total of 109 artists, including 17 Vietnamese nationals.

“This album is about healing, but most importantly about reconciliation,” continued Jason Moon, an Iraq War veteran himself. Moon was personally plagued by severe PTSD after serving in Iraq between 2003 and 2004. Before his deployment, Moon was a songwriter and singer but found it difficult to overcome his mental anguish upon his return. This made it difficult for him to carve a civilian life. His difficult path to healing started to look brighter once he started meeting other veterans fighting similar challenges.

One of the songs on the album, “Seeds of Peace,” was written by Moon while on a visit to Vietnam in 2019. “Seeds of Peace” was inspired by a shared meal witnessed by Moon in Duc Pho. Present at the meal were former US and Viet Cong war veterans. This shared, and peaceful meal brought out strong emotions in Jason Moon.

Around the table sat a group of former enemies from 50 years ago. They had fought against each other in the very province they were now peacefully sharing a meal. The group of US veterans was led by Chuck Theusch, founder of Children’s Library International.

The recording of the song includes the vocals of Vietnamese children, and the song is about the importance of reconciliation as part of the process of achieving mental healing. The recordings were completed in Saigon and Da Nang under the supervision of the renowned conductor of the United Saigon Orchestra, Son Mach.

A release party for the third album in the series “The Last Thing We Ever Do,” is scheduled to take place at the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday, August 8, 2021, between 3 pm and 6 pm. Admission to veterans is free and the general public pays $10. Complimentary CDs are issued to all those attending.

Several Milwaukee and Wisconsin-based veterans service organizations will be present at the event to share more information. An exciting lineup is planned, and ten of the 14 acts that wrote and recorded songs for the CD will be present to present the songs.

“Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2” won the 2019 Wisconsin Album of the Year. One of the songs on the CD, "Warrior Wings,” won the 2019 Native American Music Pop Song of the Year.

Since its founding in 2011, Warrior Songs has prevented 34 suicides among veterans suffering from PTSD. It has also provided free services to over 45,000 veterans across the country. This album was a tribute to women survivors of military sexual trauma (MST) from the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force and who served the country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, and Vietnam.

Warrior Songs Inc. is based in Scottsdale and its mission is to educate, motivate and inspire war veterans to turn their negative experiences from PTSD and MST into feelings of reclaimed hope and deeper self-awareness.

Jason Moon
Warrior Songs Inc
email us here

Official Warrior Songs Vol. 3 – Song Sampler Video

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