New Feature Article by Michael Bilokonsky Looks at Emerging & Exciting Trends in Trucking

Michael Bilokonsky highlights: dynamic routing, collision mitigation systems, trailer tracking, automated fright matching, and driver scorecards.

BELLEVUE, KENTUCKY , UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / — In a new feature article for, Michael Bilokonsky, the CEO and President of Whitehorse Freight, has highlighted five emerging and exciting trends in trucking that will shape the industry in 2021 and beyond. is a leading platform that provides thought leadership content on a variety of topics, including business and tech.

According to Michael Bilokonsky, whose company is headquartered in Bellevue, KY, and provides clients with a full range of logistics solutions from small LTL shipments to over dimensional loads with escort, the most influential and game-changing developments in trucking include: dynamic routing, collision mitigation systems, trailer tracking, automated fright matching, and driver scorecards.

Dynamic routing takes into consideration real-time factors such as weather, construction, traffic and road conditions, and automatically adjusts routes to minimize travel time and/or maximize fuel efficiency. Dispatchers also have the ability to add stops to a route, in order to decrease the distance between pick-up points, as well as increase route density. Commented Michael Bilokonsky, whose company supports an expanding network of local, regional and national carriers: “Dynamic routing can also be used to monitor seasonal demand surges, and optimize sales force deployment accordingly. For example, if a company analyzes that it is making a significant amount of trips in the fourth quarter of the year, it can start launching sales campaigns in the third quarter in order to capitalize on this.”

Collision mitigation systems play a pivotal role in reducing the risk and severity of collisions. They use radar and video to scan blind spots and the road ahead, and alert truckers if there are any obstacles in those zones that could lead to a collision. According to Michael Bilokonsky, “Early versions of collision mitigation systems were plagued by excessive false positives, which meant that truckers were being warned about obstacles that didn’t exist. However, modern versions are much more accurate, and the frequency of false positives has fallen considerably.”

Trailer tracking generates visibility of all truck positions fleet-wide, so that dispatchers can enhance allocation, while at the same time reduce theft and unauthorized use — both of which can are significant and costly risks. Commented Michael Bilokonsky: “Trailer tracking also enables companies to provide customers with up-to-the-second metrics such as truck utilization, productivity, terminal dwell time, and more.”

Automated freight matching allows dispatchers to quickly identify truckers who have the availability and capacity to transport, less-than-truckload, partial truckload, and full truckload freight on certain routes.
Commented Michael Bilokonsky: “Research has found that automated freight matching could potentially reduce weight times within a decade by up to 40 percent.”

Driver scorecards identify truckers who are driving safely and efficiently — and just as importantly, identify trucker who are falling short in this area.“One innovative development with driver scorecards is the integration of AI to leverage camera recognition technology to, for example, determine whether a trucker came to a complete stop at a stop sign, or travelled significantly faster than the flow of traffic. Ultimately, the goal is to enforce standards and best practices, reward and recognize good drivers, and coach, re-train, or discipline drivers who are chronically under-performing.”

The full text of Michael Bilokonsky’s feature article on five emerging and exciting trends in trucking is available at

About Michael Bilokonsky

Michael Bilokonsky is an entrepreneur originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and now living and working in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. After spending several years working in the freight transportation and logistics industry, in 2015 Michael founded Whitehorse Freight. Michael is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast.

Michael Bilokonsky
Whitehorse Freight
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Aging Gracefully At Home With Comfort Keepers Philadelphia, PA

Aging in Place

If you have a senior loved one has an increasing need for care, explore your options including in-home personalized care from Comfort Keepers of Philadelphia.

You have to mesh. Both parties have to feel comfortable with each other.”

— Michele Reisman

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / — Finding care for your senior loved one can be challenging, especially with today’s concerns of COVID-19. Do you understand the options available for your loved one’s care? Comfort Keepers of Philadelphia provides an alternative option for seniors who want to age gracefully in the comfort of their own home. If you are seeking personalized care for your parents, family friend, or neighbor, we can help!

At Comfort Keepers, we provide a variety of in-home care services for seniors and the disabled in Philadelphia, PA. We work with the family to assess the individual needs and personality traits of each client to ensure we match them with a caregiver based on our assessment. Our caregivers are vetted for your security and trained to provide compassionate personal care, light housekeeping, transportation and more. As your loved one’s needs change, we are right there to accommodate and communicate with the family and staff.

Throughout COVID-19 it has been our mission to provide care while keeping your loved one safe – this includes falls, mobility transfers and especially infection. Our caregivers are continuously trained on safety procedures and infection control, and are encouraged to vaccinate so that they can reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We pride ourselves on our ability to remain open and provide safe, quality care for our clients throughout the pandemic. Our caregivers truly are superheroes who are providing an essential service for seniors in the Philadelphia region.

If you know someone who could benefit from our services, contact Comfort Keepers of Philadelphia today. We will work with your family to develop a customized plan for your loved one to ensure they remain happy, healthy and engaged in the comfort of their own home. Contact our dedicated care team at (215) 672-2195 to find out more information about our in-home care services for your loved one.

+++++ Disclaimer+++++ This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC a digital marketing, Public Relations, advertising, and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA.

Michele Reisman, Owner
Comfort Keepers of Philadelphia
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Authorities fear COVID-19 is making opioid abuse worse

Men’s Health Network

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / — The opioid abuse epidemic in the United States was already urgent when the COVID-19 pandemic began, but health authorities fear the virus has made the opioid epidemic even worse.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report released in December 2020 notes that 10 western states saw opioid overdoses increase in that year. Most of these deaths – more than 98 percent – are due to opioids such as fentanyl, rather than abuse of more common opioids, such as hydrocodone, the CDC said. The pandemic’s stress and isolation have increased drug use and increasing the chances of an overdose with no one present to render first aid or call for help.

Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington were not known previously for significant levels of fentanyl deaths. Yet starting in 2018, before the pandemic, deaths due to fentanyl began to increase in those western states. The CDC’s data showed that fentanyl deaths in Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, and Washington rose 371 percent between 2017 and 2019. Post-pandemic, the CDC reported, fentanyl deaths have increased 63 percent over 2019’s already skyrocketing rates in those states.

Michael Barnett is an assistant professor of health policy and management at Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. He thinks 2020 is likely to be the deadliest year on record for opioid overdoses and says there is an urgent need to invest in the country’s mental health infrastructure as one of the approaches to preventing future substance abuse.

“The COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. isn’t just about COVID-19, it’s about managing all of the spillover effects, including the effects it has had on people with addiction and substance use disorder,” Barnett says. “There is compelling initial data — and more is going to come out — indicating that 2020 will be the worst year for opioid overdoses that we’ve ever had. It unfortunately looks like we have lost a lot of progress we had made on opioid overdoses in recent years because of the pandemic.”

One of the reasons for this loss of progress is because the pandemic took the attention of the media, legislators, and public health agencies that were previously focused on the opioid crisis, he says.

One potential part of the solution, he says, is getting rid of the so-called “X waiver,” which is a requirement that physicians must have a special waiver from the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to legally prescribe buprenorphine, a medication used to treat opioid use disorder. “It’s an anachronistic and backward policy that has caused a lot of harm and is no longer relevant in 2020,” Barnett says. “That policy has actually been temporarily waived under an emergency declaration from the Department of Health and Human Services as of last month, which is a very big change. But is there going to be momentum to maintain that change?”

Barnett said he also thinks that financial settlements against opioid manufacturers should be invested in mental health infrastructure. “We need to provide resources for primary care clinics to enhance their behavioral health support. We need resources to enhance local counseling services,” he said. “We need to help health care organizations provide easy access to mental health care because everyone needs it right now. Every community in the U.S. needs this type of support.”

Men’s Health Network (MHN) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. For more than 25 years, it has advocated for health and social action on issues that affect men and boys. MHN and the Congressional Men’s Health Caucus co-hosted a briefing, “Men’s and Boys’ Mental Health Issues: Gateways to Opioid and Drug Abuse” in 2018. The issues raised in that briefing remain relevant today. (See the presentation at

That same year, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) launched an initiative called Psychosocial Interventions with Office-Based Opioid Treatment.” Among the research projects the initiative has funded is a study examining a counseling program for people who support patients with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD).

In the study, Karen Osilla, Ph.D., of RAND Corporation, will test a counseling program for people with family members, spouses or friends who have OUD. It will teach support people effective ways to help a person with OUD change their behavior. (Read more about the study here:

Men's Health Network

Men's Health Network (MHN) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reach men, boys, and their families where they live, work, play, and pray with health awareness messages and tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. Learn more about MHN at and follow them on Twitter @MensHlthNetwork and Facebook at Consider donating to MHN at

By Robin Mather
For Men’s Health Network

CONTACT: Brandon Ross (202) 543-6461 ext. 101


Brandon Ross
Men's Health Network

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Video intelligence receives Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) recognition

video intelligence AG logo

video intelligence

vi is the only brand to be awarded in the latest round of partner selections, in a boost for this leading proponent of burgeoning contextual video sector.

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, February 24, 2021 / — Contextual video platform video intelligence (vi) has been given recognition by Google as one of its Google Certified Publishing Partners (GCPP). video intelligence has been awarded for its publishing solution, which delivers video content matched to text articles.

Google Certified Publishing Partners are companies that Google has recognised as being experts in supporting web publishers with Google tools, specifically Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob.

This means Google regards video intelligence as an expert at using Google products, and provides publishers with innovative solutions and services. It’s a notable vote of confidence for the contextual advertising sector as it matures.

Google awards new partners twice each calendar year, and vi Is the only partner to receive accreditation in the latest round. vi will be required to maintain their certification status by continuously meeting the program requirements which also include annual product exams.

Kai Henniges, CEO and Co-Founder of video intelligence said, “We were an early pioneer in contextual matching, and have long understood the power and value of contextual video for publishers, brands, and of course, users. To now receive this endorsement from Google shows that contextually placed videos work, and are a solution for the future.”

About video intelligence
vi is a contextual video platform. We connect publishers, content creators and brands with video storytelling.

Our contextual matching engine finds the perfect videos to complement page text. So publishers increase engagement, content creators find new distribution outlets and advertisers reach attentive audiences. The result is users that spend longer on sites.

Using machine learning, we help over 1,000 web publishers and 200 video creators to deliver millions of contextual video stories every day

About GCPP
The Certified Publishing Partner badge assures that you are working with a partner who has been carefully evaluated by Google. It is a guarantee that the partner is a trained expert on Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob.

video intelligence PR:

Kai Henniges
video intelligence AG
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Social Entrepreneur of the Year – Canada 2020

Canadian charity wins international award for its groundbreaking work pioneering the concept of Social Enterprise in Canada.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, February 24, 2021 / — Enterprise4Good is pleased to announce that we have received the Social Entrepreneur of the Year – Canada award for 2020. The award is part of the Small Business Awards organized by Corporate Vision Magazine. Corporate Vision is published monthly with the mission to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world.

Social Enterprise is an approach that can be used by charities to implement programs and services on a financially self-sustained basis allowing them to completely abandon the old charitable resourcing model of constant fundraising.

Enterprise4Good is a registered charity that utilizes the revolutionary model of social enterprise. It engages in various business activities that generate revenue to sustain charitable programs and services. We are financially independent and do not rely on the traditional fundraising model used by most nonprofits. We focus on engaging and connecting people who care about social issues in their communities locally and globally to solve social issues and problems permanently. We are a family of non-profits that have the audacity to think we can actually solve problems, not just provide services to deal with the symptoms of those problems.

On winning the Award, Adrian Bohach, President and CEO, of Enterprise4Good, said “We are thrilled to be recognized on the world stage for our work during the last 25 years as Canadian Social Enterprise pioneers. We hope our recognition will inspire others in the charitable sector to also become Social Entrepreneurs and use this powerful model to create other new, impactful community services on a financially self-sustaining basis.”

Awards Coordinator Steve Simpson took a moment to comment on the success of those recognized in this year’s program: “It has been an extraordinarily tough year for small businesses all over the world. As such, it has been important to double down on our efforts to acknowledge the successes and achievements of those who are continuing to thrive and grow in an environment that seems particularly challenging. With that in mind, I offer sincere congratulations to all of our 2020 winners. I hope you all have a fantastic new year.”

Enterprise4Good consists of several social enterprise entities, namely Ability4Good, Home4Good, Friends4Good, and Good4U. Ability4Good offers clinical programs, services and develops social networks for vulnerable children and adults with Autism and other special needs so that they can achieve their goals and aspirations. Home4Good offers quality housing for persons with special needs, mental health issues or are transitioning from homelessness. It also provides quality affordable seniors housing and care in a gracious setting so that residents, most with Dementia, can live with meaning and dignity. Friends4Good focuses on international community development. It facilitates groups of volunteers to travel to less developed countries around the world to work alongside local citizens to build schools, housing, water projects, dormitories, health facilities, and social enterprises, especially those for women. Finally, Good4U is a retail operation that accepts unwanted new or used merchandise such as building materials, appliances, and furniture as donations and then sells them through our retail store thus keeping these items from being thrown into a landfill. The proceeds are used to fund programs and services that improve the quality of life of people in need such as the elderly and children with disabilities, while at the same time providing paid employment and volunteer opportunities for persons with employment barriers.

For more information, please contact our CEO, Adrian Bohach at, or visit our website or follow us at and . Also, here is an interview of Adrian discussing about social enterprise.

To learn more about the businesses recognized in the 2020 awards program please visit

email us here

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Rapha Clinic of West GA Announcing 2021 Fundraising Initiatives

Charity golf tournament and Sound of Medicine concert set to raise funds for Community Health

We hope our West Georgia neighbors will help us support those in need throughout the year with monthly donations and through these events.”

— Patrick Calvillo, the Director of Development at the Rapha Clinic

TEMPLE, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / — Rapha Clinic, a non-profit, faith-based charity serving uninsured people with their medical and dental needs in the West Georgia community is excited to wrap up its “Heart of the Community Fundraiser” that has lasted the entirety of February and introducing other fundraising initiatives taking place in 2021 including a Celebrity Golf Tournament, the annual Sound of Medicine concert, a Mindful Movement class and more.

The Celebrity Golf Tournament, Rapha Golf Classic: FORE Your Health, will take place on July 19 at Sunset Hills Golf Club in Carrollton, Ga. The lead sponsor is CareTrack but additional sponsorship opportunities are available, ranging from $100-$1000+. CareTrack, a locally-based telecare patient care company supports physicians and patients to ensure better health outcomes. Further information about the tournament and how to sign up for a foursome will be released in March.

The 7th annual Sound of Medicine concert will be held on September 16 at Mill Town Music Hall in Bremen, Ga. Created by the Medical Director and former Chairman of the Board Dr. Amy Eubanks, the annual concert is an opportunity to enjoy inspiring music that allows Rapha to continue its mission of providing healthcare in West Georgia. The event will be a hybrid of a social-distanced, in-person event, as well as, broadcasted via Facebook Live and YouTube live to attend virtually.

The Mindful Movement fundraiser, hosted by Serena Robbins one Saturday per month, will begin on April 17. All skills levels are welcomed and no past experience is necessary. Each class will require a small fee that is donated directly towards the Rapha Clinic. Participants can tune in from home virtually.

“We are excited for the book of fundraising events in 2021” said Patrick Calvillo, the Director of Development at the Rapha Clinic. “We hope our West Georgia neighbors will help us support those in need throughout the year with monthly donations and through these events. We believe that good community health is everyone’s responsibility.”

There are 3 ways to support the Rapha Clinic beyond the fundraisers:
Donate online at
Call the Clinic at 770-562-4501
Mail a check to 253 Highway 78 East Temple, GA 30179

If you want to learn more about RAPHA’s various fundraising opportunities, the health or dental services offered by RAPHA and/or learn more about the impact the organization has made in helping the West GA community, contact

About Rapha Clinic
The Rapha Clinic of West Georgia is a faith-based, non-profit, charitable ministry serving uninsured adults in West Georgia (Carroll, Douglas, Haralson, Heard, and Paulding counties) since 2010. Volunteer professionals provide high quality medical and dental care to those most in need. In addition to the best healthcare, Rapha patients receive spiritual support and guidance without forcing beliefs. It is through caring for the physical illness that Rapha has an opportunity to be a witness for Christ. The unconditional love and superior care provided by Rapha empowers patients to break the cycle of poor health and habits and improve their quality of life.

Amy Parrish
Rhythm Communications
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Ladies of Laughter Contest Seeks Funny Women

National Comedy Contest Continues and Expands Search

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES , February 24, 2021 / — Comedy producers are searching for America’s funniest women in stand-up comedy, storytelling, and video shorts to take part in the Ladies of Laughter national comedy contest for cash prizes, comedy bookings, and the 2021 Ladies of Laughter titles virtually on Friday, May 7, 2021, at 7:30 pm; Friday, May 14, 2021, at 7:30 pm; and Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at 7:30 pm.

This year, Ladies of Laughter has expanded its reach with storytelling and video short contestants. Those chosen in these categories compete for $500.00 cash prizes and the opportunity to have their story and video shown at theaters in the 2021-22 Ladies of Laughter national tour.

The stand-up competition prizes include the Professional Winner receiving close to $10,000 in paid bookings with the Ladies of Laughter National Tour at theaters with previous years’ winners. All winners and runner-ups will receive a case of Hint water, compliments of our Hint water sponsors.

“Since it was first introduced into comedy clubs in 1999, the Ladies of Laughter series has awarded comedy bookings, major publicity, and thousands of dollars to aspiring comediennes and has been a driving force behind women getting to the next level in their comedy careers,” said Executive Producer, Peggy Boyce.

The events have led contestants to appearances in local and national media, including ABC-Television, Comedy Central, and FOX-TV, and even featured stories in the New York Times, with winners receiving major paid bookings from comedy clubs and theaters across the United States.

In the stand-up comedy division, Ladies of Laughter have separate categories for “Professionals” and “Newcomers.” Contestants chosen to compete will be judged on audience response, originality, material, and delivery by a panel of entertainment industry judges.

Those interested in entering the Ladies of Laughter competition should go to Contestants must be eighteen years or older and must enter before Tuesday, April 20, 2021, to be considered for the 2021 competition. Contestants are urged to apply early.

The 2021 Ladies of Laughter Event Schedule:

Friday, May 7, 2021, at 7:30 pm: Video Shorts Competition
Hosted by One Funny Mother, Dena Blizzard

Friday, May 14, 2021, at 7:30 pm: Storytelling Competition
Hosted by NPR’s Ophira Eisenberg

Wednesday, May 19, 2021, at 7:30 pm: Stand-Up Competition
Hosted by Netflix Special Star Most Recent LOL Winner, Erin Jackson

About Ladies of Laughter: From 1989-1992, New York City comedy show producer/comedienne Mary Jo Wobker was instrumental in giving many new comediennes their start in stand-up comedy. After Mary Jo’s sudden death in 1992, Peggy Boyce and Mary Jo’s friends created a women’s stand-up comedy competition in her name. The “Mary Jo Comedy Awards” served as a platform for women comediennes to gain publicity and cash to further their careers. In 1998, the program was born in an un-air-conditioned YWCA in Ridgewood, New Jersey. For five weeks, amateur and professional comediennes from all over New Jersey signed up to stand-up and tried their hand at comedy in front of standing-room-only crowds. In 1992, based on its success, Bud Light signed on as the title sponsor, and the Ladies of Laughter® was ushered into comedy clubs, Atlantic City Casinos, and even Madison Square Garden. Now called the Ladies of Laughter®, funny women around the United States, Canada, England, and Australia, regularly apply for participation.

Chereese Jervis-Hill
Events To Remember
+1 914-218-3968
email us here

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Courtesy of Bleu Magazine

Black-Owned Magazine Donates One Million in Advertising for Black-Owned Businesses

“We were fortunate to receive funding; Paying it forward to help support other Black owned businesses is the right thing to do. We want to help build ecosystems of success.”

— Devon Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

February 17, 2021


Black-Owned Magazine Donates One Million in Advertising for Black-Owned Businesses

New York, NY — In honor of Black History Month and celebrating their 15 years in publishing Bleu Magazine will generously donate one million dollars in print advertising to Black-Owned businesses nationwide beginning the end of the month of February.

“We were fortunate to receive funding from LISC, LOWES, 100 Black Men, and actress/singer Janelle Monet during the pandemic. Paying it forward to help support other Black owned businesses is the right thing to do. We want to help build ecosystems of success,” says Devon Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of Bleu Magazine.

The giveaway includes a full year (8 issues) of advertising for 10 Black-owned businesses.

In addition to the big give-away the magazine launches their Spring Issue of Bleu Magazine starring Trippie Redd is available in stores on February 16, 2021. Click here to see cover posters from issue 71.

Trippie Redd is known for his unorthodox presence within the music industry. Between his outrageous fashion sense and genre-bending tracks, Trippie is nothing short of iconic.

In an interview with Bleu, the artist opens up about coping with death, which seems to be ever-present in the rap industry. He acknowledges his own experience within the rap community as someone who cannot be confined to one genre.. The 21-year-old chart topper tells us about his future collaborative projects with co-Ohio native, Machine Gun Kelly and Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker.

Bleu Magazine applications will go live on February 18 through March 15, 2021. CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

About Bleu Life Media:

Founded in 2005, Bleu Life Media represents Black culture and the people who make it what it is. We highlight the movers behind the movements you will hear about tomorrow, from the barbershop to the boardroom. Black culture is American culture.


Kimberly Marshall
Bleu Magazine
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E! Entertainment TV Founder Alan Mruvka Announces Creation of StorageBlue’s Entertainment Division & Music Video Shoot



To Promote Its Self-Storage Brand, StorageBlue Announces Miami Shoot for “Too Much Junk”, As Mruvka Looks To Make Miami The New Entertainment Production Hub

MIAMI, FL, USA, February 24, 2021 / — Alan Mruvka’s StorageBlue announced they will be shooting the music video for its debut single “Too Much Junk” in Miami this weekend. Executive Produced by Mruvka and music industry veteran Debra Baum, the video shoot is being directed and choreographed by Miami native Cultura, who is known for her work with Maluma.

This groundbreaking marketing concept, engineered by Mruvka, is placing his background as an entrepreneur, combined with his experience running a 24/7 entertainment network, creating an innovative way of promoting a lifestyle and self-storage brand, StorageBlue, through original music and content. The project will assemble a team of 60+ talent to successfully execute Mruvka’s vision. There will also be ten student dancers from Cambio Studios, offering them the opportunity to be part of this game-changing video as well.

Alan Mruvka, most famous for founding E! Entertainment Television and has produced numerous movies and television shows, and currently operates the lifestyle-focused and award-winning self-storage brand StorageBlue, said, “I am focused on merging lifestyle and pop culture into the lifeblood of everyday brands we know and love, like StorageBlue. I have long felt that the talent in Miami matches and exceeds that of other areas of entertainment powerhouses such as New York and Los Angeles. With the creation of ‘Too Much Junk’ for StorageBlue, we are taking the first step in simultaneously executing all these missions.”

The music video, alongside the namesake track, are expected to be released late next month on all streaming platforms. The project is of note because Mruvka views this project as the launching point in building an entertainment powerhouse in Miami, Florida, where he holds residence. Mruvka’s StorageBlue will be the first brand to have ever successfully created a music video specifically engineered to promote a brand, in this case, a self-storage brand.

About StorageBlue (
StorageBlue is disrupting the forty billion dollar per year stagnant self-storage industry, with its five self-storage facilities serving the New Jersey/New York Metropolitan area with locations in Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Newark, and Garfield. StorageBlue is open 365 days a year with convenient office hours. StorageBlue is the first self-storage company to offer free on-demand pickup through its mobile and digital platforms, and continues to reinvent and disrupt the customer experience.

StorageBlue was founded by E! Entertainment Founder Alan Mruvka. Mruvka’s mission is to leverage his extensive pop culture and entertainment experience into StorageBlue’s mission, culture and growth.

About Alan Mruvka and The Alan Mruvka Company (
Alan Mruvka holds over 35 years of experience in the entertainment, real estate, and self-storage industries, and is the founder and CEO of The Alan Mruvka Company. Most outstanding is his monumental success in revolutionizing a genre of entertainment and celebrity-based television with the founding of pop culture icon E! Entertainment Television. Now in its 30th year, E! Entertainment Television is an NBC/Comcast company valued at over twelve billion dollars. Mruvka has executive produced numerous television shows and movies including the USA Network's "Pacific Blue," the highest-rated one-hour drama on cable, which ran for five seasons (101 episodes), the weekly boxing series "Thunderbox" and "Confessions," Cinemax's highest-rated half-hour program that ran for eleven seasons. In addition to his television successes, Mruvka produced numerous successful independent feature films, including the winner of the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and the prestigious “Closing-Night-Premier” at the Sundance Film Festival, “Digging to China," starring Kevin Bacon and Evan Rachel Wood and directed by Academy Award-winner Timothy Hutton, HBO's "Red Letters" starring Peter Coyote, Nastasia Kinski, Fairuza Balk, Ernie Hudson, and Jeremy Piven; "The Legend of Gatorface" Showtime's highest-rated family film to date; and the critically acclaimed "State and Main," starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alec Baldwin, William H. Macy, and Sara Jessica Parker, and directed by acclaimed writer David Mamet.


For More Information Contact:
TAG Collective
Marilyn Lopez | | 917.209.9514
Daniel Chartock | | 212.951.0501

Daniel Chartock
TAG Collective
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Women who inspire others to be successful

Grace Barrejon 4quí's Brand Ambassadors Manager

Grace Barrejon 4quí’s Brand Ambassadors Manager

"Life is sexy": knocking down negative myths about it

“Life is sexy”: knocking down negative myths about it

Grace Barrejón, breaking schemes: she's appointed by the platform as Worldwide Brand Ambassadors Manager

IBIZA, ISLAS BALEARES, SPAIN, February 24, 2021 / — Working independently for a true passion, is a challenge that today many women find liberating, it drives and empowers them. Women like Grace Barrejon who managed to achieve a balance between family life, being a mother, a professional and who today as a model and businesswoman, is designated to be a Global Brand Ambassador by, the platform to buy, sell, create and spread products or services that already gather the talent of other brand ambassadors, instagrammers, artists and professionals who are taking a new leap in their careers or self-businesses.

Grace Barrejón is a 42-year-old Chilean, living between Miami and Ibiza, who from the age of 16 started in the world of modeling and since then has made an effort to break stereotypes in a culture where she was "outside of the beauty standards" of her homeland, within an industry where she had to face obstacles, especially after having her first child. That is why she decides to open new paths. However, not everything was so easy, many years had to pass until Grace was able to pose again, but this time there was a turn in her attitude, thoughts. Her vision as a businesswoman ran through her veins. Today, Grace has managed and monetize the social networks of renowned artists with more than 10 million followers.

There are many difficulties that women begin to face in society from the age of 30 or even from the moment they become mothers. Both in the social and labor, for years, women face disparity in salary conditions, rejection due to appearance and not because of how suitable or not they are for work, or just the fact of having children or be married to work and stay in certain industries. That’s why Barrejón decides to take the reins, becoming a Luxury Brand Ambassador and today, after many personal and family efforts, Grace shows that it’s possible to achieve compatibility as a businesswoman and a model, while remaining an extraordinarily sexy woman who also leads a life family forward.

"Life is sexy": knocking down negative myths about it
To Grace "love and self-confidence" is one of the basic premises to begin to feel good about what you do, what you dress, with the typical of women attitude and sensuality, which in professional life it cannot continue to be viewed as something negative. "It’s necessary to normalize it in today's world and change the perception as something negative or purely sexual impulse. A woman can be sexy in many ways, with her smile, her look, her posture, her delicacy or ferocity to make business (why not) and if you also take care of your body, your presence, you don’t have to feel afraid or ashamed to show your gifts and intellectual talents" comments the Global Brand Ambassador Manager of the platform.

Being independent and liberal through a business model:
Part of feeling the freedom to manage your own time and you own business is also having allies to help drive it. That is why Grace is part of this new concept of business ecosystem through a platform where entrepreneurs, brands, stores, artists, content creators or anyone who has any talent, through 360 strategies and proposals adapted to each person and where Grace will be the maximum responsible for all the 4qui Brand Ambassadors to accompany them., which already has a presence in Latin America, the United States and Spain, also works as a Marketplace, for the dissemination and sale of products or services, as well as advice and management of social networks, sales, distribution, logistics, export, Digital Marketing, monetization of social networks and everything that involves a comprehensive business plan to accompany and increase the sales of the affiliates.

As Co-founder and Worldwide Global Brand Ambassador of and many other successful brands, Grace Barrejón will be committed to guiding those like her who seek that desired balance between family and professional life.

Public relations team
+1 786-220-3239
email us here
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