Kempkes Executive K9s Explains Why German Shepherds are Loyal Bodyguards

Michael and Jeannette Kempkes, Owners of Kempkes Executive K9s

By Michael and Jeannette Kempkes, Founders of Kempkes Executive K9s

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / — Javier was a teenager enjoying a quiet day upstairs in his home with the family dog, a German Shepherd named Rex, when he heard glass shattering and the angry voices of intruders. The 16-year-old from Des Moines, Washington hid in a closet while Rex courageously dashed downstairs and into the face of danger.

In the chaos, Javier dialed 911 and while the police were responding, he heard one of the men shouting, “The dog! The dog bit me! Get the dog.”

The intruders beat Rex, who retreated back upstairs. Javier pulled him into the closet as the burglars quickly ransacked the house. They made their way upstairs where Rex mustered all the strength that he had left, lunged from the closet, and attacked them again.

The men shot the dog three times, but sirens were blaring in the distance and the burglars took off. The intruders were never able to harm Javier.

After the incident, Rex, named a hero by the family and their friends throughout the city, was rushed to a veterinarian where he was treated for his wounds and survived.

What are burglars typically after?

In 2020, FBI statistics show that $75 billion in clothing and furs were stolen from homes with just over $1 billion recovered. Homeowners had $10 billion in jewelry and precious metals stolen with only $26 million recovered.

Burglars can grab thousands of dollars’ worth of valuables within 90 seconds of entering the home and most home invasions last for 10 minutes or less, according to Policy

German Shepherds like Rex are invaluable. They have an innate loyalty to the families who love and care for them.

They’re gentle in the household, especially with children, but they can immediately sense danger and respond to fight off intruders.

“German Shepherds are happiest when they know their owner’s expectations, and that includes protecting the family from danger,” says Michael Kempkes, co-owner of Kempkes Executive K9s.

He and his wife Jeannette, owner of Wustenberger-Land, are located in the Los Angeles County community of Agua Dulce, northeast of Los Angeles.

They’re a unique training and breeding team who are unmatched with decades of international experience and their approach to German Shepherds.

Michael notes that while German Shepherds as a breed are courageous and willing to protect, not all dogs have the same abilities.

The German Shepherds that the Kempkes work with are pure, bloodline German Shepherds. These are the most elite dogs who the Kempkes’ train for A-list performers in Hollywood, executives of global brands, and international businesspeople throughout California and the U.S.

“I can sense the inner nature of the dogs,” says Michael, “and what they’re thinking. When a dog has a really good temperament, you can teach them anything.”

Michael began working with elite German Shepherds at age nine in his boyhood home of Borken, Germany and won international competitions when he trained dogs for the German government. He prepared them for work with heavy responsibilities including acting as personal protection dogs for high-level officials, guards for fighter planes, bomb detection, and search and rescue.

An assault in a Pasadena-area neighborhood where she lived, led Jeannette Kempkes to research personal protection dogs. She was working in real estate, had a love for dogs and horses, and discovered the value of German Shepherds.

She was so impressed by the breed that, in 1992, she was among the first in the U.S. to import a pure bloodline German Shepherd.

“I was struck by the dog’s beauty and the breed’s work ethic.”

German Shepherd enthusiasts will recognize the line her dog was descended from: the son of the famous Enzo von der Burg Aliso, descended from the great Quantum von Arminius lines.

German Shepherds have been bred systematically since 1899, when Max von Stephanitz founded the renowned German Shepherd Association, or the German SV—the Deutsche Schaferhunde, the organization that has honored Michael Kempkes for lifetime achievements training pure, bloodline German Shepherds.

The dogs were bred for a purpose and are highly sensitive to disturbance and thrive on mental stimulation.

German Shepherds protect homes from invaders of all kinds, including wild animals, like coyotes who may attack other pets.

In Tampa, Florida, a 7-year-old girl was playing in her backyard while the family’s German Shepherd, Haus, was resting nearby. Suddenly, the dog sprang up.

The grandmother was watching from a window when she saw Haus run near the child, lowering his head, and jumping up, snarling, and lunging.

He was fighting off a snake that was crawling near the girl. The snake bit Haus three times in the leg, but after spending a week in a veterinary clinic’s Intensive Care Unit, Haus made a full recovery.

While homes with sprawling lots may install security cameras, intruders, especially those who take time to plan invasions, may figure out how to avoid camera detection. But they can’t escape the notice of a German Shepherd who’s specially trained as a personal protection dog.

And that makes the dogs priceless for the families who love them.

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Chicago Digital Marketing Agency Offers Halloween Contest Winner a Free Logo Redesign by Expert Team

Free Logo Design through Idea Marketing Groups Scary Logo Contest

Leading Chicago Web design and Digital Marketing Agency Idea Marketing Group Logo

Web Design and Marketing Agency Idea Marketing Group is looking for business entries to new Halloween contest by submitting their ‘Scariest Logo’ designs.’

The team here at Idea is always thinking outside the box and searching for new ways to get involved with the business community. It’s just one of the many qualities that set our agency apart.”

— Darren Fox

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, October 25, 2021 / — Idea Marketing Group, an industry leader in web design and marketing, is holding their first Halloween themed “Scary Logo Contest.” The digital marketing agency has launched this contest as a fun way to give back and help other businesses with logos that need improvement. The winner of the contest will receive a FREE logo redesign by the team of graphic and web design experts at Idea.

The contest is open to submissions of logos that need an update or complete overhaul. Interested individuals can submit their own business logo, or the logo of a business they know, for a chance to win the free redesign. Any business within the United States can enter through the online submission form. The contest will be accepting submissions until midnight, October 31, 2021. A winner will then be chosen by the Idea team and contacted by email.

The submission will require the first and last name of someone at the business, an email address, and an image of the logo to be submitted in the contest. If you have any issues submitting the form, you can contact the Idea team by email or telephone through their Contact Us page.

There will only be one winner of the logo redesign grand prize, a $1900 value. However, the first 20 contest submissions will also receive a complimentary website review with one of the custom web design experts at Idea, a $300 value.

Contest organizer Melissa Slawsky is looking forward to hosting what she hopes will become an annual event for Idea,

“A logo is one of those small details that can make a big impact! It’s the first impression you make on your website and marketing materials. It’s a low-cost upgrade that can pay off in dividends and I’m thrilled that we’ll get to improve someone’s business through a logo redesign.”

Darren Fox, the President and founder of Idea Marketing Group appreciates how his team continuously creates fun innovative ways to connect with the business community and distinguish their agency from the competition,

“The team here at Idea is always thinking outside the box and searching for new ways to get involved with the business community. It’s just one of the many qualities that set our agency apart.”

Sign up for the Idea monthly newsletter to stay in the loop about future promotions, services, and events.

Idea Marketing Group is a marketing agency known for web design and development. Since 2009, they have built hundreds of websites and managed marketing campaigns reaching millions of people for top brands and businesses throughout the nation. Services include branding, strategy, UI/UX design, content marketing, search engine optimization, website support, and digital advertising. Everything a website needs to dominate in search rankings. They are consistently rated as a top web design agency by

Darren Fox
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Jasper Morgue

Founder & Owner: Jasper Morgue

Jasper Morgue

Jasper Morgue – New York

JAssets Digital Marketing


Turn-Key Solutions to Establishing a Powerful Digital Footprint

We find ourselves browsing the web everyday and allow content to influence the way we feel about an individual or company. JAssets has developed a way to completely optimize those results for clients.”

— Jasper Morgue

BETHANY, OK, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / — JAssets is making the path to a strong and reputable digital footprint a reality for those in the professional coaching industry. The importance of a strong digital footprint for those who work to help others in the realm of professional life, wellness, spirituality, business, and other areas of professional coaching is monumental. With no real regulation or guidance it is easy to get caught up in the wrong kind of digital marketing, which has a lasting impression on a brand’s reputation. Traditional marketing methods are no longer the go to, JAssets was launched to fill a specific need for this industry, turning tradition on its head. They have developed a turn-key method of establishing professional coaches' digital footprint online, setting them up with a positive reputation long term.

JAssets collaborates with coaches, of any level, guiding them to embrace establishing their digital footprint. They take the unique outlook of creating and managing it from the perspective of how a potential customer would see and perceive the company. Educating that customer on who they are, what they do, their credibility, their results, and the value they provide all before being met with a price tag. They assist brands in engaging on social media by having meaningful interactions with actual people and sparking good word of mouth through PR and review management. A good deal of effort is put into building up brand credibility and visibility while connecting with the target audience as well as larger consumer groups. Engaging the audience with high-quality content is key, authenticating brands and entrepreneurs by utilizing their professional understanding of social media campaigns to generate maximum coverage, engagement, and buzz.

JAssets offers more than a simple service, by using a holistic approach, building a personal relationship with each individual client. They aim to solve the entire issue and take the headache out of it for business owners building their authority over multiple digital channels. Clients are taken through an individualized online process that will establish their digital footprint. Enabling businesses to build a powerful presence on all digital channels including podcasts, press, social media, SEO, lead generation, and online reviews. The team uses their expertise to assist brands and businesses to engage on social media through meaningful interactions with actual people, sparking positive word of mouth through PR and review management. They start with a $15K whole picture solution, developed specifically to meet each client's individual needs. JAssets prides themselves on generating result based offers backed with 100% guaranteed deliverables.

“I wanted to help professional coaches because they changed my life for the better, setting me free from the hells of Corporate America to become an entrepreneur and better my own life. I wanted to give back and help grow their businesses in return. I truly dedicate my time as the owner of JAssets to spotlight and elevate the most amazing and impactful coaches out in the market today.” Jasper Morgue, founder of JAssets.

About JAssets

JAssets was started by founder and owner Jasper Morgue just under a year ago. Morgue comes from a background in marketing and entrepreneurship. After spending years building a career in the corporate world, he was unfulfilled and wanted something more. Taking what he cultivated and learned in his corporate role, he applied himself to building his own business determined to find a way to help others reach success. He now works with coaches to improve the overall quality of public perception, and to help provide reputable coaches with a framework for long term success. Driven by a desire to help others and to break out of the traditional 9 to 5 grind, Morgue is dedicated to empowering others to succeed in the same way he has. JAssets has scaled rapidly with over 16,000 published stories, and nearly 133 million digital impressions/views to date.

Jasper Morgue
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Project Boon Announces 10th Annual Eat and Be Well Event in Fontana, CA

Eat & Be Well informational flyer that includes date, time, and location for event. As well as services being provided.

Eat & Be Well Informational Flyer

A volunteer serves Thanksgiving meals to to attendees at Eat & Be Well

A volunteer serves Thanksgiving meals at Eat & Be Well

Project Boon returns for its 10th annual Thanksgiving event, serving hot-meals, holiday themed grocery bags and providing social services to the community.

This is our 10th annual Eat & Be Well event, and we are doing everything we can to make it one to remember.”

— Christopher Suchánek


Over the past decade, Project Boon has upheld the seasonal tradition of friendly service and compassion toward underserved families. Each Thanksgiving, the non-profit organization holds its beloved Eat & Be Well event, providing hot meals, groceries, and resources to underserved populations in Fontana, CA and the surrounding community. This year, the organization will hold its 10th annual Eat & Be Well event on Wednesday, November 24, starting at 11 AM. The event will run for as long as supplies last.

“This is our 10th annual Eat & Be Well event, and we are doing everything we can to make it one to remember,” comments Project Boon’s Chris Suchánek. He goes on to note that, following last year’s COVID-related adjustments, this year’s event will return to the standard hot meal service. There will also be opportunities for attendees to connect with local community resources and social services. In addition, this year, we are proud to partner with the Grocery Outlet in Rialto to provide free uncooked turkeys and Thanksgiving-themed food boxes, while supplies last.

The annual Eat & Be Well event is always memorable, both for attendees as well as volunteers. “Volunteering for Eat and Be Well is a very warm experience,” comments Alejandra Sanchez, a past volunteer. “You get to see so many people come together and be supportive to achieve a goal: to help feed families and provide distributions for the communities that need the extra help. Project Boon goes above and beyond for many people, and I am very glad to have been a part of that.”

This year’s event will take place at 8380 Cypress Ave, Fontana, CA 92335. For more information on how to volunteer, donate, sponsor, or attend, visit


Project Boon operates events that bring together those in need, those willing to help, and the resources that make a difference. Based in Inland Southern California, the non-profit organization seeks to connect people with their local communities and encourage neighbors to support one another during times of need. For additional information, go to

Ellyse Martinez
Project Boon
+1 951-305-3038
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Nanomaterials Market size is expected to witness significant growth by 2022 | Global Value $55,016 million

Nanomaterials Industry

Nanomaterials Industry

Nanomaterials Market in the paints & coatings end use segment is expected to generate highest revenue throughout the forecast period.

PORTLAND, UNITED STATES, USA, October 25, 2021 / — Some of the other major factors that drives the potential of nanomaterials market are extensive focus on research & development activities, new applications (aerospace & defense, sporting goods, and others), government funding & support, collaboration among industry players to meet new challenges, and decrease in price of nanomaterials. However, factors that would hamper the market growth include concerns over environmental impact and toxicity of nanomaterials along with stringent environmental regulations.

The demand for nanomaterials has witnessed tremendous growth due to their properties such as light weight in nature, electrical, catalytic, magnetic, mechanical, thermal, and imaging features. Attributable to the above reasons, nanomaterials are applicable in various end-user industries such as in paints & coatings, electronics & consumer goods, and energy industries.

Download PDF Boucher:

Nanomaterials Market is expected to reach $55,016 million by 2022. Paints & coatings end use segment is expected to generate highest revenue throughout the forecast period. North America led the global market in 2015 and is expected to maintain its lead throughout.

Eswara Prasad, Team Lead, Chemical Research at Allied Market Research states, "Metal & non-metal oxide-based nanomaterials are the most widely accepted in the industry and are expected to grow with a CAGR of 20.7% from 2016 to 2022." He further adds, "nanoclay and nanocellulose also exhibit growth potential owing to increase in the number of commercial applications for these materials." Most commonly consumed metal & non-metal oxide-based nanomaterials are titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide. Consumption of silicon dioxide was 198 kilo tons in 2015 and is projected to reach 786 kilo ton by 2022, at a CAGR of 21.8%.

In the year 2015, paints & coatings was the largest end-user segment, which accounted for more than one-fifth share globally followed by electronics & consumer goods, energy, adhesives & sealants. Extraordinary physio-chemical properties of nanomaterials, such as mechanical properties, catalytic properties, magnetic properties, optical properties, and others has increased their penetration in a wide array of application as it results in improved performance of end products.

Major players in the industry invest significantly in research & development to launch new nanomaterials for commercial applications at low cost. The major companies profiled in the report include Ahlstrom, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Arkema Group, CNano Technologies Ltd., Daiken Chemicals, DuPont, Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd., MKnano, Nanoco, Nanocyl S.A., NanoIntegris, Nanophase Technologies Inc., Nanosys Inc., Southern Clay Products, Inc., TDA Research, and Umicore NanoMaterials.

Key Findings of Nanomaterials Market

1. The market revenue of nanoclay is expected to witness a highest CAGR of 24.9%.
2. Paints & coatings and adhesives & sealants together accounted for more than one-third market share in 2015.
3. Personal care is projected to grow at a highest CAGR of 22% (in terms of revenue).
4. North America is projected to lead the market throughout 2022, growing at a CAGR of 20.5% (in terms of revenue).
5. U.S. led the global nanomaterials market in 2015, and is expected to maintain its dominance throughout the period under consideration.

Purchase Enquiry:

In the year 2015, North America and Asia-Pacific collectively accounted for three-fourths of the worldwide demand for nanomaterials and are expected to maintain this position throughout. However, the Asia-Pacific nanomaterials market revenues are projected to grow at a highest CAGR of 21.4%, followed by North America and Europe. Exceptional physio-chemical properties of nanomaterial drive its demand in various applications across North America and Asia-Pacific.

About Us:

Allied Market Research (AMR) is a full-service market research and business-consulting wing of Allied Analytics LLP based in Portland, Oregon. Allied Market Research provides global enterprises as well as medium and small businesses with unmatched quality of "Market Research Reports" and "Business Intelligence Solutions". AMR has a targeted view to provide business insights and consulting to assist its clients to make strategic business decisions and achieve sustainable growth in their respective market domain.

Similar Report:

Industrial Carbon Nanotubes Market

Nano Titanium Dioxide Market

David Correa
Allied Analytics LLP
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Otzi's Odyssey – The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman

Otzi’s Odyssey – The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman

An artist’s vision of what Otzi looked like

Otzi’s Odyssey is the journey of a troubled soul seeking redemption for an ancient bargain that doomed him to an eternity among the demonic realms of Gehenna.

Otzi’s Odyssey brings to light that our personal stories are not limited to our earthly existence, but continue on once we leave our physical bodies and begin our ultimate journey into the cosmos.”

— Neil Perry Gordon

PARK RIDGE , NEW JERSEY, USA, October 25, 2021 / — Ötzi’s Odyssey – The Troubled Soul of a Neolithic Iceman opens in the year 1991 with the remarkable sighting of a mummified man, half frozen in glacial ice, whom two hikers stumble upon. Along with this profound archeological discovery, the soul of this five-thousand-year-old iceman is awakened…welcome to the Neil Perry Gordon’s new metaphysical fiction release, Otzi’s Odyssey [December, 2021].

Ötzi the iceman’s adventure takes him to the modern era, where his observant soul tries to comprehend why it remains tethered to the frozen mummy, as well as to make sense of a technologically advanced world. The story then returns to 3300 BCE, to the life and times of clan chief Bhark as he lives with his family in a peaceful village upon stilt homes clinging to the shore of the great Lake Neith, located in the shadows of ominous Similaun Mountain.

Bhark and his family are ambushed by his rival Shadrach, who insists that he, not Bhark, is the clan’s rightful heir. A subsequent encounter with the soul hunter Creyak, who promises to return to Bhark all that was lost, sends our hero on a perilous journey into the four demonic realms of Gehenna. Along the way, he receives wisdom from Miko the Seer and guidance from his clairvoyant daughter, Amica, both of whom have the power to pierce the veil that separates the upper and lower spiritual realms, while Bhark fights for the salvation—and ultimate redemption—of his eternal soul.

Neil Perry Gordon
Neil Perry Gordon – Novelist
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Radio Show Host Patzi Gil Adds 3 New Correspondents to Her ‘Joy on Paper’ Website

Rita Moreau, Davon Miller, and Jim Lamb join "Joy on Paper."

Patzi Gil, welcomes special correspondents Rita Moreau, Davon Miller, and Jim Lamb to “Joy on Paper.”

Authors love visiting on “Joy On Paper.”

“Joy On Paper” ( is a nationally syndicated radio show broadcast live from WTAN 1340-AM ( on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. (Eastern Time)

As she gears up for her 7th anniversary, “America’s Book Lover" Patzi Gil has added 3 new special correspondents to her website at

It’s my joy to talk every week to amazing writers—from best-selling New York Times authors to those who’ve just released their first book. For me it’s always fun to hear about their passion to write.”

— Patzi Gil

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, October 25, 2021 / — Nearly seven years after she launched “Joy on Paper,” her nationally syndicated radio talk show, Patzi Gil has expanded her outreach by adding three new special correspondents to her re-designed website at

Joy On Paper” is broadcast live and online from the Clearwater-based WTAN 1340-AM ( on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m.-Noon, Eastern Time.

Authors featured on the show have included Lee Child, Karin Slaughter, David Baldacci, Tasha Alexander, Jonathan Santlofer, Lawrence Block, L.A. Chandlar, Jerome Preisler, Leslie Carroll, Andrew Grant, Carol J Perry, Brad Meltzer, Sara Paretsky, Nelson DeMille, and Rachel Renee Russell.

“It’s my joy to talk every week to amazing writers—from best-selling New York Times authors to those who’ve just released their first book,” the host said. “For me it’s always fun to hear about their passion to write…”

Patzi describes as her show as “a program for writers and those who dream of writing.” All three of her new contributors are published authors who have appeared as “Joy on Paper” guests; each focuses on a different aspect of the book publishing industry.

“What makes Joy on Paper special is that we promote an author’s book long after their release date,” Patzi said. “Even the most famous authors have a short window of opportunity to promote their books. Release dates come and go quickly—and a publicity campaign lasts only a few weeks. During that time an author might be invited to do interviews on the Internet and syndicated radio programs or—rarely—television. After that they are old news.”

Patzi wanted to expand the window of opportunity for authors by finding a way to extend the shelf-life of their books: “It occurred to me that I could continue promoting my favorite authors by creating free 2-minute promos to remind my listeners of the books that they should not miss.”

And thus the first BookBuzz was born, featuring Rita Moreau.

“Since then Rita Moreau, the author of the ‘Ghost and Kooky’ mystery series, has recorded 60 BookBuzz promos for mysteries and thrillers,” said Patzi. “I use them on Joy on Paper whenever I have an open few minutes on my radio program. I also use them on my webpage and social media.”

Moreau’s segment was a big hit with listeners and authors alike.

“Rita’s Book Buzzes were so successful that I invited Davon Miller, the talented author of the ‘Mr. Tickety-Tok’ series, to join Joy on Paper as a special correspondent to review books for children,” Patzi explained. “As a child Davon spent a great deal of time in the hospital – now as a young author himself, he devotes his time to promoting reading. For his work in the community, he was selected Sunshine Ambassador by the City of St. Pete. He was the perfect choice to do BookBuzzes for the books that children should not miss.”

Davon started in January in the midst of the pandemic. So far he’s picked 10 talented authors, including Lesa Cline Ransome and James E. Ransome.

The latest addition to Joy on Paper came about as an extension of the show’s tagline: “A program for writers and those who dream of writing.” Patzi was determined to help (and motivate) listeners who felt they had a story to tell.

“I’m very excited about the most recent addition with Jim Lamb’s Literary Gems. These are short recordings that focus on literary devices and terms that every writer should know. His folksy way—and great choice of examples—makes these LitGem recordings fun for listeners. It’s great to have him join Joy on Paper as we continue to promote authors and new writers.”

What’s next for “Joy on Paper”? The show’s host hinted that she’s making a list and checking it twice. What’s the list for? Something she’s calling “The Patzi,” an award she’ll be handing out to the best of the more than 10,000 plus books she’s read over the years.

When will “The Patzis” get handed out?

“Stay tuned,” said the popular radio host. “Just stay tuned.”

ABOUT: “Joy on Paper” is a nationally syndicated radio show based in Clearwater, Florida. It can be heard in the Tampa Bay area on WTAN (1340-AM and 106.1-FM) Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m.-Noon, Eastern Time and online on

Jim Lamb
JSL Stories
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Sample of “Joy on Paper” interview.

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UAE’s K-12 education sector poised for growth

Coinciding with Expo 2020, the K-12 Education Show aligns with Dubai’s Urban Master Plan 2040 to nurture an expansion in education services in the emirate

DUBAI, UAE, October 25, 2021 / — Coinciding with Expo 2020, the K-12 Education Show aligns with Dubai’s Urban Master Plan 2040 to nurture an expansion in education services required to cater a population of up to 5.8 million Dubai residents by 2040

Student populations are on the rise
With the primary goal of making Dubai the best city in the world by enhancing quality of life for all residents, our government has announced a 25% increase in the land area allocated to education by 2040. Even looking as far as next year (2022), Dubai-based research firm Alpen Capital estimates that UAE will require 150 additional schools to accommodate its growing student population, which is expected to reach 1.5 million by then and will hike up enrolments in the K-12 sector throughout the country. Meanwhile, demand for private education is also being bolstered by an unprecedented hike in the influx of expats, brought about by recent government initiatives such as green visas and other business acceleration programmes which are attracting young, innovation-charged talent into the country.

Dubai welcomes 14,671 new school seats
Despite the Covid19 setback, 10 new schools have opened doors in Dubai during the 2021- 2022 academic calendar across diverse curricula including Indian (CBSE and ICSE), American, Australian, British and International Baccalaureate (IB). According to Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai enjoyed a 2.6% school enrolment growth between Sept 2020 and Feb 2021, which reflects its firm commitment to nurture a sustainable Knowledge Economy. All these growth trends point to Dubai’s booming school education sector which the upcoming K-12 Education Show will facilitate by bringing together the entire education community at one live, interactive marketplace event.

Post-Covid outlook for K-12 education
Commenting on a resilient post-Covid19 recovery and what it means for K-12 education services in UAE going forward, Managing Director at International Conferences & Exhibitions (show organiser of the K-12 Education Show by GETEX), Anselm Godinho says, “Learning from the Covid experience, UAE expats are keen to ensure that their children’s education is not disrupted going forward. Conversely, residential and day-scholar schools are looking for ways to pitch to expat parents with a clear message that they offer stable, comprehensive and quality education to children of ages 3 – 18, all at a price point that is competitive and affordable. We are proud and privileged to be offering the K-12 Education Show platform to parents so they are able to meet UAE’s education providers in person and make informed decisions for their children’s futures.”

K-12 Education Show at a glance
The K-12 Education Show by GETEX (Global Education and Training Exhibition) will be held at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre from 23 – 25 Feb 2022 and will play a key role in informing, influencing and enrolling young learners. Taking place during Dubai’s 6-month long global mega-event, Expo 2020, it will attract between 10,000 – 15,000 potential students and their parents who will scout out the best study options and meet educators face to face to get their questions addressed. The event will host reputable nurseries, boarding schools, residential schools, special needs schools and all other education facilities catering to this sector.

The K-12 Education Show will also hold various onsite activations such as free-to-attend seminars, a Counsellors Forum and networking for education leaders. K-12 phase education providers looking to increase their student recruitment numbers who have not already slotted in their participation are welcome to enquire about exhibiting opportunities. Those unable to have a physical presence on the floor can book a virtual stand with audio visual access to students at the show.

For enquiries, please contact:
International Conferences & Exhibitions LLC
+971 4 3355001

About the K-12 Education Show by GETEX:
GETEX (Global Education and Training Exhibition) has been the most powerful platform for education marketing in the Middle East since more than 30 years. It is the region’s leading student recruitment event connecting 400+ education providers to 35,000+ education seekers every year. The K-12 Education Show will be held alongside the upcoming Feb 2022 edition of GETEX, connecting young learners with schools operating across the UAE. For more information, please visit

Anselm Godinho
International Conferences & Exhibitions LLC
+971 4 335 5001
email us here

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Chinwag – America's Newest Social Media App

New Startup Social Media App with the informal Chat

Don't wait for other Social Media Platforms to ban Speech just because they don't like Your Expression. Let your Speech be your Conversation as Art to the World.”

— Dustin

YOUNGTOWN, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / — Chinwag, A new kind of social media platform that is a defender of the person's constitutional free speech and the welcoming of free expression. The name Chinwag is an informal way in place of the word conversation or chat.

Americans love their speech and their freedom of expression and do not like government bureaucracy getting in the way. Our 1st Amendment of the constitution is what binds all Americans across the nation and should be upheld by all and not suppressed by a few.

Chinwag does not believe in censoring or banning people for their thoughts on politics or events concerning the world as social media is now the main way people connect with others throughout their daily lives. All Americans should be respected for their ideology and free expression and should not be ultimately be singled out whether it be fact or a lie.

Chinwag is now available in the App Store on Apple and now Play Store on Google
Our Website Adress is:

Follow us on Twitter:

Dustin Payne
+1 623-200-7885
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Rite Aid Selects WITHIN as Digital Media Agency of Record to Power Online Marketing


Rite Aid logo

WITHIN to construct an integrated media approach to help drug store chain use analytics and full-funnel marketing to improve customer experience.

We look forward to working with Rite Aid to build a media strategy prioritizing profitability that will facilitate growth for the company and its customers.”

— Joe Yakuel, CEO WITHIN

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / — WITHIN, the world’s first Performance Branding firm, announced today that Rite Aid has selected WITHIN as its digital media agency of record (AOR). In this role, WITHIN will create an integrated, data-driven approach to unify Rite Aid’s marketing strategy and customer experience. WITHIN will implement a diverse media mix and a cross-channel measurement approach rooted in incrementality.

“The healthcare industry has changed a lot over the last year, and our customers’ preferences have changed, too. As a result, we are evolving our approach to ensure relevancy and a strong customer experience,” said Erik Keptner, chief merchandising and marketing officer at Rite Aid. “We value the WITHIN team’s expertise and strategic vision, and we are excited to partner with them.”

WITHIN and Rite Aid will collaborate to ensure Rite Aid’s marketing and business objectives are aligned to amplify the success of future campaigns across all media channels. The companies will work together to communicate Rite Aid’s unique value proposition while maintaining focus on results and sustainable growth.

“Rite Aid shares our passion for innovation within the customer experience,” said WITHIN CEO Joe Yakuel. “We look forward to working with Rite Aid to build a media strategy prioritizing profitability that will facilitate growth for the company and its customers.”

WITHIN is the world’s first Performance Branding company. WITHIN collapses the funnel between performance and brand to unify marketing objectives, targets, and strategy. Partnered with a brand’s unique value proposition, WITHIN’s integrated media and personalized content solutions are designed to maximize growth. For more information, visit

About Rite Aid
As the trusted, everyday care connector, Rite Aid drives lower health care costs through better coordination, stronger engagement, and personalized services that help you achieve whole health for life. We provide an array of whole being health products and services for the entire family through over 2,500 retail pharmacy locations across 17 states. Through Elixir, we provide pharmacy benefits and services to millions of members nationwide. For more information, visit

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Source: EIN Presswire