Biochar Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024

Biochar Market

Biochar Market

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 28, 2019 / — Summary:
A new market study, titled “Discover Global Biochar Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
Global Biochar Market
The increasing use of pesticides and other chemical compounds has led to the degradation of soil quality. These compounds kill the essential microbes and organisms along with the harmful ones. For example, the earthworms make the soil loose and fertile and help the framer by enriching the soil with essential nutrients. These organisms get destroyed by the pesticides and other chemicals and thus render the lands infertile after months of extensive use.
One such product that has attracted attention is the development of a substance called biochar. The compound is formed through natural processes and make the soil fertile. The access to large amounts of biochar and the increasing demand for the product in the international markets has boosted the sales figure of the compound.
The global biochar market is about to reach a significant milestone of $3.1 billion by the year 2025. The numbers are astounding and hence has attracted the international markets. The element is supposed to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.2 % during the period. The double-digit growth figures and huge market potential has attracted companies and investors all over the world.

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Key Players of Global Biochar Market =>
The vast market potential of biochar has attracted some key industry players. Some of the most prominent industry players who have been in the industry are Hawaii Biochar, The Biochar Company (TBC), Pacific Biochar, Walking Point, ec6Grow, Vega Biofuels, Diacarbon Energy, Cool Planet Energy Systems among many others.
Biochar has quickly become one of the major discoveries. The biochar market represents a huge potential, and some of the most prominent industries on the planet are working on to improve the capabilities of the product. The sector has already registered a significant figure in the year 2018 and is about to reach even a better milestone by the year 2024.

Factors affecting the growth opportunities
There are several factors in play regarding the growth opportunities of the global biochar market. The rising awareness among farmers, the pressing demand by governments for the adoption of organic farming practices, cheaper access to biochar along with a slew of other factors have helped the industry grow leap and bound.
Apart from that, good crop yields, coupled with an increase in productivity by the use of biochar, has helped the product build trust among its users. There are very few side effects of the use of biochar. The product is organic and is abundantly in nature. This makes biochar the go-to product for agricultural practices and has thus created a buzz in the international market. The biochar market is growing strong is, therefore supported by communities all over the world.

Key Geographies
The biochar market has attracted significant economies. Economies with massive dependence on agricultural practices have adopted the growing biochar market. Leading geographies like China, India, Brazil, Japan and Mexico have been leading the race. But the increasing acceptance of the biochar practices in the leading countries like the United States and Europe are not far behind. The sustainable practices, along with cheap rates of biochar, has set a race in countries all over the world.

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Car Parking System Market 2019 Global Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis, Opportunities and Forecast To 2024

Car Parking System Market

Car Parking System Market

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, August 28, 2019 / — Summary:
A new market study, titled “Discover Global Car Parking System Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
Global Car Parking System Market
Car parking system is a system that deploys electric motors or hydraulic pumps to move a car within a parking lot, so as to maximize space utilization. Such systems allow for multiple cars to be parked in small spaces, often stacked one atop the other just a few meters apart. Conventional car parking systems are usually controlled by an operator, while advanced systems now are completely automated. These systems provide the perfect solution for areas with rather limited lateral parking spots and increase space available for building projects. Car parking systems are rapidly being adopted in regions where real estate is priced at a premium and in areas with limited open spaces for development, significantly increasing the financial viability of construction projects. Most systems deployed in residential projects are usually about two to three stacks high, while commercial car parking systems can be several stories tall. Car parking systems allow freeing up of pathways and open spaces which would otherwise be occupied by parked vehicles.
Owners can easily locate and retrieve their vehicles from such parking systems using their tokens or pass keys. Smart car parking systems allow for tracking of available parking spots within the system and tracking the exact location of the parked car. These systems significantly reduce construction costs associated with building large parking lots. Car parking systems also offer heightened security of vehicles, as there is only a single point of entry and exit and vehicles can only be accessed on producing the corresponding token or access card. This market is expected to gain significant traction in the near future with rapid urbanization and decreasing real estate spaces.

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Key Players of Global Car Parking System Market =>
• Klaus Multiparking
• Unitronics
• Tianchen Intelligen
• Westfalia
• MHE Demag
• Rainbow
• Xinhuayuan
• Sampu Stereo Garage
• STOPA Anlagenbau
• FATA Automation
• Park Plus

To provide a in-depth understanding of the car parking market, it has been segmented on the basis of the following:
By Type:
Mechanical Systems
Semi-Automated Systems
Automated Systems
The largest segment of mechanical systems are now be rapidly replaced by automated systems, due to the extreme ease of use and convenience offered by the latter.

By Application:
Office Building
Office building and malls are among the largest segments for car parking systems as these commercial spaces are usually priced much higher than residential spaces.

Regional segmentation
North America
o U.S.
o Canada
o UK
o Germany
Asia Pacific
o China
o India
o Japan
Latin America
o Brazil
o Mexico
Rest of the World
North America and Europe are the largest markets for car parking systems. Asia Pacific, home to two of the most populous countries, is emerging as the fastest growing market for these systems. This is mainly attributable to rampant infrastructure development and decreasing real estate space in these countries. Recently, the Airports Authority of India issued tenders for electromechanical parking system at Delhi Airport, while the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) announced plans to set up a multilevel automated parking system at a commercial centre. While major capital investments have been major inhibitors for market growth, the gains now far outweigh the initial expenses and costs significantly reducing with increasing number of players entering this highly lucrative market.

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Chief Martech Officer Becomes a GOLD HubSpot Certified Agency Partner

Chief Martech Officer - HubSpot Agency Experts

Chief Martech Officer – HubSpot Agency Experts

Nicole Pereira, Founder, Chief Martech Officer - HubSpot Agency Experts

Nicole Pereira, Founder, Chief Martech Officer – HubSpot Agency Experts

HubSpot Agency Gold Tiered Partner Badge

HubSpot Agecny Gold Tiered Partner Badge

“Chief Martech Officer holds the bar high when it comes to delivery and client success. With a depth of HubSpot experience, they’ve built a model that is poised to grow beyond the Gold Tier.”

— HubSpot Channel Consultant – Alex Desnoyers

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2019 / — Chief Martech Officer announced that it has reached GOLD tiered status as a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner. HubSpot, leading growth platform, works hand-in-hand with agency partners to grow their businesses through inbound software, services, and support.

Of the announcement, HubSpot Channel Consultant Alex Desnoyers said, “Chief Martech Officer holds the bar high when it comes to delivery and client success. With a depth of HubSpot experience, they’ve built a model that is poised to grow beyond the Gold Tier. We’re thrilled to have them pushing our program forward, and are excited to see them continue to grow as a business that helps others grow better.”

With a hyper-focus on offering highly technical HubSpot Consulting Services, veteran entrepreneur and founder Nicole Pereira, has used her reputation as a HubSpot Expert to continue to grow and expand Chief Martech Officer, her most recent agency brand. Most notably, she is known for:

Being ranked the #6 HubSpot Power User on (formally

Being featured in the current HubSpot Email Marketing Certification video as a Lead Generation Expert

Launching the first Super HUG (HubSpot User Group) in San Diego

Since officially launching as an agency in January of 2019, Chief Martech Officer has grown exponentially – month after month. They were first recognized for their record-breaking time to a Silver tiered HubSpot Certified Agency Partner in early 2019 and in less than 6 months has achieved Gold status – the third-highest HubSpot Partner Program.

About Chief Martech Officer:

Chief Martech Officer is a remote agency that is hyper-focused on only servicing companies that plan to use or currently have HubSpot. Chief Martech Officer’s team members have been assisting businesses with their HubSpot platforms since 2013.

When working with Chief Martech Officer you gain a HubSpot Expert who is invested in being the most efficient and strategic HubSpot resource for your business.

About HubSpot:

HubSpot is a leading growth platform. Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more inbound. Today, over 56,500 total customers in more than 100 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers. Comprised of Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, and a powerful free CRM, HubSpot gives companies the tools they need to Grow Better.


Nicole Pereira
Chief Martech Officer
+1 619-301-1570
email us here
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Midwest Thunderbirds High School Rugby Team Blaze a Happy Trail through Magical Ireland with Irish Rugby Tours

Midwest Thunderbirds tour was organised by Irish Rugby Tours

Midwest Thunderbirds take on Ulster on their tour to Ireland in August

 Irish Rugby Tours

Enjoying some downtime in Cork

Irish Rugby Tours looked after Midwest Thunderbirds in Ireland

The Team of Us

The cream of the Midwest High School rugby crop visited Ireland earlier this month and came home with a wealth of great memories.

When we arrived in Ireland we were treated with utmost class and care.”

— Michael Garret Fisher, Coach Midwest Thunderbirds

DUBLIN, LEINSTER, IRELAND , August 27, 2019 / — High School Girl’s Midwest Rugby have just returned from their “fantastic” rugby tour to Ireland. The team, known as the Thunderbirds, blazed a glorious trail through the green island of Ireland, making friends and building bonds that are sure to last a lifetime.

The tour was organised by global rugby tour specialists, Irish Rugby Tours, who used their attentive Irish touch and twenty years of experience to make the tour one that every team member will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

“Irish Rugby Tours took care of us from start to finish,” said Thunderbirds coach and tour leader, Michael Garret Fisher. “They were excellent to work with at all stages and when we arrived in Ireland we were treated with utmost class and care.”

High School Girl’s Midwest Rugby are made up of the best high school rugby players from across the Midwest. They include the future stars of USA Rugby from states including Ohio, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The ten-day rugby tour featured three matches against top-class opposition including two Irish provinces, Connacht and Ulster. Top-class training sessions were delivered by “excellent” former Irish rugby internationals and the group were treated to a special tour inside the home of Irish Rugby, the Aviva Stadium at the famous Lansdowne Road.

As well as that full immersion into the rugby culture of Ireland, the squad learned about Irish history and culture and how it has shaped the way we play our sports, build our teams and bring our people together throughout the world.

In Dublin, there were visits to Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Castle and the award-winning EPIC Ireland Museum where the story of Irish emigration and the USA is told with detailed, interactive clarity. A highlight of the tour was a trip to the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands followed by the vibrant atmosphere of Galway City.

Further south, the group visited the beautiful grounds of University College Cork. They learnt about the city’s connection to the Titanic and sailed across the bay to the fascinating fortress and jail on Spike Island.

“Everything was planned and ran smoothly,” said Michael Garret Fisher. “It was very easy to be the Head Coach and leader of a group of 60 people with Irish Rugby Tours. Hotels were top notch and food included was fantastic. Our guides, Michelle, Henry, and Ted were absolutely fantastic. Michelle worked so hard and by the end of the tour she had truly become family.”

Irish Rugby Tours & United States Rugby

Irish Rugby Tours is based in the heart of Munster. The company has been organising and hosting both Irish and international rugby tour groups for over sixteen years. In that time, it has built strong and trusted relationships with rugby communities, rugby coaches, activity and accommodation providers across Ireland, the UK, continental Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Our history with USA Rugby goes all the way back to 1987, when our chairman was one of the head coaches to the USA Eagles prior to the first World Cup in New Zealand.

If you want to find out more about Irish Rugby Tours you can reach them here:

George Hook
Irish Rugby Tours
+353 86 813 4888
or email them here:

George Hook
Irish Rugby Tours
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Midwest Thunderbirds blaze a happy trail on their “fantastic” Irish Rugby Tour to Ireland

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New Movie Project Is Looking For Former Newspaper Carriers

Legend of the Paperboys

The cool kids I knew growing up back then had a paper route, so they always had money to spend on “Space Invaders” and “PacMan” at the arcade AND pizza after the Friday night football game!”

— Kevin Sizemore, actor and co-producer

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2019 / — Whatever happened to the paperboy? A new movie project helmed by seasoned Hollywood veterans is hoping to gain a boost of nostalgic support from a massive group of former teenagers whose first job has gone the way of VCR's, payphone booths and Polaroid cameras…the newspaper delivery boy (or girl) on their bicycle.

Legend Of The Paperboys” is about a group of teen paperboys and girls in the early 1980s who discover hidden clues to a treasure worth millions. The family-friendly script is filled with fond throwbacks to the days of Rubik’s cubes, classic Atari video games, and questionable fashion choices. Think “The Goonies” mixed with “Indiana Jones” and a bit of “Stranger Things” all swirled together in a pop-culture blender chock full of 80’s fun. If Elliott would’ve been carrying the local newspaper in the basket on his bike instead of E.T., you might have a Spielberg sense of what “Legend of the Paperboys” is all about.

“The cool kids I knew growing up back then had a paper route, so they always had money to spend on “Space Invaders” and “PacMan” at the arcade AND pizza after the Friday night football game”, said one of the film’s producers, actor Kevin Sizemore (“Fear The Walking Dead”, "Under The Dome", “Woodlawn”, “Timeless”). “The kids who were newspaper carriers were always the go-getters, the hard workers, the ones with the responsibility of bringing the news…because the adults would lose their minds if the paper didn’t make it to their doorstep before coffee! I bet most of those paperboys and girls wound up in some sort of leadership position today. We want to cast a nationwide net and find them and align them and their stories with our movie. “Legend of the Paperboys" is a love letter not just to the ’80s, but also to those newspaper carriers and the newspapers themselves that were so much a part of the fabric of our lives back in the day.”

The script by Darci Warner of Darci Warner Management recently won “Best New Writer” honors at the Action on Film Festival. Warner says that the movie fills a void in cinema today; “I know that times have changed, and I use my phone to read the newspaper today like most people do. Having said that, there was just something about that time that is so special for so many people. That’s why I wrote this movie in this way…to have lots of appeal both to parents who came of age in the ’80s, and teens today who will be able to relate to the sense of adventure the kids and adults in the movie experience… It’s a fast-paced thrill ride for both groups.”

Due to strong initial response to the script, the “Legend Of The Paperboys” production team has decided to go directly to future viewers, including former newspaper carriers or former newspaper employees (from any era, not just the ’80s) to get the step-by-step word out about “Legend of the Paperboys" development. They’ve put together a special registry for former newspaper carriers and newspaper staffers at You can also get into the registry by emailing

The “Legend of the Paperboys” Kickstarter campaign will help raise funds to defray some of the movie’s production costs by offering one of a kind opportunities and nostalgia experiences associated with the film. Future plans include holding open casting calls in conjunction with newspapers across the U.S. and a possible virtual reality game based on a scene in the movie.

Burke Allen/ Shaili Priya
Allen Media Strategies
+1 703-589-8960
email us here

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Edward Karram Explains How to Run a Successful Life Insurance Business 100% On Social Media

Edward Karram

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2019 / — Social media has completely changed the game for the 21st-century enterprise. Think about it; with just a single tweet, a brand in the U.S. can reach a customer in India; deliver meaningful messaging and hopefully, procure their business for life. A Shareaholic report revealed that social media is the number 1 source of website referral traffic.

Given that over 70% of people have at least one social media profile, it is one of the most powerful tools to tap into a huge portion of the target population with ease.

Edward Karram recognizes the value that this medium has for life insurance agents. So how do savvy agents build a great referral business on social networks? Here’s what he has to say;

Show Off Your Personality

Life insurance is a sizeable investment, why should people trust you?

As an agent, it's important to divert from the hard sell and focus on making human connections with your customers. Per Edward Karram; Listen to what they have to say, address their concerns and, every now and then, provide inspirational and informative content that doesn't have an ulterior motive. Talk about car safety tips, responsible cannabis usage, etc; solution-oriented content that users are seeking out anyway.

Twitter is big on polls. Start a poll with your audience, something like; For those who don’t own life insurance, “What’s holding you back? Option A: Too expensive, Option B: I don’t see the need, Option C: My boss has me covered, Option D: Other (Specify please!)

Edward Karram also urges to keep it conversational. This is also a great way to crowdsource answers. Once you establish a great rapport, it's easy for people to look at you, not only as an industry expert but also as a real person that understands the real needs of the average consumer.

Find Out Where Your Target Market Lives

Ask yourself two questions:

“Who is my current demographic?"

"Who do I want my future clients to be?"

Says Edward Karram, "In today’s world, if you do not exist online and on social media, you do not exist." Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the best platforms for agents to elevate their branding efforts.

Learn the rules, behaviors, and etiquette of each before you narrow down to two core media. It's important to experiment initially and find out which best suits your value proposition and where you aim to take your business in the future.

It's a Marathon Not a Sprint

With an oversaturation of businesses in this realm, posting every so often just doesn't make the cut. People have split-second attention spans and if you don't capture their interest on an on-going basis, they move on to to the next shiny object.

Any good business strategy has a certain time threshold after which you start seeing the fruits of your labor. Edward Karram reminds agents that patience is key. Post consistently so that your audience comes to expect content from you at certain days or times.

Learning is Lifelong, Embrace That

Life insurance agents can never know too much. Edward Karram is the founder of a novel agent training platform called SELL-U. It offers in-depth modules for licensed agents and takes them through all aspects of business fundamentals, telemarketing, online branding and more.

Moreover, agents learn how to use strategic and savvy social media tactics to increase referrals and tap into new leads. With professional instruction from people who earn a 7-figure income in the business, agents are groomed to become masters in their field.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7862338220
email us here

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The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) Announces the Appointment of Gabriela Urtiaga as Chief Curator

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2019 / — Dr. Lourdes I. Ramos-Rivas, President and CEO of the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), announced today that the Museum has selected Gabriela Urtiaga (Buenos Aires, Argentina), to serve in the position of Chief Curator. Following an international search, Ms. Urtiaga was selected based on her extensive curatorial expertise specializing in Contemporary Latino and Latin American art. She will amplify the international perspective that MOLAA has cultivated through partnerships, major international institutions, and alliances using her professional curatorial trajectory in the museum field. Her tenure at MOLAA will commence on September 3, 2019.

“MOLAA is developing innovative exhibitions and projects based on collaboration and contextualization of cultural programs of excellence. With this in mind, Ms. Urtiaga’s arrival to MOLAA as Chief Curator of the Museum provides an added value to the existing extraordinary group of professionals who firmly carry out the creation of projects that promote greater knowledge and new perspectives on Latin American and Latino art, both locally and internationally. We are honored with the arrival of Ms. Urtiaga and wish her success in this new stage of her professional career,” said Dr. Lourdes Ramos, MOLAA President and CEO.

In speaking of her new appointment, Ms. Urtiaga stated, “It is an enormous challenge that I receive with gratitude and enthusiasm. MOLAA is a pioneer institution of Latin American and Latino art in the U.S. As a professional, it is a great responsibility to be able to contribute to and expand upon MOLAA’s artistic legacy and vision. I believe in a curatorial perspective that is always looking forward and where the permanent collection dialogues with contemporary expressions. MOLAA is an institution with a strong identity, while at the same time, flexible with its context. As an institution it achieves access to Latino and Latin American culture for a wide audience, while always encouraging the participative response of the public and contextualizing research and knowledge creation.”

Gabriela Urtiaga comes to MOLAA directly from the Kirchner Cultural Centre (CCK), in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is recognized as one of the most important public cultural centers of South America, and where she has served as the Chief Curator. At CCK, Gabriela Urtiaga oversaw the development of innovative exhibitions that contributed to greeting the Centre’s two million annual visitors and filled the fifty exhibition halls. She also developed exhibition and artistic projects in collaboration with international institutions such as the Recoleta Cultural Center and Museo Sívori (Argentina); the Foundation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, La Maison Rouge, the Museum of the National Library (France); el CentroCentro (Spain); the MACRO Museum (Italy); and the Gabriela Mistral Center (Chile), among others.

Throughout her professional career she has worked with Latin American and internationally renowned artists such Marta Minujín, Julio Le Parc, Guillermo Kuitca, Tomás Saraceno, Delia Cancela, Rimer Cardillo, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jean Michel Othoniel, Marie Orensanz, Marco Godinho, between other young and well-known art masters.

Prior to her tenure at CCK, Gabriela Urtiaga was the Projects Curator and the Secretary of Culture for the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this capacity she coordinated contemporary artistic projects and curated international exchange. She also facilitated curator dialogues between Buenos Aires and other international cities.

Gabriela Urtiaga completed her degree in Art History with a specialization in Visual Arts at the University of Buenos Aires. She also holds an associate degree in Cultural Journalism from the Instituto Grafotécnico in Argentina. Ms. Urtiaga participated in a curatorial residency in the city of Los Angeles and was selected and distinguished by the Institut Francais in Paris and the Ministry of International Relations of France to be a part of the international curators’ program “Focus”. She was a consultant, speaker, and jury member for the leading Latin American art fairs such as Art Basel Cities, Arteba in Argentina, and ArtParis in France. In 2019, she was selected as curator at Curitiba Biennial, Brazil. She is a member of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art (CIMAM) and of Asociación Argentina de Críticos de Arte (AACA).

She has edited, written and published several books such "Happenings and performances of Marta Minujín”; "Borges and Xul Solar”; "Borges: Fictions of an Infinite Time”; “200 years”; "Les Visitants, an outlook of the collection of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain by Guillermo Kuitca”; “Democracy Under Construction”; and "Art Circuit of Florida Street.


About the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)
The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) was founded in 1996 in Long Beach, California and serves the greater Los Angeles area. MOLAA is the pioneering museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art. Since its inception, MOLAA has doubled in size and continues to expand its permanent collection of Latino and Latino American artist. As MOLAA continues to evolve into a 21st century Museum, its focus is on strengthening its position as a multidisciplinary institution providing cross-cultural dialogue.

Museum of Latin American Art, 628 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 90802
Hours: Sun., Wed., Thurs. and Sat., 11:00am – 5:00 pm, Friday, 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Admission: $10.00 General/ $7.00 Students (w/ID) and seniors (65+)

Members and children under the age of 12 are Free

Free Admission every Sunday

Free Admission every fourth Thursday of every month between 5:00 – 9:00 pm Info: (562) 437-1689 or

Solimar Salas
Museum of Latin American Art
+1 (562) 216-4147
email us here

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Emeritus Professor Gary Goh Shares His Views on Life-Skills Education and Training for Individuals

Emeritus Professor Gary Goh

INNALOO, AUSTRALIA, August 27, 2019 / — Gary Goh, born on November 26, 1962, is an Australian author, educator, and entrepreneur who work tirelessly to enrich the skills and knowledge of people, business owners, organizations and helps people and the community.

Gary's forte is the ability to identify the patterns that limit and restrict individual and business growth. He is dedicated to helping people to advance their personal life, career and business exponentially and grow them successfully.

In this candid interview, he explains life-skills education and training which are both employability and survival skills in life.

James Victor: What is your teaching philosophy in life-skills education and training?

Gary Goh:
I focus in life-skills education and training which is lifelong learning and they are not taught in the academic world.

These skills provide learners with opportunities to develop themselves to their fullest potential throughout their life and inspired many people to achieve outcomes they had not believed were capable of.

Learners need to learn today, apply tomorrow in a practical and realistic manner, one that will make a real impact. They need to go head to head with real issues. For this reason, my learners engage in life-skills learning and engagement process which help them to develop a stronger awareness of self and others.

James Victor: Will you be able to provide a topic which you taught learners in your life-skills education and training?

Gary Goh:
Emotional intelligence is an example of a topic which I provide to learners that helps them to handle everyday occurrences.

In Emotional intelligence, there are four main interlinked which is:

S – Self-awareness
Observing yourself and recognizing the feelings as it happens.

S – Self-management
Once you are aware of your own emotions, you apply that knowledge to managing your own behavior.

S – Social awareness
You are aware of how others feel and of what is seen as appropriate behavior in your environment or role. It helps you create resonance or a positive reaction to you from other people.

R – Relationship management
Managing emotions in others, social competence and social skills.

Individuals need a balance of all the above four Emotional intelligence elements to have a significant impact on the life they led.

People are unique and need to be handled differently according to what motivates each one.

James Victor: Tell us how you consider a learner as a successful person who applies life-skills concepts in the real world.

Gary Goh:
A successful person is one who has the following:

Understands why and how he or she affects other people the way he or she does, and why other people affect him or her the way they do.

Develops a positive attitude about himself or herself including the strengths and weaknesses which cause others to trust and to have confidence in him or her.

Develops the ability to study situations and people and to adapt through application of appropriate behavior strategies.

I advised my learners that there is no secret formula to being successful in life. Success can never be a destination. One never reaches it because there are further goals and changing objectives. Success is a journey. One should aspire to perform each task in a successful manner and be ready to move on to another more challenging and rewarding venture.

James Victor: Tell us about how you mentor and guide people for upward mobility and career success.

Gary Goh:
The following are some examples based on the premise that people can plan for upward mobility and career success.

1. The environment they move into is a stronger force than them. It will not change to accommodate them. They cannot afford to clash so strongly with the environment that they appear to be out of step. If they want to be accepted and become part of the team, they probably have to learn how to conform to the prevailing corporate culture. If they do not want to conform to a given environment, then do not take the job. Face reality as it is, not as they wish it to be.

2. Manage their job and career. Be realistic about their ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. Do not be over ambitious.

3. It is important to establish one's credibility with the staff, the clients, the business circuit and the bosses. Make sure their work is done on time, under budget, to company requirements, and with pride.

4. Be candid with everyone. Drop personal notes to colleagues who have achieved recognition. Develop a grapevine to give them feedback on their reputation. Keep close to the person whose job they may want, he or she often has a lot to say about a successor.

5. Sharpen their professional outlook. Be a professional in their skills, appearance, thinking, actions and accomplishments. Dress well and look sharp appropriately, but never overdo it. When people meet and greet them, they automatically see them as the polished, successful professional that they are.

6. Speak with conviction. Choose their words well. Be articulate, concise and to the point. People will respect this quality in them and because of it; they listen to what they have to say.

7. Serve on committees and task forces. Especially those with high visibility in public or the organization.

8. Join the relevant professional or trade body and become active if it is progressive. Meet as many people as they can.

James Victor: What do you expect learners to achieve from your life-skills education and training?

Gary Goh:
I hope to nurture learners to be tomorrow's leaders through a multi-faceted and experiential applied learning pedagogy. With robust social and life-skills learning opportunities outside the academic world, to develop professionally competent and socially conscious graduates who are able to serve their professions and communities with honesty and integrity.

I encouraged them to donate their time and talent. People who volunteer report greater happiness, better health and a deep sense of connectedness to community and the wider world. One does not have to be rich to give. When we believe kindness is an essential human nature, we will always treat others with love and compassion. By extending ourselves to help others in any capacity, we bring hope and beauty to those in needs and despair.

Compassion connects people; the bond between people grows through its beauty; its tolerance; its dedication and its sense of responsibility. When they integrate this into their daily life, their journey begins to transform, elevating them to a more blessed life. I encouraged them to give their compassionate love for humanity or for the world as a whole.

Doing good deeds and an inherent ability and desire to help others are the essence of my civic, moral, and life-skills motivational program. It is envisaged that my learners can make a collective mark for the greater good.

The outcome for my learners is to be well respected in the community and be a role model for other community members.

I empower people and encourages one to do a good deed everyday which provide endless opportunities to make an impact on the world.

These are all in the areas of community work and for the betterment of society.

More information about Emeritus Professor Gary Goh can be found in


Emeritus Professor Gary Goh
+61 423 598 066
email us here

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Spencer Shaver Helps Businessmen Make a Real Difference With Entrepreneurial Philanthropy

Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver Denver (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2019 / — Charity begins at home or, in this case, business. Many businessmen choose their favorite charity on a whim; whether that’s because a friend suggested it or because they feel a certain emotional connection towards a certain cause.

Entrepreneurial philanthropy is more than simply showering money on a beneficiary. Here, you have the opportunity to bring about real change and solve real problems.

Spencer Shaver Denver is a consultant on entrepreneurial leadership and philanthropy and advocates that, much like starting a business from the ground up, philanthropy is about clarifying your own objectives, assessing the true impact of giving to a social issue and developing a proactive plan.

Create a Checklist That Details Your Motives for Giving:

“What are my beliefs and values?”

“Which values and beliefs will anchor my philanthropy.”

“How personally engaged do I want to be?”

Introspection is key to a sustainable philanthropic effort. Take into account the people, problems, places, pathways, and philosophies that are in urgent need of your support.

Spencer Shaver Denver endorses that if you are committed to making meaningful change in this world, it’s important to articulate your personal definition of philanthropy, uncover issues that feed into this definition and ponder the outcomes you hope to achieve.

Study the Issue and Its Immediate Environment:

Research is so important not only for the cause itself but the factors surrounding it. What many don’t know is that philanthropy, if done without introspection, can actually have an adverse effect on the issue you so strongly started out to help.

For instance, well-meaning donors gave toward hurricane relief efforts in the form of food and toiletries, however, it was soon found that this impacted local stores that needed the business to make a living.

The solution, according to Spencer Shaver Denver? Don’t be so hasty to write that check. Take into account underlying factors and how these play into each other. Invest the time to understand why the cause has been set up and how exactly your money is going to be used.

Measure the Time Impact of Your Support:

“Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”

A single individual with power can do astonishing things. What often falls by the wayside is that we do not consider the time benefit of our support. For instance, giving towards the construction of an orphanage will reap benefits for decades to come, but the benefits accrued from volunteering at, say, a soup kitchen for a day is much more short-lived.

Spencer Shaver Denver encourages entrepreneurs to first develop a time frame for their intended support. This narrows the pool of options and makes the decision much easier.

Spencer Shaver Denver Helps Philanthropists Make Meaningful Change:

Spencer is a business consultant and guides entrepreneurial philanthropists in their journey toward discovering unique ventures, deploying financial resources the right way, and ultimately, making real change in the world.

Spencer Shaver Denver has a passion for strategic and purposeful business ventures; a passion that he has transformed into life-changing philosophies.

He has helped over 100 small businesses from coast to coast give meaning to their philanthropic efforts and structure a POA that spells success.

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Western Sports Foundation Names New Executive Director

WSF recently named Mark Dobosz as its new Executive Director.

It is an honor and pleasure for me to serve the athletes and families involved in western lifestyle sports.”

— Mark Dobosz, WSF Executive Director

PUEBLO, CO, UNITED STATES, August 27, 2019 / — Western Sports Foundation (WSF), the first program to provide a full range of wellness resources and services for life beyond a career in western sports recently named Mark Dobosz as its new Executive Director.

Mark has spent over 35 years working in a variety of leadership roles and areas for not for profit organizations and associations. He has served in organizations that address community needs in the areas of education, health care, small business development, disabilities, and community development. Some of these include the National Creditors Bar Association, SCORE Foundation, the Mercy Health Care System, Easter Seals, and various premiere independent schools.

In the area of fundraising, Mark has been responsible for starting a national foundation from the ground-level, multi-million-dollar campaigns, developing new fundraising programs, sponsorship programs, as well as expanding several annual giving, planned giving and special events programs. Mark has helped raise more than $35 million for the organizations he has served.

Mark has spoken extensively throughout his career on non-profit management, leadership and fundraising at various international, national, regional and local conferences.

He is one of the contributing authors of the book “Do Your Giving While You’re Living” by Edie Fraser and Robyn Spizman, as well as the Editor and contributing author of – Business Planning Tools for Non-Profit Organizations – First and Second Editions.

Mark recently served as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Office Depot Foundation. He has also served on the boards of several professional and non-profit organizations. He is a recipient of the CASE (Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) Circle of Excellence in Fundraising Award and is a 2010 recipient of the Listen Learn and Care Award from The Office Depot Foundation for his contributions to the not-for-profit sector.

In addition to an undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s College, Mark holds Executive Certificates in Nonprofit Leadership and Management and Transformational Nonprofit Leadership, from the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

About Western Sports Foundation (WSF)
Western Sports Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the overall success of western sports athletes by advancing their health and well-being. WSF pursues its mission by providing medical, life counseling and financial resources to meet immediate needs and prepare for life beyond competition. To learn more and support of WSF’s mission, visit

Communications Office
Western Sports Foundation
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