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Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Fotomerchant platform bring new innovative features to our industry and have always admired their passion for making things better & faster for their customers.”

— Robert Ste-Marie – President & Chief Executive Officer of 36Pix.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, July 27, 2021 / — Fotomerchant. the world’s #1 workflow platform for volume photography studios and 36Pix, the pioneer of high-quality background removal, premium backgrounds and industry firsts has today announced an exclusive strategic partnership.

The commencement of the new partnership will see the integration of a newly developed and exclusive range of 36Pix’s premium backgrounds into the Fotomerchant platform, available exclusively to Fotomerchant customers. The ongoing efforts of both teams will see the continued development and release of new backgrounds and new features as part of a long-term view of driving innovation collaboratively between both companies.

Comments on the announcement:
“36Pix have been innovating and pushing the boundaries of their technology for the last 20 years.” Said Elmar Platzer, Co-founder & CEO of Fotomerchant. “They’ve achieved so much and still have such a drive to push industry standards and be at the forefront of technology. We’re going into this with a long-term vision of how we can drive innovation together and modernize the workflow for studios everywhere.”

“Over the last few years, we’ve seen the Fotomerchant platform bring new innovative features to our industry and have always admired their passion for making things better & faster for their customers,” said Robert Ste-Marie, President & Chief Executive Officer of 36Pix. “There are a lot of synergies between both companies, and we’re looking forward to commencing this partnership.”

More than just backgrounds.
A key difference in the approach will be in the development of not just the quantity of backgrounds offered, but the quality of backgrounds. Using insights collected across ongoing campaigns, both teams will collaborate on developing new modern backgrounds to be made available exclusively to Fotomerchant customers. As this partnership evolves, other exciting products and features will become available to our customers.

Better and Faster together.
Combining the development and support expertise of both the Fotomerchant and SimplePhoto teams ensures that customers will continue to receive the best workflow solution possible today and into the future with accelerated innovation and product development.

Special offer to all Fotomerchant customers.
As a special offer to all NEW & existing Fotomerchant customers, all 36Pix backgrounds will be FREE until October! Any studios looking to take advantage of this special offer can register for the upcoming webinar here or learn more about Fotomerchant here.


About Fotomerchant
Fotomerchant is the leading workflow solution for high volume studios. Through powerful AI-driven tools, Fotomerchant elevates the way studios operate by eliminating the busywork, simplifying complex processes and minimizing human error.

About 36Pix

36Pix provides the world’s best professional portrait background removal for creating perfect images. For 20 years, 36Pix has been improving algorithms to push the technology even further. Today, the company’s award-winning green screen technology is recognized around the world for its unmatched quality. 36Pix processes over 17 million images a year from clients around the globe, providing the best, fastest and most affordable background removal software in the industry. 36Pix is using its AI-based technology to create fun, innovative content to support causes and foundations around the world.

For more information please visit

James Anderson
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US Company’s FDA Authorized Device Would Have Allowed Spectators to Attend Olympic Events

Rapid, Non-Invasive FDA Monitor adapting to COVID variants

UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / — Researchers at Tiger Tech stay ahead of COVID-19 mutations through their adaptive machine learning algorithms and FDA authorized non-invasive sensor system. The American company says it had the perfect solution to get Japan and the Olympics back on track. “We’ve developed a unique solution that would have allowed fans back into buildings and the immediate opening of the country” says Harrison Wittels, Esq., Tiger Tech’s Chief Executive Officer.

After a first-of-its-kind FDA approval, Tiger Tech received Emergency Use Authorization for a COVID-19 screening device known as the COVID Plus monitor. Tiger Tech continues to monitor the COVID-19 virus and its variants using the COVID Plus monitor. The company has been tracking how the body responds to different variants by analyzing biometric data collected daily from RT-PCR positive COVID-19 subjects. Although the specific biomarkers identified by Tiger Tech Solutions in March of 2020 have not changed in positive subjects, the prominence of the biomarkers has evolved. This month specifically, the delta variant is statistically better characterized by a more acute and shorter period of hyperinflammatory biomarkers at virus onset than previous variants. Further, the biomarkers associated with hypercoagulability are statistically less prominent in the delta variant than previous variants. This may be the reason for the shift in reported symptoms to more cold and flu-like symptoms than the previous variants.

“Our technology continues to adjust with the virus and can help get the world back on track. The issue is that people are trying to forget about COVID when in reality we need to adapt. We must learn how to live with it. The first step to getting our lives back on track is with proper screening” says Wittels.

The COVID Plus is the first and only non-invasive COVID screening device authorized by the FDA. The COVID Plus is an armband with embedded sensors that acquire biometric signals from the body. This device is completely non-invasive and rapid, rendering a decision in 3 to 5 minutes. The device uses hundreds of unique biomarkers to find patterns associated with COVID-19. Most importantly, these markers are present in COVID asymptomatic subjects.

Stephanie Chong
Tiger Tech Solutions, Inc.
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Data Axle Hires Nonprofit Digital Veteran Amy Braiterman

Data Axle

Data Axle Hires Nonprofit Digital Veteran Amy Braiterman

New hire exemplifies the company’s commitment to developing industry-leading omnichannel marketing programs for nonprofit organizations

Amy will work closely with new and longstanding clients to elevate their strategies and improve fundraising campaign outcomes, taking learnings from enterprise clients and adapting it for nonprofits.”

— Niely Shams, President, Nonprofit Solutions at Data Axle

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / — Data Axle announced today that it has hired career fundraising strategist Amy Braiterman as Vice President of Strategy. With a background spanning fundraising strategy and planning, agency services, and on-the-ground fundraising, all through an omnichannel lens, Braiterman will service nonprofit clients with innovative marketing tactics that enable these organizations to drive awareness, acquire new donors and increase fundraising from existing donors.

“Our commitment to the nonprofit sector is unmatched in the data-driven marketing space. This commitment is reflected in our solutions and capabilities, of course, but also in the unique way we work with clients. Given her incredible experience and unique blend of talents, the role that Amy has been brought on board will further differentiate Data Axle from others in our space,” said Data Axle Chairman and CEO Michael Iaccarino.

Before joining Data Axle, Braiterman served as Director, Digital Strategy, at CDR Fundraising Group. Prior to that role, she was a consulting manager for Blackbaud, a cloud computing provider that serves the nonprofit community.

“In her new role at Data Axle, Amy will work closely with both new and longstanding clients to elevate their strategies and improve fundraising campaign outcomes, taking learnings from enterprise clients and adapting it for nonprofits,” said Niely Shams, President, Nonprofit Solutions at Data Axle. “Her diverse background means she brings a lot of valuable perspective and fresh ideas to the table for our nonprofit clients.”

“I’m excited to lead the effort to help nonprofits transform their fundraising programs from channel centric to audience centric, something my blended experience positions me well to deliver on for the company,” said Braiterman. “Omnichannel has existed for years, but the missing piece has been full access to the audience to leverage and optimize against. The difference now is that we are able to develop qualified audiences and connect with those individuals in their mailboxes, inboxes, social platforms, web browsers, and other digital channels or touchpoints — doing so rapidly and at scale. Data Axle is primed to help all nonprofit organizations bring this all together. The company is playing a leading role in removing barriers for nonprofit marketers, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

To learn more about Data Axle’s Apogee donor database, visit

About Data Axle
Data Axle, formerly known as Infogroup, is a leading provider of data and real-time business intelligence solutions for enterprise, small business, nonprofit and political organizations. The company’s solutions enable clients to acquire and retain customers, and enhance their user experiences through proprietary business and consumer data, artificial intelligence/machine learning models, innovative software applications and expert professional services. Data Axle’s cloud-based platform delivers data and data updates in real-time via APIs, CRM integrations, SaaS, and managed services. Data Axle has 45+ years of experience helping organizations exceed their goals. For more information, visit

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The Women of Football Hall of Fame Announces its 1st Annual Award Ceremony to be held at The MGM Grand October 29th 2021

The First and Only Women of Football Hall of Fame

Induction Ceremony Information

Who’s Got Next?

Honoring Women Football Athletes

Join us at this Illustrious event.

Introducing The Women of Football Hall of Fame, The first Hall of Fame Organization Honoring Women Football Athletes

Women have been playing Football since 1923 none of those Women have ever been recognized for their efforts” Today we recognize some of those Women who have paved the way.”

— Lupe Rose

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, July 27, 2021 / — As Women continue to fight for Sports Equality, those Women who have committed years of dedicated action to Women’s Football are finally receiving the recognition they deserve, a Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony pledged to Women of Football.

After learning about the disparity of Women’s Professional Football, Lupe Rose has created The Women’s Football League Association also identified as “The WFLA.” The WFLA is setting goals at becoming the first branded Women’s Professional Football Organization recognized for its efforts in fighting for Women’s Sports Equality, and for the Women of Football to earn a Salary, Network Visibility, Health Insurance, Professional Training and everything that is offered to other professional athletes in a professional sports establishment.

After meetings with ESPN, NFL, SEC, NCAA, HBCU and USA Football, Rose’s desire is to bridge the gap in Women’s Sports Equality, and further her efforts with the enactment of Women’s Collegiate, Girls High School, and little girls full tackle Football. Rose continues to break barriers with executing Products, Brands and Businesses to advance Women’s Professional Football and Women’s Sports equality.

Now Rose sets the future on fire for young hopefuls and Women who have dedicated decades of service to Women’s Tackle Football, Women’s Flag and Women’s Rugby by creating the Women of Football Hall of Fame.

The Women of Football Hall of Fame is established and Inducts extraordinary figures in the sport of Women’s football, including women commentators, athletes, coaches, franchise owners, and front-office personnel, almost all of whom made their primary contributions to the game of Women’s Football, furthermore, the Hall will induct between 10 and 15 new Inductee’s each year. There will be a special Athlete “Showcase Award” provided to “Exceptional Women Football Athletes” who are being showcased by the leagues and special teams they have been recruited to play in.

There will be a “Women Sports Museum and Sports interactive Educational Center that will house The Women of Football Hall of Fame Inductees” that will be built in the city of Las Vegas in the near future says Rose.

Rose believes that a Sports Hall of Fame should have had Women Football Inductees some time ago, “Women have been playing Football since 1923 on record, with the first Women Team being owned by the NFL, none of those Women have ever been recognized for their efforts” Today we recognize some of those Women who have paved the way.”

The Hall of fame Induction event will take place on October 29th 2021 in Las Vegas NV at the MGM Grand Casino and will not only Honor those deserving Women but will be awarding A Historian Award which will be presented to its first Inductee Melitas Forster, who paved the Way for Women to participate in Women’s Football and Baseball almost 100 years ago, The Marshall Clampette Hall of Fame Award Honors the Past Present and Future of Women's Football. The Award honors "extraordinary and inspirational" Women of Football and is presented to an individual who has had to fight for her position on the field, who intends to continue to pursue her career in the line of Women's Football.

Rose has created a committee responsible for selecting its inductees which will dictate who should be the First Inductees by a vote system. Tickets available through

About Company: SHE Beverage Company, Inc. – women owned, nationally recognized brand. SHE Beverage Company has grown its brand to unbelievable heights within the last four years. Set to open its 10,000 SQ. FT brewery in Lancaster CA, manufacturing water and launching its brands Sip by SHE with Sip Electrolyte, Sip Alkaline, Sip Young, and Sip Mom’s Water. Currently supplying products to Target, Walmart, BevMo, Total Wine & More, Vons & Albertson Grocers, Arco & Chevron Gas-stations, Best Western & Holiday Inn Hotels, and a slew of other convenient stores, hotels, and casinos as well as AMAZON. SHE Beverage Company is the Mother brand and a brand to closely watch.

Pamela LeFleur
Women of Football Hall of Fame
+1 6616755435
email us here

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ClarityTTS and Hahn Air Soaring to New Heights with NDC Creativity

ClarityTTS & Hahn Air NDC Partnership

ONTARIO, TORONTO, CANADA, July 27, 2021 / — The travel industry, known for its rapid fire pace is a rollercoaster of an industry. Staying up to date on the latest technology is compulsory for any travel company to remain successful. Hahn Air has mastered the art of keeping up to speed and remaining relevant proven by their dominance for 20 years in the charter airline sector. In line with their continued ethos of forward thinking, the German charter airline has partnered up with Clarity Travel Technology Solutions Inc (ClarityTTS). ClarityTTS, an IATA Certified Level 4 New Distribution Capability Distribution (NDC) Aggregator, will enable travel service providers to seamlessly integrate with Hahn Air’s NDC platform that has over 350 partner airlines.

The impact of Covid-19 has highlighted the need for airlines and travel agents to have a seamless and reliable system to work with. Of the partnership Hahn Air (Christopher Allison Director, NDC) said, “We believe that NDC will play an important role in the recovery of our industry after the COVID-19 pandemic. We are therefore very pleased to be partnering with a like-minded, technology-focused partner in Clarity. By providing Clarity’s customers with NDC content of Hahn Air’s more than 350 partner airlines, we are looking forward to enabling their travelers to explore the world again.”

ClarityTTS Director of Business Development Almas Chaumette echoed a similar sentiment, “NDC is the future of our travel retail industry and we’re excited that we’ll be able to assist with implementations of Hahn Air NDC for our travel trade partners. Covid-19 has greatly impacted the travel industry, and we must work together to help move it forward. During the downtime period for our partners, we have seen the focus drastically change towards their technology, and again it reinforces the value of our technology in today’s world and continuing to optimize what technology has to offer. For our travel trade partners who would like to book Hahn Air NDC fares immediately, we have a robust travel marketplace platform called ClaritySSO ( where they can sign up and being to book right away for their clients. The world is opening, and travelers are eager to explore and venture out once again. ClarityTTS and Hahn Air are ensuring that those demands are met with efficiency and impeccable service."

Clarity Travel Technology Solutions Inc. is a global travel technology provider with head office in Oakville Ontario, Canada, and Corporate Offices in USA, UK, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. The internationally acclaimed company has been the preferred technology for the travel industry for over 8 years. For more information, please visit our website (

Chief Public Relations Officer
Clarity Travel Technology Solutions
+1 416-223-2800
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Citipost Mail Puts its Stamp on DMA Awards to 2023

Lesley Yeomans, Deputy Managing Director, Citipost Mail

Lesley Yeomans, Deputy Managing Director, Citipost Mail

Headline sponsor DMA 2021

Citipost mail

Citipost Mail has announced that it will be the headline sponsor of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Awards for the next three years.

Being headline sponsor of the DMA Awards helps Citipost Mail fulfil our vision of being the recognised custodian of direct mail letters in the UK and caps a remarkable year of progression for us.”

— Lesley Yeomans, Deputy Managing Director, Citipost Mail

ALFRETON, DERBYSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM , July 27, 2021 / — Mail management specialist Citipost Mail has announced that it will be the headline sponsor of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) Awards for the next three years, taking over from Royal Mail who have headlined for the last seven years.

The DMAs are recognised as the marketing industry’s most prestigious awards, with fierce competition across multiple disciplines and sectors. 2020 winners included NHS England, Sainsbury’s, Virgin Media, and BT, and the 2021 awards will again encompass 35 categories around the DMAs three pillars of strategy, creativity, and results.

Citipost Mail is one of the UK’s largest independent direct mail companies, processing more than seven million advertising and business mail items every week. As a previous category sponsor and judge, Citipost Mail is committed to driving best practice across the industry, as Lesley Yeomans, Deputy Managing Director explains;

“We are absolutely delighted to have secured this partnership deal with the DMA,” says Lesley. “As a category judge in 2019, I was impressed with the extremely high standard of entries submitted by the UK marketing community that has so much to be proud of.

“Being headline sponsor of the DMA Awards helps Citipost Mail fulfil our vision of being the recognised custodian of direct mail letters in the UK and caps a remarkable year of progression for us. It has been the most challenging of times across all sectors, but we have been able to help our clients transition and thrive through creative and informative direct mail communications and campaigns while so many end customers have been based from home.

“We have celebrated moving into new, larger headquarters this summer, and what better way to mark the evolution of our own business than to headline sponsor the awards that recognise our vision and values. We are all very excited and look forward to the judging process and awards celebrations in December.’

Entries for the 2021 DMA Awards are open now, and the shortlist will be announced on Thursday, 14 November. Winners will be announced at the 2021 DMA awards ceremony in London on Tuesday, 7 December.

About Citipost Mail
Providing end-to-end mail management to businesses big and small, Citipost Mail has been leading the way with Direct Mail services since 2006. Safe and secure bulk mail handling, alongside new data-driven products such as short messaging services (SMS) and hybrid mail (printing and sending mail) are just some of the services Citipost Mail offers its clients. A combination of state-of-the-art technology and proactive account management delivers market-leading services focusing on complete customer satisfaction.

About the Data & Marketing Association
The DMA is the UK trade association for the data and marketing industry led by customer-first principles and a Code of ethics. The DMA has over 1,000 member organisations across the UK and almost a century of experience pioneering approaches in industry. Through the IDM, it continues to drive for marketing excellence through development and learning opportunities. DMA Talent’s range of initiatives is inspiring the next generation into the data and marketing industry to help meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

David Bradford
Citipost Mail
+442032600240 ext.
Visit us on social media:

Citipost Mail

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Thumbies Introduces Sleek New Money Clip Keepsake

Thumbies Logo

Thumbies' Stainless-Steel Money Clip with Fingerprint Personalization

Thumbies’ Stainless-Steel Money Clip with Fingerprint Personalization

Thumbies' Stainless-Steel Money Clip with Paw Print Personalization

Thumbies’ Stainless-Steel Money Clip with Paw Print Personalization

Keep all that you value securely in your pocket with Thumbies’ Stainless-Steel Money Clip

WOODSTOCK, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 27, 2021 / — Thumbies® Inc., the creator of one-of-a-kind jewelry and keepsakes, has introduced a practical new accessory to keep your loved one by your side at all times.

Our skilled artisans in Woodstock, IL, can now personalize a stylish and compact money clip to reinvent what a print keepsake can be. The money clips are made from American stainless steel and held together by a heat-treated spring that is guaranteed not to break or stretch out.

Each money clip is hand-built and polished in the United States. They are personalized using our signature engraving method to embed the print of your choice into the stainless steel. The submitted print and inscription are laser-engraved onto the retractable slide bars for a personal memento that you can always see and feel. These keepsakes are available in all Thumbies & Buddies print engravings – finger, hand, foot, nose, or paw – and come with two lines of engraving.

“I love that we are offering this money clip,” says Senior Jewelry Expert and Co-Owner Bret Dougherty. “Mine has worked perfectly for the past ten years, so it is exciting that we can personalize them for our clients.”

Thumbies’ Stainless-Steel Money Clip holds up to ten folded bills and six – eight cards, making it much slimmer than a wallet and keeping the contents just as secure. They are available for $199, but to celebrate their release, customers can save 10% off through August 31st.

For more information about all our keepsake jewelry and accessories, visit

About Thumbies
Established in 1998, Thumbies is the original fingerprint keepsake provider. With products celebrating people and pets (Buddies Pet Keepsakes®) as well as Phoenix Collection® cremation keepsakes, Thumbies remains the industry leader in quality and selection.

Thumbies employs a process that combines art and cutting-edge technology. Each fully cast keepsake is handcrafted and individually finished in the U.S. heartland by skilled artisans working with the highest-quality raw materials.

Thumbies offers a large number of exclusive designs and materials that no other keepsake provider can match. The unique ability to take personalization to the next level allows Thumbies to create 100% custom, made-to-order designs.

Media Contact

Jennifer Myers
Dougherty Enterprises Inc.
+1 877-848-6243
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Partnerize Expands Integrated Technology Ecosystem with Mobile Commerce Leader, Button

Partnerize Expands Integrated Technology Ecosystem with Mobile Commerce Leader, Button

Partnerize Expands Integrated Technology Ecosystem with Mobile Commerce Leader, Button

Following period of accelerated mobile growth and rising consumer engagement amid the pandemic, new partnership operationalizes profitable growth for marketers

Our timely integration with Button creates opportunity for marketers to operate more strategically across mobile-specific partnerships and experiences.”

— Matt Gilbert, CEO of Partnerize

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / — Partnerize, the global leader in partnership automation, software and services, today announced an integrated partnership with Button. Button is a mobile-first technology provider, delivering mobile optimization technology that helps marketers increase conversion rates and profitability of paid channels, while enabling marketers to achieve new outcomes such as driving app installs or launching an SMS marketing strategy. Partnerize welcomes Button as the latest addition to its integrated technology solution ecosystem, taking an additional step towards a more open, integrated stack minimizing resource tax on marketers and better enabling channel attribution measurement.

“Given what we are seeing in the marketplace, with mobile revenue share and order value both on the rise, among other key indicators, our timely integration with Button creates opportunity for marketers to operate more strategically across mobile-specific partnerships and experiences,” said Partnerize CEO Matt Gilbert. “And, they now can do so with Button’s optimization of mobile performance, enabling our partners to more effectively increase lifetime value from their partnerships instead of purely focusing on short-term acquisition.”

According to eMarketer, the pandemic accelerated behavioral shifts among users, including increased video streaming, gaming, and mobile shopping. In addition, eMarketer notes that it has accelerated innovation, with advertisers exploring new platforms, and publishers creating new products to address shifting behavioral patterns. This year, they report, the average US adult will spend an average of 25 additional minutes on apps year over year (YoY).

“The pandemic has spurred an increase in digital spend, and the privacy changes driven by the browsers have increased marketer costs. So, the Button and Partnerize partnership comes at the perfect time to help marketers navigate the post-pandemic world. Button’s mobile optimization software increases marketers’ ROAS on all digital channels, and with Partnerize, the performance partnerships channel will now see these benefits ” said Button CEO Michael Jaconi. “This partnership enables Partnerize brands to easily create a mobile-optimized experience across their partnerships to drive profitability, lifetime value and drive more app users. All of this makes the partnership a home run for both companies and all of our joint customers.”

The companies have co-produced a practical guide for their clients and the industry at large, Partnerize and Button Present: "Must-Read Mobile Trends and Insights,” available at Key findings from within the Partnerize ecosystem, for the time period Q2 2020-Q2 2021, further illuminate the value of the new partnership. Overall, mobile revenue not only contributed greatly to the total revenue on the platform, but also experienced year-over-year growth.


– Revenue Share: +3%
– Average Order Value: +14%
– Variable Commission Rate: +20%

When comparing mWeb and in-app transactions, data points to customers preferring the in-app shopping experience:

– 3x higher conversion rate in-app vs. mWeb
– 69% of transactions across the Button marketplace occur in-app
– 50% of consumers that made purchases in-app made a second purchase within 30 days.

For more information on Partnerize software and services, please reach out to

About Partnerize
Partnerize is the leader in partnership automation. The Partnerize platform is the only of its kind to deliver a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of discovery, recruitment, optimization, payment, brand safety and fraud prevention capabilities for marketers seeking a high transparency, scalable subsidy to alleviate pressure on their unit economics as a result of over dependence on primary sales and marketing channels. Supported by unrivaled service including the category’s only in-housing support program, with Partnerize, you’re in control of the entire partnership marketing lifecycle—all on a single platform. Headquartered in NYC, Partnerize retains offices in Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Wilkes-Barre. For more information on how Partnerize helps turn your partnerships into a profit center, please visit

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Exults Digital Marketing to Attend International Pizza Expo 2021, the Largest Pizza Show in the World

Exults Internet Marketing Agency

Exults Digital Marketing

South Florida’s top Internet marketing agency will offer a complimentary and comprehensive Online Marketing Audit to any interested Pizza Expo attendees.

In an industry with no shortage of competition, it is crucial that pizza businesses of all sizes build an online presence with practices such as sponsored ads and a user-friendly website experience.”

— Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults Digital Marketing

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, July 27, 2021 / — Exults Digital Marketing announces it will attend the 37th annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas—the largest pizza show in the world featuring a variety of exhibits, seminars, and workshops all dedicated to one of the most popular foods on earth. The agency will appear with the intent to offer any interested attendees and exhibitors a fully-encompassing review of their digital marketing strategy.

“We are excited to have the chance to demonstrate to pizza business owners and decision makers how they can better grow their brands and hone in on their target markets,” said Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults Digital Marketing. “In an industry with no shortage of competition, it is crucial that pizza businesses of all sizes build an online presence with practices such as sponsored ads and a user-friendly website experience.”

The Online Marketing Audit offered by Exults will include a full review of the services offered by the agency as they apply to each business. This will include an analysis of sponsored ads, a search engine optimization report, as well as reviews of website structure, calls-to-action (CTAs), social media presence, and online reputation analysis. Interested Pizza Expo attendees will have the opportunity to review this audit information with Exults for free.

The majority of International Pizza Expo 2021 will take place over three days from Tuesday through Thursday, August 17th-19th. However, various education sessions and workshops related to pizza and the best business practices for the industry will take place as early as Sunday, August 14th. Show hours during the main session will begin at 10 a.m. each day from the Las Vegas Convention Center in Paradise, Nevada.

Any interested attendees regardless of industry or pizza businesses seeking to exhibit can inquire about information and pricing by visiting the event website. The event site also offers a wealth of information regarding event schedules, travel accommodations, and additional details on competitions such as the International Pizza Challenge.

More About Exults Digital Marketing

Exults is a full-service Internet marketing company that is results driven. Offering a complete range of Internet marketing services to reach its clients’ goals, Exults premier services include:

— Digital Branding
— Website Design and Development
— eCommerce platform development and management
— Search Engine Optimization
— Pay Per Click Management
— Social Media Marketing
— Digital PR

If you are interested in rebranding your company for the digital business world to spark meaningful engagement and online sales, contact Exults. For more information, please visit the Exults website ( or call 866-999-4736.

George Eisner
Exults Internet Marketing
+1 877-631-7430
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TheSports Empowers AiScore to Be One of the Best Sports APPs by Its Comprehensive Data Feed

TheSports API

TheSports Feeds API


Being a leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data, TheSport provides cutting-edge solutions and services for AiScore.

LONDON, UNITED KINDOM, July 27, 2021 / — In 2019, a new sports application called AiScore came to our sight. In the very beginning, it was popular among South-east Asian, Middle East and African sports fans. Soon it became to dominate other markets like Brazil, Egypt, Italy, etc. According to the stats from APP Annie, AiScore has ranked #1 in free sports apps in 80 countries. Also, it has kept a 4.5+ rate at Google Play from thousands of raters. What makes AiScore so successful?

Data is an essential element of sport coverage and a key factor in shaping the modern-day fan experience. Even though there are many sports data providers available for sports media or application developers to buy data from, AiScore has chosen TheSports as their only data provider. It is not surprising for most developers that TheSports is the best option. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, there are many big names like Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu ( the biggest search engine in China), HuaWei and AllFootball importing sports data from TheSports.

Being a leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports data and digital content for its clients, TheSports offers an exclusive data solutions for each client.

TheSports shares common functions like live scores, schedules, incidents, player & team information, basic statistics, in-play odds with other apis. Besides, TheSports can also provide its clients with more in-depth stats like ball possession rate and win possibility by a AI-powered system. TheSports’ data coverage includes over 15 sports, such as soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, table tennis, volleyball, AM football, esports, water polo, badminton, handball, snooker. TheSports covers over 380,000 games annually. The users of AiScore said that they can find over 1800 football leagues and 1300 basketball leagues on AiScore.

In addition to the great coverage, TheSports’ apis also enable AiScore’s users to have access to a more accurate sports data with lower latency. TheSports has worked with over 70 data sources to guarantee the reliability of the data delivered.

With fans consuming sports in more ways than ever, capturing their attention has become an increasing challenge. To enhance the experience of sports fans, TheSports has made a unique function for its clients – 2D & 3D live match tracker. By integrating the live match tracker widget into your websites or applications, your users will be able to enjoy watching the games just like at the venue.

Undoubtedly, TheSports gives all that AiScore need for its development and also empowers it to be a unique application by filling in more information and functions.

With working with sports media, developers, telecom, AI projects, TheSports has shown its commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of their clients business needs. So the best sports api is always going to be the one that fits your needs.


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