FIN Compliance taps its partners to engage the Next Generation of Virtual Financial Practitioners.

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WIN Collective

Photo of FIN Compliance Founder Cory Roberson

FIN Compliance Founder Cory Roberson

FIN Compliance’s collaboration to address remote working for firm’s and their staff.

We at FIN Compliance, along with our partners, exist to support growth in remote working as it evolves for firms due to the pandemic”

— Founder, Cory Roberson

WALNUT CREEK, CA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — FIN Compliance, along with its partners Atlas Park and Elite Viviant, are on a mission to support virtual practices in light of the pandemic.

The future of work is here as the rise of virtual offices continues to alter the operations for many investment advisors – a trend already taking place in tech with firms such as Coinbase opting to eliminate its official headquarters.

What’s next for investment management and remote working?

According to a 2021 Deloitte study on Investment Management practices, many firms are investing heavily in cloud-based and security technology in an effort to support remote working for its staff – a win for those who struggled to balance work commutes and family time.

"We at FIN Compliance, along with our partners, exist to support growth in remote working as it evolves for firms due to the pandemic – Founder, Cory Roberson.

Collaborations and More.

WIN Collective is committed to supporting practitioners with success in their entrepreneurship journey while addressing virtual capabilities for their practices.

FIN Compliance provides compliance, consulting, and business management solutions to help the investment industry achieve its compliance and business goals. It primes itself a regulatory resource that supports the lifecycle of firms that include investment advisors, private funds, mutual funds, and brokers. Founded by Cory Roberson in 2012, the firm served more than 180+ firms.

Atlas Park Consulting helps Financial Advisors and Independent Advisory Firms build best practices as a ‘way of doing business’ as opposed to a dysfunctional ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants’ method of running a practice. Founder Cameo Roberson, with the launch of Atlas park in 2018, assists over 30+ US investment advisory firms with the development of 1000+ workflows. She works with business owners that are struggling to manage their small operations, find time to focus on goals, and avoid the burdens of getting pulled in a million directions.

To position owners for growth, she's created a 5-step roadmap that shows firms how to get task completed properly by having systems in place. Atlas Park and Cameo help its clients to clarify their business vision, organize operations, escape burnout, and save time! Cameo is also an editorial contributor for US News & World Report, FA Practice Management column and Atlas Park is a preferred coaching vendor within the Morgan Stanley network.

Elite Vivant is a boutique agency that strategizes and grows the online presence of brands and thought leaders. Our team, led by Founder Latifah Abdur, supports the goals of our clients and integrates the best of web design, workflow optimization, and digital marketing to build brand awareness and overall growth for our clients no matter the success, size, or stage of the company.

Latifah’s mission is to propel businesses and entrepreneurs into the digital stratosphere. Integrating creative visuals with effective strategies to accelerate endeavors in Brand Development, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, and Optimizing Business Operations and Networks.

FIN Compliance Affiliate/Partner Program

FIN Compliance works with a group of professionals, consultants, and other tech vendors, with expertise in fields such as crowdfunding, estate planning, automations, tech support, accounting, marketing, etc. Contact us to inquire about our affiliate/partner programs.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact
FIN Compliance
Cory Roberson
2950 Buskirk Avenue, Suite #300, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Cory Roberson
FIN Compliance
+1 650-305-2688
email us here

FIN Compliance – Vendor/Referral Program

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Disturbing Art/Experimental Program at NYC Independent Film Festival

Logo NYC Independent Film Festival

Logo NYC Independent Film Festival

Follow Leader

Follow Leader



Venus Rising

Venus Rising

Life Is A Two-Way Dream

Life Is A Two-Way Dream

NYC Independent Film Festival Art/Experimental Section 2021

Art/Experimental program is compelling and inspiring, captivating and disturbing”

— Domink Pagacz, art/experimental curator

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — The 12th edition of the NYC Independent Film Festival will be presenting a trove of rarities in its Art/Experimental program. Works by various international filmmakers and moving image artists, at once compelling and inspiring, captivating and disturbing, are bound to delight both connoisseurs and aficionados alike. A must-see for followers of the genre.
NYC Independent Film Festival Art / Experimental lineup 2021:

Total Quarantine by Sebastian Vaina (Argentina)
“Through the camera, we enter a crime scene.”

Traces by Simon Cole (USA)
“What gets left behind after an affair.”

Imagine You Are Falling. But There Is No Ground. by Celia Viada Caso (Spain)
"Disorientation is partly due to the loss of a stable horizon. And with the loss of horizon also comes the departure of a stable paradigm of orientation, which has situated concepts of subject and object, of time and space, throughout modernity. In falling, the lines of the horizon shatter, twirl around, and superimpose."

Hito Steyerl, (2011) "In Free Fall: A Though Experiment on Vertical Perspective”

Follow Leader by Scott Johnson (Canada)
“A vivid exploration of the relationship between toxic male masculinity and the social as well as psychological influences it has had on me growing up through the generations.”

Life is a Two-Way Dream by Gjert Rognli (Norway)
“The film ‘Eallin lea guovtte suorat niehku — Life is a Two-Way Dream’ shows the way in a world undergoing rapid change, with polarization and globalization going in many directions. We are in an age marked by adoration of youth, fixation on the present and extreme individualism. What we do today will affect the way people live in the future. The wisdom from the shaman’s worldview from the old Sami religion helps weave together another interpretation and story.”

Nova by Alexandre Bré (France)
“Helen is a young actress who is getting ready to play the role of a goddess abandoned by all.”

Venus Rising by Colleen Keough (USA)
“Venus Rising is a single channel video and sound work exploring the dismantling of patriarchal systems and a call back to Earth centered feminine wisdom.”

I Am |A| by Vittoria Becchetti (Italy)
“I am |A| is an audiovisual project that shows all human weakness in relationship to the usage of new technologies as surrogates of impossible desires.”

Dennis Cieri
Cieri Media International Corp
+1 917-763-2428
email us here

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Eric Foster, CEO, Swinerton

Eric Foster, CEO, Swinerton

A workplace that mirrors the diversity of the communities in which we work, at all levels of the organization.

A workplace that mirrors the diversity of the communities in which we work, at all levels of the organization.

Rachael Guerrero, Corporate Social Responsibility Manger, Swinerton

Rachael Guerrero, Corporate Social Responsibility Manger, Swinerton

Veteran Business certification organization

Nations leading veteran business certification organization

Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC

Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC

Swinerton empowers every individual to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. Together, we are opening more doors for NVBDC Certified SD/VOBs.

Swinerton has remained successful for more than 130 years because of one thing—our people. It is our people and the values that we share that form the foundation of our organization.”

— Eric Foster, CEO, Swinerton

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — The National Veterans Business Development Council (NVBDC) welcomes Swinerton as its newest Corporate Member. Swinerton is committed to supporting the NVBDC Certified Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs). This includes an ongoing effort to enhance their outreach to secure certified SD/VOBs in their procurement opportunities.

Swinerton traces its roots back to 1888, when a young Swedish immigrant formed a brick masonry and contracting business in Los Angeles to serve the growing city in its post–Gold Rush building boom. Since their earliest days building along the Western frontier, the company has survived and thrived through two world wars, the Great Depression and Recession, dynamic cultural movements, and natural disasters. Since Swinerton’s earliest days, their exceptional craftsmanship has helped them create celebrated landmark projects throughout the West and beyond. To learn more about Swinerton’s legacy of building, flip through their History Book. The company now has over 4,000 employees from coast to coast, and along the way they have helped build communities from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the Hawaiian Islands, and from the Gulf of Alaska to the jungles of Colombia. The company still operates under California contractor’s license number 92—the one it obtained in 1927 when the state first began issuing licenses. Many Swinerton-built structures now claim a spot on the National Register of Historic Places and other architectural preservation lists.

“Swinerton has remained successful for more than 130 years because of one thing—our people. It is our people and the values that we share that form the foundation of our organization. We are fortunate to have an amazing collection of experience, skills, and passion within our employee-owner ranks,” said Eric Foster, Swinerton CEO

Swinerton’s success has been built on a foundation of shared values. They are a 100% employee-owned company, so their people have a personal interest in the success of every project. With a culture of collaboration, they work toward a common purpose: to be the preferred builder and trusted partner in every market they serve, proudly leading with integrity, passion, and excellence.

“In our quest to serve our clients in communities from coast to coast and to be a leader in corporate social responsibility, we have to look at sustainability in a holistic way. At the end of the day, we aren’t just a builder finishing a project and moving on to the next. The legacy of what we build together lasts longer than the project,” said Rachael Guerrero, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.

Swinerton is strongly committed to promoting and increasing participation of small, minority, women, veteran, and disabled veteran business enterprises in all their purchasing and contract business. Their goal is to award at least 20% of subcontracting and supplier volume to these valued partners and is proudly maintained across all divisions. They are proud to establish a higher standard of excellence for the construction industry with outreach programs to local, small, and historically disadvantaged businesses, including those operated by women, minorities, and disabled veterans. This is not just an effort that they provide for clients that request this consideration; this is a part of Swinerton’s culture and their commitment to the communities that they serve.

In 2020, Swinerton signed AGC’s Culture of Care pledge, which affirms their commitment to a work environment that is free of harassment, hazing, and bullying. They commit to hire and pay based on skill and experience, regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. They retain high-performing employees by identifying and removing barriers to advancement. Swinerton empowers every individual to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. Swinerton recognizes the importance of small, minority, women, veteran, and disabled veteran business enterprises and local workforce to the economics of the construction industry, the communities they serve, and to their own success as a builder. Swinerton is committed to building high performing teams by exploring every avenue. Developing teams that are diverse in experience, background, and thought is what keeps them on the leading edge of innovation. Swinerton partners with diverse subcontractors that meet all their prequalifications and standards.

They facilitate the subcontractor process with all the requirements listed including current bid opportunities, prequalifications, contractor-controlled insurance programs, Swinerton labor agreements and training. In addition Swinerton provides additional support to help with any questions by emailing them directly:

“NVBDC has reached a milestone thanks to the support of our corporations with over 100 members. We are expanding NVBDC opportunities for our Certified Service-Disabled / Veteran Owned Businesses as our memberships keep growing,” said Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC.

For more information on this opportunity with Swinerton and to learn how to become an NVBDC Certified SD/VOB please visit our website: Additional support is available by contacting us directly: (888)-CERTIFIED.

NVBDC is the only Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans, for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses ensuring that valid documentation exists of Veteran ownership and control.

FIND US | LIKE US | FOLLOW US | JOIN US: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and RallyPoint

Keith King, Founder & CEO
National Veteran Business Development Council
3164466885 ext.
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Mailing List Website offers effective sales leads for businesses targeting gold investors. Reach this exclusive today

Gold Coin Buyers Mailing List

Gold Bar Buyers Mailing List

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. Despite being one of the oldest commodities in human history, it remains just as relevant for investors

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing aims to aid businesses and other groups to reach out to gold investors. For larger B2B ventures, business postal mailing lists are available to find the relevant enterprises and other associated organizations that might benefit from their products or services.

Other organizations and businesses may go the route of traditional consumer-oriented markets, and consumer postal mailing lists are available to cater to these general market needs. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can provide the databases required by geographical and demographic metrics.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Is Focused On Businesses
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is 100% American-owned and operated. It started with a hope from a disabled veteran. After protecting the country and its citizens, it was decided to enjoy the rewards of that hard work and help that same country's economy to blossom. Starting with the home town of Las Vegas, Nevada, the business steadily grew, enabling companies to grow by finding new customers and clients. Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has a staff with a combined total of over 50 years of experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is geared towards helping other businesses grow by finding new clients and customers. It is a marketing-focused company that began operations before the heavy integration of digital channels into a marketing strategy. Because of its roots in the direct mail marketing sphere, fundamental techniques and the importance of data were valuable lessons taken to heart. Once digital marketing came to the fore, those same lessons helped the company to flourish.

Now, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is more significant in the scope of the services it offers to clients and the scale of its operations. It still serves its hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, but has grown beyond one city or state to the entire country, including Hawaii and Alaska. It is a continental service, helping businesses to reach beyond America's borders to other North American nations like Mexico. It even offers services for those that want to go global, such as reaching out across the Atlantic to European countries like France.

Gold Is Always A Contingency
Value is a relative thing in the business and commodities world. When no one needs oil and demand drops, prices go down. If there's a drought and wheat becomes scarce, grain prices go up. Investors play a constant guessing game with the values of stocks and commodities based on supply and demand. These values are subject to continuous change.

Gold, however, has retained a high value throughout human history, and this remains true even in the 21st century. It is both a prized metal for jewelry and valuable in practical applications such as conductivity in electronics. But it is also a "lifeboat" in uncertain financial times. The reflex of the market is that while gold is always a valuable commodity, it is a "safe" and even more valuable commodity during times of financial uncertainty. In other words, even as the value in different stocks and commodities fall, gold remains high in value. Gold is a refuge for investors in troubling times and a safe investment even when things are going well.
This makes the demographic that is interested in gold investment extremely broad and lucrative.

Reaching Gold Investors
Gold investors come from many different walks of life. Private individual investors shore up gold for emergencies. At the same time, more prominent traders or even trading companies regularly trade and speculate on the value of gold. For them, it's one more safe harbor to diversify a trading portfolio. Investing in gold is a sound business strategy across a broad array of demographics around the world. Whether someone is using gold investment as part of a retirement nest egg or a component of a broader investing strategy, there is an active market that can be approached by many different businesses either directly interested in gold investment or related/ancillary ventures.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has compiled extensive databases of gold investors for businesses interested in targeting this demographic. The data collected targets not just people with a specific interest in gold investment but can do so across precise metrics, depending on need. Whether a business targets a particular area within the United States or wants to reach out to only a specific religious, ethnic, or even financial demographic of gold investors, the data is already there. This is even valuable for adjacent business interests. Gold investment often leads to other areas of focus in the interest of return on investment or portfolio diversity.

Making An Impact On Your Market
While direct mail marketing is effective, it also requires expertise, and that's not something many non-market-related businesses have. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to help. On offer are turnkey direct mail solutions that guide the company through every step of the direct mail path. It's there to help at the concept stage, thinking of effective designs and potential materials for direct mail. Then those concepts are executed by designers, and the copy is written. Once everything has been approved, the final designs are created through printers. Then it's time to take advantage of the numerous databases and customer lists available. All contact data types are available, from physical addresses, email, and even SMS/Text cellular numbers.

For businesses ready to reach gold investors, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You're supporting an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

Patrick Trump
Sprint Data Solutions
+17026951092 ext.
email us here

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, May 12, 2021 / — Brandenburg Energy Corp. (“Brandenburg” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that through its wholly owned subsidiary, 2828329 Ontario Inc. (“Subco”), it has completed a non-brokered private placement offering (the “Offering”) of 2,500,000 common shares of Subco (the “Subco Shares”) at a price of $0.10 per Subco Share for aggregate gross proceeds of $250,000.

Brandenburg will use the proceeds raised from the Offering for costs associated with the business combination between Brandenburg and Coin Analyst UG (“CoinAnalyst”) (the “Business Combination”), the details of which were previously disclosed in the press release dated March 17, 2021 (the “March Press Release”), working capital and other general corporate purposes.

In connection with the Offering, Amuka Capital Corp. (“Amuka Capital”) was paid a finder’s fee of $20,000 (the “Finders Fee”) and issued 200,000 broker warrants (the “Finder Warrants”), with each Finder Warrant exercisable for a period of two years for one Subco Share at a price of $0.20.

As Aaron Meckler, a senior officer, director and controlling shareholder of the Company is also a significant shareholder, director and officer of Amuka Capital, the issuance of the Finders Warrants and the payment of Finders Fee to Amuka Capital in connection with the Offering constitute a “related party transaction” pursuant to Multilateral Instrument 61-101 Protection of Minority Security Holders in Special Transactions (“MI 61-101”). The Company is relying upon the “Financial Hardship” exemption from the minority shareholder approval and formal valuation requirements under MI 61-101.

The Company is also pleased to announce that its previously announced non-brokered private placement of units will be structured as a non-brokered private placement of subscription receipts of Subco (the “Subscription Receipts”). The Subscription Receipts will be sold at a price of $0.20 per Subscription Receipt to raise gross proceeds of a minimum of $750,000 (the “Sub Receipt Financing”). Each Subscription Receipt will entitle the holder thereof to receive, without any further action on the part of the holder or payment of any additional consideration, one unit of Subco (a “Unit”). Each Unit is comprised of one (1) Subco Share and one half of one (1/2) common share purchase warrant (each whole warrant, a “Subco Warrant”). Each Subco Warrant entitles the holder thereof to acquire one (1) Subco Share (a “Subco Warrant Share”) at a price of $0.35 per Subco Warrant Share for a period of 24 months from the date of closing of the Business Combination.

The expiry date of the Subco Warrants may be accelerated by Subco at any time if the closing price of the Subco Shares on any stock exchange in Canada is $0.70 or greater per Subco Share for a period of five (5) consecutive trading days at any time after the completion of the Business Combination. If this occurs, Subco may accelerate the expiry date of the Subco Warrants by issuing a press release announcing the reduced Subco Warrant term whereupon the Subco Warrants will expire on the date that is 30 days following the date of such press release.

The net proceeds of the Sub Receipt Financing will be held in escrow and, upon the satisfaction or waiver of certain conditions (the “Escrow Release Conditions”), including all conditions to the closing of the Business Combination, the net proceeds will be released to Subco.

In connection with the Sub Receipt Financing, Subco has engaged Amuka Capital as lead finder. Subco will pay Amuka Capital a cash commission equal to 8% of the gross proceeds of the Sub Receipt Financing and issue Amuka Capital broker warrants equal to 8% of the Units sold, and exercisable for the purchase of Subco Shares at a price of $0.20 per share until 24 months following the completion of the Business Combination.

The net proceeds of the Sub Receipt Financing will be used for expenses related to the Business Combination, the execution of CoinAnalyst’s strategic plan, and the repayment of debt.

Further information:

Investors are cautioned that any information released or received with respect to the Sub Receipt Financing in this news release may not be complete and should not be relied upon.

This news release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of the securities in the United States. The securities to be issued in connection with the Offering and the Sub Receipt Financing have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “U.S. Securities Act”) or any state securities laws and may not be offered or sold within the United States or to U.S. Persons unless registered under the U.S. Securities Act and applicable state securities laws or an exemption from such registration is available.

Cautionary Statements Regarding Forward Looking Information:

This news release contains “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities laws relating to the proposal to complete the Sub Receipt Financing and associated transactions. Any such forward-looking statements may be identified by words such as “expects”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “projects”, “plans” and similar expressions. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Statements about, among other things, the closing of the Sub Receipt Financing and the satisfaction of the Escrow Release Conditions, completion of the Business Combination, the listing of the Subco Shares on a Canadian stock exchange, and the intended use of funds from the Sub Receipt Financing and Offering are all forward-looking information. These statements should not be read as guarantees of future performance or results. Such statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from those implied by such statements. Although such statements are based on management’s reasonable assumptions, there can be no assurance that the Sub Receipt Financing will close or that the Business Combination will be completed on the terms described in the March Press Release. CoinAnalyst and Brandenburg assume no responsibility to update or revise forward-looking information to reflect new events or circumstances unless required by applicable law.

For more information, please contact:

Brandenburg Energy Corp.
Aaron Meckler, CEO, CFO, Director
T: 647 502-3558
1049 Chilco Street, Suite 405,
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6G 2R7.

Aaron Meckler
Brandenburg Energy Corp.
+1 647-502-3558
email us here

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VIDGO expands line up to over 95 channels with the addition of News, Sports and Family Entertainment Options

Stream Like A Pro!

VIDGO is pleased to announce the addition of 6 News and Family Entertainment channels. Vidgo is the first vMVPD in the US to carry the i24News channel.

We are proud to welcome our 6 new channels to Vidgo. They are each a great testament to our growing customer appetite for the best options in streaming, delivered in one simple package.”

— said Scott Aiken, Chief Marketing Officer.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — (ATLANTA – May 12, 2021) – Over-the-top (OTT) TV streaming service VIDGO is pleased to announce the addition of 6 News and Family Entertainment channels, including i24News, NewsNation, Family Entertainment TV (FETV), Vrtuo Sports, Classic Reruns, and BYU TV to the Vidgo English package.

Vidgo boasts the most comprehensive English streaming solution with over 95 Channels of popular content. Beyond a great line up, the company continues to see significant market growth through a current promotional offer for new customers- $10 for the first month of service, and the standard Vidgo rate of $55 per month thereafter. Qualified new subscribers* can sign up today at to enjoy the best value in streaming.

“We are proud to welcome our 6 new channels to Vidgo. They are each a great testament to our growing customer appetite for the best options in streaming, delivered in one simple package. It’s also exciting to offer our new customers this valuable content at a great promotional price,” said Scott Aiken, Chief Marketing Officer. “The addition of these local channels, news, sports and family entertainment options, makes Vidgo the logical choice for everyone.”

New Channel Highlights:
Vidgo is the first vMVPD to carry i24NEWS in the United States. i24NEWS is an international TV news channel based in Tel Aviv, Israel that offers a mix of traditional newscasts and breaking news coverage with roundtable analysis of current events and talk shows. The network is a vital source of unbiased international and domestic news for viewers in the Middle East and, since its launch in the United States in 2017, for those in the U.S. who seek out international news from the region.

FETV (Family Entertainment Television) is available nationwide to over 50 million households and provides American households a trusted option for family entertainment. FETV features classic and inspirational programming the whole family can enjoy. The FETV lineup includes many popular television series from the 50’s through the 90’s, such as Perry Mason, Hazel, Matlock, Bewitched, The Lone Ranger, and more.

Vrtuo Sports is a new channel founded by 18-year NBA Veteran Terry Cummings available exclusively on Vidgo. Vrtuo provides a fresh perspective of sports, news, and entertainment. Terry is joined by NFL Legends Merrill Hodge and Corey Harris who will provide unique interviews, insights, and analysis of sports and athletes from around the country.

BYU TV is the family entertainment brand that young people want, parents trust, and that families enjoy together. With family at its core, BYUtv is a non-commercial, value-based television network that brings an inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining experience into 54 million homes across the nation. BYUtv is part of BYU Broadcasting, which is owned by Brigham Young University.

Vidgo Highlights:

• The most comprehensive package of over 95 channels at the lowest price
• The ability to stream on three simultaneous devices at home or on the go
• Social TV platform powered by Kiswe Mobile
• Live local channels from ABC, Fox, and My Network TV
• National content providers – ESPN, Disney, Freeform, FX, National Geographic, Fox, Discovery, A&E, and ViacomCBS
• Sports – ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Network, PAC-12 Network, Big Ten Network, and beIN Sports
• News – Fox News, Fox Business, ABC News, Newsnation, i24News, Cheddar, plus ABC and Fox local station news
• Stream live channels at home or on the go with streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and desktop.
• VIDGO’s available programming includes national content, live local broadcast from ABC and Fox, sports, kids channels, music channels and movies.

About Vidgo
Vidgo is a prepaid over the top (OTT) television streaming service with the most popular live Sports, Entertainment, Family, and Latino programming at an affordable price. Each package includes three simultaneous device streams and is available at home or on the go. With no fees for equipment, no credit checks, and no contracts everyone qualifies for Vidgo.
For more information visit or contact

*Offer eligibility for all net new Vidgo customers and returning customers who have not been Vidgo subscribers over the last 60 days.


Shane Cannon
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Institute of Virtual Set to Hold #BuildingEventsBack Roundtable Series

We believe that this is once in a career moment to help those at the intersection of events, marketing, and tech significantly change the way experiences and events are produced.”

— Jason Cohen – Executive Director

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 12, 2021 / — As the world begins it's slow recovery, the Institute of Virtual is turning to industry leaders to join a series of conversations around #buildingeventsback. Beyond Covid-19, the event industry is a bound to remerge stronger than ever, but almost certainly redefined by the emergence and success of #virtualevents.
For it's part, the Institute of Virtual has been hosting a weekly Lunch 'n Learn series, IOV Executive Director, Jason Cohen explains, "We believe that this is once in a career moment to help those at the intersection of events, marketing, and tech significantly change the way experiences and events are produced."
Building on the success of the Lunch 'n Learn series, the Institute of Virtual is set to host a series of roundtable conversations focused on all aspects of #buildingeventsback.

The conversations are expected to cover a range of topics including:
– Crafting conferences and events that are COVID-safe
– What's the definition of hybrid in the modern event landscape?
– Event Production in a world of hybrid and virtual events
– Navigating the new world of hybrid events

To participate the Institute of Virtual invites anyone in the field of events, marketing, meeting planning, and tech to sign up. The first roundtable "What's the biggest challenge you face in 2021?" is scheduled for June 8th at 10 AM ET. Sign-up on the Institute of Virtual website. Space is limited for each discussion.

About the Institute of Virtual: Started in 2020 by the team at NYC Video Pros to provide thought leadership for event, marketing, & technology pros to navigate the new role of virtual in event production.

Seth Bellaff
Institute of Virtual
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Healthcare’s Inaugural “Gratitude Symposium” Attracts 50,000-Plus Registrants

PENSACOLA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — A unique resource meant to help healthcare workers renew their spirits, this series of videos on fresh, relevant topics has barely begun—but it’s already been incredibly well-received.

Over 50,000 people have registered for the May Gratitude Symposium, a series of free virtual presentations meant to thank, teach, and inspire those in healthcare. The symposium is being provided by 45 healthcare experts to say thank you to healthcare workers.

In addition, the group is donating $75,000 to The DAISY Foundation, which recognizes nurses for their extraordinary skillful, compassionate care, and $25,000 to the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), which fosters excellence and drives innovation in health management and policy education, and promotes the value of university-based management education for leadership roles in the health sector.

Quint Studer, the host of the symposium, states: “The goal for the presenters is to say thank you on behalf of so many who appreciate the continued work and demonstration of selflessness by those who work in healthcare. The presentations are on a variety of topics that will inspire, as well as provide suggestions on moving forward as the aftershock of this pandemic continues.

“When the symposium was announced April 2, we were hoping it would be helpful to the many who work with such passion and skill to make a difference,” he adds. “The large number of registrants demonstrates the symposium has struck the right chord with these wonderful healthcare workers and organizations.”

It is not too late to register! Information on how to do so can be found at To make it easy to register your entire workforce or student body, please contact Nicole Webb Bodie at or 850-748-2027.

# # #

Dottie DeHart
DeHart & Company Public Relations
+1 828-325-4966

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The Home Care Business Boom – How to Capitalize on It! Webinar for Home Health Care Entrepreneurs

DavetheNurse RN Entrepreneur home healthcare business Homecare

Join DaveTheNurse as he discusses the Home Care Business Boom

Free Live Webinar from DaveTheNurse for Home Healthcare Entrepreneurs on Tuesday, March 25, 2021 at 12 PM (PDT)

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2021 / — Attention home health care business entrepreneurs – If you want to capitalize on the growing home care business boom, then you need to register for a live LinkedIn webinar featuring entrepreneur Dave Soltau or DaveTheNurse on Tuesday, March 25th, 2021 at 12 pm (PDT).

Register at this link:

When you register, you’ll secure your spot on the March 25th LIVE webinar to learn more about the AMAZING business opportunity in the home health care field! In the 30 minute webinar, DaveTheNurse will introduce you to the key aspects of Home Health Care, including:

– Is a Home healthcare business right for you?
– How much money you need to launch a home care business
– How much money you can make over the next 5 years.
– How the number of older seniors will continue to grow for a decade or longer

By 2030, experts say, older seniors aged 65 and above will account for nearly a quarter of the total U.S. population. As a result, home health care has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the U.S. economy. More seniors are getting their care at home rather than in nursing homes and senior-assisted facilities. That means opportunities for entrepreneurs to build a thriving home care business in your town or city to care for these seniors.

Dave the Nurse has already created a chance to learn this business in his video learning platform with the Health & Wealth Academy that offers entrepreneurs the information to learn, grow and start your own home care business. In these courses, aspiring home care entrepreneurs will learn how to:
* Develop a turn-key entrepreneurial concept into a great business opportunity
* Create and manage their own home care business
* Find investors, find clients and create a thriving business

Register at this link to get a spot on the webinar to learn more about the HUGE growth opportunity in the home health care field. Don’t delay, limited slots available!

DaveTheNurse Background
Dave Soltau is an entrepreneur and registered nurse (RN, BSN) with over 23 years of experience. In his career, Dave served as an officer nurse in the Army Nurse Corps, provided care in the Emergency Department, the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, medical/surgical floors, and in the registry/per diem world. As a serial entrepreneur, Dave has co-founded two successful care companies, Advanced Clinical Associates, and the ACA Wellness Institute, generating over $30 million in sales. Dave is also a self-published author and public speaker.

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‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 21 No Record of Wrongs

What you are hunting for is Peace. And peace comes through one act alone. Vergeben. Forgiveness.”

— Captain JLM

CLIFTONVILLE, MARGATE, UNITED KINGDOM, May 12, 2021 / — Brainiac Productions LLC, Christopher William Mahne, and Sir David Michael Robinson today announced the release of Chapter 21 No Records of Wrongs from ‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and audio content on Soundcloud along with SFX video content on YouTube and IGTV.

As the BINGE story continues this climactic chapter, is the restoration of C.W. The dead Pilot tells C.W. of the curse in this place, which is that every person is split in some way. The mother wears two faces, and the pilot is half alive and half dead. C.W. will come to discover that there is no Jacob, there is no pilot and there is no plane. That in the divorce, C.W. suffered worst of all, for he was split in the mind. The idea of splitting is the very definition of divorce, which is the brokenness of oneself. C.W. will come to further realize that nobody can be healed without his forgiveness. This makes the statement that C.W. has kept his pain alive while others have moved long past it. The only way out is to face the difficulty of forgiveness, and as soon as C.W. forgives, the pilot dies, and his father is put to rest.

Sir David reminds us all “In scripture, Paul defined Love as having certain characteristics, including that it is evidenced by those who keep no record of wrongs. Love and healing are only possible through Forgiveness. There is an orange crayon, which C.W. has been using to record the hurt of his life, which is written all over the plane. To move past the pain, C.W. must let go of the practice of recording wrongs done to him by his parents.”

Mahne vehemently stated, "Unconditional love and forgiveness is always the answer…"

Special thanks to Nessi Gomes for singing her beautiful song 'These Walls' in the video on YouTube.

Book reviewers, bloggers, journalists, and other media contacts who would like to receive a copy and/or schedule an interview with the authors can email inquiries.

Click here to get a Free Audible copy of 'Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE.'

Christopher William Mahne
Brainiac Productions LLC

‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 21 No Record of Wrongs

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