Saquon Barkley, NFL Star Running Back, Called Best New York Giants First Rounder In A Decade

Saquon Barkley.

"The Giants using the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 draft on a running back is a valid question. There’s no question, though, that Saquon Barkley is legit."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2020 / — Although the New York Giants have missed many first round draft options over the last decade, their decision to draft Saquan Barkely second in the 2018 NFL Draft certainly appears like a great choice. In his first two NFL seasons serving as the starting running back for the Giants, Barkley has been the focal point for the offense. Even with his season disrupted by injury, Barkley’s statistics after two seasons put him in the conversation for the best runningback in professional football.

“Barkley’s numbers came down in 2019 (largely due to a high ankle sprain that cost him three games), but he enters his third season as one of the NFL’s most dangerous players with a football in his hands,” states Bleacher Report.

Barkley has also cultivated a sincere relationship with various media and sports outlets across the league, despite playing for a team plagued with position issues. Bleacher Report has also recently named him the best Giants selection in the past 10 years, something that is hard to refute at this stage, as Barkley heads back into his third season ready to lead the offense once again.

“Whether the Giants should have used the second overall pick in the 2018 draft on a running back is a valid question. There’s no question, though, that Saquon Barkley is legit,” states Bleacher Report. “In his first season, Barkley was a force of nature—he averaged five yards per carry, caught 91 passes, topped 2,000 total yards, scored 15 touchdowns and brought home Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.”

Gary Davenport from Bleacher Report called Barkley the most important aspect of the Giants attack and said there's even an case to be made for Odell Beckham Jr. to be the Giants 'best pick of the decade. Although playing in an offense with an ageing Eli Manning, a disorganized locker room, and questionable coaching decisions, Beckham's incredible ability was unquestionable. However, Beckham's tenure with the Giants was also marked with on-field temper tantrums and media distractions that left many Giants fans all too ready to let the star wideout to go to another team, the Browns. Beckham's tenure with the Giants will go down in history books as a time of lost opportunities when the Giants had some potential, but not enough to build on and contend with Beckham in the one year they made the playoffs.

In comparison, Barkley has remained calm, poised, and focused throughout his two seasons with the Giants. Even through the toughest of stretches, Barkley understands that only time will tell where the future will take both himself and the franchise. Headed under new head coach Joe Judge, the team seems to be headed in the right direction. It looks like the Barkley pick will indeed go down as the better one than Beckham.

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Emmanuel Kelly, Releases New Music Video “Never Alone” Featuring Demi Lovato, Terrance Howard and Chris Martin

Produced by Kunal Sood and Henry Finn, the video is promotes inclusion as well as diversity and will, in tandem, launch the #NeverAlone and #NeverAloneChallenge

I felt the need to have the song help bring us together because we as humans need to be in a place where we need to be going through something together to feel vulnerable.”

— Emmanuel Kelly

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 9, 2020 / — Emmanuel Kelly, the Australian X-Factor sensation, is releasing his first music video for his song “Never Alone”. The video features many “A-List” celebrities and social impact Influencers joining him on his #NeverAlone and #NeverAloneChallenge to advocate global mental health and encourage people to virtually embrace and authentically connect while going through the Covid19 pandemic.

The video will be premiered on Billboard Magazine and throughout various other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live, and Emmanuel Kelly’s website at

Kelly has entertained close to 1 billion people worldwide after his rendition of the song “Imagine” by John Lennon on the Australian X-Factor show went viral. From there he has gone on to perform at other iconic platforms such as the United Nations.

A-List Celebrities featured in the video are Demi Lovato, Chris Martin, Emmanuel’s two-time Para Olympian and World Champ Gold medalist brother Ahmed Kelly, Terrance Howard, JK Simmons, Elizabeth Moss, Jean Claude Van Dame and his son Kris, Pia Toscano, Royce da 5’9, Vanness Wu, Brian Grazer and his wife Veronica and nephew Jack Grazer and many more. They are sharing encouraging and inspirational 30-second cameos of raw, unfiltered, and heartfelt words telling the camera what they do to gain strength when they feel alone.

The #NeverAloneChallenge involves viewers and fans to creatively express themselves through photos and videos on what they do when they feel alone as well. Those that feel comfortable are encouraged to share with the world their #NeverAloneChallenge on social media.

Kelly wrote the song Never Alone when he was just 11 years old from the heartache of watching his mom go through the loss of a child, a boy named Edis. She was about to give up her humanitarian way of life when she felt something telling her she’s not alone, to keep fighting and not give up. Kelly states, “After experiencing and watching her go through this, I realized that we are not alone. And if she had given up, my brother and I wouldn’t be where we are today, so for that, I am very thankful for her courage, her strength and her commitment for not giving up.”

Never Alone was brought to life for the first time right after Kelly’s appearance on Australia’s X Factor, releasing it as a solo single. In essence, it made the charts, made the top 100 in Australia and around different parts of the world, but the song didn’t make the impact he wanted. At the time, the song was more of an acoustic pop ballad, with slow beats and a melancholy sadness.

Kelly wanted to do something different with the song, so he took a step back and realized that the timing wasn’t right. He stated, “I felt the need to have the song help bring us together because we as humans need to be in a place where we need to be going through something together to feel vulnerable,” so he waited. He also wanted the song to make people feel happy, a get-up, and make you dance kind of song. Kelly came together with legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold in 2019 and re-mixed it with a higher energy pop sound creating the sing-a-long chorus that one can’t help but sing along to.

A new decade comes along, 2020 is here, and the Coronavirus has the world at a standstill. Kelly felt making the song a music video for the world to embrace was something tugging at his heart as feeling the effects of the quarantines is impacting everyone across the globe. Throughout this time of isolation, the #NeverAloneChallenge is relevant and timely as mental health and building community is so crucial for everyone.

Bringing in the celebrities was also an idea he had, so he asked a few that he knew, told them about his movement, and, within 24-72 hours, Kelly received three videos from significant stars. He thought if they believe in this movement, then he’s onto global awareness to help those get through this crisis, so the timing was right.

Never Alone music video is being produced by Kunal Sood (Founder and CXO of X Fellows and NOVUS Summit) and Henry Finn (Luminous Media US) with filming by each celebrity involved on iPhones showing the raw and unfiltered essence of being #NeverAlone.

Paul Oakenfold created the re-mix alongside Varun with Chris Martin as Executive Producer.

Never Alone will be on Kelly’s upcoming EP that is coming out Fall of 2020.

To find out more about Emmanuel Kelly, visit his website at Get the latest updates from Emmanuel by following him on his social media accounts at Facebook @EmmanuelKellyNADA; Instagram @EmmanuelKellyOfficial, YouTube @MrEmmanuelKelly, and Twitter @EmmanuelkTwiter.

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Emmanuel Kelly Never Alone Music Video Featuring Demi Lovato, Reik, JK Simmons, Ahmed Kelly, Terrence Howard and more.

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Premier Video Honoring Healthcare Workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic: CNA, Nurses, LPN, RN, Nursing Homes, ALFs

Dan Stockdale, Nursing Home Administrator

Dan Stockdale, PhD Candidate, MA, LNHA, CNHA, CALA

RingMastered Logo

RingMastered Logo

Thank You #SeniorHeroes & #HealthcareHeroes

Thank You #SeniorHeroes & #HealthcareHeroes

Healthcare Workers #HealthcareHeroes and #SeniorHeroes are Honored for Their Sacrifice and Service in this video produced by Dan Stockdale, PhD Candidate, LNHA

OMAHA, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2020 / — Dan Stockdale has produced a video honoring the healthcare workers who are fighting on the frontlines in your hometown around the globe.

"CNAs, LPNs, RNs, nurses, cooks, activities professionals, housekeepers, maintenance engineers, social services directors, administrators, laundry workers, department managers, physicians …everyone working in healthcare, especially in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, memory care units, independent living communities and CCRCs are literally placing themselves on the front line against an invisible enemy. But they don't just doing during a pandemic, they do it every day of the year; it's their calling" said Dan Stockdale.

Please take a moment to view this video, tag and share it with anyone you know who is serving the sick or elderly, to show your love, gratitude and appreciation for all they are doing. They are indeed #HealthcareHeroes and #SeniorHeroes.

Dan Stockdale, PhD candidate, MA, LNHA, CNHA, CALA is licensed in 7 states as a nursing home administrator, has operated under Emergency Permits in 2 additional states and has been appointed by CMS as a Temporary Manager over the most troubled facilties. He is currently investigating the global future of senior housing. Dan has appeared on CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Channel, ABC News, New York Times, Chicago Tribune and many other national and global media outlets.

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Honoring our Healthcare Heroes and Senior Heroes

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Gary Maziarz Featured in Exclusive Interview


Gary Maziarz Is Featured in Exclusive Interview

In a recent interview, Gary Maziarz spoke about building strong fundamentals and keeping focused on your goals.

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2020 / — Gary Maziarz is happy to announce that he has recently been featured in an exclusive interview for Thrive Global. In his interview, he highlighted the importance of building strong fundamentals and keeping focused on your goals.

With several years of experience in information technology, Gary Maziarz is an IT business manager from Denver, Colorado. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting from La Salle University.

Gary Maziarz also actively participates in his community and supports animal rescue organizations, which he says has made a positive impact in his life.

In his interview, Gary shares that he believes it is vital to build strong fundamentals and to keep focused on your goals. He also shares the most important life lesson he has learned.

“The biggest and most important lesson I’ve learned in life is stand up for your beliefs,” says Gary Maziarz.

“Never back down if your convictions are doing what is right, helping or saving the lives of others, and are worthy of whatever the punishment may be.”

For more information, please visit

About Gary Maziarz

From Denver, Colorado, Gary Maziarz is an IT business manager with several years of experience in multiple roles. He is a graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Accounting. After graduating, Gary worked as a senior accountant and business analyst for the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. He also worked as an account manager at American Cleanstat, a business systems analyst specialist at Fidelity National Information Services, a freelance business consultant, and most recently as a business enablement manager at Toastmasters International. He holds several certifications. Gary Maziarz was also a first responder at ground zero after 9/11 to assist in the search and recovery process. During that time, he also assisted the NY National Guard setup their command center at the Jacob Javits Center and led a team of Marines setting up tents to be used as temporary morgues and rest areas for the workers. He is currently part of the WTC First Responders Health Program due to multiple medical conditions resulting from inhalation of the toxic dust. In 2009, Gary created a moving company, Amazing Patriot Movers, through U-Haul’s new program “Moving Help”. He only hired active duty and recently discharged service members to provide labor for those in San Diego county. In 2012, he was part of an organized effort in San Diego to “adopt” a family that was impacted by the hurricane. He paired volunteers in San Diego with a specific family, especially in Breezy Point and the Rockaways. He also helped publicize which provided gifts for children who lost their homes due to the hurricane. He is currently a volunteer with Pawsitive Restoration Animal Rescue (in Aurora, CO) and a top donor to Helping Paws (Carlsbad, CA).

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Digital Pi Recognized as Digital Experience Emerging Solution Partner of the Year by Adobe

Digital Pi Recognized as Digital Experience Emerging Solution Partner of the Year by Adobe

Digital Pi honored as an Adobe top commercial partner in the Americas, based on significant growth in partner-influenced revenue in the prior fiscal year.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2020 / — Digital Pi, LLC, a Merkle company and global team of marketing technology and operations strategy experts, today announced that it was recognized as the Adobe 2020 Marketo Engage Emerging Commercial Solution Partner of the Year Award for Digital Experience in the Americas.

This honor is given to the top Adobe Digital Experience commercial partner in the Americas, based on the achievement of significant growth in partner-influenced revenue in the prior fiscal year.

Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, offers the solution of choice for lead management and B2B marketing professionals seeking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys.

“We’re honored and humbled to be recognized as the Adobe 2020 Marketo Engage Emerging Commercial Solution Partner of the Year Award for Digital Experience in the Americas,” said Ryan Vong, CEO of Digital Pi. “Our team works fervently to ensure our clients can fully leverage the power of Marketo Engage. I believe this award is a testament to our team’s passion.”

“Congratulations to Digital Pi on this achievement,” said Rachel Fefer, Head of Commercial Sales, North America at Adobe. “Digital Pi’s commitment to customer value consistently helps our customers get the most out of their investment in Marketo Engage and other Adobe applications.”

Digital Pi is an Adobe Platinum Partner and was honored in 2018 as Marketo Services Partner of the Year, and earned a Marketo Engage Specialization in December 2019. Digital Pi provides strategic planning, technical delivery, and measured business intelligence in Marketo and supporting martech platforms. Acting as strategic partners, Digital Pi enables clients to leverage more from Marketo Engage and deliver revenue faster.

Learn more about Digital Pi and their comprehensive offerings of strategic, operational, and managed services for Marketo Engage here or connect with us on Twitter at @digitalpi.

About Digital Pi

Digital Pi, a Merkle company, is a leading full-service B2B digital marketing agency focused on marketing automation consulting services that help companies get the most value from their investment in Marketo Engage and integrated technologies. Digital Pi defined the widely adopted Digital Pi Gold Standard framework, a blueprint for achieving measurable and repeatable marketing with Marketo Engage. Founded in 2013, Digital Pi has helped hundreds of companies from mid-market to enterprise get more from their investment in marketing technology.

For more information reach out to

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Richard Zahn and BCC Construction Group, LLC Close $53 Million American Landmark Apartments

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2020 / — Richard Zahn and BCC Construction Group, LLC are proud to announce the closing of a $53 Million, 365-unit luxury AA Class property in Orlando, Florida. The property was designed by Baker Barrios Architects Inc. and VRB Engineers.

The Dezeo Grande property, which was previously the Artegon Mall, is a five-storey community on the grounds of Dezer City. The property will feature a large resort-style pool with poolside BBQ, gym, Wi-Fi lounge, café lounge, bike storage, and a 4.5-storey parking garage.

A future phase two 365-unit complex is scheduled, along with a high-rise hotel on the same campus.

Richard Zahn notes that Dezer City, now known as an AA class asset and build, is poised to transform the old Artegon Mall property into a state-of-the-art, mixed-use project over the next five years in partnership with Mr. Lubeck, CEO of Landmark American Apartments and Michael Dezer, Dezer City landowner and partner.

BCC Construction Group is Richard Zahn's new construction division, which has built over 6,200 units in the past seven years.

Richard Zahn, chairman of BCC Construction Group, LLC, along with his wife, Michele Zahn, CEO of PCDG Construction is deeply involved in their Church East Coast Believers Church, they work closely with Pastors Norm and Dina Dubois in helping raise money for local charities annually that focuses on housing, clothing, feeding, and building up needy families.

For more information, visit

About Richard Zahn

Richard Zahn Sr., Chairman of BCC Construction Group, LLC has specialized in affordable housing since 1996. Having performed a plethora of HUD, mixed use projects over the past 24 years, Zahn and his team/entities have performed in excess of $187 million in projects over the past three years, and over $1.6 billion in projects since he joined the firm(s).

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We created the Home Base kits to help all of us working remotely to communicate clearly and professionally, while establishing a solid operational Home Base.”

— Jesse Dean, VP Audio Sales at MAC Group

WHITE PLAINS, NY, US, April 9, 2020 / — Professional Audio Innovators Saramonic, renowned stabilization company Benro and uncompromising bag manufacturer Tenba (all distributed by MAC Group) along with respected audio company MPOW and leading backdrop company Savage are proud to introduce HOME BASE KITS, created to help make teleconferencing, videoconferencing, VOIP and even regular calls clearer, easier and more productive for all of us dealing with the new #WFH and #OOO reality.

Here’s the scenario that so many of us can relate to:

We begin another work day… in our kitchen, living room or camped out in our bedroom. The dog is barking. The kids are playing. Someone is vacuuming. The neighbors are having a dance party.

Our mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers are not ideally equipped for the current work from home reality we are dealing with. It’s tough to communicate clearly with all the home life sounds going on around us. Add in multiple co-workers all talking at once from their own home environment combined with all their life sounds, and it is a recipe for frustration and inefficiency. And how are we supposed to present or take notes while our mobile phone or tablet keeps falling over? It can get maddening.

This is why the two HOME BASE KITS were created.

HOME BASE PERSONAL ($199.00) is an assembled Audio/Video/Telecommunications Kit for working from home or on the go. This kit delivers an ‘all in one’ solution for those needing to telecommute and create content without breaking the bank. It is unique in that it gives you, the telecommuter, the tools to stay connected either with Smartphone, Tablet, Camera or Computer, and in any combination therein. It works with all of the popular video and telecommuting software, including Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

It’s perfect for students, teachers, homeschoolers, telecommuters and freelancers.

HOME BASE PROFESSIONAL ($299.00) is an assembled Audio/Video/Telecommunications Kit for professionals working from home or remotely.

This kit delivers an ‘all in one’ solution for those needing to telecommute and/or create content while maintaining a polished professional appearance and controlling the appearance of their environment. It is unique in that it gives the professional the tools to stay connected using their Smartphone, Tablet, Camera or Computer, or any combination of these. It includes a 5’x7’ background, ensuring you’re the center of attention regardless of your surroundings or location. It works with all of the popular video and telecommuting software, including Zoom, Skype, Go to Meeting, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

It’s perfect for doctors, healthcare workers, religious leaders, lawyers, actors, newscasters, and executives.

Both Home Base Personal and Professional Kit include:
– Saramonic Vmic Mini, an all-metal, on-camera, cardioid condenser microphone with both, TRS and TRRS output cables for capturing pristine audio with a Mobile Device or Camera.

– Benro PP1 Pocket Pod, a tabletop tripod/handgrip for smartphones, Action Cameras, or DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras, providing complete stabilization wherever you set up.

– Saramonic SR-BSP1C Smartphone Clamp is precision engineered from machined metal to hold your mobile device with confidence.

– MPOW noise-cancelling, microphone, stereo headset with USB and TRRS connection for mobile devices or computer, makes for effortless telecommuting from anywhere.

All housed, protected and ready for travel in the included padded and weatherproof Tenba Skyline 13 Messenger Bag.


– Savage Universal 5’ x 7’ gray, wrinkle-resistant cloth backdrop that lets you elegantly block out your background anywhere you find yourself (carry bag with shoulder strap included).

“Working from home or out of office comes with its own set of unique variables particularly during these extremely challenging times. Noise, varying locations, and lack of concentration can all add up to create a perfect storm of inefficiency. We created the Home Base kits to help all of us working remotely to communicate clearly and professionally, while establishing a solid operational Home Base."

— Jesse Dean, VP Audio Sales at MAC Group

“We are living through unprecedented times due to the Covid-19 virus. Every single person’s life has been affected and we are all needing to communicate both personally and professionally from a distance. While we are all hoping to get back to normal soon-ish, we are anticipating it to be a very new normal. We see this as an opportunity to take our most useful products along with those from some of our trusted partners to create simple and effective solutions to the challenges all of us conducting business from home, learning at home, or merely doing our best to stay connected from home are facing,”

— Jan Lederman, MAC Group President

For more information contact Saramonic Brand Manager, Joe Nassar:

About Saramonic

Saramonic is a professional sound equipment solution company which focuses on producing remarkable audio gear for content creators and filmmakers, musicians. Learn more at

About MAC Group

32 years ago, MAC Group started as a boutique marketing, sales and distribution group focusing on professional photographers. As the industry has evolved, so has MAC Group with their expansion into filmmaking, video, mobile, content creation and audio. Today, MAC Group is one of the leading companies of their kind with world-renowned brands offering products and education that enhances the lives of passionate content creators at every experience level.

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Orthopedic Devices Market is set to grow with a 3.20% CAGR through 2026

Orthopedic Devices Market

Orthopedic Devices Market

2020 Orthopedic Devices Market Size, Share and Trend Analysis Report to 2026- Growth Opportunities and Competitive Analysis

TEXAS, UNITED SATES, April 9, 2020 / —
Orthopedic Devices Market to reach a market value of USD 36.3 billion by 2026, with the market growing at a CAGR of 3.20% over the forecast period 2020-2026.

Orthopedic devices market growth is driven by growth in geriatric population and mounting progresses in med-technology, improved prevalence and occurrence of orthopedic disorders.

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Further, growing investment in research & development and rising strategic alliances and collaborations among key companies are other factors that promote the market growth for orthopedic products.

Rising prevalence and occurrence of chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and others increase the amount of use of joint replacements, which in turn gives key players opportunities to improve their investments.

Furthermore, due to the wide availability of medical practitioners and specialists associated with different orthopedic products, hospitals represented a significant market share among end-users.

Browse Orthopedic Devices Market, Research Report @

Hospitals which are working in a competitive environment is being changed and becoming attractive by the existence of orthopedic surgery departments. Hospitals that offer individual patient-specific implants are often focused on customer-centered surgeries.

Orthopedic devices market geographical exploration

The orthopedic devices market in North America is very focused on innovating high-quality, cost-effective products. As well, key companies working in the North American market are dedicated to evaluation, procurement and efficiency, which are key factors in the market growth.

Secondly, raise in orthopedic conditions prevalence and increasing awareness of minimally invasive procedures to further fuel the sales of orthopedic products in this region.

Further, some other factors driving regional growth include high demand for advanced healthcare services due to the existence of well-developed healthcare infrastructure, industry giants and reimbursement exposure.

Nevertheless, factors such as frequent product recall, issues of biocompatibility, expensive procedures & equipment, and strict regulatory approval procedures to challenge the market growth.

In European region the demand for orthopedic devices is driven by the substantial use of orthopedic equipments by a large number of hospitals and clinical laboratories to treat bone disorders.

Whereas, due to the largest geriatric population stream with developing countries like China, India, and Japan, Asia Pacific to see market growth.

Therefore, the demand from these countries for tremendous growth over the projected time span Furthermore, the medical tourism sector is booming due to the availability of innovative healthcare services at cost-effective rates to attract target patient population.

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Competitive landscapes to explore the growth opportunities

Official certifications, development of products to trigger the market share. For example, in 2020, The FDA approved 510(k) clearance to 32 orthopedic devices.

Further, Ziptek developed new orthopedic fixation device for U.S. surgical orthopedics and to expand its portfolio across Latin America in the year 2020.

In addition, in 2020, Australia-based Field Orthopaedics was formed when a group of orthopedic surgeons were exasperated by ongoing shortcomings in surgical practice.

Moreover, in 2020, in Israel a robotic orthopedic device developer OrthoSpin raised $5 million in a Series B financing round.

Prominent players contributing in orthopedic devices market include Medtronic, DePuy Synthes, NuVasive, Inc., Stryker Corporation, B. Braun Melsungen AG, Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc., Globus Medical, Inc., Orthofix International N.V., Abbott Laboratories, RTI Surgical, Inc., Boston Scientific, SeaSpine Holdings Corporation, ulrich GmbH & Co. KG, Spineart, Kuros Biosciences AG, Bioventus LLC, Colfax Corporation, Meditech Spine, LLC, and Implanet among others.

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Sergey Taitler Featured in Exclusive Interviews

Sergey Taitler was recently featured in two exclusive interviews based on his work as a general manager at All American Exterior Solutions

LAKE ZURICH, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2020 / — Sergey Taitler, general manager of All American Exterior Solutions, is proud to announce that he was recently featured in two exclusive interviews for Ideamensch and Thrive Global.

With over 20 years of experience, Sergey Taitler currently acts as the general manager of All American Exterior Solutions, which he took over upon his father’s death. His father founded the company in 1979 after the family emigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine.

In his interviews, Sergey says that while taking over the company his father had built was difficult, he knew he had a legacy to uphold. He notes that being able to carry on this legacy makes him very proud.

“I love to be able to look at a completed project and see the hard work and determination that my team and I put in be shown in the success and happiness of the client,” says Sergey Taitler.

“Being able to directly see the impact of our work is a great reward that always makes the hard days easier to work through.”

About Sergey Taitler

In 1979, Sergey Taitler emigrated to the United States with his family when he was a toddler. In 1998, he graduated from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, with a concentration in Real Estate and a minor in History. During his last year of university, his father passed away. At the age of 21, Sergey Taitler took over the business his father built, then called All American Roofing. Sergey Taitler has acted as general manager ever since. Due to the diversification of the company, its name was changed to All American Exterior Solutions. All American Exterior Solutions offers various different services such as roofing, insulation, solar panelling, and more for residential and commercial properties.

For more information, please visit

Sergey Taitler
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Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa’s Sponsorship Gives Future Engineers Hands-On Experience

Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa’s manufacturing plants mentor aspiring engineers for one year that turns classroom theory into real-time work environment.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 9, 2020 / — Belise Gakwaya is currently a substation technical engineer at Eversource Energy in New Hampshire, USA. She is responsible for monitoring substation conditions to ensure system reliability. The data collects and analyzes, ensures preventative maintenance. Belise looks ahead to an exciting, stable and rewarding engineering career path.

Before embarking on her career at Eversource Energy in New Hampshire, Belise interned at one of Ayabatwa’s manufacturing plants in Uganda. During her internship, she was part of the team that connected the factory to the power grid. The factory was previously powered by generators. The work involved constructing a substation on the factory premises and bringing in a 33kV line kilometers away.

Ayabatwa and Belise agree on the importance of internship for engineers. They agree that classroom theoretical knowledge is not enough to work in industries. Students need to have hands-on experience working in a real-time environment and projects. Therefore, internships give students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge they have learned in the classroom. Crucially, students get first hand-exposure working under a mentor who challenges them to think outside the box. To put simply, an internship is the best way to bridge the gap between the employer’s requirements and academic learning.

That is what Belise gained in her one-year internship sponsored by Ayabatwa. As Belise explains, working on electricity project in Uganda helped her to understand the full life cycle of a project, from creating a scope to procuring vendors/equipment and ultimately to completing the project.

Moving from the internship to her current position was a smooth transition because it was the same work she did in Uganda under a mentor. Belise adds that her internship in Uganda inspired her to aim for greater purpose. She has no doubt that Ayabatwa’s one-year program equipped many others who benefited from the same program, especially in Africa where such opportunities are extremely limited.

Giving back to the community has always permeated Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa’s business endeavours.

In Ayabatwa’s world, contributing to the common good, especially in training young people cannot be separated from doing business. As he puts it, “without giving back to the community by empowering young people, neither a private enterprise nor a country can prosper. Communities are the foundation on which wealth is built. No one should be left behind.” For Ayabatwa, seeing young people like Belise working in her chosen career of engineering is confirmation that there can be no better value than investing in people.

David Himbara
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