Escaping the Grind by Finding Fulfilment in Faith and Mutual Aid

Spiritual-Busyness: From Surviving to Thriving

Alex Graham offers a guide to "Spiritual-Busyness: From Surviving to Thriving"

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, November 18, 2021 / — The modern world can leave one breathless in the pursuit to make enough for a living, the hustle and bustle can have little time left for self-care, especially for those who are driven to be successful. This is why Alex Graham seeks to provide people another way to find fulfillment and happiness in their lives, a way for them to find reprieve and achieve something personally meaningful while stepping outside of the box of modern workplace culture. With "Spiritual-Busyness: From Surviving to Thriving" he provides advice on how one can live well and do more than just survive, a way to actually thrive not just physically but also spiritually.

“Spiritual-Busyness” is an economic and business model for creating human happiness, meaning and purpose in one's life. Graham has seen the modern workaholic and set about creating his model of Spiritual-Busyness 35 years ago, almost by accident. His path is a faith-based dynamic business model that prioritizes sustainability, so people will not be burned out by following this lifestyle but instead reinvigorate their spirituality and find satisfaction in life. His model also avoids the harmful mentality of "us versus them" and instead goes for an inclusive approach, aiming to provide prosperity to all people. This is based on Graham’s spiritual beliefs, based on God’s unconditional love which he then applies on a societal level, to all people.

Graham holds that the only way humanity can ease its collective pain and suffering is through cooperation, though he begs the question, can anyone imagine politicians upholding unconditional love as they fulfill their duties representing the very people representing them? This is why he proposes an alternative way to live on an individual and community basis, urging people to rethink how they carry about their daily affairs, how they choose their representatives and also how they conduct their social and economic transactions.

It is centered on a pay it forward model that has the potential to expand rapidly and improve lives on a massive basis, so that people will be busy helping one another and collectively ease each other's burden, instead of toiling away alone and alienated for the rest of their lives while finding little fulfillment and barely getting by. This can even be applied to businesses, as Graham states that if franchise owners share this model they will generate outrageous cash flows. Spiritual Busyness is an approach with its own co-operative political movement and transformational workshop designed to build the community and create fairer societies both on the political and private spheres where everyone has a say, applying democratic values and freedom not only to governance but other hierarchies and organizations.

The third section of his book is written in a way that transports readers to a workshop, capturing the experience of being in a seminar with Graham. He suggests readers peruse this section first because he plans to hold an online workshop that will run for seven weeks, the first six of which entail instruction and practice, while the final week empowers participants to lead their own programs and share their learnings.

"This means that the LNC workshop will be the first Spiritual-Busyness company. Buy my book and get a taste of the best transformational workshop in our world!" Graham says.

"The more community that is created, the more money that is made by everyone simply by sharing ideas rather than by capitalizing on them. People win, communities win, businesses win, banks win, and governments win." Graham says. "The best part is the winning is noninflationary, sustainable, and democratic and it will lead to vibrant communities of people doing what they love doing, which is just another name for service."

The latest release of Graham's book includes a new chapter and the author's pursuit of more equitable financial and economic practices, as well as his effort to stop fraudulent practices, embodied in his letter to the Fraud Squad of the Australian Federal Police and Victorian Police, where he indicts the banking and financial system of Australia with pure fraud, alleging that the practice of fractional reserve lending is fraudulent and criminal. This view is shared by Jeff Nielson, co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada, who wrote an article titled "Fractional-Reserve Banking is Pure Fraud" for

About the Author
While Alex Graham grew up in a nonreligious household he has spent the last 30 years seeking God through the spirit of unconditional love. He wrote the "Spiritual Busyness" trilogy to end pain, suffering, and separation from God. Graham currently lives in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

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