Innovative POS Technologies are shaping a New Retail Consumer Experience

Retail Success 2022: How to Create Great Customer Experiences

Retail Success 2022: How to Create Great Customer Experiences

Interactive devices at POS are getting great attention in stores, will continue to deliver a better digital experience to the retail consumers in 2022 & beyond.

HAMBURG, GERMANY, November 1, 2021 / — Eyefactive released a whitepaper that guides retailers on how to create great customer experiences for retail success.

Since last few years the retailers are already facing tough competition from the ecommerce giants and the pandemic had changed the consumer mindset to buy more through online mode. It is becoming increasingly harder for retailers to stay in the competition.

The actual competition is of delivering a rich experience to the consumers. To deliver a rich consumer experience is a challenging task for the retail shops as ecommerce platforms have direct digital reach to the customers. There is much to worry for the retailers to how to deliver a digital experience to the retail customers.

According to a consumer behavior survey conducted by a popular research firm found 73% of the consumers in participated in their survey agreeing on making buying decision based on the consumer experience. Just a tweak in customer service generates a $775 million of additional revenue for a billion-dollar company within a span of three years.

The full whitepaper can be read here:

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