‘New Money Twinz’ Releases Fascinating Autobiography, Shining a Light on the Opportunities for Creating New Wealth

‘New Money, New America,’ by renowned R&B duo New Money Twinz, is now available on Amazon.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bryan and Ryan Wood, of renowned R&B / Hip Hop duo New Money Twinz fame, are pleased to announce the release of their highly anticipated autobiography New Money, New America, currently available on Amazon, Apple Books and bookmate.com. Offering a fascinating look at the lives of the Wood twins from childhood right up to their current successes in the industry, the story reveals the hard work and determination that became the foundation of their career.

But New Money, New America is more than just an autobiography. Being well acquainted with the struggles that African Americans face on a daily basis, the brothers have created important lessons out of their own experiences. The hope is that, by telling their own story, they can inspire others to create innovative ways to make money in a post-pandemic world.

“We’re proud of the achievements we’ve made, and happy to announce the release of our new book,” Bryan and Ryan state. “We hope that our story will offer hope and inspiration to those in need of some guidance. These are tough times – so many people have lost their jobs and their businesses. We wanted to show people that it’s quite possible to create new wealth by building a successful business. All you need are the right strategies and the right mindset.”
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About the Authors

Bryan and Ryan Wood, better known as the renowned R&B / Hip Hop duo New Money Twinz, were born in Takoma Park, Maryland. Having started their musical career right out of high school, the brothers worked hard to establish themselves in the industry and eventually moved to Hollywood, where they established their own music label, New Money Records.

Since then, New Money Twinz has produced a constant stream of highly regarded music videos, garnering a massive following on Google, YouTube and Instagram. The duo has also ventured into the Health and Wellness Industry and created the New Money Brand, an enormously successful global movement.

Ryan and Bryan’s most recent achievement is the release of their self-help book, New Money, New America, an autobiography offering solutions as to how to make money in a post-pandemic world.

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Source: EIN Presswire