SocialBox.Biz Seeking Additional Partners to Collect Old but Still Usable Tech for Disadvantaged Initiative

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, October 29, 2021 / — SocialBox.Biz, a London-based Community Interest Company that collects unused but operable laptop computers and other tech for re-use and to support disadvantaged groups, is seeking new partnerships with large organizations and local businesses to collect their laptop computers and tech no longer in use but that is still usable instead of sending it all for recycling. The Organization is devoted to sustainable social impact and digital inclusion and promoted reuse before recycling.

The SocialBox.Biz initiative provides technology, laptop computers, and access to the internet, encourages self-sustainability, and empowers the disadvantaged and those recovering from difficult circumstances, including charities in the areas of homelessness, ex-offenders, and young refugees, young people in the care system, and the elderly.

The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have highlighted the need for ongoing communication and the importance of technology to stay connected. SocialBox.Biz ensures that vulnerable groups such as the elderly, homeless, and refugees can steadily access technology to speak to loved ones, order food and medication online, and continue their education.

SocialBox.Biz is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged and disenfranchised with the following:

Placing laptops into homeless centers to provide social and digital inclusion to those with the greatest need

Supporting refugees living in the UK who need to connect with their new community

Training at-risk job seekers, such as homeless individuals, on basic computer skills, resume-building, and technology-focused job skills

Promoting technological innovations to improve society

Embracing innovation to deliver e-learning courses for those who can not afford university studies, such as the homeless, refugees, and recent immigrants

For many years, SocialBox.Biz has actively collaborated with schools, councils, colleges, and universities to meet sustainability and impact goals, develop solutions for reusing devices that are no longer needed but still useful.

“From older people in care homes to young refugees, hundreds of thousands are in

need. Access to technology has never been more critical to our mental health, and every firm can help plug the gap,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz.

“Our team is working on donating thousands of laptops by 2030 as part of the Laptops for Homeless and Vulnerable Initiative. With our donation boxes, individuals can donate laptops, other technology equipment, and other business necessities, including business attire. By partnering with great British companies has allowed us to widen the scope of our mission,” said Gio Valdez, Social Impact Projects Leader at SocialBox.Biz.

SocialBox.Biz collaborates with corporations, businesses, and organizations to provide laptops to disadvantaged people during crises and beyond. So many people are digitally excluded from the working world today. Thousands of older people on low incomes cannot afford to buy a computer for home use, but who could benefit from having one. Our goal is to collect as many no longer needed but still useful laptops as possible and re-home them to the most who need them,” Valdez added.

"Beginning in November, we are launching our new Scholarships for Refugees and Homeless People in the UK program. SocialBox.Biz plans to award grants to help refugees pay for training tuition, fees, and expenses for further education. We will identify those most in need and pay for their study in conjunction with a homeless charity. These funds will offer opportunities for refugees and homeless people in the UK to get back on their feet and integrate into British society. We are looking for schools, colleges, universities, local councils, and other large organizations to help collect old but still usable tech. As a former child refugee, I know firsthand the overwhelming challenges one faces when integrating into a new society. With the right resources, we can all make a difference in someone's life," said Peter.

To learn more about how you can collaborate with SocialBox.Biz by donating your unused laptops to aid the disadvantaged and strengthen our communities, contact

peter paduh
SocialBox.Biz Community Interest Company
+44 843 289 5722
email us here

Source: EIN Presswire