HRH Prince Jagadeesh Daneti addresses Indian Bureaucrats on Mission Kalam Anniversary Celebrations

MISSION KALAM reached Millions of Global Citizens thus making Pink Jaguars Entertainment prestigiously popular.

The unconditional love, emotion, trust and best of the blessings from every Global Citizen and Members of J EMPIRE and Pink Jaguars Entertainment has been the fuel for my success and prosperity.”

— HRH Prince Jagadeesh Daneti

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 26, 2021 / — Indian Bureaucrats and World Influencers congratulated HRH Prince Jagadeesh Daneti and team of Pink Jaguars Entertainment on the first anniversary of the MISSION KALAM Global Convention.

The Kalinga Royal House and HRH Prince JD honored Dr. Hari Eppanapally, Chairman of Mission Kalam, USA with the title of "Dr. Hari Kalam" towards his selfless contribution in the field of sustainability development which remained a dream of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam till his last breath. The awarded title has been unanimously supported by the full house of members including the Indian Bureaucrats at the MISSION KALAM Virtual Convention. Dr. Hari gladly accepted the title and mentioned his deep gratitude to the Kalinga Royal House and HRH Prince JD. As an integral member of J Empire, he applauded His Royal Highness Prince Jagadeesh Daneti and the team of Pink Jaguars Entertainment for construing the idea which is the brain child of HRH Prince JD and the team’s remarkable feat of hosting and interfacing with millions of admirers of Dr. Kalam worldwide.

Honorable Officers from All India Forces, Mr. P. Narahari (IAS), Mr. K. Satyanarayana (IPS), Mr. Chandra Sekhar (IAS), Mr. Jeevanlal Lavidiya (IRS) and Mr. Muralidhar Rao Kesavaraju (IFS) have all spoken their hearts about the contributions of Dr. Kalam in their lives both personally and professionally. The Bureaucrat Officers from Indian Forces promised to take the oath and baton to drive the MISSION KALAM to the next generations. International speakers worldwide include Mr. Christopher M. Corrigan (USA), Prof. Maurits Van Rooijen (UK), Dr. Amb. Nelly Gicho, Mr. Ad De Rooij (Netherlands), have shared their views about the international influence of Dr. Kalam in areas of science and youth empowerment. Every dignitary strongly supported ‘THE IMMORTAL PRESIDENT’, the biopic film about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. All appreciated the Hollywood Director HRH Prince JD and Madam Suvarna Pappu, CEO Royal Affairs at Kalinga Royal House and Managing Director of Pink Jaguars Entertainment for their genuine efforts in erecting the film.

Ms. Lalitha Padmini, Director of Festival Films and Public Relations at Pink Jaguars Entertainment recognized the contributions of the Volunteer Members from across the globe that supported the Mission with their tireless efforts.

Ms. Devi KVS, President of J Charities, extended her warm wishes towards the anniversary celebrations. J Charities is a non-profit organization and has been conducting many youth programs in accordance with Dr. Kalam’s ideologies. Ms. Devi has extended her support to ensure that there is a good tie-in with the organizational activities of J Charities and Mission Kalam where appropriate.

A beautiful assimilation of memories set the stage for the annual celebration of Mission Kalam. The Mission began on July 25, 2020 has connected millions of Dr. Kalam’s admirers from 80 countries from the field of science, politics, film and media, and other walks of life. The event took off to a great start with English and Hindi inspirational songs by Ms. Isha Varkur, Youth Member from USA at MISSION KALAM. The members of MISSION KALAM namely, Dr. Kavitha GC, Dr. Pramod Kumar Rajput, Dr. Babitha G Kataria, Dr. Santwana Vernekar, Ms. Kajal Chhatija, Dr. Vinoth Kumar, Ms. Rashmi Mishra, Ms. Manikyavalli Rao, Ms. Manisha Bhati, Ms. Shobana Karthik, Ms. Jyothi Devi Krishnan, Ms. Swarleen Kaur, Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere, Ms. Vini Kalia, Ms. Reema Shanu, Rtn. Dr. Renuka, Ms. Simran Kaur, Ms. Padmavati Joshi, Ms. Rashmi Rai, Ms. Lilian R, Mr. Rios Rogers and Ms. Anusha who have ensured successful organization of the session. The Young Member, Master Vihar stole the show and grabbed the attention of Indian Bureaucrats with his ambition of being a scientist and space researcher.

His Royal Highness Prince JD and Madam Suvarna Pappu shared their message of Unity in Diversity through the biopic of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, in their closing remarks.

Overall, it has been a genuine session with emotion, true spirit and strong connectedness. Every Member attended promised their endless and ever lasting support to HRH Prince JD with blessings and true gratitude.

Sophia Crez, Director of Public Relations
American Hollywood Alliance
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MISSION KALAM: 1st Anniversary Celebrations

Source: EIN Presswire