Alliant’s new credit card sourced Gaming and Insurance audiences launch with Eyeota as exclusive data exchange partner

Exclusive is part of larger release of 350 new Brand Propensity audiences derived from credit card and transactional data, unlocking new targeting opportunities

BREWSTER, NY , UNITED STATES, July 14, 2021 / — Alliant, The Audience Company, announced a partnership with Eyeota, the leading data partner to global enterprises, giving Eyeota access to a brand-new set of Alliant’s industry leading Brand Propensity audiences. Through the partnership Eyeota will be the exclusive data exchange partner for new audiences covering the gaming and insurance categories.

These insurance and gaming audiences are part of a larger set of 350 new Brand Propensity audiences that Alliant is launching simultaneously. These new audiences are unique in that they are modeled from credit card and bank card transactional data from over 50 financial institutions, ensuring that the insights are based on real-world purchasing behavior.

Combined with Alliant’s existing Brand Propensity audiences, advertisers now have access to more than 900 brand-specific audience solutions for use across major platforms in programmatic, Addressable TV, social, direct mail, and email channels. With the exception of the Eyeota gaming and insurance segments, Alliant’s Brand Propensity segments are available across all major data exchanges and DSPs.

“Alliant has always set itself apart by offering unique audience insights that are based on an unparalleled depth of data derived from our co-op,” said Matt Frattaroli, VP of Digital Platform and Agency Partnerships at Alliant. “These new, unique propensity audiences raise the bar in the market by combining the credit and bank card transactions with the predictive power of Alliant’s second-party data asset. It’s a great opportunity to highlight these categories with a partner like Eyeota, who has the power, access, and knowledge to bring this data set to market.”

Alliant’s Brand Propensities are generated from rich sources of continually updated multichannel purchase transactions and further qualified through data science. The brand audiences touch more than 20 verticals and feature segmentation based on user behaviors and real buying habits.

The 16 audiences available to Eyeota customers include buying propensities for industry leading brands across gaming and insurance, such as PlayStation, Fortnite, Geico, and State Farm Insurance.

“We’ve seen demand for Alliant’s brand propensity audience segments continue to increase with our customers, so we were eager to work with Alliant to offer exclusive access to a unique set of these segments,” said Marc Fanelli, EVP of Client Success and Business Operations at Eyeota. “The more that advertisers look at buying patterns, the more they see correlations between their brands and others. These new segments in the gaming and insurance categories are likely to produce new opportunities and uncover untapped segments for advertisers.”

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