Women That Soar in Partnership with Reuben Cannon Productions and TigerEye Films Announce Overcomers Docuseries

Gina Grant, Executive Producer Overcomers

Overcomers will equip these ladies to reclaim their power, take control of their lives and soar to unimagined heights”

— Gina Grant, Executive Producer

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Overcomers is an unscripted exploration of the raw, real-life stories of single mothers who are facing grueling personal and professional obstacles but have chosen to rise above their current circumstances and fight for a better future for themselves and their children.

With the leadership of Gina Grant, CEO of Women That Soar, five mothers will embark on a journey that will be life changing. Each woman will share their true, authentic story of hurt, pain and decisions that lead them to their current state. The women will receive coaching and mentoring, along with Financial Literacy from Dr. Shirley Luu and Life Coach Dr. Cathy Moffit. Participants will learn how to shed the weight of what is holding them back.

Contestants will not only learn to overcome their difficult situations, but to thrive and soar beyond their wildest dreams. The women will be equipped with knowledge, wisdom, tools and resources on how to escape poverty, abuse and low self-esteem. The coaches, along with special celebrity guest mentors, will teach them how to recognize their value and worth and have healthy relationships that empower and inspire them to Soar. The show will culminate with one single mom receiving the keys to a fully furnished new home!

Audiences around the world will become personally invested in every struggle and every triumph as these brave women face years of abuse, neglect and disappointment head-on to emerge through it all the very best versions of their true selves. Grant, who was once a single mother with three children, created the series as part of her mission to help open doors, provide opportunities and transform the lives of minority single mothers who are often forgotten. “I was a single, young African American mom,” recounts Grant. “I know the struggles and the fear that come along with that kind of responsibility. I want to take all our mothers and uplift them with this show through education and training. Overcomers will equip these ladies to reclaim their power, take control of their lives and soar to unimagined heights. That’s the purpose of Women That Soar, and that’s the commitment we are making to our participants with Overcomers.”

Overcomers is executive produced by Grant, producer of the syndicated televised Women That Soar Awards, and Legendary Hollywood Producer and Casting Director, Reuben Cannon whose credits include Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Meet the Browns, House of Payne, The Color Purple, Get on the Bus and a multitude of additional television series and movies. Tricia Woodgett (Tazmanian Devil, Mahalia!) serves as producer and writer along with producer and creative director, Gieava Stinchcomb (Uncensored, Behind the Scenes, Being).

For more information, visit www.womenthatsoar.com. To follow the journey, subscribe to Overcomers by Women That Soar on YouTube.

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