Cannes and The Culture at The Wandering Diaspora @ Cannes Film Festival 2021

Cannes and The Culture at The Wandering Diaspora @ Cannes Film Festival 2021

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 12, 2021 / — Cannes Film Festival 2021 is back and in full swing with Spike Lee as the President of the Jury. Despite COVID restrictions and the July heat, over 25,000 film industry professionals came down to the French Riviera.

Black filmmakers from across the globe also travelled in droves to honor this special edition helmed for the first time by an iconic African-American film director, Spike Lee.

Alongside the main activities of the festival, a host of events have been organized to showcase the ingenuity and creativity of Black filmmakers. The Wandering Diasporan @ Cannes is one of them. Organized by Prudence Kolong, an Afro-French-Swedish filmmaker from Paris & Stockholm with the support of Fetteroff Colen, a NYC-based filmmaker and long-term collaborator of Mr. Eddie Murphy, The Wandering Diasporan is a two day event with screenings, discussions, networking and more.

On July 7th, its first day, the event hosted a discussion with Mr. Steven Adams, LA-based talent manager, producer and financier and Mr. Theo Dumont, co-founder of the Oscar Qualifying film festival HollyShort. Then a screening of two spectacular Namibian movies, The White Line, a historical drama by first-time director Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret and Invisibles (Kaunapawa) an incredibly enthralling short film about personal growth by Namibian filmmaking duo Joel & Sophie Haikali.

For its second day on July 12th, 2021, The Wandering Diasporan is raising the heat at the Espace Mimont, in Cannes. Starting with an introduction to the world of motorsport and car racing with Racing with Ludovic, a docu-series co-produced by Prudence Kolong from Yanibes Productions & Steven Clerima from La Sucrerie Productions about the first African team (manager, pilots, engineers, technicians) based in Monaco to try to make it to the top. Ludovic Pezé, the Mauritian owner of the team and Noah Andy, a 17 years old prodigy from La Réunion Island will share their insights about Lewis Hamilton legacy and how they plan on making their mark in the motorsport world.

Mr. John Amos, beloved American Dad from Good Times and unforgettable father of the bride in the Coming to America series will join in to discuss his new endeavor: Kunta Kinte Returns Home. John and his film director son KC Amos will tell the attendees at The Wandering Diasporan why they want to embark on a multi-destinations tour of Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania, Gabon, South Africa to name few… 44 years after his iconic role in the classic series Roots.


In addition to this, Film Without Borders CEO, Jill Samuels will introduce three shorts presented at The Wandering Diasporan, including Coming Home, about African-Americans finding their roots in Israel. Coming Home will be followed by a Kenyan short, Tales of the Slums, an incredible story about life, love, family, personal growth and thriving happily with basic necessities in the slums. And lastly Finding Ubuntu, a compelling tale about male classical dancers in South Africa.

The Wandering Diasporan will be held on July 12, 2021 from 5.00 PM Central European Time at the Espace Mimont, a building that hosts a 150 years old French non-for profit dedicated to providing housing facilities, job opportunities and art outlets to the local youth. The Wandering Diasporan is also organized for the benefit of Dain Dome for Africa, a Paris-based charitable organization helmed by Agnès Borms, an Afro-French of Cameroonian descent who has been helping the renovations of schools and orphanages in Cameroon, Mali and Senegal.

The Wandering Diasporan
Venue: Espace Mimont – (5, rue de Mimont, 06400 Cannes – behind Cannes Grand Central Station)
Date: Monday July 12, 2021
Starting Time: 5.00 PM Central European Time
Program: Discussion, Screenings & Networking
Organizer: Prudence Kolong – Yanibes Productions, Paris (France) & Stockholm (Sweden)
Partners: Fetteroff Colen – Press on Youth (NYC/Philadelphia), Namibia Film Commission (Namibia),Steven Clerima – La Sucrerie Productions (Paris, France), Todd Belcore – Change Fest (Chicago/Atlanta), Jill Samuels – Film Without Borders (UK), Esi Yamoah – Yamoah Entertainment, Los Angeles & Accra (Ghana), Angela Gordon – Blue Ice Pictures (Los Angeles), Debra Byrd Richardson (USA) – AK Blackbird Productions
PR: Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates (USA)
Benefit Charity: Agnès Borms – Dain Dome for Africa

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