July 1, 2021, marks National Veteran Business Development Council’s MVO Task Force 1st year anniversary.

NVBDC will collaborate and partner with strategic Military and Veteran organizations with equal goals to help Service-Disabled / Veteran Owned Businesses

Primary role of the MVO Task Force is to focus on pursuing and achieving tactical and strategic objectives by partnering with organizations having equal goals to help Veteran Businesses.

Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC

Keith King, Founder and CEO, NVBDC

Lt Colonel (Ret) Kathy Poynton, Director, NVBDC MVO Task Force previously U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation National Director of Event Operations & Specialty Events, "Hiring Our Heroes."

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Kathryn Poynton, Director, NVBDC MVO Task Force

Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC

Brigadier General (ret) Dick Miller, President, NVBDC

Nations leading veteran business certification organization

Nations leading veteran business certification organization

NVBDC’s Military and Veteran Organization (MVO) Task Force has tremendous achievements in just 1 year.

NVBDC is recognized nationally for helping veterans’ through NVBDC Certification. MVO Task Force is an aggregation of organizations united to help veterans achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions.”

— Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — NVBDC is the leading certification organization to ensure credible and reliable documentation exists of Veteran status, ownership, and operational control. NVBDC has grown from a visionary concept to a nationally accepted certification source supporting corporate America’s efforts to add Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses (SD/VOBs) to their supplier diversity programs. NVBDC is the only accepted third-party Veteran certifying organization recognized by the corporate members of the Billion Dollar Roundtable and over 100 other corporations.

NVBDC is a powerful hub, opening doors for SD/VOBs through NVBDC Corporate Members and partners. Our benefits progressively extend past the point upon receiving NVBDC’s Certification. We provide customized assistance for our certified veteran businesses to navigate the steps for sustainability and growth. NVBDC has launched several new programs to assist our corporate members further, Certified SD/VOBs, and additional partnerships.

We are expanding our bandwidth through our newly established programs to increase NVBDC’s outreach and exposure. NVBDC’s Military and Veteran Organization (MVO) Task Force is an example of one of many NVBDC programs that have exponentially grown within a short amount of time.

NVBDC’s Military and Veteran Organization (MVO) Task Force is in its early stages, with its 1st anniversary on July 1, 2021. The idea for the program originated with Keith King, Founder & CEO of NVBDC, having the vision to bring “like” organizations together that help veterans, their spouses, and the communities in which they live. Since Keith has dedicated his entire career, post-military service, to bring individuals and groups together to help veteran entrepreneurs, this was a perfect opportunity to invite other similar organizations to partner and parallel their causes. Conceptually, the aggregation of like-minded organizations provides an extension of their mission and goals. Keith wanted to bring Military and Veteran Organizations together to increase awareness and outreach and extend NVBDC’s mission and goals with reciprocal partnerships; NVBDC officially launched The Military and Veteran Organization (MVO) Task Force.

“NVBDC is nationally recognized for its leadership helping veterans’ transition into the civilian workforce through NVBDC Certification. Together, as an aggregation of organizations, we are united forces helping veterans achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions,” said Keith King, Founder & CEO, NVBDC.

The next step Keith took to make sure this program would fulfill an organized and strategic outcome was hiring Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Kathy Poynton as the Director of NVBDC’s MVO Task Force. “ I knew Kathy was the right choice based on her work with the National Chamber of Commerce “Hiring our Heroes” program. She had the experience of successfully organizing groups to help our Veterans find jobs and the Task Force fit that pattern”, said King.

Considering the launch was just one year ago, Kathy has taken this program to a higher level than expected. There are 23 Task Force Members and 2 Honorary Task Force Members. Each member has national, regional, or global recognition with their initiatives and programs to help their veteran members. The tremendous opportunities for all involved to support and promote each other’s organizations through reciprocal marketing, training, and networking have been the key to the growth of NVBDC’s MVO Task Force.

“I am so proud of our first year working together with our partner organizations who have joined NVBDC’s MVO Task Force. We have opened another door to expand all our initiatives to help veterans achieve success as they build and grow their businesses. We know the value veterans bring to diverse supply chains and employers looking to hire because of the skills they developed while serving in the military, but we want everyone to know. NVBDC’s Task Force is the optimal model combining resources to implement economic development to help all veterans prosper,” said Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Kathy Poynton, NVBDC MVO Task Force Director.

Co-marketing efforts have proven to be a great value to the Task Force Members. Complimentary initiatives have been helping to grow channels, build bigger audiences for events, and generate opportunities as a result. Everyone benefits from shared promotions to obtain more results, attract more attention, and mostly strategize together to help more veterans.

“We have an extensive reach helping NVBDC Certified Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses with their goals toward success. We also know that more and more veterans are entering into new business ventures. The ability to brand, educate, and network with our members and their members, with our Task Force partners, is a benchmark opportunity to achieve larger audiences and ultimately help as many veterans as we can,” said Brigadier General (ret) Richard Miller, President, NVBDC.

Each Task Force Member is at various developmental stages of their programs. Some have established their intentions through proven agendas, and some are just starting. The appeal of bringing these organizations together is also to help each other. As each organization evolves, the MVO Task Force provides an avenue to network, share different perspectives, and even make a note of ideas that didn’t work.

All Task Force Members have a core value to help veterans, but each has its style, method, and tactic to facilitate its purpose. Being a part of the NVBDC MVO Task Force helps bring it all together to enlighten ideas, educate, and create opportunities by networking and sharing endeavors.

For more information on NVBDC, NVBDC Certification and to learn how to become a NVBDC Task Force Member visit our website: www.nvbdc.org

Additional support is available by contacting us directly: (888) CERTIFIED.

NVBDC is the only Veteran Owned Business Certification organization developed by Veterans for Veterans. The purpose is to provide a credible and reliable certifying authority for all size businesses, ensuring that valid documentation exists of Veteran ownership and control.

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