New Book Release

Book cover

Omar Khayyam Poems – A Modern Translation;
Translated by: Siamak Akhavan

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, July 31, 2021 / — A new non-profit book project, Omar Khayyam Poems – A Modern Translation, has just been published by Resource Publications (2021): publisher website link. All author proceeds will be donated to Persian cultural and educational programs.

Book Synopsis: The poems attributed to Omar Khayyam have a universal and timeless philosophical theme: life is a meaningful journey even if brief and uncertain. They inspire an unconstrained free-thinking mindset and a wise realization that guides thinking persons: it is impossible to see the absolute truth, as the universe has its own reality that remains largely hidden, and that one must think and act accordingly. This book presents a selection of Khayyam's poems in their original Persian language along with their English translations in a faithful and modern version. By relying only on the original Persian version of Khayyam's poems, and using the author's own body of literary and linguistic knowledge, this book presents a modern translation of Omar Khayyam's poems since Edward Fitzgerald's Rubaiyat in 1859.

Publisher’s website:

Siamak Akhavan
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" If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough" is a popular saying by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

But if there is a man who understands this saying better, then it is the Senior Pastor of All Nations Church; Apostle Courage Igene.

Indeed he is a man with big dreams who decided to break away from the norm and plant something peculiar in Dallas Texas.

All Nations Church, a Christian denomination based in Texas will be celebrating their 14 years Anniversary. It's a Special Anniversary Weekend; August 26-29, 2021. This program is said to bring the wonders of God to Dallas, Texas. This is coming at a time that the world is departing from the word of God and focusing on materialism.

All Nations Church existence over these years has been described as a testament to the works of God and worth celebrating, said members of the church. 14 Years of Church Planting: Ministry Empowerment: Kingdom Exploit, etc.

Speaking on the importance of the program, Bishop Blessing Samuel, the guest said that “sometimes you don’t talk, it is your result that speaks". This program would bring results to people. Music Ministers will lead everyone into God's presence which will attract God's blessings.

The All Nations Church Dallas TX Resident Pastor; Pastor Rose Okorie, welcomes everyone. It's Four Unforgettable Nights and the program is slated to commence from August 26th to 29th 2021. Thursday 26th – Saturday 28th , 7pm nightly is billed as Prophetic Revival Service: Sunday 29th, 3pm as Special Anniversary Banquet with sumptuous meal at the Church auditorium, All Nations Church, 1323 Columbia Drive, Suite 315, Richardson TX, 75081.

The church is therefore encouraging everyone to come and be part of the program. The organizers of the program have described the program as a life changing event that will that make a great impact on its attendees.

“All Nations Church, Dallas, Texas is actively involved in church planting globally. With international headquarters located at the Dallas TX under the able leadership of Apostle Courage Igene.

With a mission to raise the end time army for Christ, these 14 years of existence would showcase the goodness of God and where they have been coming from. The church is known to have built strong relationships, train and equip the people of God these past years. These are the things that the church would be celebrating”, Courage Igene concluded.

Clement Emmanuel
Independent News Media Services

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GoalSetters Introduces Inspirational Entrepreneur Stories

GoalSetters Image Of Founders Dee Bright Jr & Jerold Lee Jr

GoalSetters Image Of Founders Dee Bright Jr & Jerold Lee Jr

Stories That Highlight The Entrepreneurial Journey

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2021 / — Entrepreneurship is not always an easy journey. As more & more individuals leave Corporate America to pursue their dreams and start their own businesses, many find themselves overwhelmed by the early struggles and bumps in the road.

Without the proper support system, these early struggles have caused new entrepreneurs to lose hope and quit the businesses that they once were so eager and excited to start.

The founders of GoalSetters, Dee Bright Jr and Jerold Lee Jr, made a decision to start showcasing entrepreneur success stories on their newly launched platform, GoalSetters, with the goal of bringing inspiration and motivation to those thinking of giving up.

The success stories featured on the official GoalSetters website highlight the ups and downs that many entrepreneurs encounter as well as how these individuals overcame their own struggles.

Stories like these help to motivate others that may be experiencing similar challenges and seeing how others have gotten through it can create the necessary motivation needed to continue pushing forward.

Dee & Jerold's aim is to interview and bring exposure to the stories behind the successful businesses of every day entrepreneurs while helping to motivate struggling and new entrepreneurs in the process.

There are always more stories to tell and as such GoalSetters is seeking more entrepreneurs that are willing to come forward and share their story with the world.

To tell your story visit the official GoalSetters website and contact us today.

Dee Bright Jr
GoalSetters International
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Amy Minh Hanh Corey Can Officially Say “Thank You For Attending My Ted Talk.”

Amy Minh Hanh Corey collaborates with TedxĐaKao for her first Tedx Talk titled: Starting With Yourself: A Guide through Grievance, Sorrow, and Hardship.

Mental Health Public Speaker and Advocate, Recording Artist, and Songwriter, Amy Minh Hanh Corey uses her voice in a very special Tedx Talk titled: Starting WIth Yourself: A Guide through Grievance, Sorrow, and Hardship. In partnership with her Goodwill Ambassadorship to the Ho Chi Minh City Peace and Development in Vietnam, Amy’s dream becomes her reality in bringing her passions and message in Mental Health Advocacy to her two homelands in one project. Born and adopted from Da Nang, Vietnam at six months old, Her birth name is Dang Thi Minh Hanh. A very symbolic and meaningful name in Vietnamese. “Minh” means “bright” and “Hạnh” means “good morale, good soul”. Combining those two doesn’t just make a powerful name, but a powerful person, and has empowered Amy to reach further than the stars in her dreams in healing what and who she can in the world. Amy collaborated with Tedx curator Hoang Ngoc Anh and TedxĐaKao, one of the Tedx communities in Vietnam. Amy worked with Chi Anh, Madam Ninh and the Hpdf team for over two months, and worked closely with them on 12 hour time difference Zoom calls, where she was thoroughly educated in Vietnamese Culture, Mental Health in Vietnam and their continuous work to overcome COVID-19 to then have the knowledge and translation to write her talk which she ended up having to re-write three times.

Amy comments “We all wanted this to be the best. We all knew I had the best in me but I was not there yet, and so I was challenged and encouraged to grow and become that. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the support from Chi Anh, Chi Dung, Madam Ninh, and the HPDF team for the education and being so patient and understanding through this process, especially with the challenge of me being here in the States and them in Vietnam. I had to remember that though this is TedxTalk, it was a Tedx Talk that is with the Vietnamese community for Vietnam first. It was very different from how I speak in America with my Public Speaking. I was born in Vietnam but I grew up in America, and I knew I was one of few Americans who would have an amazing opportunity like this, but it wasn’t because I was American, it was because I am Vietnamese. I had to fully switch my mind and soul back to my Vietnamese roots to understand them first. I was so excited to learn, and I was happy to be quiet and listen to everyone’s feedback, stories, and thoughts to become not only the best for them but to honor myself as well and my Vietnamese roots.”

At only twenty-four years of age, Amy Minh Hanh Corey has started a creative empire just by being honest with her life, her mental health, and overcoming her past struggles with being adopted, bullying, depression, attempted suicide, self harm, eating disorders and so much more. She passionately infuses this honesty in her music, speaking, writing, brand, ambassadorships, and other entrepreneurial projects. Recognised throughout industries and the world for her compassion and understanding to those who feel misunderstood, Amy is in her own league that has given her the drive to expand her voice in multiple industries and around the world to better the world. Amy started her creative empire as a Nashville Recording Artist and Songwriter and signed to Dolly Parton’s producer Kent Wells until she decided to fully use her voice beyond a three minute song and expanded her career and passions to pursue into mental health public speaking, advocacy, and entrepreneurial projects to expand her message. Amy adds this Tedx Talk as another step to her dreams and passions to show that no matter where you are from, no matter what darkness you go through, you can not only step into the light but become it and shine it to help those who go through the same darkness. There will be an exclusive interview and watch party on August 15th with Amy and TedxĐaKao to premiere Amy’s Talk. It will officially be published on, and Ted’s Youtube as well in September.

Team Amy
Amy Minh Hanh Corey
Visit us on social media:

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Sheréa VéJauan Announces The Launch Of Educational Email Series To Help Maximize Accountability & Goal Achievement

Sheréa VéJauan

Sheréa VéJauan

2021 Goals Journal

2021 Goals Journal

The digital series will be a valuable resource and motivational tool for people to implement positive changes into their lives, and even the lives of others

As people are being invited to participate in more in-person gatherings. now is a perfect time to help people with strategies to achieve the goals they originally set out for themselves this year.”

— Sheréa VéJauan

RANCHO CUCAMONGA , CALIFORNIA, USA, July 31, 2021 / — Sheréa VéJauan is announcing the launch of her educational email series to help maximize achievement, solidify leadership, and provide motivation. New topics will go live every three weeks on Thursdays, and delivered to subscribers’ email.

Sheréa VéJauan, Co-founder of The Goal Setter's Club’s, says topics will center on redefining your comfort zone, as well as building your routine. “The digital series will be a valuable resource and motivational tool for people to implement positive changes into their lives, and even the lives of others.”

The series is ideal for people between the ages of 25 and 60, who are transitioning in some way, by starting something over or embarking on something new in their lives, and seeking a higher level of accountability for themselves. Specific titles include, “Setting and Achieving Goals,” scheduled for release on August 5th; “Seeking Happiness Every Day,” on August 12th; and “Redefining Your Comfort Zone,” on September 2nd.

VéJauan adds that she’s also building, “52 Mondays with Sheréa VéJauan,” an email series specifically designed to help people master their Mondays. She’s also offering her, “10 Remarkable Women of the Word,” educational email series. Additional subject matter includes the Leadership Educational Email Series, Business Catalyst Educational Email Series, and Financial Literacy Educational Email Series.

VéJauan is releasing the series now in part because as COVID-19 vaccination rates increase, people are being invited to participate in more in-person gatherings, activities, and events. “As schedules get busier by this point in the year, now is a perfect time to help people with strategies to achieve the goals they originally set out for themselves,” she says.

“At the end of many of the emails in these series will be a call to action,” VéJauan says, “And we’ll be inviting subscribers to engage on a deeper level with The Goal Setter's Club, through a video course or live workshop, for example.” Potential subscribers can learn more and opt-in to receive updates on future topics at

About Sheréa VéJauan: is the author of The 2021 Goals Journal: A One-Year Personal Goal Achievement System Inspiring You to Dream, Plan, and Take Immediate Action Towards Your Goals and co-founder of The Goal Setter’s Club – a coaching organization that specializes in goal-setting exploration, plan implementation and purpose attainment. Sheréa is also a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with the John C. Maxwell Team. She resides in Southern California, a devoted wife of twenty-nine years and mother to three adult children. Visit her at

Sheréa VéJauan
The Goal Setter's Club
+1 909-258-9206
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Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce’s Founding Board Member Ying McGuire Appointed President and CEO for NMSDC

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) congratulates our founding board member Ying McGuire’s appointment as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the nation’s leading minority business development organization with nearly 1,700 corporate members. Ms. McGuire is the first Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) woman and immigrant President and CEO for NMSDC.

For many years, two Asian organizations – the Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce (TACC) and the Austin Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AAACC) – strove to improve the business climate in Austin. These two chambers merged to form today’s Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce in 2012. “Ying, as a former Board Chair of TACC, was instrumental in the visionary merger,” says Fang Fang, President and Chief Executive Officer of GAACC. “We applaud the National Minority Supplier Development Council's appointment, as we cannot think of a better person to play such a crucial role during this challenging time. We look forward to continuing our work with Ying and NMSDC to serve the minority businesses and broader community.”

Ms. McGuire has over twenty years of non-profit, for-profit, and government leadership experience with a proven record of success. She was one of the sixteen leaders in the United States Investment Advisory Council, which is a body that advises the United States Secretary of Commerce on attracting foreign direct investment for job creation. Her time at Dell Technologies as the global supplier diversity leader helped Dell quintuple its diversity spending within three years. Subsequently, she joined a minority-owned business, Technology Integration Group, as an executive leader. As the President and CEO of NMSDC, she will bring greater opportunities for all minority businesses at this challenging time.

“Words can not express the level of excitement that I have for serving as the leader for an impactful organization such as NMSDC. With the recent rec-emergence and national urgency around racial inequality and socioeconomic challenges and the need for COVID recovery, more than ever, minority businesses need our support, bold advocacy, and results-driven efforts to help them become successful,“ says Ying McGuire. “I look forward to partnering with all ethnic chambers of commerce including GAACC to create greater economic opportunities for minority businesses.”

About Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce (GAACC) is the leading non-profit organization in the Central Texas region for driving local economic growth for businesses with ties to Asia and Asian Americans. GAACC promotes the Asian Pacific American community and community at large as a catalyst for local and global economic growth through advocacy initiatives, connection events, and education programs. For more information, visit


For more information: Fang Fang, 512-407-8240,

+1 512-407-8240
Fang Fang
Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce
Visit us on social media:

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Cubaocho Art Museum, Inc. recibe financiación de parte del programa SVOG

Cubaocho Art Museum

Cubaocho Art Museum

Cubaocho Art Museum

Cubaocho Art Museum

Roberto Ramos

Roberto Ramos

Roberto y Yeney

Roberto y Yeney

Dr. Rafael Marrero

Dr. Rafael Marrero

Gracias a este subsidio federal, otorgado a pequeños negocios afectados por la pandemia de COVID-19, la reconocida firma podrá recuperarse y seguir adelante.

Este dinero ha llegado en un momento crítico. Aparte de ayudarnos a sobrevivir a la pandemia, también nos permitirá mejorar el negocio, darles trabajo a más empleados y salvar a varias familias.”

— Roberto Ramos, fundador/presidente de Cubaocho.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — Cubaocho Art Museum, Inc. ─firma que cobija al emblemático Cubaocho Museum & Performing Arts Center, de la Calle 8, en el famoso vecindario miamense de Little Havana─ acaba de obtener más de medio millón de dólares de parte del programa de Subvenciones para Operadores de Locales Cerrados (SVOG, por sus siglas en inglés).

«Este dinero ha llegado en un momento realmente crítico. Aparte de ayudarnos a sobrevivir a la pandemia, también nos permitirá mejorar el negocio, darles trabajo a más empleados ─principalmente, músicos, artistas─ y salvar a varias familias, ya que mucha gente depende de nosotros», dijo, entusiasmado, el presidente de la firma, Roberto Ramos.

Su esposa y vicepresidenta de la compañía, Yeney Fariñas-Ramos, por su parte, compartió el criterio de que la financiación «no pudo llegar en un mejor momento, justo cuando pensábamos que íbamos a perderlo todo. En realidad, no creímos que fuera a suceder, pero, evidentemente, hay un Dios mirando por nosotros y un team de expertos que son los mejores».

La ejecutiva se refiere a Rafael Marrero & Company, prestigiosa firma de gestión y consultoría empresarial, también afincada en la ciudad de Miami, que estuvo a cargo de tramitarles la financiación del SVOG de principio a fin.

«Estamos muy agradecidos con Marrero, y reconocemos la actitud tan linda y tan positiva de su equipo de especialistas. Es más: aunque no nos hubieran aprobado la ayuda, igual les hubiéramos agradecido por el excelente trabajo que han hecho con nosotros», recalcó Yeney.

En esa misma posición de gratitud se encuentra el fundador de Cubaocho, para quien Marrero es el salvador de la comunidad. «Realmente, Marrero salva a los negocios que más lo necesitan, a los empleados… En nuestro caso, ha ayudado a salvar a más de 20 familias, principalmente, familias de músicos, que son los que alivian el corazón», puntualizó.

Concedido por la Administración de Pequeñas Empresas (SBA, por sus siglas en inglés) a raíz del impacto del coronavirus, el SVOG brinda ayuda económica a los pequeños negocios del sector del entretenimiento en vivo que han resultado más perjudicados por la pandemia. Cubaocho, pilar del arte cubano del siglo XIX e inicios y mediados del siglo XX, fue uno de ellos.

Hasta la fecha, el programa ha otorgado $7,5 mil millones de dólares en subvenciones a más de 10,000 pequeñas empresas vinculadas con el mundo del espectáculo en directo. Según anunciara la SBA esta semana, más de dos tercios de los subsidios se han otorgado a negocios con menos de 10 empleados, cumpliendo así con el objetivo de darles prioridad a las firmas más pequeñas.

Acerca de Cubaocho Art Museum, Inc

Considerado por muchos como un sitio de obligada visita en la Pequeña Habana, este espacio de galería y reunión alberga una gran colección de arte cubano, una biblioteca de investigación y un bar-cafetería distinguido por su variada selección de rones. Asimismo, cuenta con una importante colección de revistas cubanas previas a 1959, entre ellas, “Carteles”, “Vanidades”, “Bohemia” y “El Fígaro”.

Quienes aman la cultura, en general, y el arte cubano, en particular, llegan allí para apreciar las obras expuestas, asistir a espectáculos en vivo y cubanísimas descargas, así como también para degustar los famosos puros y mojitos del lugar.

Acerca de Rafael Marrero & Company

Rafael Marrero & Company es una consultoría de gestión que asesora a emprendedores sobre cómo hacer negocios con el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Con el Dr. Rafael Marrero a la cabeza, la firma ha sido reconocida en dos ocasiones por la revista Inc. como una de las 500 empresas privadas de mayor crecimiento del país y como una de las 50 mejores compañías en términos de cultura empresarial.

En 2016, el Dr. Marrero recibió el máximo galardón otorgado a negocios minoritarios del país por parte del Concilio Nacional del Desarrollo para Empresas Minoritarias. En 2019, ganó el Premio Sunshine en la categoría de Small Business del año, que otorga la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida, y en ese mismo año, publicó el bestseller de Amazon La salsa secreta del Tío Sam, primer libro sobre contratación federal especialmente dedicado a la comunidad hispana.

Migdalis Pérez
Rafael Marrero & Company
+1 888-595-6221
Visit us on social media:

“El Dr. Marrero cumplió con su promesa de ayudarnos con el grant”

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Waddington's Fine Art Auctions Fall 2021

Emily Carr oil painting of Pemberton

M. EMILY CARR, ‘PEMBERTON’, 1933, oil on paper, laid down on canvas signed, titled and dated, 23.5 in x 35.5 in; 59.7 cm x 90.2 cm, Estimate: $150,000–250,000

Jessie Oonark Wallhanging

Jessie Oonark, ‘UNTITLED’, Stroud, Thread, Embroidery Floss; 47 1⁄4 in x 53 3⁄4 in; 120 cm x 136 cm, signed in syllabics, Estimate: $80,000–120,000

Maurice Denis oil painting

Maurice Denis (1870-1943), FRENCH, ‘FEMMES SUR LE BALCON,’ Circa 1913′ Oil on panel; signed with initials ‘MAV’ lower right, 14.5 in x 10.25 in; 36.8 cm x 26 cm, CR. No. 912.0002, Estimate: $50,000—80,000

Announcing Our Major Fine Art Auctions and Inviting Consignments

We live in a time that is more global than ever. I am delighted to present auctions rich in quality, of impeccable provenance and that appeal to emerging and established collectors around the world.”

— Yvonne Monestier, Director of Fine Art, Waddington's

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 30, 2021 / — Following an extraordinary seven months of auctions, we are delighted to announce our Fall 2021 major fine art auction season and invite consignments of exceptional works.

Our fine art auctions will feature Canadian Fine Art, Inuit Art and International Art. Our full schedule of auctions includes Asian Art, Decorative Arts & Design, Jewellery, and Fine Wine & Spirits. Waddington’s auctions are all offered on our enhanced digital auction platform and reach collectors around the world. Visit our website to view all upcoming auctions.

NOVEMBER 13-18, 2021 (Consignment Deadline: September 17)

Our major fall 2021 auction of Canadian Fine Art will feature outstanding examples by Canadian artists from coast to coast. This auction will provide rare opportunities to acquire exceptional works from private collections with impeccable provenance, ranging from historical to contemporary, early Modernist to abstraction, and works by the Group of Seven.

NOVEMBER 13-18, 2021 (Consignment Deadline: September 17)

Well into our fourth decade in the Inuit art market, we have assembled yet another superb selection of important works from the classic through to the contemporary period of Inuit art for discerning collectors. Waddington’s is internationally recognized as having helped establish Inuit Art as an integral part of the art market, influencing the rise of investor confidence, and attracting new global audiences.

This auction features exceptional artworks from private collections and estates, including a vibrant textile by Baker Lake artist Jessie Oonark from the Estate of W.A. Ross MacFadden.

NOVEMBER 20-25, 2021 (Consignment Deadline: September 13)

As Canada’s leading auction house showcasing international art from collections in Canada and around the world, we are pleased to offer a diverse selection of original artworks from the Old Master period to the 21st century, including rare and important paintings, drawings, and sculpture.

Artworks in this auction were sourced from a number of significant estates and collections, including deaccessioned works from the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Estate of W.A. Ross MacFadden, and numerous works from prestigious private collections that have not been on the market for decades.


While the pandemic continued to play havoc with many aspects of our lives, world markets were eager to embrace the convenience of online auctions. As a fifteen-year veteran of online auctions, Waddington’s was already focused on leveraging our digital platforms to provide even higher levels of service for our clients. From January to July 2021 alone, we offered 51 online auctions and achieved the following success resulting from the exponential growth:

– An average 93% sell-through rate
– Participation of 8,500 bidders with an average increase of 15% new bidders per auction
– Increased global presence with bidders from 49 countries


Here are just a few highlights that represent the quality and range of items in our recent fine art auctions.


Price Realised: $390,000

Price Realised: $324,000

Price Realised: $90,000

Price Realised: $78,000

Price Realised: $72,000

Record Price Realised: $26,400


KAROO ASHEVAK, Spence Bay / Taloyoak, 'SHAMAN WITH MITTENS', C. 1970
Price Realised: $31,200

Price Realised: $31,200

Price Realised $26,400

Price realised $20,400

Price Realised: $16,800

Price Realised: $10,800


Price Realised: $36,000

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Spanish, 'VALLAURIS TOROS,' 1956 [BLOCH, 1270]
Price Realised: $13,200

ANDREAS ACHENBACH (1815-1910), German, 'SHIPS IN A STORM,' 1864
Price Realised: $10,200

Price Realised: $12,000

ALEXANDER CALDER (1898-1976), American, 'SOLEIL NOIR (BLACK SUN),' 1969
Price Realised: $10,800

ALEXANDER POPE (1849-1924), American, 'HERON,' 1876
Price Realized: $6,600

Browse all our auction results on our website.


We are delighted to once again be conducting complimentary appraisal clinics. We also invite clients to connect with us at any time throughout the year to discuss consignment opportunities for any of our auctions.

Contact us to find out more at


Waddington's is Canada's most diversified provider of auction and appraisal services, specializing in Asian, Canadian, Inuit and Indigenous, International and Contemporary Art, as well as Decorative Arts & Design, Fine Jewellery, and Fine Wine & Spirits.

Please visit our website to discover all our upcoming auctions and browse our past auction results.

Don’t forget to sign up for our email notifications to ensure you receive all our auction and event news.

Tess McLean
Waddington's Auctioneers
+1 416-504-9100
email us here

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Mayank Pawar to fight for the coming Pro Card in Mens Physhique Category

Mayank Pawar

Mayank Pawar

I will give one of my best performance by being in the best form”

— Mayank Pawar

NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, July 30, 2021 / — Mayank Pawar a well known athlete who has won many National & International title in Bodybuilding competitions has announced his comeback after 2 years. He in his statement has said he would be competing the upcoming Olympia Amateur event in held here in India.

Mayank Pawar is a also known for winning Mr India titles 6 times & Mr Asia title once in Singapore where he made his country proud. He has also been seen in popular reality show MTV Splitsvilla.

Splitsvilla revolves around young boys and girls trying to secure a place in Splitsvilla, a villa, where they are detached from the real world. It is a hunt for love, where boys and girls compete in tasks to remain in the competition and mingle with their fellow contestants to find love. In the end, a girl and a boy are crowned the winners of Splitsvilla. There is jealousy, hatred, friendship, backstabbing, breakups and a lot of fights when the contestants compete. Each Season comes with a new twist.

A pro card makes an athlete eligible to compete globally and of course, puts them a step closer to the main Olympia stage, the world's biggest professional bodybuilding championship.

Mayank Pawar is being training 2 hours twice a day with strict diet to get the best form of his life. As a child he was born in a poor family in North Delhi & is a self made man with many achievements and has also made his way to the TV glamour industry.

The Amateur Olympia event is expected to be in December this year at Mumbai India. Bodybuilding is a sport where you need very hard dedication & strict discipline to follow, its not a easy game, it takes year to reach the form to win a title in this sport.

Muscle & Strength India
email us here
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Free Community Movie Night Every Friday Under the Stars

Microbe Formulas: Meridian, Idaho

The Meridian Community Hosts Free Movies in the Park

Join Meridian Parks and Recreation and Microbe Formulas for Sparklight Movie Night in Settlers Park

MERIDIAN, ID, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 / — The Meridian community is hosting a Sparklight Movie Night every Friday night at Settlers Park this summer. Thanks to local sponsors, like Meridian-based health company Microbe Formulas, this is a free, fun, and family-friendly event for the community to enjoy.

Microbe Formulas will be sponsoring the event through an advertisement prior to the start of the movie. Supporting this family-friendly event is another way for Microbe Formulas to show their commitment to the Treasure Valley community. Alongside this, Microbe also partners with the Boise Hawks, Boise State Athletics, Idaho COBS, and other central groups in the community.

Craig Randall, Culture Chief at Microbe Formulas, says, “Being a Meridian-based company, we love any chance to get involved within our own community, especially with family-friendly events. As we grow as a company, we are eager to continue to provide hope and health to not only our customers, but directly to all the people around us in the Treasure Valley.”

Settlers Park provides a variety of different activities to do prior to the start of the movie. Families can run around the playground, set up a picnic in the grass, cool off in the splash pads, or even make some wild tunes in the sound garden.

The movie begins at dusk, and spectators are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs, and snacks. Concessions are also available at the park. The community movie nights will take place every Friday through August 20th. For more details and the movie schedule, go here.

“My family looks forward to summer movie nights spent at Settlers Park,“ says Shawnda Huffman, VP of Communications for Microbe Formulas. “Now that Microbe Formulas is able to have a presence and support the local community, it makes these nights with my family even more rewarding.”

About Microbe Formulas: Microbe Formulas is a wellness company that believes a “healthy microbiome is a healthy you.” This starts with opening drainage pathways, supporting energy at the mitochondrial level, and detoxing unwanted substances. Their core values are front and center in the company mission: “Creating solutions that work is what we do. Restoring hope and health is who we are.”

For additional information, please contact Caylie Shelton, Public Relations Manager for Microbe Formulas, at

Caylie Shelton
Microbe Formulas
email us here

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