Teddy Konickson Takes The Literary World By Surprise With His Debut Novel: Extraordinary – Launching on 1st July, 2021

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Extraordinary by Teddy Konickson is an extraordinary tale of a young boy with superpowers will enchant a whole new generation of readers!

I usually don't even consider debut sci-fi novels especially from young authors with no history of being published before, but there's something special about Teddy. Something Extraordinary.”

— Alex – Bradbury Press

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Extraordinary is a captivating tale of a young boy named Charles – who is your average nerd with a non-existent social life. Dealing with bullies at school and being invisible – even in front of his crush – Charles finds himself facing death itself. In his debut novel, Teddy Konickson takes upon popular clichés in modern culture – offering a unique yet refreshing approach.

In the enthralling tale which will capture the imagination of the reader and keep them yearning for more, Teddy Konickson describes the transformation of a socially awkward nerd into a superhero with supernatural powers. “Charles, the protagonist of my book is written in a way which will be relatable for a lot of kids,” says Teddy, while talking about his upcoming book. “Being shunned by your peers, bullied and humiliated in front of your crush is a feeling many kids face these days.”

In a strange turn of events, Charles turns into a hero who does not only save himself but also takes upon himself to save the world and prevent the apocalypse. “For the discerning reader, there is a lot more than just a story of a kid who gets superpowers – it’s a story of how that power comes at a great personal loss. It is reflective of our life realities as well. We are all faced with impossible choices, where we have to choose one thing over the other.”

Speaking about his journey as an author, Teddy says, “I started very young – I’d prefer reading a book or a comic over a movie or going out. Exploring worlds beyond our world has always excited me. After having read over 100 books and even more comics, I decided it was time for me to write something on my own. I started writing this book back in 2018 – there were times I thought I will never be able to finish it. But thanks to the support of my family, my brother Vincent and my lovely parents, I was able to continue working on it until I was done.”

After Teddy was done with his manuscript, he reached out to professional editors and chose the best one. After an extensive editing process, Teddy and his publicist Chris, starting scouting for publishers. And finally, last month they landed a publishing deal with Bradbury Press for a series of three books – starting with Extraordinary.

“It has been a rollercoaster of emotions – the journey from writing to editing to now finally publishing, it wasn’t easy – but I never gave up,” Teddy says when asked about his experience. “I won’t say it is easy, but it is worth every bit. I’m sure this will be my legacy. I will always look back at this time and cherish it. And I hope my readers will also cherish my work.”

Teddy’s debut novel Extraordinary will be on sale on the 1st of July – the book will be released in four different versions – ebook, paperback, hardcover and audiobook. The hardcover and audiobook are scheduled to release on the 31st of July, 2021. Embark upon a magical journey of anguish, love and self-discovery with Teddy Konickson by reading his book. You can pre-order his book your order on Amazon or visit his website.

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