The Importance of Transparency in Real Estate

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Jeffrey Gilmore

Maintaining clear and open communication in real estate sales is valued by the client and benefits the agent and brokers involved.

ALTADENA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / — by Kali Krownapple

The Importance of Transparency in Real Estate
No matter how tempted a realtor may be to conceal information from a client, transparency throughout the sale process should be a priority. Not only do clients deserve and appreciate being informed with up-to-date reports on the status of their sale, but transparency also benefits the agent and brokers involved. Keep reading as we discuss the importance of transparency throughout the real estate sale process.

Maintaining Open Communication
Realtors in the high-end luxury business understand how important fostering and maintaining relationships with their clients is for the success of their business. In some sense, open communication and transparency can be the best indicator for earning a positive reputation among your clients and in your market sphere. This rings true because most often what we see is that the contrary, not telling the whole story to the client, or misrepresenting the truth, is what leads to issues.

Clients are human and understand that everything may not always work out in their favor, or that their realtor may make a mistake, although what clients will refuse to accept is a realtor who they perceive to be dishonest. Realtors should avoid both blatant dishonesty as well as little white lies and concealing the truth. If something is in the best interest of the client but also benefits you as the realtor, it is worth it to let your client know as to not have them guessing later if you were working solely for your benefit.

Building Trust
Trust is an integral part of the realtor-client relationship. A realtor can build trust with a client by maintaining open communication and keeping the client informed. Clients are happy to receive updates and will find comfort knowing that their realtor is putting in the work and making the client’s interest a priority. This openness will ensure that the client is not left guessing or wondering if their realtor has forgotten about their property. Maintaining an open and honest line of communication is the best way to build trust with a client and offer a high-end experience.

Transparency in Pricing
A realtor should never find themselves in a situation with a client where the client feels as though the realtor has misrepresented their fee or commission. Luxury realtors should always offer up-front and transparent pricing to their clients and be ready to explain their fee. A client should be walked through pricing at the beginning of the process and explained the fee breakdowns, the realtor’s qualifications, and what services they are providing. A top realtor is transparent with their pricing and can easily articulate their value and this will lead to customer confidence.

The Value of Transparency
Transparency and maintaining clear and open communication with the client is how realtors build positive reputations and keep themselves in check. Clients know that they deserve to be informed throughout the sale process and holding transparency as a key principle for your business is what will guarantee a positive reputation and long-term success.

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