Create & Elate Productions Elevates Video Editing Services for Content Creators, Business Owners and Agencies

The company has already supported dozens of brands to expand their reach and generate more revenue.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2021 / — In a market where numerous editing companies are struggling to make it to the top of their game, Create & Elate Productions has already supported dozens of brands through its comprehensive video editing services.

Create & Elate Productions is a post-production house for content creators, business owners, and agencies working across all media channels and platforms. Since its inception in 2019, the company has worked on over one thousand client videos to help them expand their reach and generate more revenue with captivating video content – with gross views exceeding a whopping 10 million. Create & Elate Productions is committed to exceptional quality of work and customer service by building trusted and long-lasting relationships.

“Since 2019, we have supported dozens of brands to catapult their products and services into the limelight with our video editing services,” says Elena Tsysaruk, one of the company’s founders and CEOs. “For example, one of our US clients grew her subscription rate from 30k to 60k followers in just 5 months. She did so by simply posting fourteen YouTube videos under ten minutes each. Additionally, one of our Canadian clients was able to grow her audience eight times within just 1.5 years, generating her business over $2 million. We want content creators and business owners to know that they don’t necessarily need a complex marketing plan – sometimes uploading a high-quality video is all that’s necessary to see tremendous growth.”

What truly sets Create & Elate Productions apart from the competition, however, is the company’s attention to fine details. Additionally, the company utilizes a variety of front-end high-tech collaborative tools, including Slack,, and Postlab, and offers convenient multi-currency payment methods.

Create & Elate supports editing needs for a wide variety of video projects, including:

• Educational Videos
• Product & Service Promos
• Workshops & Masterclasses
• Showreels
• Social Media Ads
• Health & Wellness Videos
• Fitness Videos
• Lifestyle Videos & VLOGs
• IGTVs & Instagram Stories
• Finance Videos
• Podcast Videos
• Client Testimonials
• And more!

“No matter what your project entails, we are the video editing house your business needs,” states Semion Tsysaruk, the company’s second founder and CEO. “Now, not tomorrow, is the time to use the power of video as a strong marketing tool, and as part of your marketing strategy. The competition isn’t waiting for you to catch up, so why wait?”

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About the Company

Create & Elate Productions is a professional video editing service founded by Elena Tsysaruk and Semion Tsysaruk, the company’s two CEOs. Elena graduated with an M.Sc. in Management, with Semion graduating with an M.Sc. in International Economics and Finance. After working in corporate finance jobs, Elena and Semion made the decision to found their own post-production business.

Elena & Semion Tsysaruk
Create & Elate Productions

Source: EIN Presswire