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One emerging cost-effective solution … is hiring turnkey providers capable of immediately teaching entire subject categories to augment or replace existing programs.”

— Lawrence Allen

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — The K-12 landscape is transforming, driven by the urgent need for alternatives to public-school education. This demand, together with the advent of technical innovation, has spurred leading-edge new options in the private school and home-schooling sector, creating a generational opportunity to dramatically improve the way American school children are educated.

Remote learning is a rapidly evolving feature of this transformation. Though recorded video series and interactive websites are great tools, they are only effective when supporting the human touch of a classical curriculum taught by exceptionally talented and motivated teachers. Plus, the cost and complexity of replacing a long-established system such as K-12 education is a daunting challenge.

One emerging, cost-effective solution for home-school co-ops and private schools alike is the concept of Plug & Play curriculum and instruction: hiring turnkey providers capable of immediately teaching entire subject categories to augment or replace existing programs. And companies like Singapore Academy USA℠ are leading just such innovative solutions.

The Singapore school system delivers #1 student scores across the board in standardized global testing (see inset). STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are Singapore’s strongest subjects and Singapore Academy USA℠ is making both the curriculum and “Live From Singapore” daily instruction from top Singapore teachers available to American families and educational organizations. Once the Plug & Play module is installed into an organization’s overall education plan, Singapore Academy USA℠ executes end-to-end fulfillment of the entire school year’s curriculum plan and live instruction for those subjects. The client — home-school co-ops and private schools — need only provide the physical forum for the students (if in-person learning) and monitor implementation.

The advantages are clear. First and foremost, American students benefit from the world’s best STEM curriculum and live instruction. Second, educational organizations gain nimbleness in scaling up or down based on changing enrollment without being hampered by fixed costs. They also gain instant expertise and knowledge in the subjects taught. And, they can menu-select and test-market specialty classes at no risk to determine student body interest and whether to include the classes long term. All this happens while adding exciting, competitive classes into their overall offering.

Plug & Play solutions help start-ups accelerate their time to market, bypassing hiring and operations complexity. Established organizations reduce costs while quickly incorporating the latest teaching innovations. And best of all, organizations that hire Singapore Academy USA℠ to teach classes will enjoy the service orientation and agility that are fast becoming the hallmarks of next-gen K-12 education. We would love to show you how we can help your organization grow, while reducing costs and, most importantly, help your students improve their STEM scores. Visit: or contact Lawrence Allen at:
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Singapore Academy USA℠ is an academically focused curriculum and live instruction provider for middle school and high school student families who seek high performance in standardized testing. They help students reach the top of their class their final years of High School and ultimately achieve top university placement. Contact person: Lawrence Allen at:

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