First Remotely Directed Feature Film, #MyCorona, and Making-of Documentary Ready for Distribution

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“It Took a Lockdown to Unlock Their Hearts”

US & UK, June 18, 2021 / — Wonderphil Entertainment and Silicon Prairie Center Studios announce the completion of the romantic comedy feature film, #My Corona. The film is also accompanied by a documentary, Directing Remotely and Filmmaking During the Pandemic: The Making of #MyCorona. Shot at the end of May 2020, the full-length feature film is the first to be directed remotely in its entirety. #MyCorona was recently awarded Best Picture by the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival.

The romantic comedy, #MyCorona, is set in the days leading up to and during California’s stay-at-home directive at the start of the 2020 pandemic. In a Los Angeles apartment block, self-isolating neighbors, who barely know each other, are forced to rely on each other, even though they often don’t share the same views. These unusual neighbors slowly start finding their “new normal.”

The creative spirit of filmmaker Kirk Zeller was not thwarted by the social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions in California. These forced him to postpone the project he was already working on – Gorn was already in the pre-production stages of a modern interpretation of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The idea for #MyCorona hit Phil Gorn and his producer, Kirk Zeller, at the onset of the pandemic, and they knew that this was the right story to tell at the time. “The timeless theme of a romantic comedy makes this a feature that surpasses the heavy-hitting issues of the pandemic,” says Gorn.

The challenges of working on a film with all the restrictions in place were met with a dose of good humor and some filming methods that were never used in the industry before.

Gorn directed #MyCorona remotely from San Francisco throughout filming because the set was 1,500 miles away in Nebraska. “ While watching the film, people will realize that there are never more than two actors in any scene. This was done to ensure physical distancing and stay-at-home directives. We also took all the necessary measures to safeguard everyone on set,” according to Gorn.

Other pioneering methods used on the closed set included the use of technology for better communication, live feeds, and plenty of collaboration. Phil Gorn told the Hollywood reporter: “Everyone was responsible for themselves because of the need for a smaller production team and a tiny budget, this included the actors’ wardrobe and makeup.”

Despite being set in the time of the pandemic, this romantic comedy has a theme that is as relevant now as it will be for generations to come. Self-reflection and friendship are always important, especially during stressful times.

This is what the two young neighbors, Alex (Cooper Tomlinson) and Zoe (Mya Hudson) discover as they try to cope with being couped in their apartments with time to kill and extremely thin walls. Throughout the movie, the film touches on human fears and uncertainties as we meet the other characters.

In the documentary, Directing Remotely and Filmmaking During the Pandemic: The Making of #MyCorona, the filmmaker and his crew showcase how they managed to complete the film while directing remotely.

The inclusion of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the eight cast members, including Cecil Glenn (Whoomp There It Is and related GEICO commercial), Crystal Carson (General Hospital, Who’s That Girl), and James Huang (Nightcrawler, General Hospital). Because of the closed set, the cast and crew stayed on location. This meant they all had some interesting views to share about acting during the pandemic, the closed set, and the ground-breaking filming methods used for the production.

The documentary is on the official selection of the film Cannes, London, Tokyo, Montreal, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles film festivals. #MyCorona has featured in some major publications due to its innovative remote movie-making and because of its theme, a topic that affected almost everyone on the planet this past year.

Producers Phil Gorn and Kirk Zeller are working on finalizing the digital distribution of the first remotely directed feature film, #MyCorona, and the documentary about it, with a DVD release date of June 17, 2021 on the Silicon Prairie Center Studios website.

Wonderphil Entertainment founder Phil Gorn is an independent filmmaker that is interested in representing all genres of film in all markets. Kirk Zeller is the founder of Silicon Prairie Center Studios and he believes in creative and innovative startups. This was the ideal collaboration for the making of #My Corona.

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