RevGlue Radiates With The Promise And Power Of Passive Income

RevGlue tools support affiliates and online publishers to monetize their websites, blogs & mobile apps easily.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2021 / — Who doesn't want to generate income while they sleep? That's the main idea behind passive income, and it's one of the most significant reasons why publishers are investing so heavily in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, which falls under e-commerce, is defined as any sale driven by referral to another source.

An integral part of mainstream e-commerce for bloggers, journalists, social influencers and, performance marketers, advertisers are expected to spend north of $8 billion on affiliate marketing in 2022.

For many — promoting authoritative sources to action-ready audiences has proven to be a lucrative model.

RevGlue recognizes both the importance of customer acquisition and the lifetime value that each new customer provides. In the digital age, multiple demands compete for a consumer's ever-decreasing bandwidth.

Clicking a link can sustain and drive engagement to an important new customer.

To measure success, advertisers require rich data and insights to manage their campaigns while driving incremental growth. For some time, advertisers have sought transparency into which content partners were responsible for traffic and conversions.

RevGlue's enhanced integration makes complete domain-level insights available to advertisers for reporting, analysis, and optimization. Its technology automatically monetizes product links in commerce-related content to earn publishers a share of the sales they drive.

The Manchester-based company offers a suite of tools to create affiliate websites in the SaaS model using WordPress plugins and structured content. These tools are dynamic, user-friendly, and in high demand with social media influencers, mobile application developers, and bloggers.

Those who remain eager to monetize their web, social, and mobile platforms consciously use RevGlue's affiliate marketing model.

A one-stop solution providing technology and data to scale content commerce strategies across desktop and mobile, RevGlue is known for products that span both the affiliate data providers and traffic monetizing publishers.

RevGlue's subscription model provides complete data sets for UK affiliates to set up new affiliate websites in minutes and earn 100% commissions directly from affiliate networks, websites, or mobile app sales. Create new cashback, mobile comparison, or discount voucher websites in minutes or monetize existing websites, blogs & mobile apps using RevGlue publisher tools.

These tools deliver improved functionality to advertising and bring superior efficiencies to developing channels poised for exponential growth—track affiliate sales and conversion data in one dashboard. View detailed conversion data reports, get API, or download it in CSV, XML, or JSon format.

Affiliate networks then provide the promotional inventory (banners, coupons, product feeds, etc.) and distribute them to all sorts of online publishers, including affiliates.

Online publishers collaborate with affiliate networks to manage thousands of e-commerce stores in the UK. Networks can be based on Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Cost Per Click (CPC), or Cost Per Lead (CPL) models. Commission rates vary depending on the value of the website referring a customer to that store.
RevGlue also offers bespoke solutions to affiliates, including design, development, and data team for dedicated projects, including affiliate websites, mobile applications, and browser extensions within weeks. RevGlue supports worldwide affiliate projects in multiple currencies, languages, and countries.

RevGlue features include,

100% Commissions
Keep all of your affiliate network commissions directly in your bank accounts paid by the affiliate networks.

No long term contracts
Pay monthly and expect no extra hidden charges or revenue share with anyone. Try it free for 30 days.

The Best Affiliate Data
Data is updated daily and taken from all the leading affiliate networks providing current and active data immediately from the UK.

RevGlue emanated from the creative ideas of Adeel Farooq. Serving the global affiliate tech industry for over fifteen years, Adeel has produced unique designs and development services to affiliates spanning more than 120 projects worldwide. Operating in the e-commerce performance marketing industry has equipped Farooq with unique insights into the significant issues affecting affiliate website owners who wish to monetize their websites. The continuous quest for bloggers and website owners in setting up affiliate links and ads serves as the underlying construct behind the creation of RevGlue. For more information on products and services, visit

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