Juniper Knoll Publishing Will Launch New Website on May 15, 2021

Juniper Knoll Publishing Founder Don Dewsnap

Juniper Knoll Publishing Founder Don Dewsnap

Juniper Knoll Publishing logo

Juniper Knoll Publishing logo

Startup Independent Publishing Company Seeks Authors With Published or Unpublished Books

CLEARWATER, FL, USA, May 13, 2021 / — Juniper Knoll Publishing (JKP), a book publishing company based in Clearwater, Florida, is emerging from its cocoon on May 15, 2021, with the launch of its new website, Starting with a list of four books, the website is scalable to any number. JKP’s target for 2021 is twelve books in its list, and another 24 for 2022. There is no planned upper limit.

Don Dewsnap founded Juniper Knoll Publishing to make people’s lives better through books: fiction and nonfiction, poetry and art. Does a book help someone improve his or her life? Does it enlighten, or educate with useful (and verified true) information? Does it entertain in a civilized way? Or combine these qualities? That book is a JKP book.

For the sake of immediate growth, JKP is seeking qualified books, either self-published or published by other independent publishers, to market and sell from its new website. At the same time, JKP is encouraging submissions from authors for new books to be published by Juniper Knoll Publishing. Book requirements for submissions (both published and unpublished books) are in the Submissions Page of the website.

The hallmark and standard of Juniper Knoll is Quality. Books should be as close to perfect as possible, including easy to read. Even technical books can be easy to read if well-written, so writing quality is a very high requirement.

Books sold from the Juniper Knoll Publishing website must meet the JKP quality guidelines, no matter their publisher or genre. Not sugary-sweet, but smart flowing writing from optimistic viewpoints. Overcoming obstacles, persisting through difficulties, building futures. They will not include edgy doom and gloom, or gratuitous sex and violence. There is so much more good and beauty and hope in the world than evil and ugliness, so much more pleasure than pain, that JKP is happy to let other books and publishers embrace the negative.

Juniper Knoll’s book list at time of launch comprises the following:

• Small Business Magic: How the Principles of Quality Make it Easy to Succeed (Business improvement)
• Anyone Can Improve His or Her Life: Applying the Principles of Quality Makes Everything Better (Personal improvement)
• 31 Days to Love (A romance novel)
• In The Path Of Gods: Beginning Chaos (A science fiction novel; first of a trilogy)

Don Dewsnap, recently retired from a full life of accounting, typography, marketing, and many minor careers, has accomplished his life-long dream of starting a publishing company as the best way he can help the most people fastest. With dreams and plans far exceeding the reach of mortals, Don invites anyone who shares a similar goal of helping others to join the exclusive Juniper Knoll Family (described on the new website), and to join the Juniper Knoll Publishing Group on Facebook.

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