Unexpectedly Single Podcast Launches in May

Tiffany Hneleski, Host

Tiffany Hneleski and Todd Turner

Swiping, Shifting and Surviving Singlehood

At times, you think you will die from the pain, that’s how brutal it is, but in the darkest valley of my life, I saw some of the most beautiful things”

— Tiffany Hneleski, Host

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, April 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nothing makes single people more acutely aware of their singlehood than a global pandemic. Happily-ever-after with a significant other is what is assumed to happen and even expected to happen, but it doesn’t always happen for everyone. Creator and producer TIFFANY HNELESKI will tackle the tough and sometimes hilarious issues of being a one-woman or one-man show in her new podcast Unexpectedly Single.

After fifteen years of marriage and raising a family, Hneleski found herself in the all too familiar situation of being unexpectedly single. “We didn’t have a perfect marriage, nobody does,” explains the now single mom of two boys. “I had found some things I thought were suspicious and questioned my then husband about them. That was a Friday night, and we were trying to work through it, or so I thought. The following Tuesday, he left for work and said, “have a nice day,” and three hours later, I got a knock on the door and was being served divorced papers. He never came back home.” Hneleski has taken the heartbreak of her experience and is turning it into hope for herself and listeners around the world!

The Unexpectedly Single podcast will encourage, entertain and educate those who never planned to row the boat alone. Hneleski along with her co-host Todd Turner and special guests will help listeners navigate the waters of being single. Whether single due to not finding that special someone, divorced or widowed, Unexpectedly Single will provide unique insight and solutions to the “what do I do now?” scenarios that come with no longer having a mate. Hneleski continues, “I want this podcast to normalize being single. There are so many things I didn’t realize and didn’t know how to do when I found myself suddenly single. Things I had to face alone now, and I think all the experts on the show are going to help teach us how to be single and how to move a little more gracefully from a coupledom to a single life.” Topics on the show include: How and when to jump back into the dating pool? I’m lonely, should I get a pet? How do I redecorate for one?

Turner, a country boy with city style, will bring a unique “he said” element to the podcast. The non-profit digital consultant found himself unexpectedly single after his nineteen-year marriage ended. “I was blindsided,” says Turner. “Next thing I knew, I had full custody of my three kids, all the responsibility of keeping up the house and had to become super dad. Then, I went from suddenly single into survival mode. I was in the deep end and am just now coming out of it. I’m not the typical guy who left his wife and kids to live his best life. I thought my scenario was rare, but there are a lot of single dads like me, and while I’m no expert, I am excited to bring a male voice to the show and share the things I’ve learned.”

Hneleski concludes, “This podcast is the culmination of four years of hard labor. I feel like God is trying to turn this part of my life that could have been so negative into a positive to help someone else or to pull them out of their feelings of despair. Todd and I want to let people know you’re not alone, and all these unexpectedly single feelings you have are normal, and we can identify with them. At times, you think you will die from the pain, that’s how brutal it is, but in the darkest valley of my life, I saw some of the most beautiful things. I just want people to know that you will recover and that you can not only survive, but also thrive!”

Unexpectedly Single premieres Monday, May 3 on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and all other streaming platforms. For more information, visit www.unexpectedlysinglepodcast.com.

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