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Emily Spensieri, Founder/CEO of HerBrand Consulting

Using Qualitative Research To Build Brands Moms & Women Want

Effective QR uncovers nuances that reveal a new more workable brand strategy.”

— Emily Spensieri, Founder/CEO of HerBrand Consulting

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In her 3-part M2Moms® series, Emily Spensieri, Founder/CEO of HerBrand Consulting, examines and explains the changes in contemporary Qualitative Research. Spensieri says, ”The old QR approach of ‘Just The Facts’ doesn’t cut it. Being present for Aha Moments is critical for effective QR in today’s world. QR has evolved to follow, not lead conversations in order to maximize ROI.” M2Moms®-The Constant Conference is a 24/7 online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers build better business with today’s moms and families.

Spensieri continued, “Evolved QR plays an integral role in revealing the true customer journey of today’s moms and women. Effective QR uncovers nuances that reveal a new more workable brand strategy. Indeed, the development of online tools has not only reduced QR expenses, but it has had the unexpected benefit of creating a more casual environment which makes women more relaxed and more forthcoming.”

“For 25 years, Emily Spensieri has specialized in helping brands market more effectively. She’s always looking for opportunities to translate what she calls those Aha Moments into effective and actionable marketing insights,” according to Nan McCann, Founding producer of M2Moms®. “Spensieri takes her clients on Brand Journeys of discovery, translating the insights they uncover into winning new strategies. Her proprietary SheThink’s hybrid research methodology developed specifically for female consumers, is a foundation upon which many effective brands are created and is featured in the Schulich School of Business Curriculum at York University in Toronto.”

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