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MURRIETA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 19, 2021 / — When we fall head over heels in love, we tend to see our romantic partner through rose colored glasses. But when conflicts arise, frustration over each other’s flaws lead couples to think they’ve chosen badly. Without knowing how to work through the rough patches many choose to end it and move on to another partner. What if learning a few simple skills could help us keep our current relationship and literally find our happily ever?

Nancy Landrum is an acclaimed Relationship coach, well regarded keynote speaker, and author of eight books including her signature book How to Stay Married and Love It.

“I teach couples research-proven speaking and listening skills that enable them to communicate effectively, one of the most essential elements in any relationship,” says Nancy. “Along with anger management and problem-solving techniques, and helping you develop conflict resolution skills, couples learn to act and speak respectfully strengthening the foundation that sustains positive relationships so they can joyfully navigate life together as a team.”

Nancy’s coaching practice started with her very own life journey. As a child of parents who bickered constantly, Nancy and her husband found themselves repeating that pattern. When Nancy decided to change her own behavior their marriage immediately improved. After he passed away, she was left alone with two baby boys. It took about five years to fully recover. Several years later, she met and married her second husband Jim. When they experienced a conflict that was driving them apart, they eventually found a coach who taught them how to replace their verbal attacks with respectful ways of speaking and listening. Their relationship began to flourish again, feeling renewed passion and joy. In fact, Jim and Nancy began teaching other couples the skills that helped them transform their own damaged relationship.

With Jim’s encouragement, in 1996 Nancy earned her Masters Degree in Psychology. Together they wrote How to Stay Married & Love It! Solving the Puzzle of a Soul Mate Marriage. The couple enjoyed 17 additional, wonderful years together until he passed away in 2005. Nancy moved through her grief by continuing her passion for helping couples rekindle the flame in their marriage. She believes that a successful marriage is skill-based. If you know and use the powerful skills she teaches, you’ll get the results of a happy, loving, and lasting marriage.

In addition to How to Stay Married and Love It!, Nancy is the author of seven other highly acclaimed books and creator of The Millionaire Marriage Club an online relationships skills course. In a career spanning 25 years, Nancy has helped thousands of couples, worldwide, both in person and using an online app with a staggering 90% success rate. Her results driven approach, helps struggling couples eliminate the problems created by poor communication and move forward in a healthy way while significantly increasing their happiness with each other and the marriage.

“My approach is helping couples treat each other with respect 24/7 because respect is the fundamental foundation of every healthy, loving relationship,” says Nancy. “The result creates greater empathy for each other and cooperation in resolving issues successfully."

“Without respect,” Nancy says, “it is impossible for love to endure. On the other hand, by engaging in positive behaviors towards one another any issue can be successfully resolved.”

“Respect comes when you are willing to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and look at the issues from their point of view,” says Nancy. “Not necessarily agreeing, but rather respecting their point of view.”

“Understanding how our partners feel, knowing their passions, values, and accepting their flaws and weakness will help our relationships move forward.” For Nancy, it’s about being willing to learn and use simple, but powerful, practical tools to achieve the harmonious relationship we all hope for.

Nancy wants people to realize ending your relationships too quickly won’t necessarily solve your issues. You will end up bringing them into your new partnership.

Instead, by using the appropriate tools she teaches, conflicts can be resolved, problems eliminated and confidence gained that you can work through any problem.

“Anyone who is willing can learn the skills that helped Jim and me save our marriage,” Nancy assures.

In her role as a coach, Nancy welcomes couples who are motivated to learn and practice these wonderful skills. One of the core skills is a Skilled Discussion, a method that enables you to talk about any topic without fighting.

“Healthy relationships involve deep commitment and willingness to learn and grow,” says Nancy. “It involves self-awareness, humility and empathy toward your partner. Then the struggles that are natural in any close relationship becomes a pathway to deeper emotional intimacy. I am grateful to use to my experience to help others achieve the loving, lasting marriage that Jim and I enjoyed.”

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