Giulio Petillo Leading Developer of Augmented Reality Filters for Online Businesses and Brands

The filters are changing the landscape of digital marketing to help brands stand out from the competition.

ITALY, March 18, 2021 / — Giulio Petillo is pleased to announce he is changing the face of digital marketing as a leading developer of Augmented Reality Filters.

Giulio Petillo is an augmented reality developer based in Italy. The company specializes in the creation and development of augmented reality to support businesses in catapulting them into the limelight, reaching far more readers and viewers than ever thought possible.

In the company’s latest news, Giulio Petillo has rapidly become one of the leading developers of Augmented Reality Filters – a digital marketing strategy that is taking the world by storm. Through Augmented Reality Filters, businesses and brands can superimpose virtual effects on top of a real-world image to create one combined picture. These game-changing images are then used as filters on Instagram, Facebook or other social media sites to reach even more customers and followers and, ultimately, to increase exposure and revenue.

“Brands have found the use of Augmented Reality Filters to be an excellent way to build support because people need to follow the brand to gain access to their filters,” says founder of the company, Giulio Petillo. “Once a follower applies the filter, this creates incredible advantages in the diffusion of the brand and its products. Movie directors have been doing this for years, and now this incredible technology is available to any business around the world.”

According to Giulio Petillo, Augmented Reality Filters have become a lucrative marketing tool that reaps many benefits for brands to separate them from the crowds of millions of online businesses. With Giulio Petillo’s custom made filters, businesses can easily make them available to followers who, in turn, can apply them and create a strong marketing chain reaction.

The company’s website also boasts a comprehensive blog page to help businesses understand how augmented reality works and how it can skyrocket their sales.

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About Giulio Petillo

Giulio Petillo is a developer of augmented reality marketing solutions for businesses and brands across the globe. Its team of highly trained and professional developers are continuously looking for new ways to support businesses in reaching new heights.

Giulio Petillo
Augmented Reality Developer

Source: EIN Presswire