Julita Marshall Discusses Why More Women Than Ever Are Becoming Entrepreneurs

Julita Marshall

Julita Marshall

Female entrepreneur Julita Marshall recently discussed why more women than ever are becoming entrepreneurs.

MONTGOMERY, IL, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Women now make up about 40 percent of all new entrepreneurs. This proves that more women are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before, and the numbers are expected to continue rising. Female entrepreneur Julita Marshall recently discussed why so many women are making the change.

"Women have been marginalized in the workplace for too long," Julita Marshall of Aurora said. "Through entrepreneurship, we're getting paid what we're worth."

Julita Marshall of Aurora added that the gender gap is still stable in most workplaces, and women are becoming fed up. In 2016, the average woman working year-round and full-time made 80 percent of what a male counterpart in the same position was making. Julita Marshall added that if the change continues to occur at the rate, women will not see equal pay for roughly 100 years. Women are not willing to wait 100 years, so they've decided to start their own businesses.

"Female-owned businesses have increased roughly 3,000 percent in the last 50 years," Julita Marshall said. "If male-owned businesses don't start stepping up, they're going to lose all of their best female employees."

Julita Marshall of Aurora added that it's not only about the money. The flexibility of owning your own business is hugely desirable. It's no secret that being your own boss means you enjoy more freedom than if you're working for another person. Julita Marshall added that women enjoy entrepreneurship because they can manage their own time and keep family a top priority. The flexibility also makes it easier to find time for exercise, self-care, and other healthy lifestyle elements.

"Much of entrepreneurship is based on passion," Julita Marshall of Aurora said. "If you have a distinct passion, starting a business is one of the best ways to pursue it."

As women begin looking for more fulfilling work, they're turning to create it for themselves. Corporate life is not always inspiring to modern women, and those who have grown tired are pursuing other options.
Julita Marshall finished by stating that many women see entrepreneurship as a way to have more control over their future. Working for a company or another individual can result in the company's restructuring, a lay-off, or several other unexpected outcomes. These changes are not in the woman's control and can be extremely stressful, especially if the job is lost. Owning your own business means you have control over all business happenings, so there are fewer surprises.

"Being an entrepreneur is not always the easiest route, but to me, it's the most rewarding," Julita Marshall of Aurora said. "I look forward to seeing more women-owned businesses and working with fellow female entrepreneurs in 2021 and years to come."

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