Eric Painter of Texas: Youth Ministries and Spreading the Good Word

Eric Painter, Extending a Helping Hand to the Homeless

SUGAR LAND, TX, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2021 / — Thanks to people like Eric Painter, being homeless isn't the same struggle it once was. For example, many people love Robin Williams but did not know that the man had many philanthropic endeavors. Williams was very candid about his sympathy for the homeless. In fact, he often used his films to give jobs to them. Many believe that the reason Robin Williams went the extra mile to help the homeless during his meteoric rise to fame is because he related to them. He understood their struggle with mental illness, something that would become much more apparent when Robin Williams tragically took his own life in the summer of 2014. Looking back, his tale, and that of Eric Painter's is similar, one of perseverance through hardship.

Indomitable Spirit | Eric Painter

They say that the lord will never give you more than you can handle, but will also push you to your absolute limits and make you question whether or not that is actually true. People like Eric Painter of Texas are exemplary examples of God strengthening the spirit through strife. If you notice, the Bible is not full of happy stories where nothing ever goes wrong. Many ask, how could a benevolent God allow so many horrible things to happen? Well just as Noah was tested, so are we in our everyday lives. These tests of faith are no coincidence, and the more you experience life, the more you understand that God does truly works in mysterious ways. The truth is, we may not always be able to see the full picture in our limited perspective, which is why giving over faith and trust to Jesus helps guide us through the most uncertain times and the most powerful of storms.

Eric Painter wanted to share this message with the young and the downtrodden, those who are in the most dire need of the good word. The word of the Lord acts like the Rock of Gibraltar, an anchor when we immersed in uncertain seas. Many come across this powerful message when they are in the most need of it, and it makes them want to pay it forward by helping others with their own issues. Life is about perspective. Something that seems like a disaster one day, through the lens of wisdom, can be seen as a great blessing the next day.

The Purpose of Pain | Eric Painter

If you have ever picked through the aftermath of a storm, you know how all-encompassing the damage can be. Yet, storms exist because pockets of hot and cold air intersect, and this stagnant air must be redistributed. The same way the blood of the lamb fertilizes the soil, a storm helps redistribute energies, allowing for a more balanced ecosystem. Storms also teach us disaster preparedness, faith, and give us character. This soul cultivation is the very purpose of pain, and why we as the clay should not protest the hands of the potter our God.

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