The Secret To Entrepreneurial Success Starts In Your Head

Alison Callan, Success Coach

Alison Callan helps entrepreneurs build conscious businesses

Alison Callan, Success Coach

Alison Callan’s clients are taking their pains and turning them into valuable learning for others

Alison Callan, Success Coach

Alison Callan, business coach

Alison Callan

Alison Callan helps clients manifest their ideal business

Alison Callan, Success Coach

An empathic and heart-led purposeful business coach

Alison Callan helps entrepreneurs harness clarity and mindfulness, to successfully embrace their full potential and lead fulfilled and meaningful lives.

I want entrepreneurs to know they are in control of how they feel… so they can thrive in their business.”

— Alison Callan

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, March 17, 2021 / — Entrepreneurs seeking that magical silver bullet to make their business boom are looking in the wrong place, according to international award winning intuitive business coach Alison Callan. The secret is not more funnels or the latest sale technique; it starts in their own mind.

“That elusive holy grail to making their business work is self awareness, consistency in learning, adapting and committing to being the highest versions of ourselves daily so that we do not succumb to the overwhelm, or procrastination, we become solution focused and tenacious,” she said.

“This might not sound sexy or exciting, but you are currently living with a whole heap of habits that do not serve you and you have no idea, or worse, you do and you do not want to do anything about it.”

Alison works with people to change habits by starting every day with The Mindset Pathway.

“This method helps entrepreneurs slay their mornings and change their state, so they can master their day and business and anything else they want to put their energy into.”

Having overcome her own limitations to build a thriving business, Alison understands how it feels to be out of control and buffeted by other people’s expectations and beliefs.

“I was inspired to take a new career direction after having my first child. I was determined to not buy into the hype surrounding the stress of parenting, and this came down to creating a positive mindset to help overcome challenges,” she said.

“I was operating under the boundaries of learned behaviour and it wasn’t serving me well. I knew logically my brain worked on patterns created through beliefs and experiences made previously.

“I had to consciously learn to self assess and override negative or challenging behaviours, patterns and reactions that were in conflict with creating what I wanted. That meant working on me as much as my business.

“I wanted to create a career path that felt authentic to me, that was truly satisfying and empowering, rather than sticking to the path I thought I should follow.”

Alison sees entrepreneurs starting out working on the tactical aspects of business not enough on themselves.

That’s where she comes in. She coaches her clients to harness clarity and mindfulness in order to successfully embrace their full potential and lead fulfilled and meaningful lives.

“I want them to know they are in control of how they feel, and they have a responsibility to take control of it, show up and make themselves, their state of mental, physical and emotional health a priority so that they can thrive in their business,” Alison said.


Alison Callan, international award-winning intuitive business coach and two times best-selling author, helps entrepreneurs harness clarity and mindfulness in order to successfully embrace their full potential and lead fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Alison's mission is to champion the ambitious introverted intuitive starting in business or taking their professions by storm, to ensure they confidently step up, to be seen, and heard.

A certified coach with the International Coach Federation, a member of the NLP Association, and a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Alison’s mission is to champion those starting in business to ensure they discover the confidence to be seen and heard.

The Conscious You, Alison’s best-selling book went straight to Number 1 on the Amazon bestseller chart in 3 categories: Spiritual Gifts, Women’s Spirituality, and Inspirational Spiritually. She has received an Mpower International Business Award, a Silver Stevie Women in Business Award, and a bronze Stevie Women Helping Women Award, as well as an Ausmumpreneur Award as Author for ‘The Conscious You’.

For her expertise, she has been featured in Yahoo Style, Glamour Magazine, Hello Magazine, and Influencing Entrepreneur. Alison directly works with Conscious Entrepreneurs to support them in elevating their brand to thought leadership status, so that their work becomes a legacy and a movement inspiring others to raise their potential.

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Alison Callan took out 2019 Stevie Award – Women in Business

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