Perini & Associates Produces New Educational Video Series on Suicide Prevention

2021 Suicide Prevention Video Collection produced by perini & associates

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It's important the community view the videos because “one of our strongest arms of suicide prevention is an informed public.

The firm is honored that we were trusted to produce the video services to spread the word about suicide prevention and professional help that is available,”

— Michael Perini, President & CEO, perini & associates

WOODLAND PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2021 / — Perini & Associates was recently hired by the Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership (PPSPP) in Colorado Springs, CO to produce a series of videos, which are educational in nature and cover the challenging topics of youth suicide, gun safety, suicide in the military (active duty or veteran), COVID’s effect on the agency’s mission and other topics.

The video series can be viewed on YouTube and Vimeo.

The Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership (PPSPP) has been serving individuals and families since 1993. Founded by local women with personal reasons for bringing the issue of suicide into the public eye, PPSPP began as a crisis line center for suicide prevention and is now a resource center where clients are connected to referral services and a peer support program. They also operate a 24/7 peer support program to provide intervention, especially overnight, so ‘nobody has to sit in the darkness alone’.

“The new video series will enhance our mission to unite the community in addressing suicide in the Pikes Peak Region through education, intervention and postvention,” said Cassandra Walton, Executive Director, “Suicide is a perceived solution to an overwhelming problem. PPSPP provides outreach and awareness events, suicide prevention trainings, support groups and individual counseling. All services are provided at no cost.”

Walton feels that it’s important for the community to see the video series because “one of our strongest arms of prevention is an informed public. We need people to be exposed to the concept of suicide prevention. The more people who know, the more lives we can save – especially when it comes to underserved groups like men and our community’s military personnel. We want people in need to make sure that they are getting help – whatever that may be.”

P&A President Michael Perini said, “The firm is honored and grateful that PPSPP placed their trust in our video services to help their organization spread the word about suicide prevention efforts as well as encourage more individuals to find the professional help they need.”

Video descriptions:

The video provides hope by showcasing reasons “to live” that sometimes are forgotten when experiencing suicidal thoughts. The video asks viewers to remember family, sports, hiking, nature, pets and dancing as positive reasons to remember living. These are “precious moments” to look forward to as we age.

The three-minute video describes the process and showcases the value of volunteering at Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership. “Active listening” training is a key element of responsibilities which are explained. Viewers see suicide facts and learn about the Peer Support Volunteer program.
The video shows the outside of the PPSPP building on Tejon Street, Colorado Springs and provides contact information.

The video features Pete, who lost both his son and partner to suicide. He discusses gun safety, shares facts and tells viewers how Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership is providing gun locks to all who ask. The video presents a passionate plea for a gun-friendly community of the value of keeping firearms locked so that those contemplating suicide don’t find this method to die by suicide.

Learn about the disturbing trend among active military and veterans experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviors. See treatment options, self-help tools and resources to help our Nation’s defenders find reasons to stay. The video highlights the value of serving with a pledge, “I will honor”.

The video begins with a striking opening with youth who have experienced signs of suicide. The key theme for the video is to share activities that would have been missed by “Abby,” a local teenager, who attempted suicide. The question she answered is: What would you have missed? The video states, “You know your kid better than anyone else” and asks parents to check in with their youth and look for signs of suicide.

“Draw it Out” is a unique program using art as a coping tool to help those who have suicidal thoughts or family and friends of those who have completed suicide. The two-minute video describes the program with art pieces throughout. The program meets weekly at the PPSPP offices on Tejon Street.

Hear stories about the impact of the pandemic on the community, PPSPP and the incredible actions to provide services during this most difficult time.
The video traces events from the first stay-at-home order until today.

The one-minute video asks viewers this question, “What Senses Would You Miss?” Viewers place their hand on their heart as they watch. They can feel their heartbeat and follow the graphic and sounds across the screen. The words answer the viewer by stating, “That’s called purpose.” Living. Life.

The video begins with a warning disclaimer for viewers as it may trigger negative emotions. This in-depth, informational video provides history, current treatment options, self-help tools, resources and more as the only suicide prevention organization in Colorado Springs. Viewers will be moved by first-hand stories from people who have attempted suicide or are family and friends of those who have died by suicide. As they describe their painful memories, they always come back to PPSPP.

About Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership
The mission of Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership is to unite the community in addressing suicide in the Pikes Peak Region through education, intervention, and postvention. Their vision is Reducing Suicide Across the Pikes Peak Region. (719) 573-7447.

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