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Avatar is now hiring the crème de la crème of the worlds most experienced airline pilots.

Pilots represent the face of our airline and I believe this should be more than just another job. I believe without any doubt employees who invest in their company make the best employees”

— Barry Michael’s, CEO & Founder

BOCA RATON, FL, UNITED STATES, March 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Avatar Airlines plans to hire the crème de la crème of the world’s most experienced commercial airline pilots. To be part of this elite group, applicants must possess all the necessary credentials, have a minimum of 10,000 hours including multi-engine heavy jet experience and invest in Avatar’s private equity offering. The airline will likely require 200+ pilots for the first year and over 400 during the following three years.

Avatar’s pilots will be the face of the airline and their positions will be more than just another job. It’s well documented that employees who invest in their company make better employees. Like most early investors, their equity position could and should exceed their returns from their salary.

Consistent with Avatar’s progressive culture, line holder pilots will be paid as follows: Captains – $378 per flight hour, X 78 hours average per month (about $353,814 per year) with First Officers at a rate of $257.78 per flight hour, X 78 hours average per month (about $242,237 per year) along with sharing in all of the company benefits. Reserve pilots would be paid the same hourly rates but at 70-74 average hours per month guarantee.

While their priority number will be based on receipt of investment funds, the actual hire date will be subject to passing the interview process, medical exam and simulator check ride. The pilot/investor candidate will also need to meet the SEC requirements of an accredited investor.

Now may be the best time ever to start this program since COVID-19 has caused many high-time/high-priced pilots to be laid off and their aircraft grounded by the carriers who employed them. Avatar’s management believes its private equity offering will be very attractive given the company’s capital structure, its lack of long-term debt and its overall projected rate of return. The pilot investors will not only get the usual number of shares (per offering), but will also be eligible for early incentive comprised of 1-1 warrants at a reduced rate per the offering.

This would not only be an added benefit for the pilots but would also make the company’s $300mm offering much easier to market. Pilots would be among the first investors providing an initial $5mm+ (suggested $150k, $75k minimum per pilot investor). Avatar’s management believes the balance of the offering would then become an institutional deal. The offering will be used to cover all startup costs with the majority of the funds going for the purchase of used 747-400 aircraft at a deep discount prices.

By exclusively operating a fleet of Boeing 747-400s, Avatar will open its sizable cargo doors to accommodate the projected rise in demand for cost-effective commercial hauling solutions, even after the pandemic recedes. “The demand for shipping cargo was already sky-high before COVID-19, but the pandemic has put the squeeze on companies seeking cost-effective solutions to move their products quickly and efficiently from point to point,” said Michaels. “Using the extra space of 747s will allow Avatar to offer very competitive commercial hauling rates, in addition to its ultra-low passenger fares.”

For more information on the program or to speak with an Avatar executive qualified pilots should write: flythequeen@avatarairlines.com

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