eCommerce Will Never Return To Normal According to Award-Winning Author, Andy Splichal

Andy Splichal

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2021 / — As the pandemic seemingly is drawing to its conclusion with the COVID vaccine distribution ramping up, people across the country are eagerly awaiting the day when things return to normal.

We caught up with the award-winning author of the Make Each Click Count book series, Andy Splichal to capture his thoughts on eCommerce returning to normal.

“Covid has reshaped our buying behaviors” he told us. “Many people who before did not shop online, now highly prefer the convenience of shopping online over going to the store. People have seen how you can purchase quickly what you want and need without ever leaving your home. Even after the pandemic, people are going to want this convenience and I don’t see this trend reversing” he concluded.

We have seen retailers adjusting their strategies to fit this new pattern of shopping. Disney, a company long entwined in the person-to-person experience appears to be leading the way in this revolution. Earlier this month, Disney reported plans to immediately close 60 of their brick-and-mortar Disney stores across the country as they shift to an increased emphasis on online ordering.

We asked Andy Splichal on his thoughts regarding the Disney announcement. “It is a smart strategy to adapt to your customer’s buying preference. However, I would expect to see that by companies decided to shutter some or even all of their physical stores this will lead to increasing the cycle of buying online. It is simple. The less options available from physical stores the more those individuals that actually were still willing to shop in person now will also be to some extent forced to shop online simply based on lack of options”.

The facts are certainly confirming this notion. During the holiday shopping season 2020, online sales grew 32.2% from 2019, totaling a record $188.2 billion according to CNBC. The growth is undeniable, but can anything slow this trend of online shopping versus in-person shopping?

“The only thing I can see that could possibly slow the growth of eCommerce is logistical issues with shipping. We saw the mess that was holiday shipping. It was a tidal wave of boxes and the increase was so large that shipping companies could not fully handle it” Andy told us. “It may take logistics awhile to catch up with the demand and this could frustrate online shoppers” he concluded.

Time will tell whether this increased online shopping cycle comes to a full fruition, but one thing we all can look forward to is getting back to normal regardless of what that normal has become.


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