The YOU Beyond You: The knowledge of the Willing

Ramzi Najjar – Author of The YOU beyond you

How to immediately become conscious of your habits and break-through self-limiting beliefs.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2021 / — Literary Titan's Silver Award for Best Book – December 5, 2020
Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Body/Mind/Spirit Book – December 15, 2020

You are pure energy having a physical experience. Once you acknowledge how this governs every element of your existence, you can begin to take charge of your entire life direction.

Here author Ramzi Najjar will show you how to live with passion, success, and fulfillment beyond whatever your initial circumstances might be by breaking down the fundamentals that make up the ‘YOU beyond you’.

In this book, you’ll learn how to understand the dynamics of reality, consciousness, and the fundamental keys to cultivating excellence. You’ll receive methods of dissolving limiting-beliefs you’ve built-up through negative life experiences, as well as actionable steps to help kick-start your inner momentum.

A must-read for those seeking to:

Understand the Universal laws that govern our human existence.

Let go of old ‘stories' about the past.

And tap into their greatest potential.

Author Ramzi Najjar’s belief, “you become what you perceive… and what you permit to enter your body”, is the core principle of his practice as a motivational leader. Compiling Najjar’s 20-year research into what drives a person to cultivate negative habits and feel blocked from achieving their potential, ‘The YOU Beyond you: The Knowledge of the Willing’ creates the framework for attaining greatness through a deep understanding of the rules-of-engagement within our Universe.

By the end of this book, you’ll learn there’s a lot more to what makes you YOU than meets the eye, and it starts by seeing the world a new way—how the Universe works.

Ramzi Najjar is a multi-awarded author, entrepreneur and big thinker. Born in Lebanon and growing up amidst conflict and civil-political unrest, Najjar knows first-hand how hardship has the power to forge a person’s personality and how an understanding of the laws of the Universe (and not just blind optimism) in the face of adversity determines a person’s quality of life.

Graduating from the American University of Beirut with a degree in Public Administration and Political Science, Najjar launched multiple leading businesses in Kuwait and Lebanon. Today he is devoted in parallel to projects related to the environment and other humanitarian projects he prefers not to reveal at this stage.

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Ramzi Najjar
The YOU beyond you
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