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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2021 / — Without relationships life would be dull, isolating, and unfulfilling. As social beings we need to feel connected in order to thrive and be happy. But whether it’s with our parents, partners, or our children, relationships can get bumpy and troubling. Fortunately, a highly qualified therapist can make all the difference in helping us work through conflicts and keep our relationships going strong.

Lynn Turner is an exceptional Family therapist and Director of A Center For Relationships.

“As an emotionally focused therapist I offer support and guidance for those dealing with a variety of issues such as depression, trauma, and anxiety utilizing evidence-based treatments and techniques,” says Lynn. “Whether working with individuals, couples, or families, I encourage my clients to embrace their authentic selves, get unstuck, help build stronger bonds and connections, and facilitate positive change while nurturing your overall well-being.”

Finding sustainable ways to help resolve conflicts and communicate more effectively, Lynn has been working with children and adults for over 30 years. With her compassionate, practical, and collaborative approach she builds the path to recovery. By engaging clients in her unique, restorative workshops and seminars such as “The Art of Relationship Skills,” “The Emotional Healing Workshop”, and “The Enneagram Temperament Seminar,” clients can remarkably unlock their true potential.

Lynn also expertly incorporates the use of the Enneagram, a model of the human psyche representing nine interconnected temperament types, as a resourceful insightful tool that literally helps us figure out our predispositions and propensities towards the way we live.

“By creating self-awareness, revealing our true nature, we understand ourselves with greater clarity uncovering configurations of behavior that sub-consciously stimulate us to act in certain ways,” says Lynn. “ We are able to make these patterns more mindfully so we develop healthier ways of being.

By figuring what holds us back we can then take accountability for our actions.

“Our temperament is something we are all born with and coupled with our family environment it creates our personalities,” says Lynn. “I love to watch people discover themselves, who they authentically are, and their true purpose in the world.”

In her practice, Lynn also integrates mind, body, energy, and spirt which addresses the whole person and enhances total wellness. By encouraging the value of therapy’s tried and true evidence- based methods she says we can transition and truly heal.

Her upcoming book "Loving and Living on the Ennea-Go-Round: A guide to Couple Harmony" inspires us to love ourselves and live a genuinely joy-filled life by reconnecting with our life purpose.

“My book discusses in detail Enneagram types in terms of what each temperament brings that is positive,” says Lynn. “Since we all have a downside and an upside of our temperaments, I clarify those through personal stories. Readers will learn which temperaments complement with other temperaments so it’s an excellent model for finding a compatible partner.”

Lynn’s ultimate mission is for us to encourage us to tap into our authentic selves and to be present with ourselves and others.

“When we know and love ourselves, we are free to share the gifts that we naturally have inside of us with the entire world.”

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