Researchers Say Worries Over Money Matters Make Black Americans Sick According to

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— Reggie Ware,

FARMINGTON, MI, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2021 / — Did you know money stresses three out of four Americans, and in African American households the numbers are even higher? According to the American Psychological Association, Black Americans suffer a greater amount of stress, and that “plays a significant role in increasing susceptibility to disease and undermining recovery from illness.” And with white Americans outliving their Black counterparts by roughly six years, it is time to address the health needs of people of color. That is where (BDO) comes in. Positioned as the world’s largest and most comprehensive health resource for Black people, BDO uniquely conveys the challenges and cultural nuances of the African American community.

Seeing the needs of his people, CEO Reggie Ware — a true visionary — launches “Bankroll Your Brilliance” with host Nicole Roberts Jones. She is the founder and CEO of NRJ Enterprises. Her company is a premier training and talent development company dedicated to helping women align their purpose with their paycheck. She is a nationally recognized voice says her purpose is to help people release their gifts and callings to live their best life. Through “Bankroll Your Brilliance,” Roberts Jones exposes how financial strain leads to personal anxiety and even illness.

According to a LinkedIn survey, 80% of professionals dread Mondays. Jones, a former talent management and casting expert, thinks some people suffer from the “Scary Sundays” because they may be mismatched. Through her weekly broadcast, this bestselling author will show viewers how to uncover their DNA or Distinct Natural Abilities, to gain financial independence, and a deeper sense of self-worth resulting in a better quality of life.

Nicole Roberts Jones is on a mission to see viewers break the bondage of the nine-to-five rut by finding new avenues to build wealth, thus securing a future for their families. This revolutionary show involves a connected experience where Roberts Jones will answer questions on the spot. Viewers will have the power to help steer a collaborative virtual conversation. According to this sought-after speaker with a solid gold roster that includes Steve Harvey World Group, Dell EMC, and McDonalds, “true fulfillment and meaning in life comes from your contribution for others.”

“Bankroll Your Brilliance” is the brainchild of Nicole Roberts Jones that Reggie Ware brought to as a pivotal program for the state-of-the-art healthcare resource. Under his unwavering guidance, the online platform now reaches 19 million participants per month and has more Facebook followers than WebMD. Ware, whose long list of accomplishments includes launching “Heart and Soul” magazine, the first healthcare magazine for Black women, hand picks the over 10,000 articles on the growing BDO website.

In the age where two out of three Black people are refusing the COVID vaccine, BDO steps in to provide guidance with the largest database of Black doctors who can relate to the concerns which are specific to this population. Researchers also found one out of five Black Americans admit to distrusting the healthcare system. aims to sway that opinion by offering a safe place for Black and brown people to find answers to their health concerns.

We are living in a time where African Americans can still hear the whispers of their grandparents talking about the nefarious Tuskegee experiments, not to mention the atrocity of using Henrietta Lacks as a guinea pig for cancer research. is the answer many have waited for. This revolutionary platform sheds light on the specific health concerns of Black people, while addressing the underlying cause through their groundbreaking new show “Bankroll Your Brilliance.” This interactive broadcast is live on Facebook every Thursday at noon.

Nicole Roberts Jones’ is also hosting her annual workshop intensive where she shares with women her strategy how to “Bankroll their Brilliance” on March 12-13. It’s an online event where each participant will leave with an exact plan how to turn their expertise and experience into online programs so they can scale their business. Register here

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