Angelena Bonet Wins 'Best Woman Filmmaker' For Her Documentary Film CHANGE THE WORLD at Madras Film Festival in India

Angelena Bonet - AACTA Awards

Angelena Bonet – The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards

Madras International Film Festival

Madras International Film Festival – Best Woman Filmmaker

Kalakari Film Festival

Kalakari Film Festival – Official Selection

Multi-award winning Australian documentary filmmaker, singer-songwriter and humanitarian wins another film award for her biopic documentary "Change The World".

Receiving the Best Woman Filmmaker award in India has been just wonderful! I make reference to Jyoti Singh in my film and make no apologies for my defiance of this abhorrent human rights violation.”

— Angelena Bonet

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 7, 2021 / — Multi-award winning Australian documentary filmmaker, singer-songwriter and global women's rights ambassador, Angelena Bonet, has won 'Best Woman Filmmaker' at the Madras International Film Festival in Chennai, India. Bonet’s biopic documentary film, which she produced in its entirety, has won nearly 150 film festival awards worldwide, including an Official Selection at the Kalakari Film Festival in Dewas, India. The inspiring film just screened in Tokyo and Seoul and is now currently screening at the New York Tri-State Film Festival and the Roma Short Film Festival in Rome, Italy. She has been the recipient of many awards including the 'Humanitarian Award' at The Jane Austen International Film Festival and the 'Human Spirit Award' at the DOCS Without Borders Film Festival in The Bahamas.

Bonet has also produced a biopic documentary trilogy feature film series consisting of "Angelena: Change The World", "Angelena: Heart Of The Matter" and "Angelena: Light At The End Of The Tunnel" which will be available to rent or buy on Vimeo on the 14th of March, 2021. A former Australian supermodel and actress, she had to give her career away after two life changing tragedies, which she has chronicled in her documentary “Change The World”. Her soulmate and fiancé of three days, Erick Deeby, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in August 2007. He had written and recorded instrumental pieces of music for her between 2005 and 2007. Bonet then wrote the lyrics and melody to his music after his devastating death and during her time of deepest grief. Then on May 26, 2012, she was a victim of a violent attack and was kidnapped and gang-raped but miraculously survived the attempted murder in Melbourne, Australia. Suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a consequence of the heinous crime, orchestrated by someone that she knew and trusted, she is now ready to share her story. The music she co-wrote with Deeby has become the soundtrack for her films and also won numerous 'Best Original Soundtrack' and 'Best Film Score' awards. She promised him whilst in a coma that she would finish their special project and thirteen years later she has received accolades from every corner of the globe.

Now ready to share her story, Angelena, recently released "Change The World" on YouTube to make it available to everyone for free. She realised that many women and girls who could benefit from her voice and be inspired by her journey may be at a financial disadvantage and wanted to help them. Domestic violence has been hidden for millennia and has risen exponentially since Covid-19 began and many victims are in lockdown with their perpetrators. Angelena hopes to reach those women and give them hope and assure them there is light at the end of the tunnel and they are definitely not alone. No longer can this sickness within our society be hidden and ignored. It’s a time of reckoning and humanity has the opportunity to heal and find a more harmonious way of being. She is honored to be instrumental in creating public awareness by being transparent with her own experiences and thus encouraging other women to stand up and speak out also. True power comes from within and we can choose to be a victim or take responsibility for our own healing and practice forgiveness and self love. She is an example that one can not only survive, but thrive. As a global ambassador for women and girls, Bonet believes that women’s voices need to be heard more than ever and is proud to be attending the International Women's Day March tomorrow in Sydney.

A former Australian Supermodel, Angelena, comes from a musical family and grew up studying and playing her grandmother's piano in her bedroom. Her father was a bassist/guitarist and her mother sang in the Sydney Symphony Choir. Her great grandmother, Lily Bolden, was an actress and dancer in the Royal D'Oyle Carte Theatre Company that toured South Africa in the late 1800s. It was there that she married a Director and had her grandfather before returning to Australia. A talented dancer herself, Angelena experienced a back injury in her early teens which forced her to sit out of her dance classes except Tap for a couple of year and focused her energies on singing and drama lessons. She trained at the Australian College of Entertainment (formerly known as the "Johnny Young Talent School" where Dannii and Kylie Minogue were discovered) with many working actors and musical theatre artists as her teachers. It was her passion and then at eighteen the modelling industry discovered her at a hair salon. Her first shoot appeared in Vogue Australia.

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