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Grace Barrejon 4quí's Brand Ambassadors Manager

Grace Barrejon 4quí’s Brand Ambassadors Manager

"Life is sexy": knocking down negative myths about it

“Life is sexy”: knocking down negative myths about it

Grace Barrejón, breaking schemes: she's appointed by the 4qui.com platform as Worldwide Brand Ambassadors Manager

IBIZA, ISLAS BALEARES, SPAIN, February 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Working independently for a true passion, is a challenge that today many women find liberating, it drives and empowers them. Women like Grace Barrejon who managed to achieve a balance between family life, being a mother, a professional and who today as a model and businesswoman, is designated to be a Global Brand Ambassador by 4qui.com, the platform to buy, sell, create and spread products or services that already gather the talent of other brand ambassadors, instagrammers, artists and professionals who are taking a new leap in their careers or self-businesses.

Grace Barrejón is a 42-year-old Chilean, living between Miami and Ibiza, who from the age of 16 started in the world of modeling and since then has made an effort to break stereotypes in a culture where she was "outside of the beauty standards" of her homeland, within an industry where she had to face obstacles, especially after having her first child. That is why she decides to open new paths. However, not everything was so easy, many years had to pass until Grace was able to pose again, but this time there was a turn in her attitude, thoughts. Her vision as a businesswoman ran through her veins. Today, Grace has managed and monetize the social networks of renowned artists with more than 10 million followers.

There are many difficulties that women begin to face in society from the age of 30 or even from the moment they become mothers. Both in the social and labor, for years, women face disparity in salary conditions, rejection due to appearance and not because of how suitable or not they are for work, or just the fact of having children or be married to work and stay in certain industries. That’s why Barrejón decides to take the reins, becoming a Luxury Brand Ambassador and today, after many personal and family efforts, Grace shows that it’s possible to achieve compatibility as a businesswoman and a model, while remaining an extraordinarily sexy woman who also leads a life family forward.

"Life is sexy": knocking down negative myths about it
To Grace "love and self-confidence" is one of the basic premises to begin to feel good about what you do, what you dress, with the typical of women attitude and sensuality, which in professional life it cannot continue to be viewed as something negative. "It’s necessary to normalize it in today's world and change the perception as something negative or purely sexual impulse. A woman can be sexy in many ways, with her smile, her look, her posture, her delicacy or ferocity to make business (why not) and if you also take care of your body, your presence, you don’t have to feel afraid or ashamed to show your gifts and intellectual talents" comments the Global Brand Ambassador Manager of the 4qui.com platform.

Being independent and liberal through a business model: 4qui.com
Part of feeling the freedom to manage your own time and you own business is also having allies to help drive it. That is why Grace is part of this new concept of business ecosystem through a platform where entrepreneurs, brands, stores, artists, content creators or anyone who has any talent, through 360 strategies and proposals adapted to each person and where Grace will be the maximum responsible for all the 4qui Brand Ambassadors to accompany them.

4qui.com, which already has a presence in Latin America, the United States and Spain, also works as a Marketplace, for the dissemination and sale of products or services, as well as advice and management of social networks, sales, distribution, logistics, export, Digital Marketing, monetization of social networks and everything that involves a comprehensive business plan to accompany and increase the sales of the affiliates.

As Co-founder and Worldwide Global Brand Ambassador of 4qui.com and many other successful brands, Grace Barrejón will be committed to guiding those like her who seek that desired balance between family and professional life.

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