Maria Vorivich and Keane & Shaun Veran Interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis

Keane & Shaun Veran, co-founders of OURA

Keane & Shaun Veran, co-founders of OURA

Maria Vorivich, leader and cofounder of GoodQues

Maria Vorivich, leader and cofounder of GoodQues

Keane & Shaun Veran, co-founders of OURA. Maria Vorivich, leader and cofounder of GoodQues

Focus on storytelling. No one likes being sold to 24/7. Your messaging and content shouldn’t be that way either. Give people complete stories with a beginning, middle and an end.”

— Keane & Shaun Veran, co-founders of OURA

GREENWICH, CT, USA, November 27, 2020 / — Fotis Georgiadis, owner of the blog by his namesake, is a branding and image consultant specialist with a robust background and is a visionary interviewer. With a knack for pulling out a well-rounded interview, not only covering cutting edge technologies and corporate directions but also bringing out the personal side of the interviewee.

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Keane & Shaun Veran, co-founders of OURA
In a nutshell, how would you define the difference between brand marketing (branding) and product marketing (advertising)? Can you explain?

Shaun: I would define brand marketing as creating an identity for your business. It mixes your story, mission, values and vision into one personality, identity and voice. If your brand were a person, what would it look like? How would it sound when speaking? Where would it shop? The more specific the answers to these questions, the easier all the other marketing will become. Once you have this nailed down, it should become ubiquitous throughout every piece of content that is created from your emails and website to social media.

In comparison, product marketing is much more straightforward. You have a product that you can push with its benefits, features, story or simply just price. The messaging here is all focused on what the customer gets rather than the identity of the brand.

Can you explain to our readers why it is important to invest resources and energy into building a brand, in addition to the general marketing and advertising efforts?

Shaun: Well, branding should come before you even begin marketing and advertising. Everyone on the team needs to be solid on key questions — Who are we helping? What do we do? Why do we do it? What do we stand for?

Once these questions can be answered with clarity, then you can build all of the marketing and advertising pieces around it to execute successful campaigns. When you focus on branding first, all of your marketing materials slowly build up awareness together helping you avoid disjointed and divided advertising efforts. Then, once customers experience your products or services it solidifies that brand message.

Keane: I totally agree. One of the most compelling reasons for me is that building a brand allows you to foster greater trust with your customers. You can build a relationship with them as you consistently deliver products that meet (or hopefully exceed) their expectations.

By creating a strong brand identity, you have the luxury of being able to convert customers to try new products or create a wider base of support since they are already familiar with the standards that you have previously set.

The complete interview is available here.

Maria Vorivich, leader and cofounder of GoodQues
Can you share 5 strategies that a company should be doing to build a trusted and believable brand? Please tell us a story or example for each.

Worship insights! — Every company decision should start and stop with the target audience. Brands that are consumer-obsessed are the brands that are the most trusted and believable. REI is a great example of this sort of brand; REI closes during the biggest retail holiday of the year — Black Friday — because they know that their community of consumers will be more loyal as a result of the gesture.
Connect every day! — Simply put: people change. What you learned six months ago may not apply six months later. The practice of extracting insights needs to be baked in into day-to-day business operations. One of our clients, Amika, is very good at this. Amika leans on their social media to engage consumers in a two-way dialogue as opposed to most brands who use social media as a megaphone.
Be empathetic! — Empathy means thinking about what your brand and company can do for people. I’ve been in too many meetings focused on “disrupting” people. Do you ever want to be “disrupted”? No, it isn’t a very good feeling. Be a brand that people want to seek out and “disruption” will disappear from your consumer vocabulary. It’s ok to disrupt business models, not people.
Embrace repetition! — Did you know that it takes approximately 10 exposures for a message to resonate? It’s a frequently referenced statistic in marketing, but the truth is that brand people are still people and that means they get bored. As a result, brand messages, campaigns and collateral are often so different that they give consumers whiplash.
Have some fun! — Geico is a brand that has absolutely nailed the idea of a repetitive message that is still exciting. I’m certain that as you’re reading this, you are reciting their infamous tagline and visualizing the Geico Gecko. The goal isn’t always to be funny, but to take risk and color outside the box (as long as the box is still recognizable).

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