Aaron Amat Launches Kraken Images: The Online Photo Studio with the Most Images in the World

Aaron Amat, founder of Kraken Images

Image of Aaron Amat, founder of Kraken Images

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One of the images produced by Kraken Images

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One of the images produced by Kraken Images

I am a self-taught photographer who has learned everything I know by trial and error”

— Aaron Amat

TORREVIEJA, ALICANTE, SPAIN, November 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kraken Images, a worldwide photo studio with the largest amount of images amassed in one singular location when compared to other studio platforms, this week officially went live under the management and direction of Aaron Amat.

As one of the most successful stock photographers across the industry, with over 1.5 million images in his portfolio today, Amat wanted to create a stock photography website that made it easier for business owners, nonprofits, and institutions to access the imagery they need to be successful today.

“I am a self-taught photographer who has learned everything I know by trial and error,” said Amat. “Beginning in 2008 following my interest in cinema and filmmaking, I knew I had an innate calling to create and capture images everywhere I went. I began to work very hard on growing my gallery, despite my novice experience as a photographer. But, my love for the craft was undeniable, which is why I committed myself to becoming an expert.”

Amat began to work over 100-hours per week, for many years on end, to make his online photography studio a reality. Along the way, he learned new tactics and techniques to improve his efficiency and output, enabling him to make more money with less time.

Today, through Kraken Images, Amat is producing 60,000 images per month, selling about 40,000 licenses to the images every month.

“Kraken Images is a perfectly organized team of photographers that can produce more and better every single day,” said Amat. “We are working to build a new studio that will be much bigger, helping us to produce even more images that clients can use worldwide. When we are done, it will be a 6-storey building that is dedicated entirely to stock images.”

Kraken Images sells their photos to: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStockphoto, Depositphotos, Alamy, and Bigstockphoto.

Today, Amat is known for being able to sell over 1,000 photos per day to sites like Shutterstock that often decline submitted photography. He is regarded as one of the greatest stock image producers in the world. Working within the ever-changing norms, commissions, and royalty alterations that happen in the world of stock images, Amat is passionate about growing the biggest and most impressive stock photography team in the world.

“Due to the pandemic, more people than ever before are running entire businesses, communities, and forums online, which is why digital imagery is becoming a priceless commodity,” said Amat. “We are proud to be part of this change. Check out Kraken Images today.”

For more information, visit: https://krakenimages.com/en/

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