Maddie Brown of Smashing Numbers to be Featured on Close Up Radio

ONAWA, IOWA, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2020 / — There are 12 million women-owned businesses in the United States. Of those 12 million, 88 percent are making less than $100,000 a year, at an average of $46,000 in gross income.

Of course, no one starts a business to earn $46,000, but then very few of these entrepreneurs have any formal business education. They haven’t learned to market, to budget, to forecast.

Too many small business owners are like an ostrich sticking their head in the ground. They're scared. They're ashamed. If they are willing to bring their numbers out into the light, they can begin to can make conscious decisions about how to manage the next chapter of their business.

If you're in business, you need someone you can talk to about your numbers and the story that they tell, so you can set goals and plan for the future. Maddie Brown is a CPA and the founder of Smashing Numbers, where she helps entrepreneurs, particularly coaches, to be more successful and profitable.

“Most people don't have anyone that they talk to about their money,” says Maddie. “We provide a safe space for people to look at their numbers, pay attention to their numbers and smash their numbers into something wonderful. My mission is to with the people in that 88 percent making $100,000 or less and provide them with the planning and strategy to become financially free and create what they want their lives to be.”

Though a CPA for 40 years, Maddie Brown is not your traditional accountant.

“There is a conflict between making money and paying taxes and acquiring debt,” says Maddie. “As a result, most people want to show as little income for tax purposes as possible. The problem is if you want to show as little income as possible, you're not going to meet your other financial goals. So when I talk about money, I talk about it from a totally different perspective than most CPAs.

“In order to be able to have financial freedom, you need to make decisions from a standpoint of what you want to do and not what you can afford to do,” says Maddie. “Bookkeeping and taxes are tools that you use to look at your numbers and educate yourself, but the goal is for you to be profitable and make money in your business and pay yourself.”

Maddie says she wants leave a legacy of helping coaches move the needle toward being more successful and doing well in the world.

“I love working with people that want to make the world a better place,” says Maddie. “I believe that if I can help them be profitable and live the life they dreamed of, we can uplift everybody.”

Close Up Radio will feature Maddie Brown in an interview with Jim Masters on October 22nd at 1pm EST

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விடுதலைப்புலிகள் மீதான தடைக்கு எதிரான வழக்கின் தீர்ப்பு நாளை புதன்கிழமை

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 21, 2020 / — தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகள் மீதான பிரித்தானியாவின் தடைக்கு எதிராக நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அசராங்கத்தினால் தொடுக்கப்பட்ட வழக்கின் தீர்ப்பு நாளை புதன்கிழமை வெளிவருகின்றது என நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அராசாங்கத்தின் பிரதமர் பணிமனை தெரிவித்துள்ளது.

பிரித்தானிய நேரம் காலை 10:30 வழங்கப்பட இருக்கின்ற இர்தீர்ப்பு தொடர்பில், பிரித்தானியா நேரம் மாலை 4:15 மணிக்கு நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் ஊடக சந்திப்பொன்றினை நடத்த இருக்கின்றது. இதனை மற்றும் ஊடாக நேரடியாக காணமுடியும்.

இந்த வழக்கானது திறந்த சாட்சியங்களின் அடிப்படையிலும், இரகசிய சாட்சியங்களின் அடிப்படையிலும் நடைபெற்றது. திறந்த சாட்சியங்களின் விசாரணையின் போது இங்கிலாந்து மகாராணியாரின் QC மாண்பைப்பெற்ற Maya Lester QC, உட்பட Malcolm Birdling of Brick Court Chambers with Jamie Potter and Caroline Robinson of Bindmans LLP ஆகியோர் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்க்தின் சட்டவாளர்களாக வாதிட்டிருந்தனர்.

இரகசிய விசாரணை போது இங்கிலாந்து மகாராணியாரின் QC மாண்பைப்பெற்ற Angus McCulloch Q.C and Rachel Tony. ஆகியோர் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் சட்டவாளராக வாதிட்டிருந்தார்.

எவ்விதமான பயங்கரவாத செயற்பாடுகளிலும் தமிழீழ விடுதலைப்புலிகள் ஈடுபடவில்லை எனச்சுட்டிக்காட்டி தடையினை நீக்குமாறு பிரித்தானியாவின் உள்துறை அமைச்சிடம் 2018ம் ஆண்டில் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் கோரியிருந்தது.

இதனை பிரித்தானிய உள்துறை அமைச்சு நிராகரித்திருந்த நிலையில், தடையை நீக்கும் செயற்பாடாக Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission (‘POAC’) ஆணையத்திடம் நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் சட்டநடவடிக்கையினை முன்னெடுத்திருந்தது.

விடுதலைப் புலிகள் மீதான தடை என்பது தமிழர்களின் பேச்சு சுதந்திரத்துக்கும், கருத்து சுதந்திரத்துக்கும் இடையூறாக இருக்கின்றதென வாதிட்ட நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம், தமிழர்களின் சுயநிர்ணய உரிமையை சுதந்திர அரசின் வடிவத்தில் பிரயோகிப்பதற்கு தடையாக உள்ளதோடு, சுதந்திர தமிழீழத்தினை இலக்காக கொண்ட நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கத்தின் ஜனநாயகரீதியாக செயற்பாடுகளுக்கும் பெருந்தடையாக இது இருக்கின்றதென நாடுகடந்த தமிழீழ அரசாங்கம் வாதிட்டிருந்தது.

பிரித்தானியாவின் நியாயமற்ற விதத்திலான தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகள் மீதான பயங்கரவாத முத்திரையினை, சிறிலங்கா அரசு தனது தமிழினஅழிப்பை, பயங்கரவாதத்துக்கு எதிரான போர் என்ற போர்வைக்குள் மறைத்துக் கொள்ளும் உபாயமாக கைக்கொள்கின்றது என பிரதமர் வி.உருத்திரகுமாரன் அவர்கள் சுட்டிக்காட்டியுள்ளார்.


Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
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Saliva may hold key to concussion diagnosis and management

Quadrant Biosciences logo, invest, epigenetics, autism

Quadrant Biosciences

Simple saliva test also may predict nature and duration of concussion symptoms

SYRACUSE, NY, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 / — A simple saliva swab may hold the key to diagnosing and managing mild traumatic brain injury (i.e., concussions), according to a study recently published in the journal Clinical and Translational Medicine. In a paper titled "Diagnosing mild traumatic brain injury using saliva RNA compared to cognitive and balance testing,” researchers discovered that a noninvasive saliva test demonstrated similar diagnostic accuracy to neurocognitive and balance tests commonly used today, and greater diagnostic utility when combined with standardized symptom assessment. Moreover, the researchers from Penn State College of Medicine, SUNY Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine, SUNY Upstate Medical and Quadrant Biosciences Inc., suggest that the saliva test may have additional clinical utility in predicting the type and duration of symptoms.

More than 3 million concussions occur each year, the majority occurring among children and young adults. Despite the prevalence of the injury, there are few clinically valid methods for its diagnosis or prognosis. As a result, there is great value in an objective biomarker that is not only accurate, but easily collected and measured.

“Currently, the diagnosis of concussion relies largely on subjective symptom reports from patients,” explains Steven Hicks, MD, Ph.D., FAAP, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Penn State Hershey Medical Center and one of the co-authors in this study. “The lack of objective tools for concussion assessment is problematic because symptom reports can be manipulated to expedite, or delay, return to activities. As a result, studies have shown that concussion is often under-diagnosed.”

Quadrant Biosciences has been working the past several years with researchers from Penn State Medical Center and SUNY Upstate Medical University to explore the use of saliva biomarkers to objectively diagnose concussion. This earlier research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics in 2018, identified a panel of small, non-coding molecules (“ncRNA”) in the saliva that acted as a "molecular signature" to not only diagnose concussion, but predict the duration and character of concussion symptoms. The present study was designed, in part, to test that diagnostic and prognostic utility in a larger cohort of patients.
In this study of 538 individuals across 11 test sites, the researchers compared the ability of saliva RNA to identify mTBI, relative to a commonly used symptom scale, balance test, and neurocognitive assessment. Saliva was collected using the ORAcollect®·RNA (OR-100) device from OraSure Technologies. The saliva test identified participants who had suffered mTBI with similar accuracy to standard clinical tools. The best performing predictive model included symptom reports combined with saliva RNA measures.

These results suggest that saliva RNA represents a non-invasive, biologic measure with the potential to aid concussion diagnosis. Hicks said predicting the length of concussions as early as possible would help ensure patients get the right care, and advise patients and parents on how long to expect symptoms to continue. “With that knowledge,” Hicks explained, “physicians could make more informed decisions about how long to hold a child out of sports, whether starting more aggressive medication regimens might be warranted, or whether involving a concussion specialist might be appropriate. Anytime we can use accurate, objective measures to guide medical care, I think that represents an opportunity to improve concussion treatment.”

While more studies are needed, Hicks said he is hopeful that measuring microRNAs in saliva could one day be an accurate, quick way to diagnose and manage concussions.

“The ultimate goal is to be able to objectively identify that a concussion has happened and then predict how long the symptoms will go on for,” Hicks said. “Then we can use that knowledge to improve the care that we provide for children who have concussions, either by starting medicine earlier or holding them out of activities for longer.”

Dr. Hicks serves as a paid consultant and scientific advisory board member for Quadrant Biosciences. These potential conflicts of interest have been fully disclosed and are actively managed by the Penn State Conflict of Interest Committee.

About Quadrant Biosciences
Quadrant Biosciences is a life science company involved in the development of functional assessments and epigenetic diagnostic solutions for large-scale health issues. The company has entered into collaborative research relationships with a number of institutions including SUNY Upstate Medical University and Penn State University to explore and develop novel biomarker technologies with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder, concussion, COVID-19, and Parkinson's Disease. Quadrant Biosciences also participates in the Start-up NY program, a New York State economic development program.

David MacLean
Quadrant Biosciences Inc
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Decision of the Appeal Against LTTE Ban in UK is Tomorrow (Wednesday): TGTE

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) appealed against UK's ban of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 20, 2020 / —

The decision of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam’s (TGTE) appeal against the proscription of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) will be handed down tomorrow (Wednesday) October 21, 2020 at 10:30 am (UK Time).

In December 2018, the TGTE wrote to the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid MP asking him to deproscribe the LTTE on the basis that it was not concerned in terrorism and that it’s continuing proscription was impeding the freedom of speech and assembly of Tamil people (including the TGTE) who advocates for the realization of the Tamil self determination in the form of an independent state. In March 2019, the Home Secretary refused the application.

The TGTE filed an appeal against the decision of the Secretary of State’s For The Home Department to the Proscribed Organizations Appeal Commission on December 13, 2018. It was made by UK based members of the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. The Secretary of State For The Home Department submitted open evidence and secret evidence. The Commission heard arguments based on open evidence on July 30th, 2020. The Commission heard arguments based on secret evidence on July 31st, 2020.

In the open proceedings the TGTE was represented by Maya Lester QC and Malcolm Birdling of Brick Court Chambers and Jamie Potter and Caroline Robinson of Bindmans LLP. During the secret proceedings, TGTE’s interests were represented by “Special Advocates” Angus McCulloch Q.C and Rachel Tony. The UK Government was represented by Sir James Eadie QC, Ben Watson and Emily Wilsdon. The appeal was heard by Mrs. Justice Laing and two lay panel members, Richard Whittam Q.C and Philip Nelson Q.C.


The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is a democratically elected Government of over a million strong Tamils (from the island of Sri Lanka) living in several countries around the world.

TGTE was formed after the mass killing of Tamils by the Sri Lankan Government in 2009.

TGTE thrice held internationally supervised elections among Tamils around the world to elect 132 Members of Parliament. It has two chambers of Parliament: The House of Representatives and the Senate and also a Cabinet.

TGTE is leading a campaign to realize the political aspirations of Tamils through peaceful, democratic, and diplomatic means and its Constitution mandates that it should realize its political objectives only through peaceful means. It’s based on the principles of nationhood, homeland and self-determination.

TGTE seeks that the international community hold the perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Tamil people to account. TGTE calls for a referendum to decide the political future of Tamils.

The Prime Minister of TGTE is Mr. Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, a New York based lawyer.


Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka faced repeated mass killings in 1958, 1977, and 1983 and the mass killings in 2009 prompted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to appoint a Panel of Experts to report on the scale of the killings.

According to UN internal review report on Sri Lanka, over 70 thousand Tamils were killed in six months in early 2009 and Tamil women were sexually assaulted and raped by the Sri Lankan Security forces. A report by the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) published details of Sri Lankan Military run "Rape Camps", where Tamil women are being held as sex slaves. There are over 90,000 Tamil war widows and thousands of Tamils disappeared due the conflict.

According to this UN report, the killings and other abuses that took place amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Independent experts believe that there are elements of these abuses that constitute an act of genocide.

Members of the Sri Lankan security forces are almost exclusively from the Sinhalese community and the victims are all from the Tamil community. A Buddhist Monk shot and killed a Sri Lankan Prime Minister 1959 for having talks with Tamils.

Tamils overwhelmingly voted in a Parliamentary election in 1977 to establish an independent and sovereign country called Tamil Eelam. This Parliamentary election was conducted by the Sri Lankan Government.

Twitter: @TGTE_PMO



Web: and

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
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Latino U College Access Hosts Virtual 8th Annual Visiones Benefit Supporting Latino Students

WHITE PLAINS , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , October 20, 2020 / — Latino U College Access (LUCA) will be hosting its 8th Annual Benefit Visiones: Dare to Dream on Thursday, October 29th at 6:30 pm. This year, the fundraiser will be an inspiring and engaging virtual celebration.

“Our theme for Visiones is ‘Dare to Dream,’ which holds much significance for first-generation Latino students,” said Shirley Acevedo Buontempo, Founder and CEO of Latino U College Access. “This pandemic has threatened the dreams of our Scholars who want to pursue higher education, graduate, and fulfill their potential. These unprecedented times have highlighted the critical urgency of our mission as COVID-19 continues to negatively impact the Latino community at a disproportionate rate. Although challenges still remain, we are thankful for the commitment and generosity of our supporters, who enable us to continue our programming and support our students and families when they need us most.”

During the event, LUCA will recognize three incredible Honorees, who have demonstrated a commitment to educational equity and opportunity. This year’s honorees are Dr. Ray Sanchez with the Founder’s Award; Univision New York with the Corporate Partner Award; and Camille Cunningham with the Community Advocate Award.

Dr. Ray Sanchez is the Superintendent of the Ossining Union Free School District. In his current role, he has demonstrated a commitment to serve all the students in the district with a focus on raising the bar and enhancing success. Prior to becoming superintendent, Dr. Sanchez held numerous positions throughout the district which included fourth-grade teacher, an English as a second language supervisor, Assistant Principal, English language arts supervisor, and Assistant Superintendent. Dedicated to improving education for all, Dr. Sanchez has served as the President of the Lower Hudson Council of School Personnel Administrators, was a former President of the Putnam/Northern Westchester BOCES Curriculum Council, and was a past liaison for the New York State Association of Bilingual Educators.

Roberto Yañez is the President & General Manager of Univision Local media which covers TV, radio, and digital properties. A thirty-year multi-media veteran, Yañez has worked with Univision for over twenty years starting as a Managing Editor before working his way up to Operations Manager, Station Manager, and Director of News and Operations. With his leadership and vision, Yañez helped create the only US Hispanic Entrepreneurial Incubator broadcast program “Vendeme Tu Sueño” (Pitch Me Your Dream), which was recognized by the Emmy Academy for Outstanding Achievement and received the Emmy Governor’s Award for a yearlong focus on Education Empowerment.

Camille Cunningham is a former book editor, journalist, and corporate communications manager. During her career, she has produced several pieces for public radio such as WBAI and NPR “All Things Considered.” Over the past twenty years, Camille continued working on freelance projects while staying home to raise her children. After sending her own three children off to college, Camille became involved with LUCA by serving on its Board of Directors and as a volunteer College Coach to help first-generation Latino students navigate their paths to and through higher education so that they can achieve their dreams.

Attendees are asked to pre-register online at for an evening that will feature heartfelt testimonies from Scholars and families, an inspirational awards program, and an exciting auction to help raise funds in support of LUCA’s mission. This year’s Visiones sponsors are Star Sponsors: Camille Cunningham and Edward Levin, LUCA Board of Directors – Executive Committee, Ossining Union Free School District, and Univision New York; Strive Sponsors: JLL, PepsiCo, S&P Global, Sculptor Capital Management, and Matthew & Maureen Searles; Access Sponsors: Carlos & Lisa Almodovar, Attentive, Events To Remember, Healthcare Royalty Partners, Hispanic Federation, Open Door Family Medical Centers, and Dalia Valdes. For more information about the event and the sponsorship opportunities available, please visit the website at or contact Chereese Jervis-Hill at (914) 218-3968 or via email at

About LUCA: Latino U College Access (LUCA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that transforms lives by making college dreams a reality for first-generation, Latino youth. Founded in 2012, LUCA guides students, who have demonstrated academic aptitude, through individualized coaching and culturally relevant programming as they navigate higher education to successfully enroll in schools that meet their financial and academic needs, enabling them to graduate on time and career ready. To learn more about LUCA or to make a donation in support of its mission, please visit

Chereese Jervis-Hill
Events To Remember
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4th Annual Taiwanese American Film Festival (TAFF) Returns ONLINE October 24th, 2020

Taiwanese American Film Festival

TAFF Opening Panelists

The 4th Annual Taiwanese American Film Festival will take place on October 24th, 2020 on the Bingewave Digital Festival platform. 

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 20, 2020 / — Featuring exclusive North American premiere of feature film SYNAPSES, opening panel with Joan Huang (PUNCTURE, AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY), Jay Chern (OMOTENASHI, DAWN/SPRING), Christopher Au (BULGE BRACKET, Amazon), short film competition with 13 films, keynote speaker Lynn Chen (I WILL MAKE YOU MINE, GO BACK TO CHINA, SHAMELESS)

With support from the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan and Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, Taiwanese American Professionals – Los Angeles (TAP-LA) presents the 4th annual Taiwanese American Film Festival (TAFF) taking place on October 24th, 2020 on the Bingewave Digital Festival platform. TAFF is a community of filmmakers highlighting unique stories in Taiwanese cinema and equipping emerging filmmakers. The festival will serve its fourth year as the nation's premiere showcase for film and media by Taiwanese American and Taiwanese filmmakers.

The 2020 Taiwanese American Film Festival features:

– 13 short films selected for this year's short film competition
– Selected shorts have screened at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, Taiwan International Queer Film Festival, CAAMFest, and Asian American Film Festival among other awards, featuring international talents such as Janet Hsieh and Brian Yang.

– Opening industry panel includes guests Joan Huang (PUNCTURE, AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY), Jay Chern (OMOTENASHI, DAWN/SPRING) and Christopher Au (BULGE BRACKET, Amazon)

– Keynote Speaker – Lynn Chen (I WILL MAKE YOU MINE, GO BACK TO CHINA, SHAMELESS) is best-known for playing "Vivian Shen" in Saving Face, a role for which she won the "Outstanding Newcomer Award" at the 2006 Asian Excellence Awards.

– Closing feature – SYNAPSES North America Premiere – Directed by Chang Tso-Chi, best known 2010 WHEN LOVE COMES, breaking records with 14 nominations, winning 4 awards including Best Picture at Golden Horse Film Festival. In 2011, Chang Tso Chi was awarded the 15th National Award for Arts.

– Synapses is his latest film and was the opening film at 2019 Golden Horse Film Festival with 4 Golden Horse Award nominations

– Exclusive SYNAPSES Q&A Interview to follow with Lu Hsueh Feng (Lead Actress, nominated for Best Leading Actress by the 56th Golden Horse Awards) and Kao Wen Hung (Producer).

Festival Jurors will decide one winner of the Grand Jury prize of $2,000. Jurors include Alan Pao (TUNNEL POST), Jason Lin (STORYARCH PICTURES, previously ALIBABA), and Anthony Ma (Previous TAFF Executive Director). A Cultural Spotlight Award of $1,000 and Audience Award (tallied on the festival site) of $1,000 will also be announced the night of the festival. Awards will be presented live.

TAFF is the only showcase in the US of film and media by Taiwanese American and Taiwanese filmmakers. The festival organizing team is composed of filmmakers and entertainment industry professionals, all of Taiwanese descent. The Taiwanese American community has offered enthusiasm and generous support for the festival. TAFF wishes to thank our top sponsors: Taiwan Academy, Royal Business Bank, J Yang Foundation,, Ling Group UBS, Taiwan United Fund (TUF), Mitchell Tsai Law, Taiwan Center, Chen & Fan, Green Maple LA, Best Western Thousand Oaks, DSG Business, Tax, & Wealth, NATMA, Wendy Yang Law and Sean Yu.

Tickets and film festival events can be found at the festival's online platform:


Press/Film reviewers: For advance screening, please contact for secure links.

Rick Markovitz
Weissman/Markovitz Communications
+1 818-760-8995
email us here

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axle ai exhibits at first-ever online Adobe MAX conference, starting today

axle ai panels for Adobe Creative Cloud applications at Adobe MAX 2020

axle ai panels for Adobe Creative Cloud applications at Adobe MAX 2020

axle ai Logo

axle ai Logo

ai Promo Video - radically simple video search with remote browser access

axle ai Promo Video – radically simple video search with remote browser access

Company’s new AI-driven media search software is unveiled featuring expanded Adobe Creative Cloud integrations at virtual conference with 500,000+ attendees

Our new AI-powered search panels for Adobe apps let media creators collaborate on projects while working from home; we're thrilled to be an Emerging Tech sponsor at Adobe MAX 2020, which starts today.”

— Sam Bogoch, axle ai CEO

BOSTON, MA, USA, October 20, 2020 / — Adobe’s annual MAX conference, which had been growing in recent years as an in-person conference, has experienced a huge growth in turnout in its first year online – registrations for the show now exceed 500,000. At the show, axle ai, the leader in AI-driven search for creative applications, is excited to be launching a major expansion to its lineup of integrated panels for a range of Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications. The company’s sponsor page can be reached at the following link:

The axle ai panels being launched at the show let users remotely access and search their media catalog and import files to projects created in Adobe applications – all within their familiar Adobe app interfaces. The panel set comes standard with axle ai 2020.2, the newest version of axle ai’s flagship software; in addition, a free downloadable panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC,, provides access to axle ai’s Speech transcription tools without requiring a purchase or subscription to the wider toolset.

The company is demonstrating these solutions at Adobe MAX today through Thursday (free signup at, and also at axle ai’s Webinar Wednesday events over the next two weeks (free signups at and
axle ai 2020.2 includes:

• Integrated remote access tools including browser-based search, upload and download
• Support for a wide range of Adobe Creative Cloud applications and workflows, including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign
• Integrated speech transcription for video and audio assets, and OCR for photo and document assets, massively improving searchability without labor-intensive tagging
• Modules supporting multiple professional camera formats and image sequence workflows, increasing axle ai's appeal in the high end of the post production market

Scott Salik, VP of Global Content at marketing company Youngevity, said “axle’s new Premiere panel has really useful new capabilities like integrated transcripts on the timeline and the ability to download high-res and proxy media straight into Premiere. We’re excited to be able to integrate this into our remote editorial workflows – it will be an incredible time saver.”

axle ai’s recently-announced Remote Leap solution, which includes all software, hardware and services required to set up a full remote workflow for a team of 5 creatives, is priced at $295 per month on a four-year lease with a $1 buyout. The Remote Leap Bundle includes the entire Adobe Creative Cloud integration panel set, four years of remote access support, and 2,000 hours of transcription. Any Mac, Windows or Linux system with 6 or more CPU cores can be used to host the axle server software, which can also be deployed in the cloud for all-remote applications.

“Our new AI-powered search panels for Adobe apps let media creators collaborate on projects while working from home" said Sam Bogoch, axle ai CEO. "We're thrilled to be an Emerging Tech sponsor at Adobe MAX 2020, which starts today..”


About axle ai

axle ai, Inc. is the recognized leader in developing radically simple software for remote media access and search. Its solutions have helped over 600 media organizations improve the way they create, share and store digital video content with media management solutions that are easy to install, use and afford. axle ai’s radically simple remote access, media management and transcription uniquely addresses a burgeoning need and has caught on rapidly among video professionals in post-production, education, broadcast, corporate, sports, house of worship, non-profit, advertising-marketing, and government organizations worldwide. The company’s investors include Jason Calacanis and Quake Ventures. More at


Katy Scott
Axle AI, Inc.
+1 617-262-9222

Katy Scott
Axle AI, Inc.
+1 617-262-9222
email us here

axle ai promo video

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TMOA announces new Chair of the Board



Investor and Digital Transformation Leader Charlie Cannell appointed to Chair the Board of the holding company of Trade Mark Owners Association (TMOA).

LONDON, LONDON, UK, October 20, 2020 / — The Trade Mark Owners Association (TMOA) today announced that Charlie Cannell has been appointed as the Chair of its Board of Directors.

Bringing deep digital and technology expertise, Charlie has a proven track record in helping companies change markets and transform the client experience.

Charlie was Digital Director at the Private Equity firm Inflexion, co-founded the market-leading wireless charging platform Chargifi, and continues as Chairman of Moteefe, transforming the global merchandise market.

TMOA's Managing Director Paul Hayman said: "I'm delighted that Charlie has joined us, and I am extremely excited about the journey we will go on together. Charlie's experience and guidance will be invaluable. Together we plan to change the market by delivering the value-enhancing protection of Corporate Quality Intellectual Property solutions, to every business, and every entrepreneur, at a price everyone can afford."

Charlie Cannell said: "I'm excited to be joining TMOA. I share their vision to democratise Intellectual Property and make services, previously only available to large corporates, available to everyone – affordable, accessible, and predictable. We live in an age of ideas and ingenuity where the availability of customisable digital tools means more people can turn their ideas into reality and develop exciting new products and services. The challenge today is protecting those ideas. TMOA helps do exactly this, and I'm thrilled to be involved."

The TMOA Board now consists of Charlie Cannell (Chair), Paul Hayman (Managing Director), Jenny Hitchcock (IP Attorney), and Joanna Lowther (IP Attorney).

———————– END ———————–
About Trade Mark Owners Association (TMOA)
Building on over 100 years of experience, TMOA specialises in creating and protecting value for entrepreneurial businesses all around the world. We help businesses maximise and secure the real source of their value, globally if needed. If you would like more information, please contact Press and Communications Officer,

Claire Wallace
+44 20 3102 9000
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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7 Major Mom Trends That Will Boost Brand Sales

marketing to moms

Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO, Marketing to Mums

New generations, new technology and new realities change mothers purchasing behavior

Moms are continually evolving. And brands need to continually reexamine their messaging and marketing strategies.”

— Nan McCann, M2Moms® Founder & Producer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2020 / — Drawing on multi-year research of moms purchasing behaviors, Katrina McCarter, Founder & CEO of Marketing to Mums uncovered 7 major trends impacting moms buying habits. In her latest article on M2Moms® – The Constant Conference, McCarter, a widely recognized moms marketing and research expert, writes, “There are seven specific trends that brands can harness to grow their business with today’s moms.” M2Moms® – The Constant Conference is a 24/7 online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers build better business with moms and families.

McCarter explained, “Mothers are increasingly rejecting corporate sales messages in favor of third-party endorsements. As the demands and expectations of mothers increase, so does the way they value convenience and time. Also, with moms entering business at an ever-increasing rate, we are seeing a strong trend of mothers wanting to support women in business. Plus, moms love the audio intimacy of podcasts. Notably, mothers want brands to be more inclusive of the changing family structure that exists and remove stereotyping from their advertising. Additionally, the research showed that Moms are embracing minimalism as they opt to live simpler, more meaningful lives. We are also seeing kids and dads having more of a say in purchase decisions, with a more collaborative approach being taken in modern households.”

Nan McCann, Founder & Producer of M2Moms® said,” Katrina’s series on marketing to moms and families illustrates why it is very important for marketers to keep up with today’s moms. They are continually evolving. And brands need to continually reexamine their messaging and marketing strategies. Other new M2Moms® articles include: Snippies video “Countdown to Election USA”; “Black Lives Matter at Home” ; “Covid19 Changes Moms Grocery Shopping Behavior … Probably Forever!”; “Play & Pandemic: How Brands Can Help Families Now”; Advice on avoiding the “7 Mistakes Brands Make When Marketing to Moms”; surprising research results on “Charitable Giving Across A Lifespan”; the latest news, innovations and trends on parents & families; an unmatched compendium of mom-marketing-focused data; presentations; best in business reads on Madd About Books; and to help Members work out those WFH kinks in an ongoing series of “Moves that Stretch” with Stephanie Bittner, founder of Bittner Movement.”

2020 M2Moms® Sponsors:
AARP, Healthline Parenthood, GfK, FlashLight Insights, Marketing to Mums, Paramount Market Publishing, Pepper Miller Group, Snippies, Springboard Global Enterprises, The Local Moms Network, Bittner Movement and Tiny Tutus.

About M2Moms® To learn more: or
M2Moms® is produced by PME® Enterprises LLC.

Nan McCann
PME Enterprises LLC
+ +1 860-724-2649
email us here

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Why Movie Fans Are Falling in Love With Will McNally

Sell Me This Pen

Will McNally has reimagined iconic scenes from gangster epics, comic book classics and Oscar winning favourites – and captured the attention of Hollywood.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 20, 2020 / — Will McNally has reimagined iconic scenes from gangster epics, comic book classics and Oscar winning favourites – and captured the attention of Hollywood along the way.

His unique takes on scenes from The Dark Knight, The Wolf of Wall Street and more have made the self confessed movie buff a favourite among cinephiles, and interest is only continuing to grow.

In the past six months, his artwork has increased in value by just over 58 per cent, and film studios are taking notice, hiring Will for several private commissions.

Will has said that he’s motivated by the challenge of putting a unique twist on famous movie scenes, creating something that can be enjoyed by film fans and art collectors alike.

He said: “For me, the challenge is creating an epic piece people will remember, that uses famous scenes to make them instantly memorable – while bringing something unique to each piece that takes it to a new level. I’m a huge movie buff, and I just love creating pieces that you can cherish and put on your wall, that will stand out and make people go “wow” when they come to your house.

“Films are my comfort zone, and I love sitting down and capturing what I get from them on the canvas.”

A recent Wolf of Wall Street inspired piece, in which quotes from the film appear on Leo DiCaprio’s pin striped suit, has racked up likes on Instagram. He’s now in the early stage of a new series looking back through famous gangster movies, and creating challenging new ideas that will breathe new life into famous scenes from films such as Pulp Fiction.

His work has put him in high demand in Hollywood, with commissions from both Universal and Warner Bros. For the latter studio, it was one of his most extravagant pieces to date.

“I’ve been commissioned by Warner Bros to do special edition, customised busts of Mortal Kombat characters for their clients. I did one of the character Scorpion, where if you turned off the lights it’d glow in the dark and look like the skull was on fire.”

In 2021, it seems likely that he will be entering the art world A-list. To find out more about why Will McNally is fast becoming Hollywood’s favourite artist, and to arrange to view his collection, visit

Jack Curtis
Cappella Marketing LTD

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