Gerardo discusses about his funds towards the Colon Cancer campaigns

Young millionaire has a philanthropic side that he wishes to share

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, September 15, 2020 / — Successful CEO and founder of FULLServices Network and FULLServices AdNetwork Gerardo Pablo Gallo discusses his funds that he has contributed towards the Colon Cancer campaigns. The Argentinian entrepreneur is dedicated to eradicating world problems and major health issues, by donating as much as he can.

He has stated, “As corporate social responsibility or philanthropy, FULLServices AdNetwork, on my behalf, has contributed funds to colon cancer campaigns. I have also donated money for the purchase of emergency equipment for our city's public hospital and have helped to equip a new ambulance with state-of-the-art technology for the transfer of babies and children to highly complex treatment centers. Just to mention a few of them.”

About spreading this initiative, he tells us, “I like to talk about donating, it is something that we can all do in our own way. I think if you spread it out, it can motivate other people to join. We can all contribute something in our community, it is not necessary to be a millionaire to generate a change in others.”

The successful businessman is always helping out by donating directly to health services and hospitals that are in need of support. He is known for his generosity, and even though his company has a revenue worth over $1.5 million, he is still known to be a humble person who always wants to help. The entrepreneur has come from a working class family, therefore he understands the struggles of other families needing to support their children with illnesses.

He has stated, “I'm from a working class family, we’ve had challenging moments when I was a child. My mother was a school teacher and my father had a local business of machines for the garden; that’s where I learned my first steps about business. I’ll always remember the year when our only meal was soup everyday. Even our restroom was a bucket for everything. During that period of time, a client of my father ripped him off and they didn't have enough money to finish the construction of our house. Hugo, my dad, passed away in 2010 and he was a huge fan of me and a great supporter; as much as is my mother now. He had a heart attack, so later, in his honor, I donated AEDs (automated external defibrillators) to the local hospital and emergency services. That was a very rewarding donation, every dollar is saving lives, literally.”

Ever since the passing of his father, Gerardo has been donating and still continues to fund towards Colon Cancer campaigns. He still continues to stick to his philanthropic side and will continue to donate towards hospitals and the equipment that they need. The creative thinker hasn’t claimed the amount that he has donated so far, but has stated that the donations will continue through his FULLServices AdNetwork company.

Gerardo is a fan of high tech equipment, which is why he is fully supportive to donate towards hospitals who are in need to help cure and treat patients. He has stated, “I define myself as an enthusiastic born entrepreneur, software developer, digital marketing specialist, graphic designer and technology lover. Financial investments, music and healthy habits are things that can also define me. I studied electronic engineering, so creating projects with microcontrollers, LEDs and drivers is a passion as well.” He is also health conscious as a person and trusts doctors greatly, which is another reason why he continues to donate.

FULLServices Network and FULLServices AdNetwork was created by the ambitious entrepreneur when he was just 15 years old. The company is based in Córdoba, Argentina and they specialise in supporting advertising campaigns in multiplatform formats that are required for branding and performance. They have both national and international customers, such as FOX Networks, Terra Networks,Grupo Clarin and DNSR Israel.They have clients from the United States, Canada and Spain.

FULLServices Network has been developing web-based services with the latest technologies for over 15 years. At this present moment there are over 17 million people from all over the world who are using their services. The brand is registered in Argentina, USA, Europe and Australia, with a strong presence of the brand online.

Gerardo is a huge creator and entrepreneur who admires others for their hard work and achievements. His main interest is business, however, his philanthropic side is just as strong as he cares about the health and wellbeing of others as well as his own. He is a huge fan of strong conglomerate companies such as Disney and Apple, since they have clever marketing techniques and strategies that have contributed towards building the brand and face of the business. Of course, these companies are always present in his investment portfolio.

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