Black Author Tips On Promoting Your Book During A Pandemic

3- Ways You Can Promote Your Book During A Pandemic

DALLAS , TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 / — With COVID-19 being the major topic of 2020, many authors have more time to promote and get their stories out to the world. With the state restrictions and quarantine having everyone on lockdown, the LIVE in-person events for authors to promote their newly published books have been postponed until further notice. There are 12% more people online reading than before the pandemic. Which means this is the perfect time to get your story in front of your readers without breaking the BANK!

We encourage authors to write books that are impactful and engaging – that way you can use your content to create other streams of income.

These 3 options are GREAT ways to not only get your coins but to connect with your tribe in a major way.

Here's 3- Ways You Can Promote Your Book During A Pandemic!

1. Create a coaching program. Yep, you can turn your content into a curriculum and REALLY make an impact. You can charge whatever you want to give people access to you to deep dive into your content. The average group coaching program is usually between $497-997 (enroll a minimum of 10 people) YOU do the math.

2. Create a digital product or service. If you wrote a book that includes strategies or proven-methods that give your readers some type of transformation, you can create a digital course or a 1:1 consultation service that allows your readers to consume your content on a deeper level. This is a great option to add as a bundle when you are launching (or re-launching) your book.

3. Create a virtual event. Okay, so we all know that the cooties have us on lockdown – but you can still teach your content. There are SO many people looking for new ways to learn a skill or boost their confidence or level of inspiration and a virtual event is a way to go. Repurpose that content into a virtual workshop. There is no limit on the number of tickets you can sell.

Jessica LeeAnn & Stephanie A. Wynn, two distinguished, gifted and black business women who are the masterminds and founders of J&S Communications, a Branding, Marketing and Business Development firm.

Jessica LeeAnn, Bestselling Author, and an International Editor and Writing Coach. Jessica has been writing for over 15 years and has published 15 books. She used her author experience and built her literary firm, Chocolate Readings. To date, Jessica has worked with over 200 authors in the capacity of editing, publishing, brand development, and coaching.

Stephanie A. Wynn, Serial Entrepreneur, World-Renowned Author of the entitled book Readi-Set Go! A Simple Guide To Establishing A Successful Small Business who educates and assists millions upon millions of entrepreneurs on being successful and Co-Founder of J&S Communications. Stephanie has owned several successful businesses in the past, establishing her first business at the age of 23.

We know first hand that being an author is truly a business. Authors are entrepreneurs. That means that you always have to find new and creative ways to get your literary coins. For more information about this dynamic team visit:

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Vancouver Model Tops the List of 10 Most Handsome Men from the Middle East

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Amer, Hisham Kapani, Kapani , Model, Instagram, Facebook

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The model, Amer Kapani, is also an entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and public speaker.

It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward ”

— Rocky

VANCOUVER , BC , CANADA , August 1, 2020 / — A recent study has shown that a local Vancouver model placed as one of the top, most handsome men from the Middle East. The model, Amer Kapani, is known and loved for his charming smile and handsome look.

Kapani was assigned to V Models Agency in New York at the age of 17, where his modeling career began. Standing at six feet and five inches, he continued his work in Vancouver, BC, where he worked for iconic brands such as Zara, H&M, and Nike. Today, his Instagram @AmerKapani has over 60,000 followers. Kapani states that the purpose of modeling was to make a name for himself, as well as to build fundraisers around his interests. For Kapani, this started with giving back to those within war-torn countries, such as his hometown in Syria.

Besides being a handsome man, Kapani is an entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and public speaker. His company, SilverSecurity, was formed to protect the public health and safety of personal and business lives in the community. SilverSecurity is committed to providing top-trained individuals at affordable prices, while honoring honesty, loyalty, and integrity with the general population. The business also places a high priority on giving back to the community. They look for active charities and events to get involved in, so that youth today can grow up knowing they will be safe. For more information, please visit

Kapani is a mental health advocate in the lower mainland, as well as back in the Middle East. Growing up with many trials and tribulations, he has witnessed a gap in today’s society among the Muslim community and the general public when it comes to challenges with anxiety and depression. He believes that solving this world issue must be done collectively, with support from one another. He states that people tend to forget that they shape the society of future generations. As a result, he started the Healthomatic Foundation to interact with both youth and adults.

Healthomatic was founded in 2018 to provide services for those struggling with mental health, such as depression and anxiety. Their primary service consists of a texting hotline for people who are in need of support mentally or emotionally. The Muslim Mental Health Line corresponds with Healthomatic to encourage Muslim youth who suffer from mental health challenges to seek help. @MuslimMentalHealthLine welcomes direct messages on Instagram for anyone who needs someone to talk to, or if you are interested in volunteering with the organization.

Kapani says, “I never imagined that I would make the list of top ten most handsome men from the Middle East.” He adds, “Things like this just don’t happen overnight. At the end of the day, I am just a normal person who loves to help others.”

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The Bahamas Tracking Hurricane Isaias

NASSAU, BAHAMAS, August 1, 2020 / — The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation continues to track the progress of Hurricane Isaias, a Category 1 hurricane. Hurricane warnings have been discontinued for the Central and Southeast Bahamas, however, a hurricane warning remains in effect for the Northwest islands. This includes Andros, New Providence, Eleuthera, Abaco, Grand Bahama, Bimini and The Berry Islands.

Hurricane Isaias has slowed slightly and continues to move toward the northwest at about 12 miles per hour. On the forecast track, the center of the storm will move through the vicinity of Fresh Creek, Andros this morning and continue to move near or over the rest of


Maximum sustained winds are near 85 miles per hour with higher gusts and hurricane-force winds extending outward up to the 35 miles.  Strong tropical storm to hurricane-force conditions will be felt in Andros, The Berry Islands and New Providence through this afternoon, while islands including Eleuthera, Abaco and Grand Bahama are now experiencing tropical storm force winds.

Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) in Nassau remains closed until further notice. Hotels throughout the islands have activated hurricane preparedness plans, however, a number of hotels have remained closed due to COVID-19 precautions. Residents are being asked to complete all preparations to mitigate damages and are strongly advised to remain indoors. Any visitors with upcoming travel plans are advised to check directly with airlines and hotels regarding possible impacts on travel.

The Bahamas is an archipelago with more than 700 islands and cays, spread over 100,000 square miles; there could be a tropical storm or hurricane warning for parts of the country while other parts remain unaffected.

The Ministry continues to monitor this weather pattern and will provide updates at For further information visit

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Relax In Comfort launches first Furniture For Life Gallery in Florida

Relax In Comfort Winter Park Village

Relax In Comfort Winter Park Village

Relax In Comfort Furniture For Life Gallery store

Relax In Comfort Furniture For Life Gallery store

Relax In Comfort Westshore Plaza Mall Tampa

Relax In Comfort Westshore Plaza Mall Tampa

Relax In Comfort was selected as the first Florida Furniture For Life Gallery partner for their excellent reputation and more than half-century of dedication to the comfort needs of Floridians”

— Cliff Levin, CEO and founder of Furniture For Life

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2020 / — Furniture For Life, a global leader in massage chairs, zero gravity recliners, and other comfortable furniture products, approves Relax In Comfort stores in Winter Park Village and the Westshore Plaza Mall (Tampa) as a Furniture For Life Gallery stores.

More than 80% of Americans experience serious back pain, and more than 33% suffer from poor quality sleep. Relax In Comfort stores, founded in 1967, have helped thousands of Floridians sit, sleep, and feel better every day. Don DePaulis, President and co-founder notes, “This new partnership is the culmination of many years of engagement with all of the top tier manufacturers in the world. In all our years in the retail ‘comfort business’ Furniture For Life is unquestionably the very best of the best we have ever encountered.”

Furniture For Life is best known for developing and distributing the most important, iconic, and trusted massage chair brands: Panasonic, OHCO, D.Core, and Positive Posture. In fact, their new OHCO M-Series is today’s standard bearer of the massage chair industry, boasting a beautiful and unique design from the studio of Ken Okuyama and unequaled massage choreography from renowned Japanese shiatsu master, Akira Okabayashi. DePaulis adds, “We’re elated to present best-in-class massage chairs in Winter Park and Tampa Bay. Our customers deserve excellence, and we know that people will fall in love with our exciting, new, and improved lineup."

Relax In Comfort Senior VP Jackie Ricardo notes, “Consumers are attracted to buying online in order to get the very best price. However, it is nearly impossible to effectively assess a massage chair or zero gravity chair without trying it. We now offer the same pricing you find online with a personal local touch, along with the opportunity to test drive the full Furniture For Life collection.”

On August 1, 2020, the Relax In Comfort stores at Westshore Plaza Mall in Tampa and Winter Park Village officially open their doors as Furniture For Life Galleries. Grand opening specials and promotions offering significant savings opportunities are available between August 1 and August 31, 2020.

“Relax In Comfort was selected as the first Florida Furniture For Life Gallery partner for their excellent reputation and more than half-century of dedication to the comfort needs of Floridians,” says Cliff Levin, the CEO and founder of Furniture For Life. He goes on to say, “Their friendly, highly trained staff make them a great fit for our mission which is to make the world a more comfortable place.”

Shish Uppal, operator of the Tampa Relax In Comfort store adds, “Furniture For Life embodies true commitment to superior customer service and exceptional product quality. This is why we’re proud and excited to become part of the Furniture For Life family. I really hope many people get to experience the magic of our new product lineup, particularly our massage chairs.”


Based in Boulder, CO., the 2017 National Geographic “happiest city in the U.S.,” Furniture For Life is a leading maker and distributor of furnishings designed to look good in your home, improve your comfort, and enhance your health and wellness. The company is at the forefront of the massage chair industry, manufactures the world’s only True Zero Gravity® recliners, designs unique mattresses, and more. Furniture For Life is committed to the welfare of people everywhere in pursuit of its mission to make the world a more comfortable place. For more
information, visit


Based in Winter Park, FL and founded in 1967 by Anthony & Lucy DePaulis as the first back care & sleep specialty store in the United States. The company remains family owned and operated and has grown into a trusted source for the very best in wellness furniture and accessories. Our mission continues to provide the very best value to our customers. We are dedicated to offering the very best in adjustable number beds, massage chairs and zero gravity recliners at a guaranteed low price. For more information or to schedule a private showroom appointment please visit

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Iconic, and trusted massage chair brands: Panasonic, OHCO, D.Core, and Positive Posture

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