Jonathan Weiss Speaks Out Regarding the Importance of Global Education

While the pandemic has left many people feeling isolated, it has highlighted the importance of having a global education system

GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2020 / — In a recent article, Jonathan Weiss discussed how the coronavirus pandemic has showed the value of a global education system that allows students to learn from students in other communities and communicate with them.

Born and raised in New York City, Jonathan Weiss is a real estate professional and investor residing in Connecticut.

In the article, Jonathan Weiss explained how global education creates an international connection for studies, promoting worldwide collaboration and conversation. Through this process, students will become more aware of worldwide news and current affairs, preparing them with useful skills to address any emerging obstacles that could affect the global community.

Further, Jonathan Weiss shared how access to global education inspires and shapes leaders as they become empowered to tackle global threats and sympathize with others.

Finally, Mr. Weiss explained how an exposure to global education provides students with many qualities because they have learned about a wide range of people, cultures, and perspectives. This allows the students to become good candidates to work in diverse teams and with clients around the world.

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About Jonathan Weiss

Born in New York City, Jonathan Weiss is a real estate investment professional with a Masters Degree from NYU. He grew up playing playing sports, mostly baseball, and was recruited by many colleges across the U.S. During his freshman year, he played baseball for Boston College and Tulane the following three years before completing his studies at Cornell. Mr. Weiss has been involved in real estate for the past five years and he is currently seeking real estate investment opportunities.

Jonathan Weiss
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