Leading Wedding and Entertaining Expert, David Tutera, the Voice of the Industry, Speaks out about a Place of Positivity

David Tutera shares insights about the current challenges, how to Care, Connect, have Confidence, and ultimately CELEBRATE.

People will celebrate Life Moments again…now is the time to get ready!”

— David Tutera

MALIBU, CA, USA, April 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — As we navigate, maneuver and adapt to our new norm, David Tutera, is speaking out as a leader in the industry, to share his insight about forging ahead in uncertain times, staying positive and getting prepared for the celebrations to come.

David has been sought after, not only to speak on various platforms in the weddings and event industry, but also in other industries that are affected by what David is passionate about and loves to do. He was recently asked to share his insight with Florida International University, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism. Each week, at the University, and everywhere, thousands of wedding and event industry professionals have been discussing ways to adjust and navigate through the current issues. How to handle their business moving forward; just guessing what the future in this industry is going to look like. Though no one knows exactly, the opportunity to provide solid advice based on past experience, has proven to be a positive direction.

Founder & Chief Visionary, 84 West Events, Jeffrey Greene states "the small business owners, the wedding and event professionals, the parents now having to work from home, look for someone with the knowledge and the hands on experience to help guide them, and help them to stay positive and motivated. David is the perfect voice to convey this message, and have a profound impact on these industry colleagues."

During David's 30 year career, he has experienced a number of life changing moments that have affected his business; his life as he knew it. He was in New York during 911. He experienced the recession in 2008. "With clients scared to host parties, I was unsure if I would remain in business", David remembers. Events cancelled, and it lasted longer than he had prepared for, but he made some hard decisions and necessary changes, that ultimately provided him the opportunity to build a different business model, a new direction, and a more successful business.

People will celebrate again. Life will go on with Celebrations. Life moments. We will embrace where we will be, based upon bringing people together to celebrate monumental moments in life. Birthday parties. Weddings, of course. Anniversaries. Reunions. Dinner for two. The reality is, we are here to make moments. To make moments special. To create moments that will continue to last a lifetime.

As we sit idle at home, it's the perfect moment to embrace the technologies, time, and resources that are available to us, to plan for the future. Use this as an opportunity to breathe. To learn new things. To better ourselves. To create new projects. Stay connected with our clients, show them that we continue to care, have confidence in our plans for the future, and look forward to celebrating and creating life moments once again. "The reality is, there are a lot of celebrations. A lot of Life Moments", says David. "People will celebrate again…it's in our hands…now is the time to get ready!"

David Tutera is an award-winning wedding planner, fashion designer, lifestyle designer, entertaining expert, author, professional speaker and television star. Tutera is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents and outstanding reputation have made him a tremendous success in the lifestyle arena. Honored by Life & Style Magazine as "Best Celebrity Wedding Planner," David's impressive client list includes celebrities, royalty, politicians and socialites. Tutera has hosted several hit television series, is a media go-to expert on weddings and celebrations, and is a regular expert on various talk shows, and a contributor to numerous magazines.

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David Tutera Speaks – Celebrations & Life Moments

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