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VISTA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Medicine is a team sport. It doesn't matter if you're in the ambulance, the emergency room, or the clinic, a lot of people are needed to coordinate patient care. Communicating effectively as a leader is always to the patient’s benefit.

Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of physicians who truly lead. Of course, many physicians possess qualities that would make them great leaders, but there's no time to devote to developing those soft skills. They make their money seeing patients, and that's what the hospital wants.

Dr. Wendy Arnold believes leaders make better clinicians. Dr. Wendy is the founder of Dr. Wave, where she is dedicated to developing physician leaders to their full potential through coaching, workshops and speaking engagements. Dr. Wendy helps clients develop the leadership skills to thrive in challenging environments while increasing team productivity.

“Physicians are not educated on leadership as part of their clinical training,” says Dr. Wendy. “Once they get to the hospital, they become the subject matter expert, and are not empowered to do anything beyond their clinical work. That’s why a lot of physicians feel frustrated and burned out: they are not empowered to be leaders. That's the barrier that has to break down.”

Dr. Wendy is board-certified in family medicine and integrative medicine with 25 years of experience as a Marine and Naval officer.

“Physician leadership is about stepping up for that one patient,” says Dr. Wendy. “This problem is a lot bigger in the civilian world. My experience, including work as a physician in the civilian healthcare network, has helped me see that I can help, and I would like to make a difference.”

For leaders to optimize creative solutions and team dynamics, they need to maximize their own health and vitality. Dr. Wendy employs a “whole person” concept of leadership. Dr. Wendy’s Achieve Vitality Experience coaches clients through leadership challenges and optimal performance while helping them maximize their health and quality of life. Because you take better care of others when you are able to optimize yourself too.

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Wendy Arnold, MD in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 19th at 1pm EST and with Jim Masters on February 26th at 1pm EST

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