Breach.TV announces instant monetization options for online video creators

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Merchandising and advertising capabilities come as YouTube creators fear suspension from new terms of service

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2019 / — Breach Media Services has announced its move to help online video creators instantly monetize their content and take advantage of their online following, with new partnerships with Scalable Press for merchandising and the Beachfront network for preroll advertising spots. The ability for creators sharing content on to start earning revenue from their content right away, with no minimum requirements for subscribers or viewership, makes the platform clearly a better home for growing, loyal communities of fans of video content in all categories.

The new monetization options will be available in advance of the Dec. 10 effective date of a recent change to YouTube’s terms of service that will let the Google-owned video platform terminate the accounts of creators who are judged to be “no longer commercially viable.” That change means creators with subscriber bases that number in the tens of thousands, or fewer, could find themselves unable to post new content and have their existing catalog wiped out.

Richard Adams, the founder of Breach, said the platform wants to welcome creators of all kinds by making it easy to earn revenue from their content right away. The Scalable Press partnership offers thousands of product types that can be produced and shipped to buyers quickly and affordably.

“If you're a creator and want to sell a T-shirt with your logo on it you'll be able to do that directly from the Breach website,” Adams said. “By partnering with advertising networks outside of Google we’re allowing people to start monetizing from the first day of signup, with no follower or play count requirements.”

YouTube’s change of its terms has put large swaths of the online creator world on alert, with many saying the new rules make it clear that the bosses at Google are only looking to cater to the largest creators with the most ability to generate ad revenue. That means dedicated lovers of video content in niches such as gaming, anime and video podcasts are likely to find themselves adrift once the new terms go into effect.

“They won't be able to post videos and may not be able to watch videos on YouTube any longer. They've been very vague and ambiguous with the policy and haven't clarified what they intend to do,” Adams said. “We look forward to working with creators who are now not only disenfranchised, but face account termination from the latest round of efforts from Google to kill of the platform that made YouTube so popular to begin with.”

While some video sharing sites have focused on extreme points of view to find an audience outside of YouTube, Vimeo and other established video platforms, Breach is cultivating a “come one, come all” legion of creators who won’t feel pressured to build gigantic followings for fear of having their account suspended or terminated.

“What made YouTube so successful in the beginning was the undergrowth. If you had a camera you could go out and be seen in the world,” Adams said. “This extension of our platform gives creators an additional place to generate revenue with a significant
profit structure in place.”

Breach will also offer creators and visitors live streaming capabilities in early 2020, with the option for automated social media sharing enabled each time new content is uploaded to the platform.

About Breach.TV: Breach TV is a multimedia platform focused on providing the next level in connecting content creators with their audiences through live streaming, video uploads, podcasts, music, and other endeavors in an easy to use streamlined format. For content creators we strive to help them build and connect with their audiences and provide their creative works and make money through ad revenue fairly; while for audiences we are focused on building a network where they can access content quickly and easily with little lag in ways they prefer in as convenient a manner as possible.

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