Halloween 2019 Just Got 14 Times Funnier with the Release of the Animated Show “YOU’RE NOT A MONSTER”

New Monsters and Old Ones, Streaming Free on IMDB in Five Minute Segments, Will Make Your Halloween Party a True Monster Mash!

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, U.S., October 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Your Halloween Party just got 14 times more fun with the October 17 online release of 14 animated shorts featuring monsters new and old as patients on the psychiatrist’s couch

Monster fans can catch all 14 episodes of “You’re Not a Monster” right now at www.imdb.com/monster, on the IMDb TV free streaming video channel, and on the IMDbiOS and Android apps.

Returning to the “therapist’s chair” for the first time since Frasier, Kelsey Grammer voices a former psychiatrist-turned-vampire in the series, who mentors his great-great grandson “Max”(Eric Stonestreet),a therapist who has inherited his practice.

Reviews to date give “You’re Not A Monster” five stars. “The bite-sized comedy has a terrific premise that, despite sounding like a random tweet someone offhandedly tossed out — a human therapist works with classic movie monsters — actually works,” says reviewer Kevin Yeoman of Screenblast.

“Think of it as a Dark Universe movie-themed version of ‘Dr. Katz,’ or the very good but criminally underseen ‘Shink.’”

The online publication BubbleBlabber agrees the series is “quite the success.”

“Fourteen episodes of five-minute shorts were not enough to satisfy. The snarky humor set in a psychiatry office brings back the comedy richness of animated shows like ‘Dr. Katz’ and ‘The Critic,’” the publication wrote.

But whereas those shows lacked the ability to expand themselves into a broader world, says BubbleBlabber, “You’re Not a Monster” has the added element of the supernatural. “It makes these lovable little stories addictive, and the ongoing back stories create a world that we want to dive into.”

Here's four sample episodes:

“A Demon Can Dream”

Feeling exhausted, Max takes time at the end of the day to help his secretary with her own psychiatric issues. The shape-shifting former sex demon, Nia, faces her demons while attempting to let out her own feelings.

“Headless Over Heels”

Meeting with a lonely headless horseman, Max tries to play matchmaker by trying to hook him up with a former patient, Medusa. Thankfully, the match ends up being a perfect unison. However, Max’s mentor struggles with the idea that he solved a problem without his help.

“Masking Your Problems”

Max struggles with the idea that he cannot help normal humans, and he can only treat the supernatural. However, the invisible man helps him to change his perspective by teaching him not to focus on appearances.

“Half Over It”

A mermaid and the Phantom of the Opera have come to Max to help with their inappropriate relationship. Though they help him to realize his own issues with pining after someone who may never reciprocate.

As one of the leads, Stonestreet plays Max Seward, a therapist taking over for his vampire great, great grandfather John (Kelsey Grammer), who has retired but chooses to live out his otherwise immortal life by interfering with his relative’s handling of his former practice and taking the form of a bat to have the occasional romantic interlude with a pigeon.

“Sound ludicrous? It is,” writes Yeoman. “But it’s also pretty funny, as Stonestreet and Grammer remain committed to the bit, hustling undead (and worse) patients through short-form therapy sessions.”

There’s no real end to the parade of ghoulish patients in need of a little couch time with a licensed therapist. In each 4 to 5 minute episode. Max treats puts classic and reinvented monsters on the psychiatrist’s couch, including Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and Medusa as they seek desperately needed therapeutic help.

Rounding out the series’ voice cast is Aparna Nancherlaas a demon receptionist, Ellie Kemper as a therapist who thinks Max is imagining everything, and Peter Grosz, Langston Kerman, Joel Kim Booster, Patton Oswalt, Adam Pally, Amber Ruffin, Amy Sedaris and Milana Vayntrubas as hideous monsters.

The comedy series is created and written by 4-time Emmy-winner Frank Lesser (The Colbert Report) and Lily Stuart Streiff serves as Animation Director.

“Monsters are people, too,” said Grammer, who serves as executive producer of the series and has voiced popular characters in projects including “Gary the Rat,” “Storks,” “Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia” and several decades as Sideshow Bob on “The Simpsons.”

“We are thrilled to offer a new original comedy series to our fans as we shine a light on the daily struggles faced by classic movie monsters,” said Steve Bernstein, GM of IMDb Video. “You’re Not a Monster” is not only the first-ever animated series for IMDb, but also our first scripted program.”

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