Consumer Advocate and Community Relations Expert Felicia Muftic to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WINTER PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2019 / — We’ve all heard the phrase "Buyer beware.” The consumer assumes the risk that their purchase is what they paid for, along with the burden of knowing when they are being taken advantage of.

Should businesses be permitted to skirt consumer protections? Shouldn’t they be upfront and serve the people in their community with integrity?

For over 30 years, Felicia Muftic has been on the front lines of this battle.

“I felt a calling to do something worthwhile, and the definition of worthwhile was something that benefits people,” says Muftic. “That’s been my guiding light.”

Muftic is an expert in consumer affairs and community relations. She started out as a debater in high school and college with a knowledge of the issues that affect us every day. She later developed an interest in consumer affairs, with a parallel interest in politics and world affairs.

“Having gone to school in the Chicago area and lived and worked in New York City, I‘ve always been interested in low-income financial struggles,” recalls Muftic.

Moving to Denver, Muftic led a group of women in a grocery price survey that revealed the poor paid more.

Muftic was appointed head of the district attorney's consumer affairs office charged with prosecuting consumer fraud and white-collar crimes. For seven years, Muftic served in this office, leading a group of investigators and complaint handlers.

“I was often at the state legislature lobbying on behalf of consumer interests,” recalls Muftic. “We inspired the Better Business Bureau to be less business-oriented and more consumer-oriented. It was action media followed closely.”

After leaving the district attorney’s office, Muftic resolved to do something in 1979 that no woman had ever done before: run for mayor of Denver.

“I did it because I used to beat the boys in debate,” laughs Muftic. “I had a lot of confidence and an active track record in city government and law enforcement. I really had my hands in a lot of local politics, and I thought I probably know more about this city than anybody.”

Muftic eventually lost the election to incumbent Bill McNichols, she remains a trailblazer to this day. Though Denver has yet to elect a woman as its mayor, women have increased their presence in other elected offices, including the city council.

Before Federico Peña served as President Clinton's secretary of transportation and secretary of energy, he was mayor of Denver, where Muftic served in his administration as cabinet and staff and as an election commissioner.. Meanwhile, her husband served on the Democratic National Committee, giving Muftic insight into national and international politics.

Muftic has authored a handbook for consumers seeking solutions, led an urban planning activist organization to propose consumer friendly affordable mass transportation, and was one of Denver’s first woman radio talk show hosts. Her focus was consumer affairs.

She has continued her advocacy on behalf of consumers and lobbying for consumer-friendly public policy as an executive with a credit counseling agency, supporting ethics in business as a consultant, and is currently a newspaper columnist and blogger.

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