Dr. Andrea Luoma of Accommodare Consulting to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

PORT ANGELES, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our shelves are filled with self-help books. Our phones are filled with TED Talks. But what does anybody do differently? Not much.

Long-term, sustainable change most often happens only for three reasons: a birth, a death or a life-altering illness or accident. Beyond that, we are who we are, and the default mechanism of our brain is to go negative, because it keeps us safe.

No, change is not easy. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. But adaptation is possible. It’s something we do every day. If we can redirect the energy of our capacity to adapt, perhaps we can get closer to the leader we hope to be and the relationships we hope to build.

The Latin word “accommodare” means “adapt.” Dr. Andrea Luoma is an executive coach and founder of Accommodare Consulting, where she provides neuroscience-based communication and leadership consulting and coaching.

“My full belief is we don't really change, though we can become more of who we are” says Dr. Luoma. “I encourage people to not even use the word because it puts the brain in a fear state. It’s more about choosing to adapt, discover or experiment, which makes chosen alterations much more digestible, doable.”

Dr. Luoma works primarily with CEOs and other senior leaders, directors or managers to reimagine conversation and upgrade the conversation level of the whole organization.

“The reality is everybody needs to have better conversations and relationships,” says Dr. Luoma. “If you treat people with dignity and respect, give them the resources to do their job, and support them, people will want to perform, but too often we're catching people doing things wrong rather than encouraging them to do things right. Where's the creativity, the aspiration, the dreaming? With every conversation, conscious or unconsciously, you pull people toward you or you push them away. We've got to be aware of it and conscious of it and work toward it.”

Dr. Luoma’s approach is based on the latest neuroscience that says traditional feedback puts a person into protect and defend mode and the effects of the release of the stress hormone cortisol can last up to 26 hours.

“Neuroscience is a game-changer,” says Dr. Luoma. “I'm not a neuroscientist, I do not purport to be one, but I know how to read research and apply it in an organizational context. This is the way of the future and it's going to turn everything on its head, from psychology, to business, to leadership, to relationships.”

Dr. Luoma says she comes from the perspective that we are all emotionally wired the exact same way. Her approach is to encourage people to understand how the brain and body work for and against us in conversations, an idea most people have never thought about. This learnable approach helps individuals gain awareness into themselves and what is happening in conversations that cause them to repel from one another or partner together.

“I’m most proud that I can help people truly alter their relationships with others as well as with themselves,” says Dr. Luoma. “And it doesn't take a lot. It doesn't take a lot at all.”

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