Welcome Wagon Delivers Insightful Marketing Strategies to Help Local Businesses Reach New Residents

Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing for Local Businesses

Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing for Local Businesses

Welcome Wagon New Mover Marketing for Local Businesses

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Nationally known marketing experts at Welcome Wagon provide insightful marketing strategies to help local businesses reach new residents in their community.

Welcoming families to their new homes by providing them with the information for local businesses and services that will benefit them as they settle into their new homes and communities.”

— Steve Goodman, CEO and president of Welcome Wagon

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In 2018, nearly 35.5 million Americans moved, with many choosing to relocate to a new home, and others moving as a result of a new job or job transfer. In fact, moving is a major factor of why the average business can lose up to 25 percent of its loyal customer base annually. Welcome Wagon knows that when local businesses target new movers, they have the best opportunity to develop solid relationships and lifelong customers through exciting offers designed to captivate these new community members.

Moving season begins in earnest when schools’ summer breaks begin, as parents find moving is easier when school and recreational activities are at a minimum. By the numbers, new movers spend more money in their first six months in a new community than current residents spend in three years. These new community members are looking for ways to connect and settle into their new homes and neighborhoods, and are five times more likely to become loyal customers to businesses that reach out to them in a welcoming way. All the more reason why developing a powerful marketing plan is vital to gain new movers as new customers, often for life.

Steve Goodman, CEO and President of Welcome Wagon, explains the premise behind the marketing plan, “When Welcome Wagon was founded in 1928, the company sent representatives door to door with free samples and coupons to welcome families to the community, to help them find the products and services they needed, all while connecting businesses with new customers. Although these door-to-door neighborly visits are a thing of the past, Welcome Wagon is still committed to connecting new homeowners with local businesses through direct mail and online. While the mode of delivery has changed, the mission remains the same, ‘Welcoming families to their new homes by providing them with the information for local businesses and services that will benefit them as they settle into their new homes and communities.’”

Welcome Wagon’s unique print and digital advertising solutions help local businesses present their products and services into the hands of new residents via a number of effective touchpoints. Businesses that reach out in this way make new neighbors feel welcome, guiding them to the goods and services they need while increasing brand awareness and developing a new customer base eager to join in and make connections to their new community. Through Welcome Wagon’s digital marketing plan, businesses reach new movers through targeted campaigns with offers on social media, through the Welcome Wagon app, and email marketing. Welcome Wagon also provides direct mail strategies delivering offers directly to new mover mailboxes including the New Mover Gift Book, postcards and inclusion in the Welcome Wagon Especially For You follow-up book. And new residents in the community appreciate the welcome, often visiting the businesses featured within days of their move and becoming loyal customers.

Businesses of all kinds – dentists, restaurants, doctors, insurance, dry cleaners, veterinarians, home improvement, lawn care, churches, and more – can benefit from insightful marketing through Welcome Wagon’s direct mail and digital marketing. Welcoming new movers and inviting them to visit enhances brand awareness, increases customer bases, and improves ROIs (returns on investment) as new residents take advantage of compelling offers from Welcome Wagon advertisers.

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Welcome Wagon was created in 1928 to embody the spirit of warm hospitality and welcome. Now in their 91st year, Welcome Wagon continues this mission, helping to create lasting relationships between new movers and local businesses. Their goal is to assist people in saving money, growing their business, and helping the local economy prosper. For more information on Welcome Wagon, visit https://www.welcomewagon.com/. For career opportunities, visit https://www.welcomewagon.com/careers/.

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