An Iconic Aussie Hand-Held Snack Wants YOU to Give Them a Try at Collegiate Rugby Championships in Philadelphia

Four’N Twenty Wants YOU to TRY A TRAVELLER

Four’N Twenty Traveller

Four’N Twenty, The Great Australian Taste, will showcase its 100% Australian Beef Four’N Twenty Traveller at Collegiate Rugby Championships, June 1st and 2nd

The Four’N Twenty Traveller is real food for real fans. It’s authentic, no-frills and made for people who truly enjoy the love of the game – which describes Rugby fans perfectly”

— Stuart Smyth, GM of International, Four'N Twenty

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 / — It was announced today that Four’N Twenty, The Great Australian Taste, will bring its latest product, the Four’N Twenty Traveller, made with 100% Australian Beef, to the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championships at Talen Energy Stadium in Philadelphia, June 1st and 2nd, 2019. The event will be broadcast on ESPN.

This comes off the very successful US launch of the Four’N Twenty Traveller earlier this year at Australian Heritage Night presented by Four’N Twenty, at The Center in partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday, February 21, 2019.

The Four’N Twenty Traveller is an oblong-shaped pastry made with 100% Australian Beef, served hot, right out of the oven. Four’N Twenty products have been Australia’s original fan food for over 70 years and are synonymous with sports there. The Four’N Twenty Traveller savory snack is deliciously crafted to perfection and made to fit right in your hand. And it’s real food, made with 100% Australian Beef cooked in a rich, savory gravy, seasoned perfectly to enhance the delicious flavor of the beef and wrapped in golden flaky pastry. It’s a real Win-Win.

The Four’N Twenty Traveller will be available in two delicious flavors – Classic Beef and Beef & Cheese. As a sponsor, Four’N Twenty is unveiling its very first Food Truck in the US at the Festival Garden on the grounds of the stadium. In addition, the brand will host activities including a sampling tent and lawn games for the fans to enjoy.

Four’N Twenty has long been indelibly linked to sports in Australia. Last year, the brand inked a deal with the NSW Rugby Union in Australia as their official referee partner. Which had a special added benefit as Four’N Twenty CEO Paul Hitchcock is a part-time Rugby Union referee himself.

In the US, the brand has adopted Philadelphia as their home city. “We love being part of the Philadelphia sports culture," states Stuart Smyth, GM of International, “We’ve had a great introduction through our partnership with the 76ers and now we are so proud to have the opportunity to support the collegiate Rugby community, as it’s a sport that is so much a part of our culture as well. The Four’N Twenty Traveller is real food for real fans. It’s authentic, no-frills and made for people who truly enjoy the love of the game – which describes Rugby fans perfectly.”

You can Try A Traveller at concession stands within Talen Energy Stadium throughout the event, on Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd.

In the coming months, Four’N Twenty Travellers will be available in select convenience stores, retail locations and stadiums across Pennsylvania.

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The Four’N Twenty Story:

The Four’N Twenty legend began in 1947, in a country town in Australia, when a crafty café owner named LT McClure hung out a sign encouraging customers to peer through a window and watch “the most delicious meat pies being made.”

It didn’t take long for these pies to become a national phenomenon. By 1956, thousands of these warm, flaky treats were being churned out by the hour and delivered to hungry, happy mates. Aussies became hooked on this new taste sensation as Four’N Twenty showed up in towns and cities across the nation.

But there was one destination that really stood out, a place that kept the orders coming, season after season: Football

Four’N Twenty pies became synonymous with being the “fan food” and the ritual of the game. In stadiums all across the country, you’d find tens of thousands of fans with a beer in one hand and a Four’N Twenty in the other.

Today, Four’N Twenty is a part of Australian culture and a national icon.

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ZupaNova Signs a distribution agreement with SM1 Music Group

Cover art for the New Single entitled "Dang-A-Dang"  with Rawcel and Davy Brown

“DANG-A-DANG” Will be released May 30th on over 650 music platforms worldwide.



ZUPANOVA on stage Performing  at the world famous Podium Lounge 2018 Singapore

ZUPANOVA on stage Performing at the world famous Podium Lounge 2018 Singapore

SM1 Music Group/Sony Music is Zuped up to be working with ZupaNova

I am all ZUPED UP to be working with ZUPANOVA”

— Glenn Maginnis

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 24, 2019 / — It is with Great pleasure and honor that we announce a strategic alliance with ZUPANOVA. ZupaNova signed a distribution agreement with SM1 Music Group/Sony Music. We are very excited to be working with Rawcel and Davy Brown. Rawcel is an LA native who is affiliated with the Black Eyed Peas. He is a singer, song writer and rapper. Davy Brown was born and raised in Southern California. Davy is multi-genre, music producer, recording artist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and master engineer.

ZupaNova has collected over 1,000,000 views collectively amongst various platforms. Over the past couple of years they have been fortunate to tour internationally in places such as Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore. ZupaNova grabbed the attention of labels internationally. ZupaNova has found a home at SM1 Music Group/ And is planning on releasing a catalog of material starting with Dang-A-Dang being released on March 30th. Followed up with a single release of “Where Dat Weed at” on June 12th. "Crease", “Trust issues” featuring Kimala, "Pop Pop"featuring Arii Brazil who is an artist also produced by ZupaNova. Arii Brazil was introduced to ZupaNova by Will I Am of the Black Eyed Peas.

ZupaNova is have a single release party and performing on June 2nd during the Miss Philippines “Fashion For A Cause”, benefiting Operation Smile. This event will be at the container yard in downtown Los Angeles. Operation Smile is a non-profit medical service organization to help children with cleft lips and or cleft palates.

ZupaNova is planning for an international tour this fall. ZupaNova is also gearing up to perform at the Podium Lounge, Singapore’s largest and most glamorous F1 Racing track-side after party. The Podium Lounge is held in the swanky grand ballroom at the Singapore Ritz Carlton Hotel Millennium. International models and celebrities will be walking Asia's most iconic catwalk featuring ZupaNova.

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Group .BR Brings Best of Brazil to NYC with Saravá! São João

New York’s only Brazilian theater company hosts upbeat dance party

The Festas de São João are all about smiles, inclusion and good times, so we want anyone who wants to come dance with us to know the basic steps and ‘levantar poeira!’”

— Andressa Furletti, Group .BR Artistic Director

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 24, 2019 / — Each year as June approaches, Brazilian expats start to get a little homesick, and New York’s Group .BR is no different.

“Lots of people know about Carnival, but the Festas Junina or Festas de São João are some of the liveliest and biggest events of the year,” says Group .BR’s Artistic Director, Andressa Furletti. “Every June, Brazilians get together with their families and friends to dance forró, quadrilha, enjoy the tasty food and have a great time!”

The Festas Junina/Festas de São João (June Party/St. John Party) are traditional Brazilian festivals that were introduced by Portuguese colonists and got mixed with African and Indigenous traditions creating something totally unique. The celebrations are marked by traditional food, music and the quadrilha – a Brazilian square dance. The event celebrates the end of Brazil’s rainy season and the corn harvest, which makes them festive, celebratory, abundant… and too good to miss.

So, Group .BR decided to fight the FOMO by bringing a true Festa de São João celebration to the Big Apple. On June 16th from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. at House of Yes, Group .BR will host Saravá! São João – an event dedicated to bringing this uniquely Brazilian event to life in New York. To make the event feel just right, Group .BR is bringing in some incredible Brazilian talent, including live forró music with Forró in the Dark and Trio Little Birds, with special guest Liz Rosa and DJs Deøgaz (Deo Jorge and Gaspar Muniz), DJ Greg Caz and DJapa spinning the best Brazilian beats. The party will also include traditional food, drinks, games, and of course, the quadrilha.

For those who don’t want to be wallflowers, Group .BR will host a free special quadrilha workshop June 14th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at North Brooklyn Farms. There will also be a forró class at Saravá! São João when the party is first getting started.

“We don’t want anyone to be left sitting on the sidelines,” says Furletti. “The Festas de São João are all about smiles, inclusion and good times, so we want anyone who wants to come dance with us to know the basic steps and ‘levantar poeira!’” (Levantar poeira means “kick up the dust” – a saying that references the dust kicked up when people dance certain Brazilian dances such as forró)

Kids accompanied by parents or legal guardians are welcome at Saravá! São João from 3 PM to 6 PM and kids under 12 years old have free entry. After 6 PM the event is 21+ only. Those who want to show up looking the part can research costume ideas at Andressa Furletti is available for interviews regarding Saravá! São João. To schedule an interview, contact Group .BR at

Quadrilha Dance Feelings
June 14th from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
At North Brooklyn Farms (320 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249)
More information and RSVP at
Free – must RSVP

Saravá! São João
June 16th from 3 PM to 11 PM
At House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237)
More information and tickets at
Tickets from $15 – $20 online and $25 at the door

Andressa Furletti
Group .BR
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The Daily Northwestern: Patients Long Claiming Harm from Heart Surgeries have New Evidence under Nuremberg Laws

Addition of green marker to prove the front from the back

Patients who received an experimental heart valve without their consent according to an article published Thursday in The Daily Northwestern.

Northwestern Memorial also could not offer her an explanation”

— The Daily Northwestern, Amy Li 5-23-2019

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 24, 2019 / — Patients who received an experimental heart valve without their consent have renewed hope that the hospital and surgeon will be held accountable, according to an article published Thursday in The Daily Northwestern.

The newspaper cited documents recently obtained recently under a Freedom of Information Act request to confirm Northwestern University’s chief cardiac surgeon didn’t have the university or patient approval to implant a heart valve ring he invented during open heart surgery.

Among the documented issues with the heart valve ring, implanted in 667 patients in 2006-07:

• The device was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but should have required that approval.
• The experimental device, invented and patented by Northwestern’s Dr. Patrick McCarthy, was implanted without patients’ consent.
• The surgeon continued implanting his invention and studying outcomes even after he told Northwestern’s ethics board that he had terminated the study.
• The surgeon later published selected results in the American Association of Thoracic Surgeons Journal. He omitted several adverse outcomes from the journal article.
• The 667 patients who received the valve ring before it was recalled never have been told of the recall or of the associated risks, even though several patients have had issues ranging from heart attacks to death, as written in a letter by the FDA to Sen. Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

The case has been investigated by the US Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Charles Grassley, the House Government Oversight Committee, Congressman Glenn Grothman, Congressman Danny Davis of IL, and The US Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Sen. Ron Johnson.

In the past, it was largely dismissed as a series of innocent mistakes. Documents obtained under the FOIA request, however, paint a darker picture – one of fraudulent concealment of evidence and human experimentation without consent.

One of the patients, Maureen Obermeier, has filed a 1401 petition to ask for a new trial in Obermeier versus Northwestern etc 08-L-012426 in Cook County Circuit Court.

An excerpt from The Daily Northwestern article:

The outcome of the new lawsuit is still to be determined, but Obermeier said she is hopeful that the FOIA documents are a turning point that will finally “end the cycle of horrible behavior.”

But even if the lawsuit is settled in her favor, Obermeier has to deal with the ramifications of her 2006 surgery for the rest of her life. She will continue to rely on a number of medications and have to live a restricted lifestyle.

“My life is completely different now,” Obermeier said. “My cardiologist told me, ‘You’re alive probably only because you’ve worked so hard at staying alive.’”

A link to full The Daily Northwestern article:

One of the nation’s most respected college newspapers, The Daily Northwestern has won dozens of national and regional awards. The Daily has won the Pacemaker — long regarded as the Pulitzer Prize of college journalism — nine times since 2000.

Dr. Nalini Rajamannan, a former cardiologist at Northwestern, praised The Daily Northwestern for its journalistic investigation into the decade-plus-old case.

She encouraged the 667 patients, lawmakers, regulators, reporters and patients’ rights advocates to read the FOIA documents themselves to decide whether they believe patients’ rights were protected.

“The response should be immediate under the federal laws which protect US citizens,” Rajamannan said. “These patients should be informed of their unknowing participation in the prospective clinical trial. They should receive a full review of their medical history and receive proper medical care moving forward.”

Link to FOIA documents:

Link to public court documents:


Dr. Nalini Rajamannan is a heart valve expert in the field of cardiovascular medicine. She has been researching heart valve disease for 31 years. She earned her undergraduate science pre-professional degree from the University of Notre Dame, her Medical Doctorate from Mayo Medical School and her post-graduate training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the Mayo Clinic. She also worked at the Mayo Clinic as a staff consultant in Internal Medicine. Currently, she practices consultative medicine specializing in Cardiac Valvular Heart Disease at Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Cardiology and Valvular Institute, WI.

Nalini M. Rajamannan
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Cardiology and Valvular Institute
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NBC26 Interviews the Patients

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Sindri Anderson of Enact Leadership to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 / — Our bosses can make us miserable or help us soar. If leaders really want to make a difference, they need skills and tools to create inclusive, vibrant workplaces where people can be all-in with their hearts and their minds.

Sindri Anderson is a co-founder of Enact Leadership which specializes in leadership development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) consulting, and executive coaching.

“Leadership is not for the faint of heart,” says Sindri. “Even at the first level of leadership, you can affect a lot of people negatively if you're unskilled or not self-aware. We really aim to inspire learners through that higher calling of what leadership can be and then get them interested in building out the needed skills.”

Enact Leadership works with organizations of every stripe, from large global clients to small non-profits.

“No matter what kind of an organization you lead, you have to figure out how to lift up and unleash the talent of all of your people,” says Sindri. “The under-utilized X-factor here is emotional intelligence (EI), meaning empathy, authenticity, courageousness, vulnerability, and humility. We’ve even developed a cohort-based digital leadership experience that scales EI training across the organization.”

Enact’s approach to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in organizations is to develop leaders who are emotionally intelligent and fully committed to a culture where differences intersect and thrive, yielding full engagement and great business results.

“Our diversity work starts by meeting people where they are and is never just a one-off training,” says Sindri. “It’s a complex journey and can be uncomfortable because we’re trying to unwind often unconscious attitudes and fears. But all of us want to feel a sense of belonging…it’s a basic human need we all have in common. Leaning into emotional intelligence, and opening up to others’ experiences, enables us to move away from difference as a threat, and toward difference as a key asset to learn from and leverage.”

Enact Leadership’s approach is supported by data as well. Enact typically begins with organization-specific data-gathering and alignment on the key issues and opportunities to address.

“The numbers and the attitudes are synchronized. When the organization really lines up its aspirations and specific goals, that’s when the work can begin,” says Sindri. “If we want parity and true inclusion for the under-represented and marginalized in our leadership ranks, we have to commit to culture, policy, and leadership mindset changes.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Sindri Anderson in an interview with Jim Masters on May 28th at 2pm EDT

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Customer Experience Expert Pamela McGlone of eClerx Customer Operations to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 / — “This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance.”

Have you ever wondered what happens to the millions of call recordings generated each year? In today's industry, if businesses are not listening to their customers and making changes accordingly, they’re going to find themselves irrelevant very quickly. A 2017 study by customer experience leaders American Express revealed that 33 percent of customers would consider stopping doing business with a company after a single instance of poor service.

When you call customer care or tech support, or chat or email as a customer, that interaction is typically handled by a contact center. Some companies run their contact centers in-house; others contract companies that specialize in contact center management to answer those calls, emails, and chats for them.

Pamela McGlone is an expert in contact centers, customer experience and the Marketing Lead for Customer Operations at eClerx. eClerx Customer Operations specializes in providing operational expertise and process excellence throughout the customer journey, assisting companies in developing, implementing and operating customer interaction capabilities to deliver superior customer experiences. They have over 9000 employees handling various customer support functions for more than 150 companies around the globe and also offer Technology solutions that enhance customer experience such as AI, Robotic Process Process and Advanced Data Analytics.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Pamela specializes in customer experience, data analytics and, contact center operations and has held leadership roles in all aspects of contact center leadership including consulting with Fortune 500 companies on how to optimize their customer experience and contact center operations. Recently, Pamela transitioned from operating contact centers, to focus on her passion for writing. She now uses her extensive experience in the field to generate creative and educational content to both market contact center solutions for eClerx and to educate the broader customer experience industry on best practices for delivering a superior experience including how to read the warning signs and intervene to prevent customer churn.

“I've spent my entire life serving customers,” says Pamela. “If someone's calling the call center, it's usually not to tell you how great everything is. They're having problems. Our focus is on providing a good experience for the customer when you interact with them but also to learn from that interaction in the hopes of preventing future poor experiences for other customers.”

Over the last decade, expectations of service professionals have changed, driven by companies like Amazon and Apple. They expect more when they call in, and they demand representatives that can anticipate their needs and offer simple solutions.

“The job of anyone in a leadership or support role in the contact center environment should be to make it easy for the front-line to deliver for the customer,” says Pamela. “Having been on the front-line both in in-person customer services jobs and the contact center taking phone calls, I have all the respect in the world for that person that sits in the chair and deals with the customer day-in and day-out.”

“My philosophy is they have to be empowered. The front-line agent must be able to make decisions in-the-moment based on that customer's needs. Otherwise, you're just putting them in a position where they have to argue with customers day-in and day-out. You have to have faith to give them discretionary authority to decide what’s appropriate. Those call recordings are a rich source of data that an organization should use to make sure their agents are set up to succeed with each customer they interact with.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Pamela McGlone in an interview with Jim Masters on May 28th at 12pm EDT.

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Esperanto Activist Retired Professor Ronald Glossop Ph.D. to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 / — The internationalism of the 20th century has given way to the globalism of the 21st century.
The destruction of war should no longer be necessary to resolve conflicts.

Esperanto was designed to serve as a readily learned second language to foster peace and international understanding.

Retired professor Ronald Glossop Ph.D. is a former president of the American Association of Teachers of Esperanto from 2009 to 2018, as well as a member of the board of directors of Esperanto-USA and a vice president of the International League of Esperanto Teachers.

“Mi parolas Esperanton. I speak Esperanto,” says Glossop. “I've been teaching for 35 years and it’s much easier to learn than most languages.”

Esperanto is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language in the world. The word “Esperanto” translates to English as "one who hopes." There are approximately two million speakers across the world.

The author of Confronting War and a member of Citizens for Global Solutions, Glossop discovered Esperanto through a happy accident.

“One day I was giving a talk about my ideas about what needed to be done in order to make war less likely, to minimize or eliminate war. And I said it would really help is if everybody could speak a common language. Well, one person in the audience was an Esperantist. Afterward he came up and he said, ‘You know, there's already a world language like what you're talking about.’ As I investigated it, it conformed precisely to the ideas I had already developed about what a world language would have to be.”

Esperanto was invented in late 19th century by Polish physician L. L. Zamenhof while a student in Poland.

“He lived in the town of Bialystok where there were four different language groups who were routinely in violent conflict with one another,” says Glossop. “He thought if they could just communicate with each other, it would prevent them from escalating to violence. Once you have a common language, you can talk about your differences.”

The Esperanto alphabet is 28 letters; each letter has one and only one sound. One of the unique features of Esperanto is that there is a perfect correlation between its written language and its spoken language. If you know how to spell it, you know how to pronounce it; if you know how to pronounce it, you know how to spell it.

“By keeping it simple, Esperanto enables people from different countries to readily communicate with each other without having to learn another complicated national language,” says Glossop. “I did not have to learn Chinese before going to China. I did not have to learn Italian before going to Italy.

Dr. Glossop believes Esperanto could help lead us toward a vision of a more peaceful future.

CUTV News Radio will feature Ronald Glossop in an interview with Jim Masters on May 28th at 3pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on June 4th at 3pm

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

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Verasity Partners with Binance Chain, CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO & Founder of Binance said: “Video is a powerful tool to educate, engage and entertain. Verasity’s video player solution offers the perfect vehicle for viewers, publishers and content creators

Verasity Partners with Binance Chain

Verasity has announced a partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system, in a move that will bring about a new incentivised video economy.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 24, 2019 / — Verasity, the digital currency for online video players, has announced a strategic partnership with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community, in a move that will bring about a new incentivised video economy. This will pave the way for more global publishers, creators and advertisers to enter the crypto space.

Verasity is a leading company providing rewarded video player technology to major publishers across the globe. The patent-pending video player enables tokenized rewards (VRA) as well as loyalty schemes within a video player wallet. The unique technology is already available to more than 1.6 million video publishers with 550 million users and 110 billion monthly views bringing engagement and revenues back to publishers’ sites. Verasity’s attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers and advertisers.

The Verasity product development has been completed and is now used by publishers. The app unites rewards and loyalty programs into one video player wallet that can be utilized by all the users on the chain: viewers, publishers and advertisers can share across all major video platforms including YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kaltura, VideoJS, Flowplayer, and Ooyala which represent over 95% of all the video players utilized. This killer app can be integrated in a few minutes by any publisher within its current workflow and viewers are not required to download anything or change their habits. Verasity will announce more mainstream publishers that will adopt the technology in a bid to win viewers’ attention back to their websites.

Mark Hain, Co-founder of Verasity said: “Building on the Binance Chain protocol enhances o ur platform as its one second block time confirmations make it faster and cheaper to send and receive transactions, pivotal for the success of a microtransaction blockchain platform. The power of the Binance community and liquidity in BNB will also add great power to the Verasity project”

CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO & Founder of Binance said: “Video is a powerful tool to educate, engage and entertain. Verasity’s video player solution offers the perfect vehicle for viewers, publishers and content creators to benefit from the utility of blockchain technology. I’m glad that Binance and Verasity are leading that charge globally.” is the wallet for VRA and connects directly into the video player. Verasity’s powerful platform enables publishers to grow their audience by rewarding VRA from anywhere across the web. Users can choose to stake VRA, donate VRA to their favorite creators or spend VRA for goods and services all from within

VRA is currently available to trade on HitBTC and CoinAll. Verasity raised more than $8 million through private placements and an ICO in 2018. Further details regarding the technical integration will be disclosed in the coming weeks, in particular the planned migration of ERC-20 tokens to BEP-2 tokens.

Verasity has proposed listing VRA on Binance DEX. We hope the Binance Chain community will support and vote for the listing to improve user adoption and liquidity of VRA tokens. We believe we will contribute additional value to the Binance Chain ecosystem.

About Binance Chain

Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community, is a community-driven project with developers and contributors from all over the world. Binance DEX is the decentralized exchange feature developed on top of the Binance Chain blockchain:

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Retail Thought-leader, The Lead, Names Shopin Moonshot Of The Year 2019

Shopin - making shopping personal

Displaying network effects of brands within a retailer in context of where that brand is represented in the rest of the retail economy

Displaying network effects of brands within a retailer in context of where that brand is represented in the rest of the retail economy

Shopin leverages proprietary artificial intelligence, purchase data and blockchain

Shopin leverages proprietary artificial intelligence, purchase data and blockchain

Shopin is able to measure how products are purchased across all retail, including Amazon and eBay... revealing never before seen opportunities and dangers.

Brand Cooccurrence measured across all retail

Shopin R.I.D.E. - the "Bloomberg Terminal" of Retail

Shopin R.I.D.E. – the “Bloomberg Terminal” of Retail

Hot on the heels of stealing the limelight at GDS Summit, Shopin is awarded “Moonshot of the year” in The Lead’s authoritative “The Leading 100.”

Moonshot of The Year is reserved for the early stage company that we believe will be the highest growth company with the most impact across the industry.”

— Noah Gellman, CEO and founder of The Lead

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 / — Shopin continues to make strides across the world of retail post the recent release of R.I.D.E. (the Retail Intelligence Data Engine– a patent-protected “Bloomberg Terminal” for retail, powered by over 3.5BN purchase data transactions, 30MM SKU cooccurrences, 6.4MM products and tracking 71,000 fashion brands).

Recently the team returned triumphant from GDS Summit with several of Fortune 100 retailers ranking Shopin either 9 or 10 out of 10 for R.I.D.E. and the vision of a universal shopper profile for retail powered by proprietary visual artificial intelligence, NLP and decentralization technologies.

Today, The Lead, a highly regarded retail research firm, announced The Leading 100 list of break-out tech startups innovating across the fashion and retail industry in collaboration with renowned The Robin Report. Amongst the prestigious honorees, Shopin was listed as “Moonshot of the Year 2019”.

Noah Gellman, CEO and founder of The Lead, elaborates: “Moonshot of The Year is reserved for the early stage company that we believe will be the highest growth company with the most impact across the industry.”

Eran Eyal, CEO and founder of Shopin, confides “We are absolutely blown away. At Shopin, our goal is to ensure that timeless brands stay timeless. We have looked to the rich tapestry and legacy of retail for guidance, and to the innovative leaders of ecomm for inspiration to scale in order to bring these worlds into harmony in a retail renaissance. Ultimately, we are a small and humble team, dedicated to working tirelessly and are unreasonably relentless to achieve these goals… but it is impossible without the support and guidance of people like The Lead, The Robin Report and the industry to help cocreate this vision.”

The original press release may be found here:

About Shopin:

Shopin is a universal shopper profile, built on the blockchain and powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence tools, which delivers shoppers the most personal experience in every site and app, as well as in store, by working with retailers to give shoppers control of their purchase data.

When shoppers own the best of their data, we can enable retailers to advertise directly to the shopper, who gets 85% of the ad revenue to spend back in the world of retail through the Shopin and branded tokens.

Recently Shopin launched the Retail Intelligence Data Engine which leverages more than 3.5 billion purchase data transactions, 30 million SKU connections and 71,000 brands, to democratize and decentralize the forecasting and recommendation power of ecomm giants to the rest of the retail economy.

Shopin is the winner of BTC Miami (North American Bitcoin Conference), CoinAgenda Global and Bitcoinference 2018.

Our mission is to transform the retail web into a decentralized Amazon-like model through our proprietary artificial intelligence tools and blockchain approach. We are driven to ensure that timeless brands have the opportunity and tools to remain timeless.

About the Lead:

The Lead bridges the fashion and retail industry with the global Silicon Valley, empowering the fashion business’ transition to digital centricity. In partnership with industry leaders, The Lead conducts research, produces a quarterly publication and holds a series of events centered on emerging technology, and its adoption, across the fashion-retail-commerce value chain. Analysts including Awais Khan (Leader in the Venture Capital Practice at KPMG & former chair of the AlwaysOn Private Company Selection Committee) track the emerging technology companies innovating at the intersection of these two industries. The Lead produces two annual lists that the fashion brand and retail community must know: The Leading 100 (B2B startups across the value chain) & The Foremost 50 (D2C digital native brands). Digital transformation in the fashion-retail-commerce space is a macro trend gaining in velocity. Our work is to reveal what is coming next and to help our community get ahead of it.

Eran Eyal
+1 646-789-1243
email us here

Welcome to R.I.D.E. – the “Bloomberg Terminal” of Retail. Watch this video to learn more.

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Global Cbd Water Market by Manufacturers, Type and Application, Regions, Forecast To 2025

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, May 24, 2019 / — Summary:
A new market study, titled “Discover Global Cbd Water Market Upcoming Trends, Growth Drivers and Challenges” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound that is extracted from cannabis plants. It is a 21-carbon terpenophenolic compound which is formed following decarboxylation from a cannabidiolic acid precursor.
The global CBD market was worth USD XX billion in 2017 and is forecasted to reach USD XX billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 26.9% during the forecast period (2017-2025).
The key factors driving the market include growing demand for CBD globally as it is used to cure various human diseases. CBD products have several benefits like protection from Alzheimer’s disease, anti-inflammatory properties and helps to treat epilepsy and mental health disorders.
The Cannabidiol is widely adopted as it helps in drug withdrawal and highly recommended for cancer cases.

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Global Cannabidiol (CBD) Market – Segmentation Analysis
The global market for Cannabidiol (CBD) is broadly segmented by product type as – Hemp-derived and Marijuana-derived. According to the Hemp Business Journal, the CBD Oils from marijuana-based sources are expected to reach USD 1.6 billion, i.e., around 80% of the total CBD market.
Marijuana-derived CBD products are extensively used globally for numerous medical purposes. Cannabis sativa is the source plant for extracting marijuana, which contains over 80 compounds of cannabinoids.
The demand for Marijuana-derived CBD products is increasing as they contain high concentrations of THC in comparison to hemp-derived CBD products.
The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 excluded hemp from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s controlled substances list, which effectively legalized hemp-derived CBDs. Many other countries around the world have similarly permitted the importation of hemp-based CBD products.
The global CBD market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and ROW.
CBD oil products are highly preferred by US consumers.
Also, countries such as South American countries, including Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina have legalized the application of marijuana products for medical purposes. These factors are leading North America to be the largest market of the global CBD market.
Major market players of CBD oil production are present in North America. It is estimated that in 2020 industry sales of marijuana-derived CBD will total around USD 417 million.
The market is highly competitive with the continuous product and technological developments. The players are also focusing on strategic collaborations and agreements to expand their geographic footprint and to intensify market competitiveness.
• In Feb 2019, Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) launched its hempSMART Full Spectrum Pet Drops with a specially formulated product containing naturally occurring CBD derived from hemp seed oil, full spectrum hemp extract, and fractionated coconut oil, along with a creamy bacon flavor.

• CW Hemp
• Plus CBD Oil
• Mary’s Medicinals
• Bluebird Botanicals
• TertraLabs
• HempMeds
• Medical Marijuana
• CBD Naturals
• Gaia Botanicals

• North America is leading the global CBD market due to increasing demand for CBD products by consumers, and a large number of players are US-based.
• The overall market for CBD will be primarily driven by high demand for CBD products because of its several health benefits.
• Marijuana-derived CBD has largest market segment due to rising preference by consumers because of their high concentrations of THC in comparison to hemp-derived CBD products.

• Visualize the composition of the global CBD market across each indication, regarding type and treatment options, highlighting the critical commercial assets and players.
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